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Do you love pets? Yes, we all love pets. Each pet is good companion for the pet owners. They walk with their pets, train them, go on a holiday with them and lot more activities. The pet owners find different ways to keep their pets safe and entertained. While selecting your best friend, you have to choose the perfect breed that suits your need.

After selecting the breed, you have to choose the right food for a healthy pet life. To accomplish all these activities, you have to go for a pet blog or pet care sites. Below listed is the top bloggers who can help you in pet care.


Dog Tipper

John & Paris

Paris Permenter and John Bigley are the sole writer of this blog Dog tipper. They have written several contents on popular magazines and articles on dog treatment. Paris and John had great passion growing up the dogs. They got this blog idea, after the adoption of Irie and Tiki. Their most lovable dogs.

They learn something new from their pet dogs and compile it as a blog collection for those who are at the beginning stage of buying a pet dog. They write about the favourite dog recipes, dog quotes and giveaways. This blog is a perfect guide to take your pet dog on a travel holiday.

Fit Cats


Jim is a 73 year old cat lover. Jim and his wife have been with cat for a very long period of over 30 years. Hence, they pamper it and treat them as their own kids. They always enjoyed the company of cats and grew up in the company of few Tom cats. The pair had four children who cuddled and grew up with the gorgeous cats.

This blog came out of his love towards cats. Jim constantly updates on the nutrition facts and general care tips on pets. She also writes about the cat care products. They write about several product reviews on pet animals.

Cat Chat with Caren and Cody


Caren started the blog Cat Chat in memory of their loving cat “Bobo”. Pet animals mostly create a soul interaction with us. Cody gave him a relaxation while bobo passed away. So, they combined to start this blog “Cat Chat with Caren and Cody”. Caren decided to create this blog with the aim of inviting all the cat lovers and give them more information to hold on their best buddies with them.

Pet lovers have a confusion on selecting the best product for their cats. So, Caren works on writing best cat product reviews. There are several book reviews available on this blog.

Companion Animal Psychology

Zazie Todd

Companion Animal Psychology is a user-friendly blog to determine your pet’s psychology. There is some science that always connects us to the each other. In this blog Zazie Todd writes about the different methods to take care of your pets. The blogger doesn’t focus only on cats and dogs but they also consider other pets like rabbit, horses, fish and lot more pets.

Most of the blog topics focus on improving your dog’s skills, change their behaviour and creates beautiful human-pet bond. There are several problem solving sessions that teach how to keep your pets happy and energetic. This blog is a right place to know your pet.

The Tiniest Tiger


The Tiniest Tiger is a conservation club which is a place where friends and communities join to protect their pets and keep them special. It’s about caring all the creatures from small to big. So, there are posts that include about tiny kittens and huge elephants.

This blog is dedicated to the tiniest tiger of Joanne who turned out to be her sweet cat. Gracey is the lovable cat of Joanne who does enough mischief and keeps them entertained. Joanne wrote about the entertaining mischiefs and whimsical antics of Gracey in her blog. She also focused on writing special conservation programs.

Kurious Kitty

Jessica Fisher

Jessica Fisher is one of the top blogger who makes the life of pets easier. She is a pet lover and always wanted to do something great for her pets. So, she started the blog “Kurious Kitty” for giving some great tips and tricks on growing up the pets. There are lot of pet supplies in the market. While choosing one for your pet, you should consider the product reviews. Jessica writes about the top pet products, pet accessories and other pet supplies.

She focus on both dogs and cats. She also writes on choosing the right food, toys, clothing, furniture, toy boxes and lot more to keep your pets entertained.

Pet Care Facts

Pet care facts is a combination of wealthy knowledge about pets from various sources. Esther Johnson and Joseph Abott are the major authors who strive to work on delivering popular pet preservation articles. Esther focus on writing the popular ways to handle your sensitive pets and works for the well-being of pets. Most of her blog matches with the emotional caring of pets.

Joseph is a dog lover and he is a good author. He helps in giving the right medical assistance for your pet and also writes about the practical support for their health. There is a detailed description available on popular dog breeds.

Pet Wellbeing

Pet wellbeing is a team which works with the goal to provide better assistance to all the pet owners. They develop products which find great use on dogs and cats. Each product is analysed and reviewed for better results. The product is developed by a team of experts and the top veterinarians share their pet experience on blog.

The blog shares useful topics on caring your pets and prevent them from dangerous diseases. There are several products available in the site which is a best fit for your pet. The readers get pet care tips from experts who are into this field for years.

The Doggy Institute


Doggy institute is a perfect place to improve the healthy relationship with your pets. The blog helps us to analyse the best food for our pets and effective tips to keep your pets under a luxurious comfort. They also write about certain product reviews that works great for the readers to choose their product.

If you’re new to the world of pet care, then Adam is the right person to guide you in training your pets. He writes about several training tips and homemade recipes that keeps your pet refreshed. It’s a simple blog site with much information about your doggy companions.

Pit Friendly Boston

Cathy Bates

Pit friendly Boston started with the aim of finding a right apartment for their pit bulls. Most of the apartments doesn’t allow pit bulls and create a restriction to certain breed types. Finally, they found one. This gave the inspiration to start with the blog “pit friendly Boston” to determine the right apartment for your companion.

The blog focus on writing about the house rental structure, prices of popular apartments with pit friendly facility and goes on a research for housing markets in the city. Apart from these topics, there is a special pit bull FAQ section for readers to know more about the breed.

Healthy Dog Treats

Bruce Dwyer

You may wonder with the qualification and employment of the author Bruce Dwyer. He is an MBA graduate with years of experience in the corporate field. His passion for dog’s health moved him into the blogging sector. He started the “healthy dog treats” with the mission to provide healthy food for the deserved pets.

This blog shares his creation “ideal dog diet”, which is developed with the help of dog experts. The right amount of proteins, vitamins and other minerals are given to make sure that dog is healthy and ready for a healthy life. He writes about different healthy and special recipes for different dog breeds.

 The Dog effect


Dee is a dog-lover. He loves them as his own friends, workmates, and companions for a life time. He is not a trained professional but simply love the dogs and work for its betterment. He considers dogs as kids and grow up them with the perfect nutrition and care. Dee got inspiration for this site from his dear friend Tiger who lived with him for about 11 years.

This blog describes all the essential needs to grow up your little companions and make them energetic. The blog has a special section for purchasing dog-related products. There are certain product reviews that enrich your dog care.

Dog Walkers Melbourne

Bruce Dwyer

Dog walkers Melbourne provides professional assistance in taking your dog for a walk and socializing them in the society. Yu may love pets but couldn’t find the right time to spend with them. In such case, you can get the help from Dog walkers. They take your dogs on a long walk, give them the necessary and drop back into your house. This was initiated by Bruce Dwyer and they satisfy both dog owners and dogs.

Their blog gives useful information on handling your dogs and different measures to keep them happy. They concentrate on the simple terms to keep your dog happy.

Blogging Paws

Blogging Paws is the innovation from a team of experts who love pets and work for them. Readers may get confusion on choosing the right food for their pet. Health is really important for your companion. So, blogging paws introduced the recipe section which provide good appetite for your pets. They share the complete preparation method and instructions to help you in cooking.

There are several health tips to keep your pet free from disease and healthy. A special training section is provided to keep your dogs well-trained to face any hard situations. There is a special page to demonstrate the dog accessories and other stuffs.

Dancing Dog blog

Mary Haight

Mary Haight is into pet conservation for about 15 years. She is a marketing consultant but finds time for her pets. She also works as a content creator in the pet industry. With the aim to create an animal welfare association, she started the blog “Dancing dog”. This blog will help the pet owners to keep their pets happy and safe.

This blog covers famous topics on pet care. She works on creating local and international awareness against the cruelty shown towards dogs and other pets. She gather around several pet news and readers are happy receiving useful information from her site.

Doople’s Blog

Doople’s blog is attached to the popular Doople’s pet products. This product is a simple idea from a woman but her simple idea worked as the innovation to invent this e-commerce site “Doople’s pet products”. They prepare simple and efficient homemade products for all the pets. These products help in our day to day activities. All the products are available in an affordable price.

Christine Conley is the master mind behind this innovation. She writes about the dog care tips in her blog pages. She writes about most trending topics and traditional topics that entertain both dogs and dog lovers.

Wisconsin Pet Care

Wisconsin is really a pet care blog who gives utmost importance in loving their pet with complete professionalism.  They provide a wide range of pet care solutions that help each pet owners to create a sophisticated and luxurious space for their pets. Their team is made up of skilled professional who are into pet industry with years of experience.

They provide pet care services and several product reviews. Most of their services are pet oriented and clients are satisfied with their services. They give the exact product review that helps you in choosing the right product. They also share useful information on pet care and related services.

Slim Doggy


We all love to be fit and work for it to maintain our health. We should also consider about our pet dogs. So, Steve started this blog with the experienced techies to write about the fitness and welfare of each pet. Steve, the CEO of Slim Doggy started his journey in rescuing the pets from obesity and work to improve their health status.

They solve the pet-obesity issues and concentrate on keeping them fit. Steve shares the diet conscious pet topics on her blog. They organize the ingredients and prepare the diet food chart for your pets. You get consulting services from them.

 Homeward Pet Adoption Center

Homeward adoption centre started with the aim of providing safe shelter for all the pets. They adopt pets and provide them a beautiful home forever. They were successful in their first attempt adopting 350 cats and 20 dogs. Now, they continue the mission and feel happy for their service.

They involve on several pet based activities. They organize special events and readers can adopt the pets of their choice from this adoption centre. There is a special blog for organizing the behaviour of your pets. There are several articles which help on improving the health of your pets. Shelter for your abandoned pets.

Petsit USA

Herese Kopiwoda

Petsit USA is all about safeguarding your pets and treating them as your lovable family members. This blog started with the aim of finding the professionals who love and care for their pets. It works as a small directory that tells you the most convenient and quality pet care centre in your neighbourhood.

They also involve in several pet-based activities like dog walking, dog running and dog day care. Herese Kopiwoda writes about the health issues that disturb dogs, few seasonal refreshments for your pets and lot more. The blog describes even the simplest unnoticed health issues and precautions for it.

Pet Guide

Amy Tokic

Pet guide is a complete guide for nourishing your pet. This is the right way to keep your pets active and guide them in the right form of training. This gives all the tips that teach you pet parenting. Amy Tokic ensures that all the information is given to make your pet’s life safe and healthy. The blog is used for better identification of these tips.

Amy Tokic promises to deliver useful articles on the blog site that mainly focus on the trending pet styles, popular breeds according to your needs, and lot more interesting articles that educate us on pet care.

Simon’s Cat

Simon’s cat is a team effort from the member of Web shop ltd. The team discuss about popular cat based topics and writes about the collaboration of exciting opportunities to grow up your best friends. The team also released several movies that resonated for the protection and health of cats.  They covered all the issues regarding the behaviour of a cat and the necessary qualities needed for a cat owner.

The team has released films or series that portray more information about cats. The trained experts and professional cat lovers write about the behaviour of cat and other interesting stuff that attracts potential blog readers.

Romeo the Cat


“Romeo the cat” is a bit of inspiration for all the readers who love cats. Caroline is the actual worker who organizes the content and creates an informative blog. They work on the rescue mission of pets. They have rescued dogs, cats and even horse. They were in need of money for this rescue process, so they started fundraising and it helped them to move around in search of animals who are in need of a shelter.

Their blog shares the adventurous stories of the rescue mission and the present situation of the animal.  The blog also shares other exciting stuff to move on with pet care.

Cat Faeries

Cat faeries has decades of experience in making cat based products. They have all the ideas to turn your cat into a modern housecat. They provide all the essential products like essences to remove bad odour surrounding your house, simple cat toys to keep your pets entertaining all the day, beds for cats and crystals for cats.

Cat Faeries blog shares all the ideas and thoughts that are root causes for several health issues and they also provide the right preventive measures to protect your friend from dangerous diseases. There are tons of blog post which is segregated into different section like cat behaviour, cat rescue, interesting cats and lot more.

Cat & Cloud

Jared Truby and Chris Baca

Jared Truby and Chris Baca are the master mind behind this blog cat & cloud. It’s not just gaining education and leaving apart. A big journey was left in their life. This positive energy gathered them in the right place and they were all set to begin this Cat & Cloud. They love coffee and their site help the readers to connect with the community of coffee lovers.

They also provide training on different coffee preparation methods and their blog demonstrates easy and simple steps to improve your cafe efficiency. They sell related products in their shopping cart and make it easy for the viewers.

Cat Town

Cat town is an interesting site where you could find cute and beautiful adoptable cats. It was founded by Ann Dunn, but now there are more members who work for the same goal. They have rescued more than 1400 cats and provide them a safe shelter within their premises. Later, they started with a café and foster- program that changed the Cat town into an adoption centre.

Their blog is a solution for interesting cat information. They share the recent updates in pet care field and different ways to improve your pet care. The blog displays stunning pictures of adoptable cats for the readers.

 Pets World

If you have a pet, then you need this site. In pets world, you get everything for your pets to keep them happy and healthy. The site is attached with a shopping cart. So, readers can get the quality products and other accessories for their pets. They are not restricted to dogs and cats, but they also provide products for birds, fish and other small pets. It covers all the accessories including food, chews, toys, cleaning training, maintenance, fish tanks, cages and lot more.

The blog section has exciting topics to know more about your pets. They write about the popular breeds, their food and behaviour.

 Dog with Blog

Abhishek Joshi

Dog with blog is a creation of Abhishek Joshi who is a great lover of dogs. H sees the world with the perspective of a dog and claims it to be beautiful to live with these exciting creatures on the world. He always love being with dogs. This passion gave him the spark to start with the blog “Dog with blog”.

This blog shared his complete idea of pet care. Readers can adopt dogs by sharing the necessary information. There are complete instructions on adopting a dog and you get the right consultant to select the dog breed. He also shares tricks and techniques that improve pet care.

Woof Box

Rishu Sharma

Woof box is the perfect gift for your best friend at home. You don’t have to search for gifts and accessories around different shops. It’s simple, subscribe to the woof box and get monthly gifts for your dogs at home. They feel happy and impressive. You get the same process for your cats with the help of meow box. It’s easy, select the dog or cat breed, the subscription plan and get happiness delivered at your home.

The blog section is something exciting with treat and gift ideas. You can organize the gift and there are different ideas to increase the bond with your pets. He connects entertainment with the blog and makes it interesting for their readers.

 Pet Care and Share

Anandan Konar

Anandan Konar is a pet lover. He cares for animals and abandoned pets. He is strictly against animal cruelty and he shares lot of cruel incidents through the blog site. His language is simple but raises a strong voice against the breach of animal care. It’s a complete site for pet lovers, there are lot of features that stays you hooked in this site.

Readers can adopt the abandoned dogs. There is a detailed description available on the site along with the contact person. In case of any animal cruelty, you can sign a petition and it will be reviewed. The blog shares useful tips to enhance your pet care and consultation spot which shares expert advice.

Pet Club India

Pet club India is a family gathering of pet-lovers. This platform assures great pleasure and support to handle all the routine issues of the pet care. This blog is a helping hand for all the pet lovers who suffer any issues with their best friend. Pet club India combines all the pet owners, pet shops, pet trainers, pet foods and all other pet-based accessories. They have a shopping cart that sells most of the pet-related products.

The blog shares about the most interesting stuffs of each dog breed, food selection for each pets, few training methods to make your dog home-friendly and lot more.

Pet Sitters

Satish & Shalaka

Satish is a dog lover and Shalaka is a dog trainer. They both work closely with dogs and wanted to convert their passion into profession. This motivated them to start the blog pet sitters. Pet sitters started its journey in the year 2008 and they successfully collaborated with popular vets to create a sustained place in the hearts of pet lovers. They organize regular vet check-up for pets.

They organize dog boarding services that include right meals for the dogs, regular diet to keep them fit, periodical walking and guaranteed pet care. Their blog is a combination of several interesting facts.

The Pet Blog daddy


Lisa is a passionate pet blogger. She loves writing about pets and resides in the beautiful land of Okanagan Valley. She takes care of her 81 years old Mom. She loves her family and it’s her greatest support. Her blog is a combination of interesting dog facts. Some diverse facts join to create content wonders. She has a good message for all her readers and keep them excited to read more stuff.

Her blog posts are amazing and unique. She has a specific language that is easy to understand and the blog is user-friendly. They celebrate special days and keep it memorable for the pets.

Royal Canin

Readers get the idea for royal pet care. They realize that there are lot of dog and cat varieties in the world. So, it’s essential to know the right information of each breeds and treat according to them. Royal Canin is an innovation partnered with the pet experts to understand the real needs of each pet at different stages of their life period.

They offer several products through the site that assures effective pet care techniques. The blog is a complete section that starts with the breed type, health, nutrition, training and even tips to enhance the behaviour of your pets.


Waggle is a community of dog lovers. It’s easy to look after your pet even if you’re out of the country or going on for a vacation. Waggle ensures your pets in the hands of dog lovers and they have sufficient knowledge in pet care. Readers can also become waggle host by providing the home for dogs and keeping them safe.

Waggle blog is a source of information from the top pet experts. There is a space for consultation from top vets. They share the healthy food varieties that keep their dogs fit and fine. They also share certain seasonal based tips to keep your dog safe.

Your Pet Space

David & Joy Jones

All the pet lovers have something in common, their unconditional love towards the pets. David and Joy loved space and pets. So, they created a site with the space effect that portrays their love towards the pets. It was called as “your pet space”.  This blog is an interactive site that learns science and fiction behind the pet facts. They provide services like day care for your pets, boarding and pet sitting.

They share lot of funny videos in their blog that entertain their readers. They analyse popular books and write reviews on them. They also share interesting facts on animal behavior.

Natural Remedies

Natural remedies has its origin in the country of India. It’s one of the leading company which deals with the supply of health care products through natural extracts. These products are supplied world wide and popular among the people who love natural solutions. They organize several events to create awareness on pet care and their site shares complete tips and guidance to take care of your pets.

Their blog shares all that is interesting and exciting. Most of the articles are written by experts who do research in dog behaviour and lot more. They care for each and every breed dog with the right tips.



Basil hails from Boston and an excellent dog lover. Her funky styles towards growing up dogs motivated her to start the blog “Barkarama”. It’s simply the trendy styles of your dog growth. She is a fashion obsessive, it’s her long-term journey in writing pet product contents as well as engaging pet based blog contents. She is a professional dog model and a top reviewer of the pet blog industry.

The site guides readers in selecting their dog house, food for their pet, accessories and even trendy pet wears. The blog shares expert advice form popular vets on trending topics. It’s simple and easy to read.

Velcro Dog


Jess hails from the beautiful city of West Yorkshire and she owns a 6 year old Dobermann. She named him Lupo and this blog is a dedication to all dog lovers especially Dobermann. Lupo has changed their lives and thoughts, it was so attached to them that frankly created a love in growing up dogs. She started this blog with the aim of sharing her insights regarding dog toys, dog foods, holiday spots, walking spots and funny events to entertain them.

She also focus on writing about Dobermann, its behaviour and other characteristics that makes Dobermann a perfect fit for their family and friends.

Doggie Blog

David Lewis

Doggie blog came up from the inspiration of the little labradoodle Lili. The blog shares all that is good for people and dogs. The tips and expert advice convert your doggies into cute looking and loving doggie. Few health tips improve their immune system and doctor’s advice keeps your dog fit.

The blog also shares the food diet for dogs. Readers can select according to your food plan. Whether it’s raw food or veggies, but prevents dog from causing unhealthy diseases. They also share unknown dog facts. They also work on popular dog services that help readers and others who are in need of effective services.


A good pet is your friend, your lovely partner, your defender and your love. You’re his leader, guide and a best companion. All your routine activities spin around this pet. Whether it’s your dog, cat, fish, bird or any other pets. All you need is a perfect guide to live happily with your pet friends.

We have listed the top 40 sites that are both blogs and ecommerce. These sites work as a guide to improve your pet’s health and fitness. There are few e-commerce sites that assures quality products and lot more benefits. Share your feedback, if we have missed any popular pet bloggers.

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