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Rutile (rutile): the “elf” hidden inside ruby and sapphire

How do we love you, let us count how many ways, because you, some Ruby and Sapphire can flash in the sky at night; Because of you, the sapphire and ruby have a starlight effect, let us witness the magic of nature; when the light is right, you blink at us, so beautiful! You are our guardian, the canary in the coal mine, the tiny thermometer in the couples jewelry cheap.

When human beings are arrogant and feel that they can play God, you dare to stand up and tell us the details, even if it means sacrificing yourself. Only this point, we have to sing a praise song for you. After reading this paragraph, can you guess the identity of this mysterious acclaimed person? Yes, it is a silky wrap that hides inside the ruby and sapphire, like the “Silk Road” silky inclusion—- Rutile.

The problem of rutile is coming again. What is rutile? It is actually a tiny crystal formed by the gemstone when it dissolves. The dissolution usually refers to a uniform mineral solid solution, due to temperature, pressure or both cause a process of simultaneously separating into two or more than two non-mineral phases, or a decomposition reaction of a mineral solid solution subsolid phase.

Rutile is one of the main minerals containing titanium. Rutile is relatively pure titanium dioxide, generally containing more than 95% titanium dioxide, tetragonal crystal system, often with intact square columnar or needle-shaped crystal form, the aggregate is granular or dense block dark red, brown red, yellow or orange, The iron-rich is black; the streaks are yellow to light brown, and the iron rutile is semi-metallic. It is brittle, with a hardness of 6~6.5 and a density of 4.2~4.3g/cm3. It is rich in iron, the highest density is above 5.5g / cm3.

It can be dissolved in hot phosphoric acid, and after cooling and dilution, sodium peroxide can be added to make the solution brown (titanium reaction). Rutile can be produced in gneiss, pegmatite, eclogite (flash) rock and sand. A gemstone crystallized at a higher temperature may contain (or dissolve) a higher concentration of an impurity component. After the temperature is lowered, the ability of the impurities to be contained in the couples jewelry personalized becomes small, causing some of the impurities to start to crystallize. However, the internal structure of the gemstone has many restrictions on the movement of impurities. The impurity atoms cannot move for a long distance, and can only be integrated into a directional array of small crystals such as needles, discs and particles. In fact, the tiny, directional needle-like, granular and platy inclusions found in the gemstones are formed during dissolution. It is precisely because of these inclusions that the gemstones exhibit starlight effects and cat-eye effects in corundum. Intensive rutile fibrous inclusions and hematite. The ilmenite braided inclusion is the best proof that the corundum.

According Edward Gübelinsaid in 1978, Gustav von Tschermak was the first to discover the rutile inclusions in corundum. The density of rutile directly affects the shape of white clouds on the surface of the gemstone. Shallowly, such as a thin tapestry, it will give the corundum a ribbon. Sometimes only a slender line or small particles are visible, or a knife-like shape, and a dart-like rutile will appear. Further research reveals that knife-shaped rutile is mostly V-shaped, concave-shaped enamel crystals, which are laid flat on the bottom of the gemstone. They are very thin. When the fiber optic lamp is used to illuminate the surface of the gemstone, the needle-like fineness visible under these microscopes Minerals interfere with the refraction of light, and you can see the color flash that the gemstone refracts. The acicular cloud described above is defined in the mineralogy as a silky inclusion, which is analogous to their filamentous current structure leading to the starlight and cat’s eye effects of the gemstone. Not only rutile can form filaments inside the corundum, hematite, ilmenite, or bothmixture can also be used.

The rutile is parallel to the second plane of the hexagonal system in the corundum, and the three groups intersect in three directions to form 60/120°. The hematite and ilmenite mixture is parallel to the first plane of the hexagonal column, so if there are both rutile and hematite in the same gem, ilmenite, we may see 12 stars. In addition to affecting whether a corundum has a starlight or cat’s eye effect, the rutile inclusion is one of the characteristics of whether ruby and sapphire are heat treated and identified for synthesis. High temperature heating will make the rutile part into the corundum, but the residual trace can still be seen under the fiber light. Each needle does not combine into a small water droplet, but is broken down into a series of tiny water droplets along the distribution structure before heating. This partially dissolved silky inclusions suggest signs of heating. However, it is easy to confuse the naturally formed micro-dissolved particles with the partially melted filaments after heating. The most distinctive feature of a gemstone that has not been heated is the slender needle-like shape, darts, and arrow-shaped rutile inclusions. When a ruby ​​or sapphire is heated at a high temperature, the filamentous rutile is partially incorporated into the gemstone crystal, and the clarity is improved. But the best friend jewelry for adults will not completely disappear, the more impurities, the more rutile “residue” left after heating will be more obvious. Therefore, rutile is also a “Thermometer” inside the gem. When human beings to act as God, we are aware of their actions.

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5 Reasons Why Every Youngster Needs a Fastrack

Want to add a little swag to your style?

Today’s youth demands fascinating styles and follows what is in fashion! Fastrack is the brand that offers you a wide range of stylish and fresh products. A youth-centric brand, Fastrack comes from the house of Titan. The brand also focuses on breaking the stereotypes by introducing the bold fashion into this not so brave world.


From quirky products to coolest commercials, Fastrack nails it every other time.

Are you in your 20’s and still not a Fastrack person? Here is why you must try Fastrack merchandise!

  1. Trendsetter

From a wide range of bags, sunglasses, watches, Fastrack keeps you updated with all the new fashion.

Be a trendsetter by following the latest trends. The brand offers you the coolest designs, and you always stay on top of your fashion game with this fun and beautifully designed products that make other jealous of your style!

  1. One For All

Whether it’s the man or woman, Fastrack believes in Gender equality! It has the full range of products for both men and women.

From watches to sunglasses, you have a variety to choose from a lot of products. Grab the best by using Fastrack Coupons to avail good deals.

These impressive and mesmerising designs are all for the sophomores. Be the one, standing out from the crowd with these fantastic fashion accessories. Range starting from bags, wallets, sunglasses and what not!

Fastrack products are ideal for regular college use and also when it is about making a style statement.

  1. Toughest of all

By tough we mean resistance. And, Fastrack has the most robust gears that you must have.

Whether it is the Fastrack watch or Fastrack bags, throw them or toss it away, and it won’t break! The products are sturdy and can survive hard falls too and will manage to look beautiful and impressive then also!

As Fastrack believes in the motto of moving on, so Keep Calm and Move On!

  1. Transgress Stereotypes

To live freely is to break the bad. Fastrack opened the doors of imagination and didn’t let the general thoughts affect it.

Fastrack made the boys wear pink and got the girls on motorbikes! Break the stereotype and enter the world of bold.

Also, their television commercials are a perfect example of shattering the stereotype and other societal judgements.

  1. Cost? Quite Affordable

The products are pocket-friendly and won’t upset your pocket.

With an affordable cost, they come with excellent quality too. It is a win-win situation for the brand.

Product prices range from INR 600 onwards, and the variety of products is also good.

Sophomores, get your gears ready for your new beginning.

Visit your nearest Fastrack stores, or you can shop Online too to get the great deals and a variety of products. To set the trend, you need to follow the trend and Fastrack is the only brand that gets you the latest trends at reasonable prices.

Follow the quirky designs to set a new style statement.


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Cell Phone Gun Holster

Conceal Your Gun And Carry Your Mobile Phone With Cell Phone Gun Holster

Do you want to carry your gun in a concealed manner? Then you can get it done with the cell phone gun holster. These holsters are aimed towards two purposes- one for concealing your revolver and another for carrying your expensive cell phone without difficulty. The mobile phone gun holster is designed in such a way that they can be easily attached to your belt with the help of belt clips and loops. They are available with different features and varying specifications. If you have an expensive smartphone, then this smartphone gun holster is a must have product. They are available in a wide range of material, but the holsters made of leather will be the optimal choice.


They are available with different features and varying specifications. If you have an expensive smartphone, then this cell phone gun holster is a must have product. They are available in a wide range of material, but the holsters made of leather will be the optimal choice. By clipping the phone gun holster to your belt, you can provide ultimate protection to your phone and prevent it from falling. Just explore the top five options of phone revolver holster.

cell phone gun holster is a statement accessory to own and there is no second thought to how public looks at it, either. A cell phone pistol holster is a good idea to concealed carry your device wherever you go. It is like a concealed weapon that is safe in concealment. Many people are benefitting from the smart carry option for concealed Pistol which is an old thing but now in a comfortable and ideal conceal. There are many options like double barrel, deep concealment, body armor and hidden plain sight, etc. They firmly hold smartphone, iPhone and there are blackberry holster as well that gives your mobile phone or pager a concealed handgun or revolver look with black leather shoulder strap. You may actually look like an FBI officer. These are available for men as well as in women’s designs that help you keep it secret in pants or shirt, or in boot, wallet, purse or belt. These cell phone holsters can be strapped on the chest, leg, thigh, on the back, on the arm or around the waist like a pouch.  Many people use the belly band or llo like holster to keep hands free. They are clearly the best cell pal. There are also designs available for 2 gun holsters. LD West, Kramer and Sneaky Pete or Beretta px4 storm are few great brands to invest in for this tactical accessory. There are variants like double tap, Uncle Mike’s PDA style, S&W, barber holsters and IWB holsters.  You can also pick from few funk options like James Bond style holsters, bulldog holsters, bodyburad 380 style holster, ruger Ic9 or key fob cell phone holsters. If exclusivity interests you, you can also find some DIY cell phone holsters on Pinterest. They are surely fun to make and use. The cell phone holsters are shaped in great variants to suit usage of different buyers. These upholsters are so helpful in getting rid from keeping the devices in pocket or undershirt.


If you want your gun and cell phone in an elegant manner, then you can opt for this leather concealing mini gun holster in attractive black color. This cell phone gun holster is made with a genuine leather material with smooth to open and close metal clips. Besides ensuring easy carrying, these holsters appropriate for both left and right-handed carry.

cell phone gun holster

It conceals your gun completely and so. No one predicts that you are carrying a mini gun. The phone case includes elastic which means that it can be expanded to accommodate large phones. iPhone 6 fits with or without a protective case. It also fits Glock42 and Glock43 with and without lasers.

gun holster belt clips

  • Made with genuine leather
  • Appropriate for revolver with extended clips
  • Fits iPhone 6 and other phones of similar size
  • Stretchable sides
  • Durable and perfectly constructed in black color
  • Suitable for both right and left-hand carry
  • Reasonable price


With this leather covering, you can easily hide your cover as it resembles just like a cell phone case. Available in attractive brown color, this mobile gun holster is made with genuine leather. It can be easily opened and closed from a top and lets you access your device when you want to take it out.

cell phone case gun holster

The metals clip allows you to attach the holster to your pant and facilitates both left and right handed carry. This phone case gun holster provides 100% concealment to your revolver. The elastic sides make it easier for expanding it to hold large cell phones. The case fits iPhone with life proof case.

cell phone case gun holster

  • Leather covering
  • Conceal your arm 100%
  • Stretchable elastic sides
  • Accommodate iPhone with protecting case
  • Accommodate revolver with and without laser,
  • Metal revolver holster with belt clips for attachment to belt


 Check out Most Comfortable IWB Holster Here

In the insecure environment, it has become mandatory to carry a revolver along with us. Of course, everyone also wants to carry their expensive mobile phone in a secure manner. You have one solution for these two requirements. Just pick up this Brown cell phone case gun holster that includes certain peculiar features.

phone case gun holster

Whether you have a short gun with or without lasers, this holster will be an optimal choice for you. You can have this phone holster to carry your device with or without a protective case. The manufacturer has used high-quality genuine leather to craft this phone case gun holster. Available at a great price, this holster serves its purpose.

phone case gun holster

  • Easy to open and close
  • Metal gun holster with belt clips to ensure easy carrying
  • Conceals your fully
  • Accommodate phone with/without protective case
  • Fit for revolver with and without lasers



If you are a person who returns from work during night times, then you may be required to carry a gun and cell phone to get some peace of mind knowing that you are armed to protect yourself. However, you need some covering to carry your revolver. This cell phone gun holster available in dark brown color serves two different purposes.

phone gun holster

You can use it for concealing your gun and carrying your mobile phone. You can also carry extra gun magazines with this leather concealment. Of course, you must ensure that this small holster fits your short gun perfectly. It is flexible enough to take a wide range of guns and cell phones. This product is vast that it can accommodate gun with an extended magazine as well.

phone gun holster

  • Metal clips to attach to belt or pant
  • Stretchable cell phone pouch
  • Works with attached lasers
  • Provide 100% covering
  • Dark brown leather


This holster made with the black vinyl material is designed to carry semi-automatics and a smartphone in a much easier way. The cell phone pouch comes with a metal clip and loop to carry it securely and quickly. The exterior of the holster is made with the black vinyl material with magnetic latches for easy closing and opening.

cell phone gun holster

This phone & gun holster is designed in such a way that the weapon is 100% concealed. The quick hand draw design lets you draw your gun outside quickly.

cell phone gun holster

  • Vinyl material
  • 100% concealment for gun
  • Magnetic latches
  • Quick hand draws design
  • Metal clip and metal loop


If you are looking for awesome leather cell phone holster, then you must consider reading our reviews here.

Overall, the cell phone gun holsters listed above are aimed towards providing utmost security to your device. The cell phone case gun holster lets you carry your weapon without letting know others that you have one. While choosing the holster, give consideration to the type of gun and mobile phone you have. This allows you choose the one that accommodates both of your devices appropriately. Go through the reviews of cell phone holster before you make an educated decision.

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Relationship Goals With Matching Couple Shirts

Ride or die and through thick and thin – your mate is your one and only for a reason. Couples have to consider not in the box when finding new and unique ways to say “I enjoy you.” Customized Girl loves helping couples celebrate their commitment and we’ve devoted time and effort to creating the solution to all or any your relationship woes with matching couple shirts. Couples shirts are one of many trendiest and greatest solution to express your passion for each other. Rather than giving traditional gifts in 2010 for Valentine’s Day, create couple shirts which will last an eternity!

Like we said, Customized Girls’ gallery is saturated in the cutest and trendiest designs online. Our design center allows users to produce exactly what they want. Have a design and simply swap out colors, art, and text or create your own unique design. Your designs may be the same, uniquely individual so you can use them apart, or an internal joke between the 2 of you – that’s why is Customized Girl’s couple shirts the best ever.

Maybe wearing your relationship status across your chest isn’t really your thing, nevertheless you still want to express your love for your man or lady. Why is Customized Girl much better than other online stores is that our designs are not only limited by apparel but additionally include accessories. Pillow cases, coffee mugs, koolshop, phone cases – you name it . Find your preferred design from our gallery and customize it to any product that we offer at no extra cost. All you have to complete is find the look you prefer and swap out the item in the design center. It is that easy.

Couple Shirts

Nothing says togetherness significantly more than matching couple king and queen shirts. Our customers enjoy a couple shirts for a variety of reasons. To celebrate an event or simply just the actual fact they’re off the market. Long lasting motives may be our designs can work for all forms of couples, for those of you who have just started dating to the ones that are engaged or married.

Now some may think couple shirts can be too cheesy or not romantic, but with the capability to customize your design you are able to express your love for one another however you would like! Your designs may be the exact same, uniquely individual so you can use them apart, or an internal joke between both of you – that’s what makes Customized Girl’s couple shirts the most effective ever.

Our talented designers have come up with the most clever and trendiest gallery of designs for you to choose from. Our designs vary from trending parodies to as simple as Mr. And Mrs with customizable names and dates. Take any one of our designs and easily add your names or completely begin from scratch.

Couple shirts really are a great option for gifts for almost any holiday. The thoughtfulness and effort that you place into designing your shirts or sweaters will not go unnoticed by your significant other. Imagine how excited your sweetheart will soon be with a top or sweater representing her new last name!

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Choose The Right Beach Chair For Your Expensive iPhone

If you are looking for an efficient means to provide added safety to your cell phone, then you must opt for a cell phone holder to carefully store your device while you have nothing to do with it. When you walk through the market, you will find a huge number of cell phone holder options but there is a great demand for cell phone holder chair that looks elegant and adds charm to your desk. You will find these holders in a wide range of colors and sizes and so, you can choose the one based on your requirement.

Beach Chair phone holder