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Not Getting the Flavor from Your Vape? Here Is What You Should Know

Yes, it is possible not to get flavor from your vape device. It is a big disappointment especially when you want to enjoy your favorite e-juice. Unfortunately, there are many reasons for this, and consequently, there are many things that you can do to find a solution for the issue. As a beginner, the insights that we are going to share below will help you with how to go about resolving the problem. Likewise, the experienced vaping enthusiasts will also benefit as this is a common problem.

The Main Cause

Probably, you have heard about vaper’s tongue, which affects those who vape. This condition causes your taste buds not to recognize the flavor of the vape for certain reasons. Vaper’s tongue does not have warning signs, and it can happen at any time, even in the middle of vaping.

The mouth has up to about 8,000 taste buds to make sure that a person can distinguish almost every different flavor. But they can all temporarily fail for certain reasons. Saliva plays a big role in maintaining the functionality of the taste buds. If the mouth cannot produce enough saliva, a condition caused by a fatigued tongue, the mouth will be dry, and the taste buds will not work.

However, this is not the only reasons why you may fail to taste the e-juice during a vaping session. Here are other reasons.

  •         Failure to clean the vape device – cleaning your vape device and changing some parts like the atomizer as needed might be a big challenge. When residue builds up after many refills, the device might malfunction, which is a big challenge that may cause the flavors to disappear.
  •         Incorrect adjustment of the device – one thing to know is that most vape devices on the market today are highly sophisticated. They have numerous programmable options to provide different results. If the user configures the settings incorrectly, she or he may not receive the desired flavor or even sometimes may experience nothing at all. For a beginner who is still learning about such devices, this could be a big disappointment.
  •         Low batteries – whether one is using rechargeable batteries or disposable batteries, there could be problems with flavors if the charge contained by the battery is low. Most people have faced this problem only to realize that the low battery was the main cause.
  •         Using low quality e-juice – there are many brands of e-juice on the market today. Some manufacturers have a good reputation while others may only be interested in making money in the short term. Buying either poor quality e-juice or e-juice that has expired might be a cause of not tasting a flavor at all. In bad cases, they might cause the vaper’s tongue discussed above.

How to Bring Back the E-Juice Flavor

By now, any vaper who has experienced this challenge knows how disappointing it can be. Imagine buying one of the best vaping devices from a reputable shop like ePuffer only to experience such a big disappointment. The good news is that there are many things that you can do to either keep it at bay or solve the issue when it arises.

  •         Drinking more water – vaper’s tongue, which is now common, can sometimes be solved by drinking water to increase the production of saliva. This solution may require some time to take effect, but you can rest assured that it will often clear up at last. Fruit juices with citrus but limited sugar could wake the taste buds according to research. However, you must be careful as too much citrus could cause more harm.
  •         Cleaning the tongue – brushing the tongue gently could also work perfectly, but it is not a solution 100% of the time. It is worth trying because a dirty tongue hinders the chemical reactions caused by bacteria. Be sure to use a soft brush to avoid bruising the taste buds.
  •         Let the mouth rest – we all know that the mouth is a busy organ that is drinking this, eating that and now vaping. But if there is a problem like this, you can rest it for a few hours after drinking enough water. This will help the taste buds and other cells to regenerate back to their functional status.
  •         Check the vape device thoroughly – we already mentioned that the vaping device could be the main reason why you are not tasting the flavor. In this case, it should be inspected for defects, dirt or unusual behavior. Those with the right experience will often find a fault within a short time. When this is corrected, the flavor could trickle back for you to enjoy. Cleaning it regularly or as recommended by the manufacturer is very important. As such, changing of atomizers should occur with each cleaning to complete the servicing process.


Failure to get the desired flavor from a vaping device is bad enough for both beginners and experienced enthusiasts. When you have prepared everything carefully that you need, the unfortunate vaper’s tongue will be a big drawback. It is your responsibility to try the mentioned solutions to bring back the taste buds’ functionality if you want to enjoy the e-juice flavors. Sometimes, medical intervention is necessary.




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