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Best Filter Water Bottle (Buying Guide)

Have you experienced the comfort of drinking water on the go? Would you like to drink clean and crisp water? A filter water bottle assures comfort and clear water on the go. All you get is a clear and better tasting water.

These filter water bottles are equipped with an in-built filtration system. It has a comfortable look and style that allows multiple uses and works in a friendly design. There is a gradual rise in the percentage of people drinking filtered water rather than usual tap water. Tap water has some contaminants or free radicals that spoil the taste of water. But these water bottles with filter assures double step filtration for clean and safe water consumption.

Why do you need a water bottle with filter?

  • It has a friendly and sleek design that allows easy handling of water bottles.
  • The filtration system helps in removing all the free radicals, certain contaminants like chlorine residues, pesticides, etc.
  • It has multiple uses and need not discard like usual plastic water bottles.
  • You get high quality and portable drinking water.
  • Filter water bottles are free from dangerous toxic chemical BPA. These water bottles are BPA free and safer than ordinary tap water.
  • It’s easy to reuse these water bottles. It can be used multiple times by replacing the normal carbon filter.

What are the things to check before buying a filter water bottle?

If you wish to have one of the best filter water bottle, you will have to check the complete background, its necessity or availability on the market.

Check out these few things to find out the best filter water bottle

  • Consider the kind of contaminants filtered through your filter. Water has contaminants like organic or inorganic chemicals, bacteria, virus and parasites. Make sure it’s BPA free water.
  • Consider the source of the water. Your goal is to get high-quality water. Hence find the best brand that offers great quality.
  • Check the type of filter used in water bottles. Carbon filters are easily replaced and reusable. UV filters are powerful enough to kill viruses and bacteria.

As it turns to be significant that filtered water bottles are essential for a convenient and safe drinking method.

Now it’s time to know the best filter water bottle reviews

Go Water Bottle with Integrated 1,000 Liter LifeStraw Filter

Lifestraw go is a technology filled water bottle where you can carry safe water on the go. It’s a light-weight bottle and portable. It’s featured with a flip-top bite valve and carabineer. It doesn’t require any electricity or battery charges. It’s free from chemicals and BPA-free.

All the above features make it one of the best filter water bottles for travel.  You can carry it wherever you go, without any extra filtration system.

LifeStraw Go Water Bottle has a LifeStraw Filter. This filters up to 1000 liters of water and it’s covered with a leak-proof technology that keeps your drink safe. It purifies almost 99% of bacteria, chemicals and viruses. The filter and mouthpiece can be removed and cleaned easily.

Lifestraw go is available in exciting colour combinations. It’s works best for its price because the filter can be replaced, once it reaches the maximum capacity. Instant and pure hydration on the go.


Seychelle 28 Ounce Flip Top Water Bottle with Advanced Filter, BPA Free

Seychelle is known for its manufacturing of revolutionary filter management system. Its technology filled filtration process has great followers all over the world. It has an exclusive filtration system called ionic adsorption microfiltration. It’s capable of removing 99% contaminants from water.

 Whether it’s a short or long journey, you don’t have to worry about pure hydration. All the above features make it one of the best filtered water bottles for camping.

It has a flip top and advanced filtration system. The filtration system is capable of removing chemicals, microbiological, solids like aluminium, copper, lead, etc. on the whole, it’s a complete water bottle that assures safe drinking water. It filters up to 380 liters of water and easy to carry around. This filter doesn’t work for salt water.

It compensates the price because of its advanced filtration system. It’s a good water bottle for hiking, gym, sports, etc.


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$averPak Seychelle Flip Top Bottle 

$averPak Seychelle is a compact flip top water bottle that is light-weight and easy to use. This product is designed to use various filter options and the filter options includes standard, regular, alkaline, extreme and advanced.  It has a comfortable spout designed on the top which prevents water leakage and easy to drink.

These are one of the best filter water bottles for travel. The filters are easily replaced according to your drinking needs. Regular and standard filters work on purifying bottled water. Alkaline increases the pH level of the water, it’s proven to provide various health benefits. Advanced and extreme filters are replaced for removing the chemicals, bacteria and viruses present in the water. It’s designed with a squeezing option for easy drawing of pure water.

It is considered as one of the best water bottle with filter. The varying filtration process is the advantage of this $averPak Seychelle Flip Top Bottle and hence the price is competitive.

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Revive H2O

Revive H2O is an all-purpose filter water bottle with a bottle container, screw on the lid with a drinking nozzle and a removable main filter. It works well for a routine process and filters up to 1500 liters. It has an antibacterial carbon filter. This carbon filter removes all the bacteria, plastics, dissolved solids, parasites, and other particles. After filtration, it gives an odour free and tasty water for consumption.

This is light-weight and gives an you extra addition with various choices of sizes. It’s easily carried in your backpack. It’s also available in the form of a squeeze bag and considered to be one of the best water bottle with filter.  It is easily compressed into your pocket and easy to carry around. It works well for children and elders hence Revive H2o is a good water bottle for college, work and travel.

It works well for its competitive price and one of the best filter water bottles.


Nalgene is one of the water bottles manufactured in the USA. It’s been well-known for years and manufactures a range of reusable and BPA-free water bottles. It is commonly used for all purposes and one of the best water bottles for the gym or sports.  Easy companion for pure and instant hydration.

It’s available in bright and vibrant colours which is made of BPA-free Eastman Tritan co-polyester which has great resistance to varying temperatures. You can easily switch between hot and cold drinks. It’s also available in different shapes and sizes according to the customer’s needs.

It has a classic sport cap yet a wide mouth opening which helps in easy consumption. Due to its light-weight and compact nature, it’s easily carried around for the short or long journey and one of the best filtered water bottles for camping.

It’s popular among the filter water bottle reviews. It’s available in varying price ranges and easy to afford.


Wherever you go, hydration is essential to keep up your health. Water bottle with filters help in purifying our drink with varying filter options. These water bottles find great applications in our daily routine and extra-curricular activities. Hence, select the best filter water bottle that assures you safe and clean drinking water. We are committed to provide you honest reviews.


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