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Best Bottled Water to Drink (Best Brands) Buying Guide

Are you thirsty? Get ready to enjoy the rich taste of bottled water mixed with a range of added benefits. In the recent years, bottled water has gained popularity among the nation. People go for its better taste compared to other water sources and its convenient usage.

Bottled water is safe from pollution causing agents. The sealed structure protects the bottle from harmful effects and good for health. It’s a good choice of beverage compared to other soft drinks and hot drinks. It’s tedious to choose between the best bottled water brands. This article may help you in determining the best bottled water for you!!

Why do you need  best bottled water?

It’s not easy to get clean and safe water. While people are arguing for spending money on a free resource but the actual demand is to get quality drinking water. So why do you need a bottled water,

  • Sugar tea or bottled water, obviously bottle water is the source of consistent energy. It has a lot of health benefits. But be sure that you get the best bottled water to drink.
  • Mineral water keeps you and your babies hydrated throughout your pregnancy period. Bottled water is rich in minerals that is good for babies
  • Would you like to have tasty coffee? Go for bottled water. Best bottled water brands provide calorie free and flavouring coffee

Things to know before selecting the best bottled water to drink

Don’t worry about choosing a bottled water? Check out for these things before choosing the best bottled water for you!!

  • Go for eco-friendly bottled water without chemicals like fluoride, etc.
  • Check the label whether it has PET or PETE plastics, this release toxic chemicals and affects hormonal balance.
  • HDP or HDPE is the safest plastic which doesn’t cause any chemical reaction. It’s recommended as the best bottled water to drink.
  • Check the pH level of the bottled water, certain pH levels are dangerous for pregnant ladies and babies. So choose the best pH balanced bottled water for babies.
  • Choose bottled water with a combination of electrolytes, alkaline and other minerals.

What’s the best bottled water to drink .Now, let’s review the best bottled water brands.

Poland Spring

Poland spring comes with the tagline of natural spring water. This refreshing journey started years back with the claim of serving original spring water. Poland spring is a product of Northeast and soon gained popularity among its residents.

Poland spring bottled water is a combination of rich mineral sources that serves as a better refreshment drink. Poland spring bottled water is known for its taste and wide availability. It’s a bit expensive compared to other bottled drinks. The size and shape allows for easy handling as well as a safe drink.

Poland Spring – Refresh yourself with these natural spring water!!


Fiji is a popular brand derived from Fiji. This water has its origin from an artesian aquifer in Viti Levu. It is considered as one of the best bottled water and providing clean water across the globe more than 60 countries.

FIJI Natural Artesian Water is a product of Fiji water. It’s available in different sizes like 300, 700ml, 1 litre and 1.5 litre. Since, it’s extracted from the ground water under the pressure of a confined aquifer. It has a rich source of alkaline earth minerals. The sleek structure of these Fiji bottles makes it easy for travelling and gym. Hence Fiji is considered as one of the best bottled water with alkaline. I believe this is one of the best bottled water in the world.

 Member’s Mark

Member’s mark purified bottled water is a product of member’s mark. It’s known as the great source of electrolytes and minerals. While going out for a gym or while having the best sports day member’s mark is your right choice.

Member’s mark purified bottled water is filtered tap water yet showcases higher quality than normal tap water. Since, it’s filtered tap water, there are lots of minerals and electrolytes induced in it. It is available in 8 Oz and 16 Oz bottles. It is considered as one of the best bottled water with electrolytes. Member’s mark is a thirst-quenching and enriching drink. If you try this then it can be best bottled water for you.

Smart water

Smart water inspired from the fabulous background of nature and amazing with a unique taste. Smart water is a product of vapor distillation. It’s nothing but purification process that takes place in nature by simulating the hydrological cycle. It’s a great source of ionized minerals or electrolytes.

Glaceau Smartwater Vapor Distilled Water is a product from Smartwater. It’s a 33 Oz pack distilled water. It keeps you hydrated all over the day due to its rich variety of minerals. It’s free from sugar, colours and colouring flavours. Smartwater is a bottled water without fluoride, but the blend of certain minerals makes it crisp and pure.


Are you looking for a choice to live healthy? Here is the right bottled water and one of the best bottled water to buy. As the name implies, it is evolved from a range of beautiful natural elements. They have a tradition of delivering tasty and nutrition rich, pure bottled water.

Nestle Pure Life Bottled Purified Water is great for families and pure water lovers. It’s an outcome of the 12 step purification process, hence determined to be clean and available in 8 different sizes. It’s filled with minerals for added flavour and taste. It’s cheap compared to other bottled water.


Get hydrated properly with Essentia’s bottled drinking water. Several steps of filtration make it feel crisp. It’s purified through the process of micro-filtration, reverse osmosis and UV lighting. It has a higher pH level that hydrates you better than other bottled water.

Essentia 9.5 pH Drinking Water is a blend of electrolytes and alkaline minerals that provides a smooth taste. High pH levels compresses the acidity in your body. The essential bottles are stylish and convenient to use. It’s easily portable and free from chemical infusion. These bottles are also recyclable, making it sustainable. Esstenia is considered as one of the best bottled water to buy.

Deer Park

Deer park brand assures 100% natural spring water with an energizing taste and protected environment that naturally occurs. These bottles are purified from a 10 step quality process that eliminates all the unwanted elements for health and adds all necessary for a perfect health.

Deer park Spring water is a 16 Oz pack. Each bottled water is sealed with a crisp taste and tested to be free from toxic chemicals like BPA for advanced safety. It’s regularly tested and eco-friendly. You can store it in a moderate temperature similar to other food items. It’s considered as one of the best bottled water for babies.

Final Verdict

Why don’t you go for a refreshment? Yes, bottled water is a great option to refresh yourself from the dry state of dehydration. Bottled water is a convenient way to keep yourself hydrated all over the day. You can have it in your travel, carry to the gym or daily exercise and a lot more.

Amidst of all varying bottled water brands, It’s not easy to determine the right one. So while choosing the best bottled water consider few customer reviews, analyze their price difference and quality of the bottled water.

Go for eco-friendly and pure water that refreshes every moment of your life!!

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