Most Popular Special and Limited-Edition BMW Models

BMW has made numerous limited edition models to celebrate various occasions and for many other reasons. The German automaker is one of the most reliable in the world. Its special and limited editions leave many salivating for vehicles that are rare and difficult to obtain.

Various vehicle rental companies are known to buy these vehicles when they have an opportunity. The good thing is that this allows many people to access them as rental vehicles. For auto enthusiasts, it is worth knowing the popular special and limited editions released by BMW at different times. Here is a list of these limited editions.

BMW 6 Series M Sport Limited Edition

BMW only released 300 of these cars all over the world, which left many craving for more. As we know, the BMW 6 Series is a model with class because of its physical appearance and performance. Most of these special edition vehicles came with metallic blue paint, making them even more unique. The vehicles are equipped with either a V8 gasoline engine or a 6-cylinder diesel engine with the capability to propel the car from 0-100 KM/H in just 5 seconds.

BMW “30 Jahre M3”

This model was created to celebrate 30 years of M3 production. The special edition is a supercar in its class with 600 HP. The engine is a twin-turbo V8 4.4L. Both the exterior and the interior have been given the craftsmanship they deserve to make the car very special. According to reports, this is a rare vehicle on the roads today.

BMW Individual 6 Series Gran Coupe Bang & Olufsen Edition

This model was released in 2015, and it is indeed very special. For those who do not know, Bang & Olufsen is one of the best sound system companies, and they have partnered with many other companies to deliver the best sound systems for vehicles. By now, you can guess why this BMW Individual 6 Series is special. You will just enjoy the incredible audio coming from the vehicle.

BMW M3 Coupe Frozen Limited Edition

You may have seen this Frozen Limited Edition of the M3 Coupe. They are considered to be some of the most attractive cars in the world. For this special model, the company released only 150 units in blue, red and white. All the above beauty is complemented by a powerful 414-HP engine and a luxurious interior. Simply, you must drive this car to have the first-hand experience, which is amazing.

BMW Individual M760i xDrive Model V12 Excellence The Next 100 Years

This is one of the most awkwardly named models but for a reason. It was created to celebrate 100 years since BMW made its first airplane engine in 1916. The company makes this special and limited edition vehicle to celebrate such an achievement. Again, this is a high-end vehicle with 610 HP, and only 100 units were released for the entire world. One of the eye-catching features is the panoramic roof that is out of this world. If you want to enjoy the best BMW models like this as rentals, you can visit Milani Exotic Car Rentals to pick your selection.

BMW Alpina B7 xDrive

Alpina provides their expertise to tune BMWs, especially the 7 Series. For this model, they played a significant role in designing the transmission and suspension, which are both created for high performance. As you can guess, this model has a 600-HP V8 twin-turbo engine and large Alpina wheels that measure 20 inches. The interior of this model is finished with high-quality leather for maximum comfort and class. Needless to say, the in-dash infotainment system is fully digital with numerous capabilities that are mind-blowing.

BMW M5 Pure Metal Silver Limited Edition

What makes this car very special is that only 50 units were made, and all of them were shipped to the US. Many people felt that this was unfair but, BMW has created them specifically for this region. The vehicle has a pure metal silver body made from aluminum flakes. Additionally, this BMW sports sedan has a lot to offer vehicle enthusiasts who were lucky enough to get one because it comes with a 600-HP engine.

BMW 760Li Sterling

This is another special and limited edition that is highly customized for those who have ordered the car. Any vehicle enthusiast can order this car at the moment and enjoy the unique sterling trims. With a 610-HP engine, one can already guess that this is a special car for those who want to expand their collection of high-end vehicles. The leather interior comes equipped with heated electric seats that look and feel great. BMW has not announced when it will cease the production of this machine. So, it is best to hurry up and get your vehicle now.


There are many limited-edition and special edition vehicles offered by BMW, but the provided list includes the most popular ones. From the specifications listed, all of these vehicles are high-end and luxurious. Because of this, their cost is also high, but those who drive these cars will definitely enjoy them.




Portable Tire Inflators: How To Use Them!

Have you ever been in a situation when you are running late to the office, and your car tire is flat? Dreaded!

Well, this can happen to anyone, but using it as an excuse to come late often might put your job at stake. However, keeping portable tire Inflators for such situations can save you!

A tire inflator is a type of pump or air compressor that uses compressed air to inflate your vehicle tires quickly. Just keep them in the cargo or in the trunk of your car and get access during the roadside emergencies.

Although the tire manufacturers are putting extra efforts for developing products that increase tire life, you surely can’t benefit from them, if you do not maintain tires.

How To Use Tire Inflator:

Connect your Portable 12 volt tire inflator in the car. Although air Inflators come with an extendable power cord, for precautionary measures, keep the engine running so that the compressor doesn’t hamper the car’s battery.

But, before- check the condition of the vehicle. For instance, if you see a big puncture on the tire, do not inflate as the tire will not be able to hold the air. You can use it in case of slow leaks or at the time when the tires are not packed with air.

To inflate tires, simply connect the nozzle of the compressor to the valve stem of the tire and make sure that the connections are secure. Once done, turn on the compressor pump to fill the air.

Switch on the air inflator to let compressed air enter into the tire. Moreover, if you hear any hissing type of sound, instantly switch off the inflator and re-tight the nozzle. The hissing sound is because of the improper connection and can cause air leakage in the system.

Now, stop and check the air pressure with the help of pressure gauge, to prevent the over-inflated. Also, keep a check on the air pressure that is recommended for your vehicle. You can see the vehicle’s manual to see air pressure or can have a look at the driver-door jamb.

Benefits Of Using Portable Tire Inflators:

The Quickly Fill Your Tires:

One of the fastest ways to put air in the tires is by simply using a portable car tire inflator. Just a few minutes of work and your car tires are ready to hit the road.

No Need To Go To The Filling Station:

Instead of taking your car to the filling station, with portable tire Inflators, you can fill your tires anywhere. This will take you out of the situations when the filling stations show ‘no air’ sign. Also, its cost-saving.

You Don’t Need To Drive To The Dealership:

Instead of taking the car to the dealership to fix and pump the tire, with Inflators you can do on your own. Also, some tire Inflators contain the tire-pressure monitoring system, which will tell you that your car air pressure is low.

Ensure The Longevity Of The Tires:

Underinflated or over-inflated tires can give rise to many issues. They can burst-out quickly or can wear out anytime. However, to get the most out of tires, keep a check on them and ensure that they are properly inflated. This is true for the cars which don’t have any tire-pressure monitoring system.

Two Types Of Inflators:

The Most Common- 12V Tire Inflator:

One of the best tire Inflators is those which can be used for all the emergencies. You can use some models by simply plugging them in the cigarette lighter socket.  The light socket is a 12-volt power source present in the vehicle.


If you are looking for the cordless inflator, pick a lithium-ion battery because they are easy to use and is quite portable. They are handheld and can give enough power to the car. So, keep the battery charged to stay protected from emergencies.

So, now that you know how a portable tire inflator can help, keep it in the car and air to the tires whenever needed.


Get Your Renault Kwid on Autoportal

Autoportal has emerged as a whole new car world which has amazing deals for car sellers and buyers and gives a fuss-free platform to people associated with automobiles. The idea of an auto portal was launched first in the year 2013 and since then, has given a hassle-free experience to people and made itself a success. There are many cars available on this portal where people can easily get access to a shop or sell cars from this one step car solution.

With everything accessible in a click on its own app to technology-friendly features, the Renault Kwid price will make you awestruck. Enjoy family time, long drives and festive seasons with all new Renault Kwid available now on Autoportal.

The All new Renault Kwid in the market

Renault is yet another success in the world of automobiles. Now you which is available for the customers and if you are also looking for a decent looking yet attractive and unique car, hunt ends on Renault. The car has amazing features and unique specifications which are comfortable enough to give your traveling experience a boost.

Specifications of the car

The spacious car has a seating capacity of 5 people, who can comfortably enjoy the drive in the amazingly attractive hatchback with 5 different doors, a cylinder configuration engine and has in-line 3 cylinders. It has 4 valves for every cylinder and the displacement is 999cc. that’s not it, the power is 68PS at the rate of 4250 RPM.

The Engine is at the front side of the car and runs on petrol. The mileage of the car is 25.17 km/litre and is ARAI Certified. The superbly designed car comes with a drum, front suspension, rear suspension, and a coil spring. The add-ons are numerous including a twist beam and manual handbrake. It has power steering, digital instrument console, a digital clock, unbeatable comfort, sun visor, central locking for the safeguard of children, and an efficient ventilation system for fresh air and creates no suffocation. Other great features include aux accessibility for a music lover to make your journey more memorable. Its fuel tank has a capacity of 28 litres. The car has its own mobile app and is amazing for Smartphone users. Of course, today everyone is high on technology and depends a lot on it. The app will give you many additional benefits other than just knowledge and information about the brand and the car. The Kwid has tyres with more efficiency and drives smoothly on the road. It has 155/80 R13 tyre with added rubber to protect the tyre and give more grip. Not just the touch screen system, this car has emerged as the first car with the navigation system. Boot space is yet another best specification about the exclusive car. It’s unbeatable and has the highest capacity of 300 liters in the market. To sum it all up, the Kwid by Renault is one of the most amazing cars launched by the company at the lowest price. It is economic, fuel-friendly, has good mileage and does not quite a whopping amount for its maintenance.



You are what you drive. Contrary to the cliché, ‘You are what you eat’, the type of car also says a lot about its driver. I’m not only talking about the aesthetic aspects of the car but how it’s maintained, engine-wise, considering the wear-and-tear factors, says a lot about the owners and the connection they have with their car. Take classic cars, for example, these cars usually don’t stay for the long haul but with a car owner’s love and expertise, alongside great resourcefulness for obsolete car parts, classic cars may live up to the next generation in the family (or someone else’s)!

Owning a classic car can be a daunting affair in the world of automobiles. It can cost you all your time and money to keep the gears in check on a regular basis. And I don’t mean a small sum of money, but classic car parts take up a huge chunk of your budget. But it doesn’t have to be petrifying, doing a lot of research, knowing where to look and a lot of socializing might just teach you how to choose the right classic car parts.


The first step to finding the right car parts is to figure out the specific make, model and year. Next, is to decide whether you want replacements parts or original parts. Replacements parts may be more scarce than the original ones, but original classic car parts are a great way to make your classic cars as authentic as possible.


You need to determine if you want to drive your collector like Schumacher or just take trips down to memory lane and cruise to modern drive-in theaters. Knowing if you want a race engine for the former or a street engine for the latter will help you choose the right classic car engine. And make sure to choose torque next to horsepower!


Your classic car will seem naked without the matching body and interiors. This is an archaic art form which is sometimes not overseen by the modern eye. So you can either purchase them from restoration parts specialists or have them custom made.


A classic car’s tires are as essential as a person’s shoes. If you don’t pick the right one, the car won’t be able to run like clockwork. Initially, selecting the right tires always depends on size and tread. A person can get bruises wearing the wrong-sized shoes. Same with cars, wrong-sized tires will harm your car’s efficiency. Also, when choosing tires for your classic cars, it’s best to take into consideration the climate factors you’re constantly driving in.


For the rest of the classic car parts that you just can’t seem to get your hands on, it’s always a good idea to look for other sources outside your area or online. This is useful especially when you lack the expertise in maintaining or restoring a classic car. Since you’re not the only classic car enthusiast in the entire universe, getting information from the experts might do you good. This is a good time to make use of the internet, join online classic car forums or search for parts from online classic car shops. It’s also a perfect time to join clubs and swap meets because these people probably also joined for the same reason, how to choose the right classic car parts. Or if you have all the time in your hands, you can search high and low for those classic car parts, may it be in brick-and-mortar car shops or junkyards, wherever it is, I’m sure another man’s trash could be the treasure you’re looking for!



How to Use Automotive Floor jack Safely

The floor jack is a machine that can be used to lift an end of a vehicle of any type off a level surface. It employs the mechanism of hydraulic pressure in elevating the car. Floor jack simplifies manipulating the vehicle’s ramp far better than other typical ratchet-made jacks. It can lift small to medium to heavy vehicles and trucks.

Should you need to raise your vehicle using flooring jack, ensure that all other tools you will need are within easy reach. Then, make sure the car is positioned on a leveled ground and that the jack can lift the vehicle.

Once you have reduced the height of your car, it becomes necessary to look for a low profile best floor jack for the money that can slide down the vehicle with little hassles. If yours is a high truck or jeep, the bottle jack might be the only appropriate one to use, because it is tall and can touch the jack points on tall cars.

To ensure that you are safe, watch the floor jack before putting it under any vehicle. Inspect to know if no part is missing and use it first with no load on it to see his it fares. It will assist you to detect the flaws and deviation from the standard way it works.

Jacking Up the Vehicle – Step By Step Procedure

Immediately you are through with the arranging and putting up the floor jack; you can attempt raising your car with it. Here is the step-by-step procedure:

•The Vehicle Park on a Flat Level Surface

The first thing to do is to park the vehicle on a level surface before venturing to jack it. A substantial driveway will surely do. The ground should be so hard that the upthrust can support the jack when using it. If you attempt using the floor jack on soft ground, it might be hazardous and cause untold dangers.

•Put the Vehicle on Parking Brake

Immediately you parked the car, put it on the brake so that the vehicle can remain in one position, completely motionless. It will hinder it from moving while jacking it.

•Set the Wheel Clock Properly

Wheel clocks are among the dependable floor jack components you ought to be using. After determining the side of the car, you desire to work with, then position the wheel clock on the other hand. Additionally, put the wheel clock on either side of all the wheels you will not be jacking.

The primary aim of wheel clocks is to prevent movement of the car while jacking. Should you be doing anything at the rear of the vehicle, the wheel clock becomes inevitable. It is only the rear wheels that are held by the parking brake, so the front tires may start rotating.

•Use the Floor Jack on Trial

Before any jacking at all, it is advisable you run a trial of the Jack with your hands. By this, you will be able to know if the jack is responding to the lever turning up and down. The aim is to see that it is going up, suspending and coming down as expected. You must not run thus trial with a real load. Also, inspect the jack stands to see if they are in good shape to hold the pressure.

•Set the Jack on the Points

How well the floor jack will perform depends on whether or not it is placed on the vehicle’s Jack point. All cars come with a pointer to its jack point. They are below the structure of the vehicle and made to contain the weight of the car when lifted by a jack.

Peradventure you are confused about the location of the jack point, do well to look through car’s manual.

•Lift up the Vehicle

Lift the Car with the floor jack. However, this must come after adequately identifying the exact jack points. The jack ought to be powerful enough to be able to raise the car up to a height where you can reach the parts that are beneath to effect repairs and servicing.

It is necessary to know that you keep the jack in a stable position and ensure that the car is on a solid ground that is also level. The surface of the Jack ought to fit perfectly with the car’s jack point if you can lift it. Make sure that you shut the release valve and then begin to raise the car gently and gradually. That enables you to alter the saddle to reach the car’s center of gravity.

•Set the Height of the Jack

There are some tools which you ought to keep handy and one if them is jack stands. Immediately the car is raised to the right place, then put the jack below the vehicle. Set the height of the jack to go under the car with no hassle.

Closing Words

Both flooring jack and the jack stands will enable you to undertake various schedule repairs and maintenance on vehicles. Nonetheless, you can only achieve this if you can maintain the floor jack correctly. Safe usage of the flooring jack depends on how well you set the jack and its stand on the vehicle’s jack point.