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Top 49 DIY Women Blogger for 2017

Innovation goes beyond boundaries!! We don’t need towering ideas for innovation, but small and unique
combinations for smashing results. DIY activities create incredible stuff, that keeps your kids enjoy staying at home or adults who wish to spend their quality time in creating exciting crafts.

So, who can help you in creating DIY wonders?There are lots of talented women bloggers who work on writing creative DIY stuff. The women bloggers exhibit their innovative ideas on their own blog websites. They get you great DIY content online.Now, take some time to know the top 49 DIY women bloggers for the year 2017.


A Little Tipsy


Michelle runs her cute family with her husband and she is the mother of three cute little boys and a charming girl kid.She completed her degree from BYU and loved working in the field of advertisement and marketing.Michelle restricted her career as a flight attendant for a few days.

Michelletook up the challenge to blog her innovative ideas after being the mom of her cute little kids.She has a great flair of writing interesting DIY content that attracts kids and adults who love spending their leisure time on performing DIY activities.Michelle writes about creating unique DIY-crafts, fun-filled party crafts and trending gift ideas.

A Slip of Bliss


Jen, a versatile blogger who works as a graphic designer and resides in the city of Austin.Jen is a complete blogger who writes about all the topicsthat converts your artificial lifestyle into creative homemade lifestyle. As the name indicates, she gives you each day a bliss of activity.

Jen don’t restrict her writing to art or crafts instead writes about food, design, style, beauty, home improvement, entertainment and even about life thoughts. Jen writes on simple, easy to make recipes. Decorative crafts to make your festive season bright. Accessories that enhance your beauty and cute little life thoughts that inspires your life events.


Almost Makes Perfect


Molly lives in the city of Los Angeles. Almost makes perfect is her innovation in blogging sector.She follows up freelance designing and TV editing as her main profession, but blogging is her passion. She initiates great endeavours and often come up with a mess, but she has the talent to convert this mess into excitement with the help of her flair writing.

She works on different sectors including home improvement ideas, party get together, few entertaining ideas to keep your home decorative. Few DIY stuffs to plan for your fun-filled weekend. She is a perfect guide for your day-out in Los Angeles.



Anna, the vivid lover of photography, life and a great foodie. She was born in Venezuela, got married and moved to Denver. She portrays herself as a lovely travel partner. Anna loves to travel different places and her ultimate aim is to capture those wonderful adventures. She is a big foodie who enjoys new food recipes and strange combinations.

Her blog is something inspirational for each and every one to learn cooking, photography or may be it creates a small spark in your life. Readers get a lot of delicious recipes from all the simple ingredients available in our home. Also, get trending DIY ideas from Anna’s blog.

God is in your typewriter


Mary, who started her journey as a Jewish girl, but lost in finding Christ. Later in 2013, she decided to become a Christian and started making her way towards God.She got the blog title from the story relayed by the poet Anne Sexton.

Maryencouragesher readers to go in search of God.You get lots of simple actions to keep your life blessed and happy. Most of the time, all her articles go in a poetry format which creates an enthusiasm in all the readers to read more and more.Mary’s writing helps your wandering spirit to reach god soon.

Urban Diaries

Tanya Dhar

Tanya Dhar

Urban Diaries is a cross-cultural platform that aims to inspire with a distinctive combination of shared aesthetics and interests.

Tanya Dhar, a Socialite in Bangalore (Silicon Valley of India), is the face and voice behind Urban Diaries, her Luxury & LifeStyle Blog featuring personal style, fashion photography, celebrity interviews, food, travel and technology. She is a creative social influencer and writes on trending topics that include DIY wholesome food receipes, fitness tips, and DIY travel planning to various locations around the globe.

Mothering Sunshine


Jenny, a lovely mother who leads a happy family life with her husband. She had a strong goal in her childhood, but, she had to drop thosedreams. Later, she started the blog Mothering sunshine, which motivated her to be a role model for all the mothers out there in the black hole of family life.

Jenny prepares all the tips to run your family smoothly in the world of running competition.She gives you a solution for all the frustrating issues that spoils the bond of your family life.Apart from family solutions,Mothering sunshine also shares interesting recipes, stories, innovative ideas, etc.

A blossoming life


Amy is a creative blogger on the trending topics. Libby is her companion who assists her in creating wonderful writings.Amy being a Christian, had great faith in God and loves to proclaim the presence of God in her life articles.Amy’s blog gives us a spark to start off with natural living.

Amy’s writing is not restricted to life based articles, she has a great flair of writing in gardening, DIY natural products, crafts and delicious recipes.Readers get a wide variety of recipes to experiment in their cuisine. A bunch of gardening tips to keep your kitchen garden fruitful and natural.


Sherri Lynn Wood

Daintytime is a stunning platform to improve your craft therapy and art skills.Sherri Lynn Wood is one of the top women bloggers in creating interesting craft stuff.The followers don’t have to afford much just a sewing machine, a pair of scissors and different fabric cloths.She is well-versed in painting and a well-known artist in Oakland.

Sherri has a great passion for stitching.She started her stitching at the age of 13 wearing her own fashions.Later, she started making quilts. Since, she loved fabric, color and design pattern.She created a variety of quilts, including passage, modern scrap and modern improvisational models.

Heart Handmade


Mandie is a web developer who grew up in the town of Pennsylvania. She has a great craze for crafts. She loves watching crafts shows and that gaveher the inspiration to work on handmade craft innovations.Mandie has always something unique for her craft lovers. She is a good motivator for people who have a great vision in creating unique handmade crafts.

Everything is handmade, so Mandie’s blog is a best option for women or other craft lovers who wish to spend their leisure timeinto quality crafts.Mandie’s latest creation is an ethnic collection of paper coin jewellery.


Adelle is a fun-loving teacher who works on improving the art and design skills for high school kids.She has a great knack for painting, sculpting and Op shopping.She always wanted to be a children’s book author, but now she has mastered the skills of being creative and trendy.

Adelle gives you tips on different DIY crafts, gardening, art, design, fashion trends, photography and even baby care.Readers get the idea even from a small Christmas card to huge fashion trends.Adelle’s article topics create anurge for learning.She is rich in providing innovative games for kids and several teaching aids too.

The Crafty Crow


Cassi is a lovable mom of three lovely kids.She is a successful mother, teacher, scout troop leader, student counsellor and most importantly handling craft class for a variety of students. She always loved kids and wanted to keep track of their crafts. So, she started “the crafty crow” blogto display her creative craft ideas. Her several craft ideas are reflected on popular craft books and magazines.

Cassi has mastered her skills in paper crafts. You get complete manual instructions to create the exciting craft of your choice. There are tons of ideas for paper crafts and you can use it as a decorative for your Christmas tree or living room.

Crafty Pod


Diane is a Eugene Oregon citizen who loves roasted coffee and photo safaris. DianeGilleland is a web designer, author and inventor of several crafty things.She has deep knowledge in knitting and it’s her passion to create wonders on knitting. Her recent works are based on plastic canvas and paper piecing.

Diane gives you the complete tutorial to work on plastic canvas and quilt creation.It’s necessary to make your quilt in a contemporary style. Readers get a wide range of patterns to modernize your knitting.Diane’s crafty pod is a comprehensive guide for DIY crafts and gift wraps.

Art bar Blog


Barbara’s art bar blog is a wonderful creation to inspire all the mom’s out there who wish to create a happy living environment.Art bar is a combination of best crafts that encourage mom’s and kids to express their talents.We often get refreshed in our childhood memories. These memories are what we enjoy or what the surrounding provides us.

Art bar blog shapes a beautiful childhood for your kid with a fun-crafts, creative DIY stuffs, party stuffs and home decorative. This blog has all the ideas to assure your kid a happy environment and make your home a beautiful place.

Arts and Crafts


Elina is an IT manager who finds great relaxation in her craft development. In her busy office schedule, Elina finds time for her paper crafting, scrapbooking, photography and card making.Elina’sfavourite hobby is scrapbooking and she has started scrapbooking since 2009.Her hobby turned into the art and craft blog where she gets a platform to express hercraft skills.

Elina’s blog is the perfect place to learn scrapbooking.This gives you lots of scrapbooking inspirations and creative layouts for greatresults.She has a great niche in creating colourful cards and tags with different theme representations andexciting design structures.

Karima’s crafts


Karima is one of the top women bloggers who stays at home with her three cute children. She values her family and spends quality time with her family members.Karima’s love for craft, sewing and designing, gave her the spark to start this blog. It’s a complete combination of great ideas to entertain your leisure hours and make it fruitful.

Readers get the complete tutorial of stitching new and fashionable cloth designs or decorative hangings that keeps your room ready for a festive season.Apart from DIY crafts and sewing, you get instant food recipes to attract your kids.Karima’s blog is known for its simple and unique crafts.

Crafts by Amanda


Amanda is a successful mother of fourchildren. She lives in the state of Wisconsin with her children and husband.Amanda is pretty experienced with theinternet and its technologies. She has developed a website before the popularity of Google and Facebook.She was creative all the years and wanted to engageherself in writing creative craft stuffs.Amanda is the author of popular craft books for kids.

Amanda has lots of craft collections for adults and kids. She provides the complete tutorial for all the craft creations like home décor, gift ideas, wall arts and lot more.She works on special crafts for the festive season.

Craft biz blog


Terri has been a successful business woman for over 30 years.She started her business in the early 20s where she involved in the field offine arts, furnishing, designs and contemporary crafts.Craft biz blog is her creative launch. In crafts biz blog, she writes on earning for your craft designs.

Terri gives you certain important tips on converting your innovative crafts into a money-making business.Terri directs you on getting the right craft material at the right place and the best-selling market to supply your creations. Terri’s blog encourages readers to be full-time craft sellers and professionalsin creating DIY stuff.

Here come the girls


Rebecca is a beautiful mother of three girl children. She is working as a part-time teacher in the West Midlands. She loves fun and started her blog “Here come the girls” to create fun activities for her three girls.Rebeccahas a special interest in reviewing products and events that fills in with fun and benefits family’s happiness.

This blog is an experiment of her crafts, cooking and other innovative ideas.The blog is categorized into separate sections for family fun, kid’s fun, and Play time crafts.She loves baking and prepares delicious cake recipes.You get lots of stunning theme ideas like frozen, Christmas, Easter and a lot more for your party day.

Mad in Crafts


Jessica is a crazy lover of crafts. Her craziness in crafts motivated her to start the blog “Mad in Crafts”.She is mostly related to an ordinary craft lover. She is not an expert or born in a craft oriented family. Her strong efforts in learning crafts made her start this blog.All her craft is a simple experiment, most of the time it works well.

Jessica has summed up a lot of exciting craft work in her blog. You get a wide range of ideas from simple paper crafts to huge party ideas.You get stunning ideas to decorate your home for the specific festive season.


Preethi & Somu

Woodooz is a combined creative effort of Preethi and Somu.Preethi is a business analyst, but her passion for crafts is showcased on this blog. She loves painting and well known for her DIY products.She is well experienced in making lampshades, gift articles, pencil sketching and lot more.Somu is well-versed in wood works.He is an expert in making woodworks, centre tables and wall clocks.

It’s not a simple blog.It has a variety of lampshades,center tables, wall arts, etc. You can shop your favourite lights or prepare it on your own with the help of tutorial blogs.You get different DIY project ideas to refresh your home environment.

Line Across


Rachel is a Florida girl who loves bright colors and work on interesting handmade crafts.She absolutely loves making paper crafts and so, she started the blog Line across to showcase her creative stuff. Her mission is to create something unique a day.She loves making something for her family.Rachel’s cute little kids are her inspiration to work on crazy creative adventures.

Rachel provides you a set of printable which can be downloaded for easy preparation.  There is creative stuff for toddlers too, moms can use the coloring section to entertain their kids.You get creative collaboration for specific seasons.

365 Days of Crafts


365 days of craft is a combined effort of few new-fangled writers.Melony BradleyJen GoodeNikiMeiners and Keri Lee Sereika are the top writers who contribute to this blog.Nikimeiner works on creating crafts and writing tutorials on it. Since, there are more contributors, readers get a range of trending crafts that finds great application in decorating your home or converting your hobby into working reality.

You get crafts for your home décor, tutorials on crafting your home or surrounding green. Simple handmade jewellery for your routine use. Special kids’ corner tokeep your kids busy on activities.

Craft Test Dummies


Craft test dummiesis the creative outcome of Jenny.  She is the co-host of hands on crafts for kids. This gave her the inspiration to start the blog “Craft test Dummies” where you can find crafts designs, popular craft product reviews, current news in the craft industry and tutorials too.

Jenny writes about all the tips to maintain your craft storage and work on it efficiently.She goes on search for quality and unique crafts. She has a craze in finding out the native crafts of each place and writes on her blog.Jenny has a huge collection of kids’ crafts. Starting from simple party ideas to vacation plans.

Crafting Fingers


For Anna, craft is not just a hobby. It’s her great venture to create a remarkable name in this world.Even if it’s a small handmade gift or a huge decoration in your home. It can make the surrounding a better place.This creates an inner felling that you have done somethingto improve your lifestyle. Anna is a craft-addict born in Finland, photography and editing is also her passion.

Apart from creating handmade gifts, she finds herself happy while sewing a piece of innovative design. Her blog gives us the complete tutorial of stitching designs and new fashion trends to decorate your living.

I Heart Naptime


Jamielyn is a lover of food, she started the blog “I heart Naptime” to showcase her cooking recipes that creates fun-moments among the family members.Her blog not only shares delicious recipes yet interesting tips, crafts and ideas to entertain your leisure hours. I heart naptime has all the features that attract kids and adults.

This blog works great for people who love cooking and wish to create something new in their cuisine. You can easily narrow your search from starters, breakfast, meals, healthy recipes and soups. Readers get a collection of paper ornaments or other related DIY crafts for seasonal decorations.



Jennifer Ackreman is a working woman of two girls who resides in the city of West Michigan with her husband. She earns her living in a creative way teaching craft workshops, writing on art, crafts and design. She has a great passion for quilting, knitting, weaving and sewing. This helps her to sell wooden weaving looms and other goods in popular ecommerce sites.

Craftsanity is such a creation from Jennifer. This blog is an ideal platform to exhibit her skills in designing crafts. She gives you information on crafting your quilts and current updates in rejuvenating your sewing machine. Craftsanity is one of the best craft partner.

Craft Blog UK

Hillary Pullen

Hillary Pullen is a content marketer and community management who hails from UK. She started the blog “Craft Blog UK” for the creative people out there, who wish to share their innovative thoughts. It’s a blog directory for top craft bloggers in UK.This blog is an inspiration for craft lovers, they get regular tips and instant tutorials related to the craft community.

She gives you stunning craft ideas for festive seasons and certain tips to work out as your routine hobby.She gives you tips on improving the photography skills like how to display your craft products on screen, how to keep them attractive and lot more.

Creative in Chicago


Creative in Chicago, is a venture from Zoe, when she moved her residence to Chicago.She works as a graphic designer and web designer. Her leisure time is spent by creating home decors, crafts and arts, but her hobby turned into passion after starting the blog “Creative in Chicago”. You get a bundle of features from simple art design tomassive home decors.

Enjoy your leisure time by making handmade jewellery, beads, polymer clay, wood and paper.Decorate your home with paintings, wall art and attractive lightings. This blog helps you to cultivate your garden and you get more information on food or stunning fashion trends.

Crafts Beautiful


Martin is the founder of Crafts Beautiful blog. Crafts beautiful is not just a simple blog but a complete website that offers different project ideas, free templates and lot more. This blog is sufficient to be an expert in card making because you get the card making video demonstration and other project details to create fun-filled and excellent cards for your friends.

Apart from card making, there are lot of craft works including paper crafts, stitching, jewellery making, and occasionalcrafts for specific season. Baking is a special category in the blog, where you get delicious baking recipes. The blog is well-written for crafty information.

Quirky Inspired


What all you need for a quick and exciting lifestyle? All you get here in “Quirky Inspired”. It’s not just a blog but a complete guide to modify your life style. Ashley is a working woman who always wished to live a quirky and inspired life.She started this blog with the aim of delivering motivational articles, interesting tips, crazy quirky stories and latest recipes.

Quirky inspired is a platform to learn all the yummy recipes, cooking style, and baking tips.This blog also depicts her popular travel adventures, where she writes on most of the visited places and the famous attractions of that particular place.It’s interesting!!

Nap Time is my Time


This blog was launched in the year 2010 by Emily for a community of parents who would love to grow up their kids in a fun environment. Emily is an authentic cape coder. After her marriage, she settled in Cape Cod welcoming her boy child. Later, she started the blog to write about her thoughts on motherhood, women and useful DIY activities to spend their valuable time.

Readers get a choice of creating easy crafts, tips on blogging, create a cooking buzz on healthy and rich food varieties. The blog is differentiated into healthy life tips,how to enable your smooth living and tips to make your travel memorable.

Makes and Takes

Marie LeBaron

Makes and Takes is an integrated blog that serves the complete needs of a person.The blog is segregated into different sections like kids ‘category, Home decorative items, food recipes and special events. Each category has a lot to explain and work out. Marie LeBaron is the founder of this exciting blog with trending features.

She cares for the eco-friendly living atmosphere and so, innovates beautiful ideas to make your surrounding filled with greenery.She also gives you tips on effective parenting and few activities to keep your family intact and happy.Readers get fun games for kids and special holiday surprises to entertain your festive season.

The Mad House

Jen Walshaw

Jen Walshaw is the mom of two boy moms who resides in the North East of England. She always wanted to grow-up the children creative by instilling the right skills and influenced with the right technology in this digital world.Hence, the name mad house is apt for her blog to work on a creative challenge.

She has a great passion for crafting and cooking.Her blog is creative and user-friendly for children to access and learn from it. Apart from simple crafts, they create stunning paper fireworks, unique Christmas gifts and lot more to exhibit.In kitchen, you get fun tips to enjoy cooking with your family.

Just Between Friends


Jonie respects her family. This family keeps her going in the competitive world. She has a degree in music and teaching is her passion. She always had an attraction towards craft and that gave her the inspiration to start with this “just between friends”blog. She started with the aim that somebody would get inspired with her creations.

This blog works great for decorating your home with art works, furniture styles, creative clocks, wall decoration and lot more. Give specific designs and art work to each room like living room, drawing room, kitchen crafts, etc. Enjoy cooking with the cute little recipes from Jonie.

Heart Handmade UK


Claire is here on Heart Handmade to help you in selling your craft products on ecommerce sites, tips and buzz feeds on new craft ideas. Tutorials on creating smashing DIY crafts and lot more to join with the creative mind of Claire. She initiated her craft world through mixed media and scrapbooking.This blog is an inspiration for woman who wish to start with their crafting career.

You get free craft magazines to improve your skills and work on it with the help of instructions given in the magazines. Also, you get free printable which is easily converted into new-fangled designs or craft products.

One Pretty Thing


It’s a pretty blog from Rachel where you get to know the value of right handmade crafts. What all you need for an exciting lifestyle? Everything is here at the one pretty thing blog. Apart from other DIY craft blogs, Rachel gives you a complete guide on each topic and this makes it interesting to learn the fine craft.

Readers can plan according to the activity roundup or printable available in the site. There are several tutorials available in the blog including different categories like print, craft, painting, stitching and ornaments for special events. It’s easy to work-out the daily DIY crafts from this blog.

The Crafty Blog Stalker


The crafty blog stalker is a creative innovation from Kaite. She is so determined to deliver the complete DIY blog package with lot of trending ideas in it. If you’re getting ready for a party, then craft blog stalker gives you the entire guidance to enjoy your party celebration. You get special party ideas; check the best outlets to enjoy your party evening and top ideas to organize your party programs.

You get the complete idea for decorating your home and surroundings. Kaite gives you special beauty tips on creating DIY jewellery. It’s simple and you can create stunning jewellery like necklace, ring, bracelets and lot more DIY crafts.

American Girl Ideas


Rudy is the young mom of three cute kids and she love creating new learning adventure for kids. So, Rudy and her crew came up with the blog American girl dolls. Rudy especially works on creating dolls and related tutorials. This works great for girls who love dolls and beautifying them.

Also, this blog provides a creative studio for each American girl to improve their craft skills. She uses a very simple language that is user-friendly for kids and the DIY craft tutorials are well-written for better understanding. This helps you to create stunning stuffs with better quality. American Girl doll is full of exciting crafts.

Tinker LAB


Rachelle Doorley is a passionate and creative blogger who innovative wonders for her readers. She is an arts educator and community builder. Tinker LAB is a platform to exhibit her creative ideas. It’s a simple blog for creating fun elements in your family with simple craft gossips, right parenting, and lot more exciting stuff.

She works on creating separate activities set for babies, pre-schoolers, and kids. Her art related crafts are simple and easy to work with minimal requirements. The blog is accompanied with a shopping cart. So, you can purchase the best quality crafts from Tinker LAB. Do the best DIY crafts from Tinker LAB.

Art Platter


Ramya is an enthusiastic blogger but she is a management consultant by profession. Art Platter is a blog to display her various art forms. She has structured the post in a neat manner for easy retrieval. It’s easy to work with the perfect tutorials and right craft materials.

You get a wide variety of art forms in a single blog. She has a good collection of fashion trends like nail art, mehendi, tattoo and body piercing. You also get a combination of DIY jewlery crafts, paper crafts, clay crafts, needle crafts and special crafts for your kids. Art platter is a complete art gallery with stunning paintings.

Lark crafts

Ardi Alspach

Ardi Alspach is the publicist of this blog lark crafts. It’s not her single effort to build up this blog, but a crew of 6 women who are well-versed in different craft fields. They beautifully organize this blog and work on it effectively. This attracts more readers to lark crafts. They have earned the name as creative publisher with tons of ideas on how-to –do the DIY projects.

The comprehensive guide allows you to work on specific projects with more clarity and the outcome will be better. The technique guides helps you to work on jewellery crafts and needle arts.

Just Something Made


Cathie Holden is an inspiration to all the women who loves art and crafts. She has a long 25+ years of experience in graphic designing but her passion, let her way to begin blogging in 2008. Her blog is well-known for her simple and easy-to-follow language. You get an inspiration to create wonderful crafts to decorate your living and make it more beautiful.

Cathie is unique in delivering her projects. It’s not just a piece of simple paper craft but you can easily make lavish crafts with simple materials. Each project is a different attempt and each has a specific decorative purpose.

Honey Bear Lane


Honey bear lane is an innovation from Heidi. She always works as an inspiration element to create something new to her readers. She also writes on top blogging tips to help her co-workers or interested craft writers. Her proper knowledge in blogging makes it easy for each reader to follow her language and work according to it.

Now, what’s special in Honey bear lane? Everything is here. Honey bear lane starts from simple DIY crafts to huge holiday celebration ideas. You also get home decoration ideas and party ideas to entertain your kids and family. Printable is available to create paper wonders.

Smart Martha

Tami Kiser

Tami Kiser is a catholic and creator of Smart Martha. She runs a big family and her devotion towards catholic life motivate her to start this Smart Martha ministry. She loves speaking in conferences and writing family tips for busy moms out there.

If you have any trouble in the smooth functioning of your family or if you need any helpful parenting tips, then Smart Martha blog can help you in giving the perfect advice. You get all that keeps your family happy and smooth moving in the busy routine. There are simple dishes to excite your dining table too.

Artsy Craftsy Mom


Shruti lives in her cute family. She is a creative mom who loves children’s art and passionate about it. This inspired her to start the blog Artsy Craftsy Mom. You get all the art ideas in this blog that encourage your kids to move out from the video game and keep them busy with entertaining craft ideas. This covers wide range of arts like water colour, decorative ideas and process arts.

Since, Shruti is from India, she writes about popular Indian food recipes, desserts and special event crafts. She has all the ideas to conquer a funny and creative lifestyle that keeps you working more on crafts.

Persia Lou


Alexis loves color and her heart is fully dedicated to craft. Perisa lou is the platform to exhibit her colourful ideas. Her favourite activity is to paint and exhibit her innovative textures. Crochet gave her the idea to start this blog and so, she named it Perisa lou. She started craft as her hobby but, she has never stopped it.

She has the perfect ideas for card making and other freebies or printable. You also get beautiful gift wraps, craft creation for decorating your home and tutorials to work on it. Alexis has specially designed craft materials to enjoy the holiday season.

Adore Foods


Oana is a food lover and she experiments her culinary adventures in her blog Adore foods. Her passion in cooking led to the development of this blog. It’s a simple and colourful blog that encourages each and every reader to experiment her new adventures. This blog enables all the readers to adore foods and its preparation.

She has a top collection of latest food recipes which is full of flavours and gives you pure taste on each recipe. Most of the recipes are quick and easy to prepare. So, you don’t have to spend a lot of time in your kitchen. Get the best recipes from Adore foods.

Splash Dash Mom

Splash Dash Mom is a complete guide to enhance your parenting skills. You get all the tips to become a best mother to your kids and a best home-maker to lead your family. This blog motivates to run your family life in a smooth manner and keeps you intact with your children.

Splash Dash provides you the right instructions to maintain your weight balance and the right food to follow your diet plan. You also get smashing tips on mocktails and desserts. Splash Dash also encourages you to learn different handmade crafts. There are lot of tutorials that helps you to do wonderful crafts.

 Crafter minds

Crafter mind is a blog that connects different and popular DIY bloggers who wish to convert their hobby into beautiful business. Top woman bloggers contribute to this blog and make it interesting. It’s a community for creative bloggers and they give the best outcome to entertain each reader.

Crafter minds is the right place to find out all the exciting crafts. There are lot of home decoration crafts to decorate your home and surrounding into the contemporary lifestyle. Apart from these craft and art ideas, there are writing tips to improve the writing skills of interested bloggers. Crafter minds, best craft resource!!


Craft renovates your lifestyle into modern and exciting. It’s not easy to learn craft without a proper guidance. You need a proper guidance and right instructions to make your hobby into reality. So, those who wish to learn crafts, choose the top bloggers who are experts in designing DIY crafts and other creative stuffs. They help in improving the craft skills of readers through tutorials and instructions.

We have listed the top 50 woman bloggers who are experts in different craft fields. Bloggers can share their feedback or rectify us in case of any missing bloggers. Getting the right feedback will help us to work better!!


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