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Best Colored Pencils ( Top rated Reviews 2017)

Do you love colors? Painting is a world of fun. We have lots to learn and experiment. If there is no color, then it’s not possible to see beautiful paintings. We love being colorful and adding colors create a new experience to your smashing painting. So, what you need to create a smashing art? One of the best colored pencils will assist your painting art and keep it innovative.

Best coloring pencils are easy to use and makes your painting a versatile design which brings in new level of amazing experience in this fun art medium. Colored pencil art has a dynamic progress in the art world.

What are the best colored pencils?

Before knowing the best coloring pencils, you should know the different types of quality colored pencils used in the market.

Wax-based pencils – Wax-based pencils are normally used by artist for professional painting. The color looks good and creates a protective powdery coating.

Oil – Oil based pencils are frequently used by artist to develop their blooming art skills. This pencil is a bit harder than wax based colored pencil models.

Water Soluble – Water soluble colors can be either hard or soft based on its contents.

Choose the colored pencil according to your painting theme that determines the best colored pencils for your art innovation.

How to color with colored pencils professionally?

We restrict best colored pencils for coloring books and kids, but there is a wide scope of innovation for artist and deep art lovers. The best colored pencils are gaining popularity among collectors and galleries in the past years. Especially, artist exhibit their professional skills with this quality coloring pencils.

Best coloring pencils have different grade of colored pencils for both kids and professional artists. Artist quality colored pencils use higher degree of wax and pigment for rich and bright looking color combination. Adding higher degree of pigment and wax will give your colors a smooth finish and attractive look.

What are the best Colored Pencils brands?

Best colored pencils give you a perfect blend of color output. Make sure that you choose one of the professional colored pencils,

  1. ohuhu colored pencils

Ohuhu colored pencils is one of the best brand in delivering colored pencils with good color intensity. This product has top customer reviews and great for sketching.

  1. Prismacolor Pencils

Prisma colors are best for simple and complex sketch creations. This product has premium reviews among the best colored pencils.

  1. Crayola Color Pencils

Crayola is one of the popular coloring pencil brands which is wax-based and has positive reviews among the artists.

  1. Sargent art colored pencil 

Sargent art colored pencils is one of the best colored pencil in the market which comes in a variety of shades and variations.

Now, check out the top reviews of best coloring pencils of 2017.

Sargent Art 120 Piece Assortment Colored Pencils (22-7252)

Sargent art colored pencils is a great colored pencil for beginners who wish to focus on improving their painting skills. You get a good color selection in Sargent colored pencils and it’s a pretty popular brand in the industry.

Sargent colored pencils are available in two different sets. You get accurate colors which creates a stunning experience and it’s pretty good for most of the applications. You don’t have to worry about the durability, Sargent art colored pencils are relative strong and undergoes typical pressure range without any damage. This product has an affordable budget range and easy to use.

Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils, Soft Core, 24 Pack (3597T) with 2 Blender Pencils (962) & Pencil Sharpener (1786520)

Prisma color is one of the best colored pencils for artists who love smooth blending and superb transition.  Prisma color is more of a professional colored pencils which works great for artist. The nibs are specially designed to resist breakage, so, artist can even work with high pressure.

Prisma is one of the best artist colored pencils, few paintings may fade after years but prisma gives you a water-proof finish enabling fade resistant features. This keeps your work fresh even after years. Prismacolor premier is a soft core colored pencil which is one of the best colored pencils for adults to keep themselves entertained in their leisure time.

Colore Colored Pencils – 72 Premium Pre-Sharpened Color Pencil Set For Drawing Coloring Pages – Great Art School Supplies For Kids & Adults Coloring Books – 72 Colors

Colore color is one of the best colored pencils for coloring books. This product is available in unique and vibrant colors that works well for your drawing book. It’s specially designed for professional artists. The color codes are mentioned for easy identification and it’s one of the best sketching pencils.

Colore color is a premium colored pencil which works as a useful and encouraging gift item. It’s a set of 72 colors which is uniquely designed for both kids and adults. Kids can gift it to their friends for sketching and drawing. This is a high-quality colored pencil which provides clean and smooth texture.

Egoshop 72-color Marco Renior Oil Based Colored Pencils Set for Artist Sketching Drawing Writing Art Painting/ Adult Coloring Books Metal Tin Case

Egoshop provides one of the best oil based colored pencils for your home or adults. It’s perfectly packed in a metal tin creating a complete professional look. The packaging makes it easy to carry with you even in your travel.

These oil based colored pencils are perfect to use in your home, school or surrounding. You can create the garden book or drawing book, make it thrilling and fun-filled. It’s a versatile colored pencil with wide variety of uses.  Egoshop keeps you stress-free and it creates a whole new experience for adults who wish to go through their childhood. It’s one of the best colored pencils for adults.

Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils, Manga Colors, 23-Count

Prisma manga color is a must-have choice for anybody who needs best wax colored pencils. The color appears silky and smooth to use with excellent color choice and available with stunning blending options. It’s one of the best coloring pencils good resistance to breakage and color shattering.

The color range is bright and consistent. This keeps the product, one of the popular colored pencil brand. It’s easily customized into your application and the blending is perfect to create a creamy and consistent layer of dominating color texture. It’s highly durable and one of the best professional colored pencils. Great for passionate artist.

Crayola Colored Pencils, 100 Count, Vibrant Colors, Pre-sharpened, Art Tools, Great for Adult Coloring

Crayola is one of the best coloring pencils for those who in the development stage of learning coloring and other art skills. This product has a decent color intensity which makes it perfect for all the applications. The package is made good with a metallic surface and it has 50 colored pencils in the box. You can sharpen the pencils well on the intricate areas. This is a hard-wax core which is one of the best colored pencils for artists.

Crayola color is a quality product at affordable cost. It’s great for all the generations from young to old. It has popular customer reviews.

Castle Art Supplies Drawing and Sketching Pencil Art Set (26 Items)

Castle art is a complete colored pencil package with all the accessories for a perfect coloring book. This product supports your leisure time with vibrant colors and good colored pencils to continue your skill development.

Castle art is specially designed for all range of customers including blooming buds to adults who love coloring. You don’t have any age limits for drawing, it easy with this perfect kit. You get everything from drawing to final touch up. It’s a small package with smooth colors that helps to create wonders in your drawing book. It’s one of the best colored pencils for adults.

Platinum Art Supplies Soft Core Colored Pencils with Tin Case, Pack of 72

Platinum Art supplies provides a soft-core wax-based good colored pencils with excellent varieties of color shades. It involves hard pigment that invokes creative ideas and stylish designs in your artistic mind.

The packaging is really comfortable for all the users, especially for artists. It fits well in their hands even for consistent hours without any issue of getting tired. This makes it one of the best colored pencils for artists. The multi-layered design helps to work with students and professionals who are interested in coloring. It’s covered in a beautiful case to carry with you and portable in your long journeys.

Ohuhu 72-color Colored Pencils/ Drawing Pencils for Artist Sketch/Coloring Book(Not Included£

Ohuhu is one of the best coloring pencil which is really a good application for its price range. It’s available in a comfortable package which is compact and used in a hexagonal barrel. It’s a bit waxy and creates a creamy layer depending on the applied pressure. The waxing level makes it stream less and colors look good on the surface. Top reviews.

The color intensity is altered based on the application pressure. It’s not only good for coloring but even works for drawing and sketching. The content of the color is chemical free and eco-friendly to use. It’s one of the best colored pencil in the market.


Colored pencils create a smashing painting and improves your overall art skills. You have different options including wax-based, oil based and other colored pencils but choosing the best colored pencil is a big deal. So, go through the top customer reviews and go for the best product in the market.

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