About Us

We are a team of reviewers who believe in power of information, especially when it comes to make a good buying decision. We offer honest reviews on a wide range of products and services that most of the people are looking for. We hold a pretty objective attitude towards products when it comes to reviewing them. Therefore, 21Bottle is all about fair reviews that help you get value for your money.

What We Can Do For You

We can help you!  You must be having hundred things to look into and making this new purchase could be a daunting task. Therefore, we take care of providing information regarding the best products in different categories. The team explores each of these products, compares their features and points out the positives and negatives so that you can access all this information at just one place – . Our unbiased review will help you get the maximum value for your money.

How We Know What’s Best

We have been pushing our limits every single day and that has helped us go beyond the ordinary. Feature to feature comparing is what you get to see on so many websites but you might doubt how credible the information is. Therefore, we reach out directly to the domain experts, technicians and even customer support team of the product to bring to you only what’s absolutely true in terms of the product’s functionality and durability. We don’t only work on the strong features but put the products through rigorous tests to tell you what others would not.

Our Testing Techniques

Finding the best product in each category is never easy. It is therefore, our goal to know each product inside out before we start comparing it with others. Thanks to all the innovation going on around us that we do not have very identical products. This makes a reviewer’s task difficult but that is what keeps our minds looking out for better details.

For each product, there is a process which includes real-world testing, recording our results, re-testing and comparing results until we are confident of discovering the top product of that category. Advices and opinions of domain experts as well as real-life customers are taken into account along with taking note of the online feedback. You can trust us for unbiased reviews, every time.

Our Team

John Mille

Quality & Testing, Founder

21Bottle is an outcome of John’s passion for digital technology, marketing and entrepreneurship. The idea behind this website is to help consumers gain right information about their purchases before buying. When he isn’t digging deep on information, he is either enjoying a game of tennis or some Sci-fi movie.

Lalit Maheshwari                                              

Marketing & Operations

Lalit contributes to management of day operations and marketing of 21Bottle.  He has an extensive experience in IT and Marketing Management. When he is not charting out the plan ahead, he enjoys Rom-Com movies and series with her wife.

Ceena Thomas


Ceena is the content expert at 21Bottle and looks after Top Charts. She has worked with some of the best branding and communication agencies across the world. When she is not mining the best bloggers on internet, she enjoys her quiet time downtown or travels to new places.

Jessica Sianida

Content & Media

Jessica is the innovative mitochondria of 21Bottle. She has all sorts of ideas that he classifies as Amazing & Superb. When not at work, She is with her Husband either cooking or shopping.

Max Thomas

Market Research

When Max isn’t on a lookout for the best products to be reviewed by the editorial team, he loves to be with his family. He practices spirituality and also enjoys watching detective series.

Rahul Chauhan

Web & Programming

Rahul looks after web and programming requirements. When not at work, he loves to either sleep or go bowling with his girlfriend and rest of the time, he does a lot of experiment with Google and hold expertise in SEO.


Ayesha Thomas

Ayesha is a freelance contributor and a fitness fanatic. She owns a makeup studio, too and is a contributing writer for Power Automedia. She also writes for Women’s Voices Digital Magazine. When she isn’t writing, she’s busy looking for new fashion trends. She manages Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry and Health & beauty categories.

Shirley Krantz

Shirley is a mom to adorable twins. She has been a nutritionist in the San Francisco area for 10 years before joining the 21Bottle team. Besides being the wordsmith, she enjoys outings with her family at the lake. Shirley manages the Baby items and Gifts ideas categories.

Dorris Philips

Dorris is a creative blogger who loves everything DIY. She has an eye for making best out of waste and feels she is blessed with it. She was working for a well-known home decor company for 12 years before joining the team at 21Bottle. Dorris manages DIY, Craft & sewing categories.

Sara Abraham

Sara is a wonderful writer with extraordinary taste buds.  She is also a passionate cook on a constant lookout for healthy ways to cook her favorite cuisines.  When she’s not at her work desk, she is most likely to be exploring some cooking videos or podcasts. Sara manages the Home & Kitchen categories.

Jennie D’Souza

Jennie is a content specialist and mom to a young pretty girl. She has worked with communication agencies for 12 years before joining the team at 21Bottle. She is also a part time dog trainer When Jennie is not working, she loves training dogs and jogging by the pool.  She manages the Company, Office products and Pets categories.

Matthew McDisa

Matthew has an exemplary eye for details in products. His passion for exploring new things helps him uncover and discover product features that are totally unique. When he is not busy exploring a new product or putting it through tough tests, he enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee and fishing. Matthew manages the Electronics & Automotive categories.

Matt Varghese

Matt is a sports freak who knows about almost every sport. He loves taking adventurous trips and then blogging about them. He has worked with a leading sports news channel for 15 years before joining the 21Bottle team. His passion for exploring new places and sports often puts him on adventure trips with his wife when he is not working. Matt manages the Outdoor Recreation and Sports & Fitness categories.