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We all consume plastic in our daily lives in different forms and volume. Right from buckets in washroom to the containers in kitchen and the water bottle we use, it is all plastic.

Although with increasing awareness, we are gradually moving away from plastic shopping bags; we often ignore the presence of plastic water bottles all around us. Plastic being cheaper than other packaging materials is widely used by brands to package food, water and other beverages. Usually the plastic used is not of a great quality and may be harmful when used over a period of time. The chemical called BPA present in plastic water bottles leaches into the water stored. This chemical is known to cause endocrine disorders leading to deformities in new born babies. The chemical has also been found to be responsible for causing different types of cancer among both men and women.

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As a common belief, we consider packaged plastic water bottle to be safer than tap water but this may not be the case. The disadvantages of plastic water bottle also covers the price aspect. Although costlier than easily available tap water and fountain water, it may not always be the cleanest. The companies that package bottled water are not governed by any authority for regulation of quality standards.

As an awakened and informed society, the usage of plastic water bottles is now being discouraged. Great replacement options for them are metal water bottles like stainless steel water bottles and glass water bottles that do not have any concerns like leaching of chemicals due to prolonged usage. While plastic is being banned in many countries of the world, we can consciously do away with harmful effects of plastic by reducing its usage, recycling whenever possible and reuse the plastic instead of polluting the landfills (at its own disadvantages, though!)

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