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7 Tips to Choose the Best Multi-Tool for Outdoors and Survival

Preparedness is one of the key elements in the outdoors. The wilderness is definitely a tough nut to crack. You’ll never know what’s lurking behind those humongous trees, ready to lurch at you anytime. Okay, I’m not here to throw cold water on your next outdoor adventure; I’m simply here to remind you that for your next outdoor trip, don’t forget to bring a – multi-tool.

A multi-tool and a Swiss Army knife both assist every outdoorsman out there. Yet, both have been interchangeably used by outdoor neophytes. The most striking difference between the two is the way the tools are arranged. A multi-tool is arranged in a way that the other tools are sticking out from the main tool – a pair of pliers. On the contrary, a Swiss Army knife is flat with all the other tools sticking out from the sides of a plastic casing which encapsulates the entire device. And speaking of plastic, you won’t find a single plastic component in a multi-tool which makes it a sturdier tool as an outdoor companion.

Of course, picking the best one doesn’t mean grabbing the first multi-tool you see at the hardware aisle because it looks as hard as nails. Don’t waste your time and money buying a substandard tool because it’ll most likely wimp out when you need it the most. So, consider these 7 tips in choosing the best multi-tools for outdoors and survival.

Tip #1: Portability

There are a handful of multi-tools which differ on how it’s set up to be carried. One is a keychain multi-tool which is relatively smaller than the rest. A pocket multi-tool which is self-explanatory and slightly bigger. The belt multi-tool for those wanting some extra robustness from the set of tools while showing it off by strapping it on their trousers. Last but not the least is the one-piece multi-tool which looks flat and slim and can be clipped on your keys, bag, or just about anything else.

Tip #2: Blade or Bladeless?

Some smart outdoor enthusiasts choose multi-tools which don’t include a blade for travel and security check reasons. For instance, most of these tools aren’t allowed on planes. So you’ll have to leave your multi-tool at home when going on out-of-the-country adventures. But if you frequent outdoor trips in your city or country, having a multi-tool which comes with a knife will absolutely come in handy.

Tip #3: Quality

This should be the first thing that pops up in your mind when choosing the best multi-tools; if it isn’t, I really don’t know if you’re going on an outdoor adventure or just fixing your bike. Choose a titanium handle because corrosion can kill the life out of your tool. You may also opt for a 420 stainless steel for the set of tools as steel is more durable.

Tip #4: Set of Tools

Sure, you want to have all the tools integrated into your multi-tool but did you ask yourself if you really need those for every camping or hiking adventure? If you don’t mind carrying a piece of equipment that weighs more than 10 pounds then be my guest, get the heaviest tool in the market. But you’re probably going to end up just using 20 percent of the tools, so don’t get ahead of yourself when you’re shopping for the best multi-tools. Who knows, a pair of pliers and a can opener for that cold bottle of beer might be all you need.

Tip #5: Safety

It’s an axiomatic fact that safety should be a major concern when buying the best multi-tool. Although you want the best out of your tool, when it comes to safety; all you need are three critical factors. One is to be able to utilize the tool using one hand. Next is to be able to use the tool while other parts are also accessible. Last is a safety lock and that’s about it for safety.

Tip #6: Design

They say when you’re buying a product, the first glance on aesthetics will allure you in scrutinizing the product further. But when you touch the product and the touch almost instantly feels right; that’s when you know you’ve got the right one. Choose a design that suits you and most importantly, choose a design that is a good fit when you’re holding the tool in your hand. Trust me, it’ll make a huge difference.

Tip #7: Warranty

Choosing a multi-tool with an excellent warranty means you can be confident for as long as the tool’s lifespan that the manufacturer is ready to assist you for any problems you might have in the future. Although these multi-tools are extremely sturdy and reliable, save for the cheap ones, a good 25-year warranty still gives you an affirmation that you got the best value for your money.

If you know the outdoor industry inside out, it should be easy for you to choose the right multi-tools out there. And while this might only serve as a guide for those who might not be the sharpest tool in the shed (pun intended); choosing the best multi-tool is still a matter of preference and lifestyle.


Best Woodworking Tools for Home Improvement Project

The living room is considered the nerve center of the house as this is where most people will gather. It’s no wonder every house owner makes sure that their living room will make a substantial impact on their guests. Therefore, it’s a must that you’ll make the time to improve the view of your living room.

Some Useful Tips

  • If you’re planning on doing so, here are some excellent suggestions on how to redecorate without the expensive costs.
  • If you own wood furniture and they have chips and gaps, there’s no need to replace them with new ones. Here’s a list of the best stainable wood fillers to cover the damages.
  • Lighting can make your house look stunning. You might want to consider adding some inside to achieve the home you’ve always dreamed about. Here’s an excellent guide on the types of light that will fit your home (and budget).

If you’re thinking about making significant improvements, you must make sure first that you have the proper woodworking tools to do some DIY renovations on your living room.

  • Hammer

When doing repairs, you’re going to need to do some pounding and pulling on nails and tapping on things to put them in the proper place. All these things will require you to have a quality hammer. An effective one is long and light. It’s also useful when demolition is needed.

  • Putty Knife

A putty knife is effective in removing dry paint and glue, as well as in spreading paste, spackle, and putty. For scraping, it’s recommended that you use a 1.5-inch knife, and a 5- or 6- inch one for spreading.

  • Level

It is used to see if your frame is parallel to the surface of the earth or not. An air bubble is found inside in each of the vials, and when it’s in the center, it’s an indication that your frame is aligned.

  • Saw Blades

A collection of saw blades for reciprocating saws, jig saws, and circular saws will enable you to cut through plywood, lumber, wood, plastic, PVC pipe, steel pipe, steel, and sheet metal duct.

Here’s an excellent guide when choosing saw blades.

  • Tape Measure

With the tape measure’s spring-steel blade wrapped up in a tiny box, it’s convenient and can measure lengths that would need a huge folding rule. The only disadvantage of using this is the small hook attached at the end. It might cause inaccuracy in some cases.

  • Power Drill

Drilling means making holes. A power drill is the best tool when your hands are too tired after turning many screws.

A power drill is like a screwdriver on steroids. You can connect bits to it, to equal the screw you’re currently working on. You can also join drill bits so you can drill holes in wood, walls, etc.

  • Nail Set

One of the essential woodworking tools you need to have is a nail set. It is used to sink nail heads below the wood’s surface, to allow you to stuff the hole with sand and wood putty, so the nail becomes hidden.

  • Utility Knife

You can use the utility knife in many ways. You can use it to scrape hides, cut cordage and hides, score drywall, and even trim the carpet’s edges. Some also use it for other purposes such as cleaning fish and butchering animals.

  • Mitre Saw

A mitre saw has a unique blade that enables you to cut at different angles. You can make cuts for window casings, door frames, picture frames, and even for crown molding.

The blade attaches on the swing arm allowing it to turn left and right to create angled cuts perfectly every time you use it.

  • Cordless Grinder

A cordless grinder is useful for grinding, smoothing, and metal cutting. You will surely need this tool if your project requires concrete and masonry.

  • Flat-head Screwdriver

The flat-head screwdriver is used to loosen or tighten screws. It’s undoubtedly the most used tool, and it’s very likely that every man on the planet owns one.

  • Phillips-head Screwdriver

The Phillips-head screwdriver is also known as the cross-head screwdriver. It’s more convenient to use with industrial and electrical tools.


There you have it. The woodworking tools listed above are among the most important if you’re thinking about remodeling your living room. There are still other tools that you’re going to need, depending on what you’re going to do.

You have to determine first what you wish to do with your living room. Plan carefully. Then, check out the tools and materials that are needed. Good luck and have fun!

Author Bio: Jimmy loves sharing his knowledge on Woodworking and Home Improvement techniques at Air Tool Guy. Follow his blog for more tips and tricks of tools around the house.

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Best Bottle Cutter Detailed Reviews

Are you seeking for the perfect tool to create personalized and unique items for your home from beer and wine bottles? Bottle cutters are the right choice for your requirements. Bottle Cutter is a specially designed tool used to cut and reuse the bottles ( wine & beer bottles)  in a unique manner. Picking the right bottle cutter is not a daunting task, because the internet surf makes the task much simpler and quicker. Additionally, you can also read the precise reviews of DIY bottle cutters online that not only narrow down your searches, but also let you make a smart buying decision. The proper selection allows you to enjoy the overall benefits and convenience of glass bottle cutter or beer bottle cutter . These bottle cutting tools give you good time.


[table id=1 responsive=collapse responsive_breakpoint=all /]

A bottle cutter is a wonderful hand held tool for making homemade bottle DIY crafts by cutting Glass bottle, Pet bottle, Wine bottle, Beer bottle etc. using bottle cutters from companies like Kinkajou, Ephrems etc. A cut glass bottle can be used to make many different things. DIY bottle are great for home and office décor indoor plants for generation green. It is very important to buy the tool from a good brand like C and C, Ktel, Armour, Jual etc. Bindu uses hot wire to create adjustable covers in bottle crafts. The most dependable bottle cutters are from Diamond tech. The Dremel tools are also advised by many DIY experts. They can also be used for easy automatic usage. The creators of green power science see it as a revolutionary art that can make a difference in Philippine. To find great bottle DIY craft ideas, websites like kick starter are perfect for professional craft. Amazon also sells these bottle cutters. Hobby lobby and instructables are used by many bottle DIY instagrammers. Automated bottle cutters cut smooth like wood. A rope and string method is used to slice grey goose in industrial method. The electric cutters can also cut flat glass from Ronco. The Perrier glass is cut best with diamond tech from Patrick lehoux is used by most professional bottle craft people. Rapco is a reputed name in bottle cutters that can even cut stained glass. Fleming stain glass, another durable glass used for industrial purposes is best cut with Kent bottle cutters


Best 15 DIY Bottler Cutter Reviews

  1. Creator’s Bottle Cutter reviews

Want to buy dependable and high-tech bottle cutter? You can consider this Creators Bottle Cutter. This highly dependable and modern cutting tool allows you to use it easily. It also creates accurate scores around any bottle. This bottle cutter is six inches high, five inches wide and twelve inches long.

This glass bottle cutter is made from long-lasting stainless steel slip bars, poly-carbonate plastic and enclosed ball bearing rollers. There is a carbide wounding wheel available in this glass bottle cutter which let user to score wine bottle, triangular bottles, square bottles and oval bottles.

The precision level of this bottle cutter makes it unique from other types of bottle cutters. The working process Creater’s Bottle cutter kit is really simple. It also comes with a special Palm Protector facility that let bottle easily spin while keeping you safe when cutting. There are 2 separating rings in this glass bottle cutter which are made from quality rubber. Use for any beer bottle or wine bottle.


  1. Kinkajou Bottle Cutter-Canadian reviews

Looking for the right tool to make lots of up-cycling projects? This Kinkajou glass bottle cutter is a perfect choice for your needs. With an extraordinary success rate, this bottle cutter kit makes it simpler to acquire that accurate score line which is significant for a precise glass separation.

This can be also used to modify bottles as personalized lamps, candle holders, vases, glassware and much more. Along with this, Kinkajou can also help people keep their favorite brands everywhere of their home in a valuable fashion. It is important to note that Kinkajou consists of the white/red colored Canadian kinkajou wine bottle cutter.

The single blade of this glass bottle cutter lasts over two hundred cuts. This cutting tool cuts the bottles exactly from 43 mm to 102 mm.  There is sandpaper included in this kit which aids in finishing the glass.  In short, this Kinkajou Bottle Cutter kit is easy to store and simple to use.


     3.LANMU DIY Glass Bottle Cutter Machine Glass Bottle Cutting Tool  Reviews

Need an effective tool for making a personalized home improvement or decorative item? Use this more superior LANMU DIY Glass Bottle Cutter Machine Glass Bottle Cutting Tool. The process of cutting with this tool is really easy. In order to cut the bottles, you just place the bottle on your support system, apply pressure as well as rotate.

After that, you can heat a score over cold and boiled water consecutively bathes 3 times. The cutting will really amaze, smooth and clean breaks every time. This bottle cutting tool breaks even the thick champagne drink bottles smoothly and easily.  By using this most extraordinary cutting tool, you can recycle glass jars and bottles as well as create the functionally art easily.

You can create your very own sun catches, ornaments and glass sculptures with this extraordinary cutting tool. This extremely durable cutting tool allows you to cut the bottles within five simple steps.


   4.Creator’s Glass Bottle Cutter  Review- Ultimate Edition

Have you constantly wondered if you comprised artistic skill? Bottle art is a nice choice for you in order to point yourself without investing more time and money. In order to achieve the goal, you can use this Creator’s Bottle Cutter kit. This is one of the best turn-key products which help you to create drinking glasses, vases, exclusive napkin rings, glass guitar slides and much more.

This specially designed bottle cutter tool kit includes wine bottle cutter, bottle neck cutter, and assorted glastoppers, Abrasive stone, separating rings and palm protector.  These are the attractive specifications of Creator’s Bottle Cutter which make it as a dependable and high-tech wine bottle cutter. You can use this cutting tool to create highly accurate scores around your bottles. By using this simple to use cutting tool, you can easily score different shapes. The neck cutter of this tool lets you to safely and quickly cut the bottle neck.


   5.Kinkajou Bottle Cutter-White

Are you searching for the wine bottle cutter tool with surprising success rate? This white colored Kinkajou wine Bottle Cutter is a precise choice for you. This is an ideal cutting tool which helps with several up-cycling projects. The remarkable success rate of Kinkajou makes this simpler to enjoy an outstanding score line.

Achieving the right score line is not a daunting task, because this kinkajou cutter makes the task simpler by offering extremely clean bottle separation. This is an essential task which helps you to turn your favorite bottle in order to produce different personalized products and home improvement items. Additionally, this specially made wine bottle cutter also grants to turn your used or existing bottles in order to create an excellent decorative item. This kind of recycling and reused process not only save your living environment, but also let you to lead a healthy and green lifestyle. Moreover, it comes with separation ties which help make a very cleaner separation.


  1. DIGISION® Wine Bottle Foil Cutter with 4 Stainless Blades, Non-toxic Plastic Body with Gift Package (Red)

Want to improve your artistic skills? You can use this Digision wine bottle foil cutter because it makes your dream quickly come true.  This is a smart, innovative and easy-to-use invention that comes with four stainless blades and harm-lass plastic body. It cuts by using a gentle twist and squeeze, cleanly as well as neatly.

The U-shape of this cutting tool let it easily slip around the bottle top and cut a foil simply with a single twist.  Along with this, it also includes extremely sharp blades which are included with a plastic casing. This makes it a very sale cutting device to have in your bar or home.

With ergonomic shape, this cutting device features strong rubberized grips which let you to hold it without any difficulties. This Digision Wine Bottle Foil Cutter comes in a gift package, so it appears as an ideal gift for friends as well as family members.


  1. Glass Bottle Cutter, Genround Bottle Cutter Machine Wine Bottle Glass Cutter Cutting Tool

Do you like making personalized and attractive gifts with used bottles? You can utilize this Genround Bottle Cutter Machine. This is a multi-purpose machine, which is otherwise called as a glass bottle cutter and wine bottle cutting tool.   The unique design of this machine lets you use it in an easy manner.

Along with this, this cutting machine also provides you more convenient to store.  This Glass cutting machine does not cut your bottle. This device is really meant to develop a precise score line where you like to cut your bottle. In order to get the results, you just require adjusting the stand of this glass cutter.

The procedures for using this cutting machine are really simple to understand and follow, so you can consider this bottle cutting machine without any uncertainty.   The sharp blades of this cutting tool ensure that you get smooth and excellent cutting results.


  1. AGPtek Long Glass Bottle Cutter Machine Cutting Tool For Wine Bottles, Suit for LONG Bottle (Green)

Are you seeking for a precise tool for recycling or reusing your favorite drink bottles? This AGPtek Long Glass Bottle Cutter Machine is a right choice for your needs. This is an effective and most outstanding cutting tool which is used for glass wine bottles.   It is easier and sturdier to use.

This durable bottle cutter helps you to cut the bottles in five simple steps. Along with this, you can also break even the thick champagne bottle smoothly as well as easily. This package includes wrench and bottle cutting machine. The Glass bottle cutter is an excellent and professional tool which allows you to cut different types of bottles quickly and easily.

The cutting results of this bottle cutter machine will really amaze people, clean breaks accurately every time.  With more exceptional and unique features, this specially crafted glass bottle cutter machine makes sure that you can get smooth and hassle-free results.


  1. Diamond Tech Crafts G2 Glass Bottle Cutter

Want to become a part of making a healthy and green world? You can reach your goal with this new Generation diamond tech Green Bottle Cutter.  This G2 wine bottle cutter is made from reuse aluminum,  which makes it lightweight.  The precise design and brilliant specifications let you to score as well as separate the discarded bottles easily. There is a six turreted cutting head included in this cutting machine in order to bring longevity cutting facilities.

By using this excellent bottle cutting machine, you can easily turn your used glass jars and bottles into lamp shades, vases, votive holder, glass sculptures and fashion anything that you can actually imagine.  This specialized package includes score tapper, 2 emergency papers, instruction booklet and 1 bottle cutter.    Along with this, the uniquely designed glass bottle cutter also has lots of unique specifications that attract lots of craft lovers and encourage them to make lots of innovative items with glass bottle cutter.


I am sure you are lacking need of cool bottle opener for your party when you open a beer bottle, Right

  1. Ephrem’s Original Glass Bottle Cutter Kit Reviews

Do you enjoy creating art and personalized items with used bottles? You can simplify the task with this extremely durable Ephrem’s Original Glass Bottle Cutter Kit. This is an effective and superior cutter kit which lets you to create lots of art with the re-purposes bottles in an easier manner.

The basic portion can be nicely adjusted for various heights and offers safe support for the scores. You can place a jar or bottle in jig as well as turn after applying light pressure. This is enough to create a perfect score. You can heat this score above the candle flame as well as breezy with ice cubes.

The cutting result will surely surprise you, smooth breaks nearly each and every time.  This extremely durable bottle cutter also breaks the thick bottles in an easy and smooth manner.  Moreover, this bottle cutter kit has a classic Jar cutter and Ephrem’s Bottle.


Before we proceed further If you would like to know about best water bottle holder with strap right now in the market then check now

11. Diamond Tech  Bottle Cutter Reviews

Are you looking for a smooth and safe bottle cutter? Then, g2 bottle cutter is a product available satisfied customer reviews. Never consider your old bottles as a garbage or dumped waste. You can convert them into beautiful crafts. For this purpose, you need the help of a bottle cutter kit or bottle cutting instrument. You can use this bottle cutter to cut all your old bottles and jars for into beautiful and exciting shapes.

As you all know, g2 bottle cutter reviews are popular and find great application in creating green wonders. G2 is actually the generation green bottle cutter kit which is made of recycled aluminium. Hence, it doesn’t cause any harm in the manufacturing process. The bottle cutter is light-weight and it’s easy to cut the bottles in your desired shape. It’s smooth and safe, you get a perfect shape without any ill-shaped edges. With the help of this bottle cutting tool, create a green revolution!!

Glass Bottle Cutter Etcher Cut Resistant Gloves Kit, Genround Bottle Cutter Machine Wine Bottle Glass Cutter Cutting Tool and Level 5 Protection Safety Gloves for Hand protection

Genround is one of the best wine bottle cutter with adjustable length and diameter for easy cutting. It’s a simple process, where you have to keep the wine bottle on the top of the machine and adjust the length and width according to your requirement. Finally, cut the bottle with the help of a knife.

You don’t have to worry about safety in this bottle cutting kit. You get a gloves which is resistant and safety gloves for enhanced protection. It has top customer reviews and durable for long years. You get numerous craft ideas with this simple bottle cutter.

Buy this online

AceList Glass Bottle Cutter Scoring Machine Cutting Tool For Shorter Bottle

Acelist is one of the best beer bottle cutter with simple and easy installation process. You get a wide range of bottles like steel, glass, beer bottles, wine bottles, etc, which you may feel as waste instead you can cut them into creative and reusable innovations.

You have to use a simple and four step process to cut the bottle and make it flexible according to your desired shape. If you would like to spend some quality time, then choose acelist’s bottle cutter kit which recycles your waste bottles into creative yet functional crafts. It’s cheap yet functional!!

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Yosoo Staine Glass Bottle Cutter Machine Wine Beer Glass Bottles Bottle Cutting Tool

Yosoo is one of the best wine bottle cutter with adjustable positions and fine cut methods. You don’t have to worry about the size of the bottle. This machine has the ability to cut bottles of any size and shape.

It’s a simple process and you don’t have to waste lot of time. Initially, place the bottle on the bottle cutter, adjust the length of the bottle and rotate it to create a score on the bottle. After creating the score, heat it up with boiled water and separate the bottle pieces. Make this into your beautiful candle stand or green garden.

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Glass Bottle Cutter, [Gen-2 Version] AceList Stained Glass Cutting Tool Kit Glass Wine Jar Etching for DIY Glassware, Lamps, Vases, Candle Holders – Birthday, Holiday Gift Maker – Turquoise

Acelist is up with a simple designed bottle cutting kit that operates easily on huge bottle ranges. It has the same process, as ordinary bottle cutting tools. It’s a colourful tool which has sufficient length adjustment screws to keep your bottles firm on the machine.

This bottle cutter creates a spark in your creativity. You get lots and lots of innovative ideas to decorate your home with beautiful crafts in an inexpensive way. It’s a simple investment, but gives you great results. Cut the wine glass into beautiful candle stands or lamp stands. It’s available in reasonable price!!

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What is a bottle Cutter? ( Beer Bottle Cutter | Wine Bottle Cutter)

Looking for the right tool to cut used bottles? Bottle cutter is a right choice for you, because it is used to cut various types of bottles in an easier manner. Along with this, it also allows people to make lots of innovative items with various types of colorful bottles. Bottle cutting has become a way people can become live an extremely green lifestyle and environmentally correct. The bottle cutter kit is designed uniquely for smooth cutting of glass jars and bottles as well as make the crafting task much simpler.  There is a adjustable bottle holder in every bottle cutter that firmly holds the glass jars and bottles of different shaped, diameters, sizes and various capacities without using any separate tool and parts. Due to this reason, glass bottle cutter (beer bottle cutter) is considered as an ideal tool for people who love to develop innovative and custom-made products.

How Glass bottle Cutter can be useful at home?

Want to save time and keep your environment safe by recycling and reusing the already used things? You can use the best bottle cutter.  Bottle cutting is nicely fits into the recycling process because it takes the existing glass bottles and turns them quickly into personalized items which can be used to decorate your kitchen, living room and different portions of your home. The best Glass bottle Cutter also extends the life of your favorite wine bottles. This is really valuable to your living environment because you are not just extending the life of bottles, but creating an item from used bottle, which directly means that any new product is not produced. Apart from that, glass bottle cutter also helps you to create the products which are designed by using used items. This makes glass bottle cutter as a must-have household item.

 Things You must know before buying Beer Bottle Cutter kit?

Seeking for safe and easy way to reuse the existing bottles? You can utilize the bottle cutting tool because it also allows you to cut bottles without making any cracks in them. There are different types of bottle cutting tool kits available, so you can carefully choose the right one as per your individual requirements and preferences. It is important to know some important aspects before purchasing a particular bottle cutter kit.

  • At first, you can check the materials which are used to make a bottle cutter kit
  • You can also analyze the cutting ability
  • You can also check the smoothness of cutting
  • Additionally, you can know the exact price of bottle cutter kit.

These are the most essential considerations that help you to make a smart buying decision. The perfect internet research helps you to know all these useful details in an easier manner.  The internet platform not just provides you accurate information, but also helps you to pick the highly appropriate and best cutter kit easily. The proper selection helps you to enjoy hassle-free and smooth cutting results.  The effective bottle cutter kit has fine bottle cutters which provide a safe alternative to the traditional cutting techniques which use acetone and string.

Can I use it as Wine Bottle Cutter?

The most popular hobby involving the wine is popularly known among many enthusiasts as a wine art. You can use wine bottle for making different things that range from a table centerpiece to decorative item for your home. Doing the wine bottle art is not a difficult task, because the wine bottle cutter make the task much easier. The wine bottle cutter is an artistic and useful device which helps you to create highly classy and innovative crafting item without facing any difficulties.  These types of wine bottle cutters are made from extremely durable and sturdy materials in order to provide superior and hassle-free cutting results. The blade of a bottle cutter cuts your wine bottle in a smooth and nice manner which let you to make a precise wine bottle art quickly. The bottle cutter comes with specialized blade, so you can use it as a wine bottle cutter without any hesitation.

Why do you need a perfect instruction kit (beer bottle cutter)?

Ephrems bottle cutter gives you a complete instruction manual for the bottle cutting process. It’s easy to use, keep the bottle in the bottle cutter place it according to the length wise and rotate it on the rollers.  Using this bottle cutter kit, you can adjust the length and create a fine cut on the bottle which is removed by a heating process.

Do you need a wine bottle cutter?

AGptek bottle cutter is a one of the best bottle cutter which finds great application in creating green crafts. These bottle cutters are used to cut wine bottles or beer bottles into beautiful shapes. Apart from being a bottle cutter AGptek is an efficient metal cutter. Bottle cutting is made easy with AGptek.

Are you looking for a durable bottle cutter kit?

Creator’s Bottle Cutter is a durable bottle cutting tool which includes rubber rings to separate the bottles as per your desired shape. It works well for beer or champagne bottles and known as one of the best beer bottle cutter. It’s made of aluminium and light-weight which is easily portable to your desired location.

How will you recycle your waste bottles (beer bottles)?

As you all know, it’s not easy to recycle our old plastic or glass bottles, we look to dispose them in some waste dumps. We can recycle these bottles into useful crafts. KENT Bottle Cutter Machine is a long and durable machine which cuts your bottle into super fine shapes. This bottle cutting kit is easy to install and work on it.

Are you ready to make a bottle lamp?

Kinkajou bottle cutter is one of the best bottle cutter which can create wonders in the field of crafts and technology. You get to see a simple and natural bottle cutter kit with easy installation steps and user manual for creating better ideas. It’s a perfect cutting tool for creating bottle lamps with separation rings.

Are you looking for an in-depth bottle cutter?

You may require few bottle cutters with in-depth cutting and clear-cut designs. Bottle cutter michaels is a perfect bottle cutting kit which helps in adding inexpensive wonders to your local craft store. It’s easy to use and you can pick the bottle of your choice.


Incoming Search Queries:


A well-made, respectable bottle cutter tool does the cutting task nicely because the designers have made it from high quality materials and latest technologies.  The above collection includes different types of bottle cutters which let people choose the right one as per their individual preferences and cutting requirements.  These precise reviews not only simplify the searching task, but also allow people to know lots of interesting facts and key features of top most bottle cutting tools. By using the accurate reviews, you can also know about the specifications and major highlights of these popular cutting tools or cutting machine kit. This precise information helps you to pick the highly appropriate and most effective bottle cutting machine. The smart selection allows you to enjoy smooth and hassle-free cutting results. The best wine bottle cutter has lots of unique and exceptional features in order to cut various types of bottles and cut it in a precise manner.   The specially designed Glass bottle cutter helps people to use their existing bottles and save money. You can create lots of amazing hand-made personalized items and place it around your residence. Therefore, using the best bottle cutter is a smart way to reuse your favorite wine bottle or glass jar.



How Can You Decorate a Cheap Living Room?

Our house is like a heaven in which we want to live a peaceful and happy life. And living is one of the blissful places of our house where we sit, watching T.V, entertain each other and have gossips with family. And every time we desire to make it different by modifying it and a cheap living room not is intricate to adapt. You only add these amazing tips for making your living room more creative.

  • Re-order furniture:

Re-arrange your new furniture that can play with your sitting room interior.  You can set sofa set in the front of the room and put the desk on window side as it gives an attractive or airy look to your living room.

  • Change look with paint:

For a cheap living room decoration, this idea is fantastic as this is the simple way in which you can switch up a room look. Definitely, you will get a fresh look as well without spending a lot of money.

  • Go with your creations:

DIY ideas can enhance the look and also a cheap way to decorate your living room. You can add colorful pillows or cushions and get a quick image of the peaceful room.

  • Bamboo Pillow

When you hear the word Bamboo, the last thing that comes to mind is sleep products made for quality sleep comfort. But that is exactly what many companies would like you to think of, the emergence of Bamboo fiber material blends are now used to promote healthy, restful nights. Use them to decorate you living room.

  • Hang a Collection:

This one is also a cheap living room idea that can simply give dazzling look to the room. You can buy or even can create yourself some inspiring decoration pieces and hang it on the wall.

  • Fresh look with Flowers:

Fresh & vibrant flowers with vibrant vase will be the inexpensive choice for your living room décor.  You can brighten it up and provide the remarkable appearance to the room.

  • Color your walls:

Color walls of a living room can create vibrant and warm look but go with best colors like blue, gray or beige.

  • Layer Rugs:

You can but inexpensive layer rug that is fit on a cheap living room decoration


How to cut a Glass Bottle

3 Ways to Cut a Glass Bottle

How to cut glass bottle

Recycling is the art of recreating an innovative product from your used old stuff. This creates a new purpose for thrown away things. We don’t have to search for expensive hangings that decorate your home. Instead, choose a wine bottle cutter to create wonderful home decors.

Glass bottles are often thrown as trash. We can cut these bottles and use them in a creative way that decorate our home and garden. There are different methods to cut a glass bottle, make sure to invest in the right process and acquire more results.

We have listed the different methods to cut a glass bottle  ( Use any empty Beer Bottle or Wine Bottle)

  1. Use Bottle cutter

There are lot of bottle cutters available in the market. Bottle cutting is made easy with the help of these bottle cutters. There are bottle cutters with advanced features and affordable price. So, it’s easy to create beautiful candle stands, wind chimes, green garden or lanterns with the help of these bottle cutters.

While choosing one of the best bottle cutter, it’s just half done.  It’s significant to know the bottle cutting process,

Step 1 – Before throwing into the trash, check whether the bottle is reusable. If it’s reusable, then make sure to clean the bottle. Remove all the dirt or grit because it may get stuck in the bottle cutter.

Step 2 Wines bottles and beer bottles find easy to get cut. Now, take your bottle cutter, place your bottle into it by adjusting the length and breadth. Fix the bottle tight with the screws.

Step 3 – After setting the bottle right, score or turn around the bottle with the help of sharp blades attached on the bottle cutter. This scoring creates a perfect line of cut on the glass.

Step 4 – Now, pour cold water on the bottle. This separates bottle into two parts.

Step 5 – Finally, sand the bottle and create a perfect finish for creating wine bottle crafts.


  1. Use nail polish and other stuff

Bottle cutter is not only the option to cut bottles.  Beer bottles are normally weightless and easy to crack. So, you can use simple steps to cut these bottles.

How to cut a glass bottle with a nail polish remover?

You don’t have to search for expensive bottle cutters, instead get these simple things like yarn and nail polish remover to cut your beer bottle. This works as a best beer bottle cutter.

Step 1 – Choose a beer bottle, because it’s easy to get cracked and the glass walls are thinner compared to other bottles.

Step 2 – Take the bottle, choose the yarn. If you don’t get yarn, then choose a thick cotton string.

Step 3 – Now, take the yarn and tie it around the bottle where you would like to separate the bottle. Wrap it around up to 3-4 round and cut off the excess string.

Step 4 – Now, slide off the yarn from the bottle and soak it in a dish of nail polish remover or the acetone. Wait until it’s completely soaked.

bottle cutting process

Step 5 – Now, tie the yarn back to the bottle. Light the yarn on fire and burn it consistently.


Step 6 – Finally, dip it in the cold water to cut the glass.

3. Use Boiling Water

You can cut glass bottles with the help of boiling water. This is a simple process and easy to achieve results. You can use this techniques for ordinary glass bottles and wine bottles too.cut
Take a look at the steps to follow, while using boiled water.

Step 1 – Initially, take a plain glass bottle.

Step 2 – Now, you should create a tension line where you need the bottles to get cracked. Set the break point by scoring along the line.

Step 3 – You can use a glass cutter or a glass drill to create a single line across the bottle. Make sure that you don’t overlap the lines and jag it. This may create problem in the final output of the product.

Step 4 – Keep your sink ready with running cold water and a kettle of hot water.

Step 5 – Now, pour the hot water on the scored line. Don’t cover wide area, but pour according to the size of score line.

Step 6 – After pouring hot water, now move the glass bottle into the running cold water sink. Bottle will not break for the first time.

Step 7 – So, continue adding cold water and hot water over the score line. Finally dip it in the cold water to snap of the bottle easily.


We don’t have to move around for decorative items, but create of your own with the help of glass bottle cutter. There are lot of ways to cut the glass bottles or wine bottles, but it’s essential to choose the perfect method. Make sure the method is safe and you get the best output.