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Tips on Designing Your Dorm Room to Feel Like Home in USC

Dormitories are a second home for college students. Transitioning and adjusting from your real home to your dormitory can be quite challenging and could take time. But one effective way to fast track your adjustment period is to design your dormitory room in the manner that it will feel like home.

Most dormitories allow their occupants to redesign their room. The University of Southern California or USC have dorms and housing facilities that focus on the comfort of students. USC housing prioritizes their students’ satisfaction, above all.

So, here are a few tips for designing your dormitory room at USC for your comfort and convenience.

Room-Type Factor

Students come from different homes, different places, and diverse backgrounds. Therefore, when it comes to thinking of a specific style or design for a room, students may differ in ideas.

The first tip is to consider your room type. Is it shared? Is it spacious? 

USC housing offers different room sizes and room types to accommodate various setups and needs. Whether you like to share a room with your friends or opt for a single room, they can make arrangements to cater to your needs.

Decide on Your Design

The second tip is to choose a particular model, style, or vibe that feels like home. You can try to recreate your own room in your dormitory room or opt for a different one. Check on Pinterest for some room designs according to your liking.

Buy the necessary materials

Students carry their personal things to their dormitories straight from home. While some choose to buy new ones as they transition to dorm life.

When you have a design in mind, you can decide on the necessary materials you need to carry it out. You may buy new things that suit your design, such as the following:

  • Bed linens

  • Clothes hangers

  • Laundry basket

  • Bath linens

  • Shower tote

  • Storage boxes or crates

  • Desk lamp

You can also buy additional materials such as wallpapers and wall decors.

DIY Ideas

DIYs are usually fun because they are personalized. You can creatively clip photographs on your wall and decorate it using lights. You can personalize your wallpaper or make a DIY pen holder. DIYs will typically save you money from buying new things, and you get to be creative at the same time.

Keep it Clean, Calm, and Convenient

Remember that you will spend the majority of your college life in your room. This is also practically your place for studying.

Make sure that when you design your room, it feels spacious and not suffocating. It must be clean and organized all the time.

The placement of things in your room must be convenient. For example, your school materials must be within reach from your study table so you won’t need to stand up each time to get them.

Your dorm room must be an excellent place to study. It should be calming and conducive for studying and relaxing.

Don’t Forget Lighting

Lastly, when designing your room, consider the lighting. Make sure you get enough sunlight in the morning. When you decide on putting lights on your wall, make sure they do not become distractions to you and your roommates.

Place your desk lamp where you need it the most and ensure it covers the area you need light.

Designing your dorm room is exciting and entertaining. Be creative to pull off your ideas and turn your dorm room into an extension of your home.

By Matthew McDisa

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