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Fun and Useful Tips for Camping with Kids

Camping is always an exciting activity that we love to do when we have time. Solo camping is great but camping with your family can be even better. If you are a parent you know how kids can be demanding and being with kids isn’t always as enjoyable as you wish to be.

In this article, we will discuss how to spend a good time camping with your kids. I will stress out what do you have to bring on the trip and what to do on the campsite. So if you want a stress-free camping trip follow the next tips and you should return home satisfied and full of good memories.

Camping stuff

First, you will see which things and equipment you should consider bringing with you. It is very important that you think of stuff that you will urgently need outdoors. Things like a tent, clothes, food, medicines are crucial.

A family tent

You shouldn’t forget this item at home as it offers a shelter. A family needs a reliable tent that is big enough to accommodate all family members and offers space for storage. The advantage of a bigger tent is that you will have comfort and space for different activities.

Think of your kids at home. You know how kids are, running the house, toys everywhere… This is a good reason for you to get a family tent. However, you can choose a smaller tent or a bigger one. What is the difference between them?

Your decision of getting one depends on your camping purpose. If you will use a shelter just for sleeping and resting then you can get a smaller tent. However, a bigger tent offers more space and comfort like you are used to having at home. In a large tent, you can sleep, enjoy your day, rest, cook and eat.

Think of your family camping needs and decide which one would suit you best.

Outdoor clothes

Clothes are next to mention. When going outdoors you should have enough clothes to change and stay warm. This is simple at home where you have plenty of clothes in the closet but which clothes to bring on camping where you have limited space?

I suggest that you make a plan for each family member. Each member has to have enough underpants, socks, T-shirts, pants, and a good pair of shoes. Winter camping requires more clothes, a hat, gloves, extra socks and other pieces of clothes to stay warm. You know what your kids need so bring pieces of clothes that they wear all the time.

If you will have a sunny outdoor experience there won’t be any problem with clothes. Meanwhile, rain and snow can spoil your vacation fast. To protect your family take synthetic clothes with you. This material will not absorb the moisture so your loved ones will stay dry and satisfied.

What food to bring?

I am sure that you thought of cooking too. Which food should you bring with you? Well, you have plenty of options here. You can cook the food at home and freeze it until you go camping. My favorite option is to buy (or made) some tortillas, chop the tomatoes, cheese, ham, and other ingredients and put them in the food containers. This is an easy way to make a good camping meal, don’t you agree? Think of main meals and also on snacks. Bring dry fruit and meat, nuts, seeds, and other dry food to have energy throughout the day. This type of food won’t spoil so it is a perfect option.

When you have cooked meals with you it is best to have them in the cooler so they won’t spoil. Think of food that your kids love to eat as this will make their trip happier.

Bring games

Kids love to play all the time, right? As this point looks unimportant you should think of entertainment. Kids can get bored easily so bring some board games, a ball, and cards with you. You can play inside the tent or you can explore nature which kids will enjoy I am sure of that. Meanwhile, don’t forget to tell them not to go exploring by themselves as they can get lost.

Other things

You should think of comfort when you take your family camping. If you will travel by car you can put a portable table and chairs in a car trunk. It is always good to have a tarp as you can put it under on above a tent in the case of rain.

Consider batteries, a portable stove and other kitchen stuff, a flashlight, blankets, sleeping bags and pillows, waterproof matches, repellent etc.


Family camping should be fun and without any hustle but it requires some organization and preparation. Consider the tips I gave you in this article to have a pleasant outdoor experience. Meanwhile, think of what else your family needs and like.

When you camp with children you should always talk with them and set some basic rules so they stay safe. The point of camping is to fill your batteries, hang out with your kids and to explore the beautiful nature as it can teach us many things.

Occupy your children and give them simple tasks like gathering wood for the campfire. This way they won’t be bored and they will also learn how being responsible is a key to survival. I wish you happy camping.



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Most Powerful Flashlight

Buy Most Powerful Flashlight for Home and Camping

Are you ready for a midnight adventure? Then, choose the most powerful flashlight to accompany your journey. If you’re out for hiking or ready to jog early morning. However, perfect lighting is essential for a journey. Flashlights provide the right brightness to continue your mission.

Traditional flashlights are out-dated and it’s time for the recent advancements in flashlight. There are no more long flashlights with less portability. Modern flashlights are energized with battery recharge, equipped with LED lighting and moved on as a compact device. This is the era of most powerful flashlight and likely to continue in the bright journey.

If you are planning to buy the most powerful flashlight, you must have explored the high power flashlights that are also available as LED flashlights known for outstanding performance. A g700 tactical flash light is needed for bright light assistance in various military activities. The high luman flashlights are the military grade lights used by man. They are strong, comes in small sizes too for easy handling. The funny thing about most powerful flashlight is that it may not be most expensive yet suitable for you. A 20000 luman/ 10000 luman/ 5000 luman/ 18000 luman/ 2000 luman/ 3000 luman is a flash torch can be polarion and can be huge powered with hid halogen or laser providing awesome bright light. The torch with 4000 luman is a mini device that is easily handheld as compared to a big model. You can also use it for diving, earth exploration and several DIY activities. Tiny monster from Nitecore or as many say, nightcore is a great performer if you need a flashlight for hunting. You may also pick the best tactical light for springfield xds as the output is super bright. Lumitak is the lumitac tactical military flashlight that is preferred by adventure tourists. Even the AAA size flashlights are abundant in market. To identify your need and right product at the best prices, heider is the best place to check reviews, feedback and the latest products. Bst Ade Advance Optics 200 lumen LED pistol flashlight is also a sought after model among buyers.

What are the buying tips while choosing most powerful flashlight for 2017?

Buying a most powerful flashlight is really a daunting task. You have to choose the right product depending upon your need. So, find out few buying tips

  • Look for the perfect length – This completely depends upon your need. You may require a long handheld flashlight or mini compact and pocket-sized flashlight. Security guards use such handheld flashlights for extra brightness.
  • Look for the perfect brightness – A most powerful flashlight in the world is determined by its brightness. Brightness is measured by lumens and you need strong flashlights for routine use.
  • Look for the battery – A strong battery determines the life of a flashlight. Make sure to get the quality battery for enhanced brightness and run-time.

Check out the reviews to know the most powerful flashlight for 2017.

Vizeri LED Tactical Flashlight with Focusing Lens, Cree XML T6 or XRE Q5, Military Quality

VCizeri is one of the most powerful flashlight you can buy on amazon. This tactical flashlight is equipped with an advanced CREE T6 XML led light technology. This improves the brightness and creates a brighter atmosphere than other flashlights. This flashlight has higher lumens and turns out to be one of the most powerful tactical flashlight in the world. It has five modes which can be altered according to your need and made of super-quality materials. You get focusing lens or zoom focused lights which works as a camera lens to adjust the brightness. It has an inexpensive battery and available in affordable price.

Solaray Pro ZX-1 Professional Series Tactical Led Flashlight with 1200 Lumens, 5 Light Modes, Zoom Lens and Adjustable Focus

Solaray flashlight is one of the toughest flashlight which is made up of high-quality materials and it’s one of the most powerful led flashlight. The led chip allows a cool daylight which is bright up to hours and the wide spectrum assures extra brightness. There are multiple modes in this flashlight, where it works as an energy saver or increase the battery life and lot more. It has a secure and self-defensive design. Hence, it’s known as one of the most powerful tactical flashlight. The flashlight is accompanied with a set of rechargeable batteries. On the whole, it’s made into a compact flashlight for sale.

SOLARAY PRO ZX-2 Professional Series Flashlight Kit – Bright Tactical LED Flashlight (rechargeable) max 1200 Lumens, 5 Modes, Zoom Lens with Zoomable Focus, Water Resistant

Solaray PRO ZX-2 is a product that delivers bright illumination all over your activities. It has created a technology breakthrough and one of the world’s most powerful flashlight that provides convenience and longevity. This flashlight works as a compact flashlight as well as a handheld torchlight with superb lumen quality. The LED chip is made of silicon carbide and this makes Solaray as one of the most powerful led flashlight. This provides quality brightness while moving out for a machine work or any other outdoor activity. It’s easily converted into a weapon with the help of its striking bezel. This makes it one of the most powerful handheld flashlight.

CRELANT V6CS EDC LED Flashlight Tactical Torch CREE XP-L 1226 Lumens Ultra Bright IPX-8 Waterproof Compact Size

CRELANT is a compact flashlight which fits in your pocket and easy to operate with one hand. It’s one of the most powerful small flashlight with rechargeable battery set. The model has a very good run-time and works for years. The outer parts is covered with a high quality aluminium material and it has a maximum beam distance that assures enhanced brightness. It’s specially designed to be waterproof and it’s easy to install the battery within few steps. The modes can be easily switched between high, medium or low. The flashlight easily fits into a simple gift box and it’s known as one of the smallest most powerful flashlight.

Ultraviolet 21 LED Flashlight Blacklight – Good with Glo Germ Simulated Germs

As the name indicates, ultraviolet LED flashlight is one of the most powerful led flashlight.  It’s strong and powerful with the help of 21 LED lights and it’s designed in a specific shape that works great while you go out for walking or hiking in a deep forest.  The LED light assures maximum brightness compared to any other flashlight. So, you can use it for any outdoor activities. The sleek design allows the users to hold the flashlight with a strong grip and this makes it one of the most powerful handheld flashlight. The product is affordable and its one of the most powerful flashlight you can buy on amazon.


Certain accessories are essential in our life. Flashlight is such an equipment which has great role in our routine life. Most probably, it’s a single time investment which provides brightness for long years. So, you want it to be the most powerful flashlight in the world. Choose the right product from the top reviews.

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Water Bottle Humidifier (Use Portable for Travel)

Do you get that sudden headache; chapped lips, dry skin, and may be a sinus pain when you enter into a hotel room that has a different environment? However, when you face a problem, you always have a solution to it! A Water bottle humidifier can solve this problem easily in one go. Just plug in and let it moisten the air around you in minutes. We have sorted the list of best bottle top humidifiers that have incredible features and are mostly recommended.


[table id=2 responsive=collapse responsive_breakpoint=all/]

Bottle humidifiers are not at all difficult to find as you easily get them on Amazon, Walgreens and Walmart. They are of great use, portable and a personal accessory to carry when you travel.  The target is to keep all room including bedroom and even office comfortable at all times with cvs or DIY humidifiers. In Japan it is a very popular product that has become a part of interior aesthetic, usually kept on bedside to maintain humidity.  Air o swiss and satechi are same in how it works. Water bottle humidifier comes even in small size or mini which can be used with USB. It keeps room mister and warm with tiny repurposed with cool mist and jual that can be kept on a desk, called desktop humidifier. You can get creative with a home -made bottle without bottle cap to make a humidifier and sharper image give you a better idea. There are various ultrasonic and industrial mushroom that are compact and are usually Korean. It is very useful for kid who needs more humidity. A portable USB terrarium mask is compact with radiator and triple h making it more useful.

 Best Water Bottle Humidifier 2017

Are you ready to carry the essence? Then choose one of the best water bottle humidifier, which is easily portable. You can carry this bottle anywhere, your most lovable dinner spot, office, car or lot more options where you need a comfort zone. The users get a cool mist humidifier which spread pure water alone, without any mixing of white powder.

It has two parts, a cylindrical can to store water and a pipe modelled humidifier. This humidifier also works in any type of cup. This machine works with the help of USB device and keeps the place humidified with the right amount of mist. It’s one of the best travel humidifier.

Perfect Aire is one of the best water bottle humidifier in the market. This is a personalized micro mist humidifier that works great in your travel and accommodation. You can use any water bottle as the water tank that supplies water to be formed as a mist. Since, you can use any bottle, it’s easy to carry the compact device and move around wherever you travel. See this humidifier with water bottle for use.

Hence, it’s one of the best travel humidifier in the industry. You can adjust the output level according to your mood swing and climate change. The humidifier is free from noise and well-known for quiet operation.

Nexgadget is a popular brand in the market and it’s one of the best Water bottle humidifier with multiple options that enhance the quality of the product. It’s designed in a specific way that is user-friendly and easy to operate. It has a simple power–on and power – off switch with time setting options. This can be good bottle caps humidifier.

On this humidifier to receive fresh vapour and get moisturized in your preferred place like home or office. It’s powered by battery and the surface is made up of rubber which offers anti-skidding. This bottle humidifier has a cordless design and easy to connect with the USB device.

Bell+Howell is an ultrasonic bottle humidifier which is long-lasting and works up to 12 hours. You don’t have to leave the moisture in between your sleep but, sleep well for long hours. You can use ordinary tap water or bottled water to produce cool mist all over the surrounding. This water bottle humidifier is light-weight and portable to carry to home or office.

Water bottle of any size fits in the device and it has a quiet operation that never disturbs your sleep time. Liquid methanol is added to the water which provides cool mist and fresh air everywhere. It’s one of the best water bottle humidifier with top reviews.

You can carry this product anywhere in a hotel room while you are travelling, to control the dryness in your living room, can be used in cars, while you are at your workplace, and so on. The product( water bottle humidifier) has a quirky style, lasts long and is made up of superior quality materials.

All that you need to do is just press the main button of the bottle humidifier after putting some water on the wick, plug the USB cable on both the sides and watch it eliminate the dryness around you. The product is designed in a guarded manner so that it works automatically and you do not need to put in an extra effort and check million times whether all the water has been used up or not.

it just stops after the water in the bottle has been consumed and evaporated. This is a unique trait of the mini bottle humidifier that users usually look for but this time it has come for a great deal and can be used easily on the top of any plastic bottle.


Air-O-Swiss is majorly well liked for the mini bottle humidifier that is convenient for people those who travel a lot but not only that the product is used by people at home as well. The water bottle humidifier uses a sharp distribution of vacillation that initiates mist effluviums which are distributed into the area leaving behind a soothing environment where you can feel comfortable.

The device works silently using a bottle connector which fits in minimum sized bottles and holds on to it to ensure no leakage of the fluid.

The water bottle humidifier with the bottle should be stationed at a place like on a table or above any high raised platform, just make sure the plastic bottle is not over filled with water keeping a balance between two. Do check the manual and the guidelines provided with the product.


Travel Ultrasonic Humidifier is one of the trouble-free, effortless devices that moisten the air where ever you place the humidifier. Use it on a high platform in office, room or in your car that removes all the dryness and injects moisture into the air.

It serves up to continuous six hours of moisture, can be rearranged and regulated the mystic fumes. The mini water bottle humidifier takes care of the volume, and unlike traditional devices, they are quirky and easy to carry and eliminates the usage of a fluid container.

It can withstand the weight of the heavy bottles and operates automatically when it evaporates all the water inside the bottle.  If you are looking for mini humidifiers then this can be the perfect product for you.


To obliterate the problems before the winter sets in, a need of humidifier is craved by all. It gives relief from all kinds of chronic problems, health issues like a headache, chapped lips, using moisturizers every single minute you travel, and so many interrelated problems associated with the dryness but all this can be removed once you get a humidifier bottle for an oxygen concentrator.

Get this mini water bottle humidifier specially designed for office purpose that works silently which supports any kind of plastic bottles like coca cola or something else. Just use the USB cable that comes along with the product, and plug in anywhere like wall socket, mobile power bank, or devices like laptop and personal computers.

The bottle humidifier has an adjustment bolt that tightens up narrow opening bottles and does fill the bottle with a medium level of water and make sure you don’t add extra water in it. Switch it on after you plug in successfully and turn it upside down and see the fumes percolating out instantly. Altogether the product is a miniature that solves substantial issues daily.


People have commented mostly that large sized humidifiers take up much space and it percolates extra moisture in the air which makes it even uncomfortable and more or less it has issues same experienced without it. Eventually, you need to sit back and wait when the water completely gets evaporated and also it disturbs the sleep since it creates annoying sounds.

The points of usages of mini humidifier over the traditional ones are innumerable but the major concern is it should take up small space, functions automatically that is turning it off by the user is not necessary. After the water drains away the product must naturally stop evaporating. Guess what?

This portable water bottle humidifier has it all. It works more than normal simple humidifier works, effortlessly. Since its size is small, it won’t support the huge sized bottles but can easily lift up the mini sized or the normal sized water containers. It withdraws all the discomforts produced by the thirsty air that results in dryness in your skin, gridlock created in the nasal passage, cracked up white layers of skin, cracked lips, and dehydrated food pipe. It needs an immediate solution for it. Fill a mini sized bottle with water, don’t over fill it, plug in the cable with the device and with the switch board and then press the main button on after you tilt the device in opposite way and see how it works.


Walkas is a compact bottle humidifier with a bundle of features. The device is easy to install and has best reviews among other mist humidifiers. This works great for your home and office. It’s easy to open the upper lid and fill the bottle with water. Now, cover it back with the same upper lid which attached with the cotton bud.

This humidifier continuously works up to 4 hours and an automatic shut-off system is kept to prevent wastage. There are different color changing modes that works as a night lamp too. This is a personal humidifier that has top reviews among other products.

Beautiful Water Bottle humidifier Images:

Personal Water Bottle humdifier
Personal Water Bottle humidifier

DIY Water Bottle humdifier
DIY Water Bottle humidifier

Bedroom Water Bottle humdifier
Bedroom Water Bottle humidifier

Room Water Bottle humdifier
Room Water Bottle humidifier
Japan Water Bottle humdifier
Japan Water Bottle humidifier

aesthic Water Bottle humdifier
Aesthic Water Bottle humidifier

travel Water Bottle humdifier
Travel Water Bottle humidifier

office Water Bottle humdifier
Office Water Bottle humidifier

how it works Water Bottle humdifier
how it works Water Bottle humidifier

bedside Water Bottle humdifier
Bedside Water Bottle humidifier


air o swiss Water Bottle humdifier
air o swiss Water Bottle humidifier

Amazon Water Bottle humdifier

USB Water Bottle humidifier


mini Water Bottle humdifier
Mini Water Bottle humdifier

Tiny Water Bottle humidifier
Tiny Water Bottle humidifier

How Water bottle Humidifier works?

Almost everything is manufactured, we live in a world filled with technology where everything is possible.  Even if its nature’s blessing, we easily convert into artificial machines.  Fan, air cooler or air conditioner is a good example. Water bottle humidifier is a product added to the list where you don’t have the limitations of moist air in your surroundings.

You have different kinds of water bottle humidifiers, where few work as a personal humidifier water bottle or desktop humidifier water bottle, etc.  You also get bottle cap humidifiers which suits most of the bottles and while connecting to the USB portal, it gives away humidified moist air.

Things you must know before buying water bottle humidifier

You may wonder, it’s easy to select between water bottle humidifiers, but actually it’s a tough job. Initially, get to know the popular brand that delivers quality water humidifiers and check the reviews of humidifiers available in the market. This gives you a clear idea regarding the product and its functionalities.

While choosing bottle cap humidifiers, check whether it complies with all the water bottles and works on each water bottle model. If you’re choosing a portable water bottle humidifier, then check the maximum comfort it can provide while travelling around. If it’s a personal humidifier water bottle, then check the amount of mist production.

Is water bottle humidifier is good for travel?

Is travelling your passion and often you wish to travel, then choose the portable water bottle humidifier for your travelling needs. You get a specialized water bottle humidifier for travelling, including a bundle of features. You get exchangeable plugs and AC adapters for enhanced moisture effect.

You don’t have to carry huge AC with you while traveling, instead use mini humidifier water bottle. It’s easy to plug-in and you get the healthy moisture. It has energy saving options and makes you comfortable in your journey. Bottle top humidifier is really simple, you just have to carry a bottle cap. Easily connect any water bottle with the cap and plug it in for moist air.

Can the water type create any difference?

We come across different types of liquids like salt water, hot water and cold water. Does it make any difference in the humidifier that uses water bottle?  Salt water humidifier or adding salt to your water bottle is not preferred by most of the customers, because salt particles settle down and only the liquid part moves up to the bottle top.

People normally use a cold water humidifier, as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Cool mist uses less electricity and works for a long time.  Hot water humidifier is a rare case, but it’s expensive. In this product, hot water produces steam, which converts into cool breeze when it’s mixed up with air.

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Best Rechargeable Headlamp Buyer’s Guide

No efficient light source to move on? Are you stuck without battery? No need of expensive batteries anymore, here comes the rechargeable headlamps where you don’t need to change expensive batteries instead just recharge to move on.

Rechargeable headlamps help with all your exciting outdoor activities like camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, etc. No doubt, it’s a convenient and portable product. It’s better to find one of the best rechargeable headlamps rather than investing on expensive batteries. These portable and rechargeable headlamp keeps you comfortable in all your adventurous ventures.

So many people are looking out for headlamps. The best rechargeable headlamp come with LED high power light needed in outdoor activities like hiking, camping etc. The headlamps you buy must have great focus as that is the most important feature. The rechargeable headlamp can be charged by connecting it to usb, and in some models, even to micro usb. Among the most popular models, Petzl is a pricier product while Black Diamond ReVolt is a reasonably priced product. You will find many reviews on Princeton and LED Lenser H14 R2 which have been the favorites for quite some time. Streamlight and Surefire have been best known for their powerful LED headlamps that most adventure trip goers buy from Amazon. If you are looking for a steal deal, you can also buy Nevica rechargeable headlamp that comes powered with Cree led bulb giving 100,000 hours life.

So, before buying one of the best rechargeable headlamps, you should pay attention to certain important things

  • Battery – check the battery, whether it’s fresh. Even popular brands come up with fake batteries which take off the quality of batteries. Hence, choose the battery to be fresh.
  • Battery life – you should consider the battery life. Battery life can affect the beam distance. As the battery drains, the beam distance gets shorter. So, consider battery life while choosing the best rechargeable headlamp.
  • Brightness mode – Choose a rechargeable headlamp which has different modes. These different modes help in saving the battery life and assures enhanced brightness.

You may have to consider these things before buying a rechargeable headlamp. So, check out the rechargeable headlamp review for better selection.

VITCHELO Super Bright USB Rechargeable Cree Led Headlamp Flashlight w/ Red Light Best for Night Running Jogging Reading Camping Hiking Fishing Kayak Hunting – Clip On Lights Gear for Runners & Bikes

Vitchelo is a US based headlamp manufacturer store which delivers quality products. Vitchelo Super bright headlamp is known as one of the best rechargeable headlamp which accepts both rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries. Boost your night vision with the help of red light and touch activated boost mode to increase the brightness.

Vitchelo is also called as the best USB rechargeable headlamp. It has a USB charging option to charge the battery. Charging less than an hour will continually light up to several hours. It’s versatile, including three functions like a hanging flashlight, headlamp and clip led light.

Get rid of expensive batteries!! Go for USB recharge!! It’s affordable and worth!!Buy this product here.

Brightest and Best 5000 Lumen Bright Headlamp Flashlight Torch 3 CREE XM-L2 T6 LED with Rechargeable Batteries for Reading Outdoor Running Camping Fishing Walking – Waterproof Headlight By MsForce

This product is from MsForce, which is one of the best brand manufacturing rechargeable waterproof LED headlamps. It’s a waterproof product. Hence, you can use it in any of the water sports or water activities. It’s flexible to rotate up to 90 degrees and comfortable to use.

The combined design of high-power Lumens and rechargeable batteries provide long-term illumination more than infinite hours. Hence, it’s known as one of the best rechargeable headlamps. It has a high focus length, which covers more than several meters in the pitching dark.

Easily recharged for brightest light!! It’s a bit pricey yet beneficial!! One of the best rechargeable headlamp LED.

USB Rechargeable LED Headlamp Flashlight – Super Bright, Waterproof & Comfortable – Perfect Headlamps for Running, Walking, Camping, Reading, Hiking, Kids, DIY & More, USB Cable Included

No need of fumbling around in the dark, Aennon is up with a rechargeable LED headlamp that assures super bright and instant brightness. It can move around up to 60 degrees and tilt, according to your necessary focus and available in four different light modes.

This product has a USB cable in it. This USB cable is attached to the headlamp and you can charge it using any USB port. A single charge of minimum hours will give you continuous brightness up to 30 hours. Hence, it’s known as one of the best USB rechargeable headlamps.

Comfortable, rechargeable headlamps in your cost-effective price!!

Brightest and Best 6000 Lumen Bright Zoomamble Headlamp Flashlight Torch 3 CREE XM-L2 T6 LED with Rechargeable Batteries for Outdoor Running Camping Fishing Walking ,Waterproof Headlight MsForce

Msforce has come up with the new powerful Lumen bright light which is slightly advanced than the earlier listed product. It lights up to several hours without any obstruction. This will not leave you in the dark yet works as a bright spotlight that zooms in/out as per your lighting needs.

This product provides an optimal way to minimize the battery usage. Switch the battery mode in to battery saver or medium brightness for efficient battery usage. The ultra-bright mode will give constant lighting up to several hours. This saves the battery and easy to recharge. Hence, it’s one of the best rechargeable LED lamps.

Brighter rechargeable headlamp!! A bit expensive but excellent results!!

Best LED Headlamp Flash Light – Waterproof Super Bright Head Flashlight & Green Lights Adjustable for Camping Reading Hiking Running Fishing Hunting Cycling – Brightest Work Lamp Headlight

Irontria manufactures the best LED rechargeable headlamps. The lens is easily adjustable and light-weight to be head mounted.  It has a bright flashlight and adjustable green light. You don’t have to worry about night traveling, green light helps in excellent night vision.

It has a USB cable with two piece rechargeable batteries. Everything is included in the headlamp case and hence, easy to carry wherever you go. You get continuous brightness with the help of these USB rechargeable headlamps. It has a comfortable elastic band and easily switch between three lighting modes.

It’s a bit pricey yet works for its price!!


It’s better to use rechargeable headlamps, while we go out for night-time outdoor activities. It will not leave you in the pitching dark yet works as one of the best lighting companion. You can recharge and use it for hours. While choosing a best headlamp, go through all the customer reviews and experience the best brightness!!


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Portable Bottle Warmers

Portable Bottle Warmers (For Travel) Buying Guide for 2017

Are you ready to create a warm day for your baby? Getting the right amount of milk is essential for a baby’s growth. Especially, it’s necessary to have access to warm milk, when you have a baby. You can easily manage your child, when it’s hungry with the help of one of the best bottle warmer.

While you’re at home, you have access to electronic devices like stoves, microwaves or other devices to keep the milk warm. It’s not possible while travelling out or when you’re away from home. So, portable bottle warmer is the best option to warm up the cold bottle for a crying child.

What are the things to look for while choosing a portable bottle warmer?

  • Portability is the first criteria that you have to check in a travel bottle warmer. The bottle warmer should exactly fit in your handbag. So, choose the bottle warmer which is compact and portable.
  • Electricity is also a major concern. There are lot of travel bottle warmers which heat up the bottle with various technologies. There are special bottle warmers for car.
  • Check the features available in a portable bottle warmer. How long it takes to heat the bottle and how long the bottle stays warm.
  • Check the best bottle warmer which is reusable and easy to use that calms your hungry baby.

Take a look at the top rated Travel bottle warmer reviews of 2017,

Anself 2 in 1 Portable Double Baby Bottle Warmer Multifunctional Milk Heating Heater BPA Free.

Anself is a compact and portable bottle warmer with a clean and easy to use design. The product is made of high-quality ABS and PP material which is well-known for its performance. You can use it continuously regardless the number of times it’s been used. Hence, it works as a safe bottle warmer which is affordable for your long trip. This device is multifunctional which can heat both water and milk at the same time. You don’t have to worry about the time, it heats the bottle both in an even and quick manner. All the above features make this product as one of the best bottle warmer.

Travel Bottle Warmer by Maxx Elite “Gentle Warm” Smart Bottle Warmer & Sterilizer w/ “Steady Warm” (Orange)

Maxx Elite is a multifunctional device with more than 3 in 1 options. Since, it has more options, it’s one of the best travel bottle warmer. The model has a digital programmable feature which creates a pre-set temperature where you can manually adjust the ideal temperature. You can use this device as a sterilizer, bottle warmer and baby food heater. It’s easy to operate with three push buttons and pre-set temperatures for milk, food and sterilizing. The device has an automatic shut-off option which prevents from over-heating.  It’s great for your short vacations. It has top reviews among the top-rated bottle warmer reviews.

Portable Bottle Warmer by Gland Baby Bottle Warmer for Breast Milk and Food with Fashion Temperature Screen

Gland baby is a portable and one of the best bottle warmer which works as a food warmer. This product is designed in a specific way to heat bottled milk or breast milk and baby food as well. It’s highly light weight and easy to carry on the go for short vacation or trip. The lightweight option, makes it easy to keep in your car or other vehicle. Hence, it’s one of the best bottle warmer for car. The device has an electric steam for warming the milk and sterilizing the food. It’s available in an affordable price and this portable bottle warmer has top-rated reviews of 2017.

The First Years Night Cravings Bottle Warmer & Cooler, Blue/White

First year carving is a comfortable bottle warmer with 2 cooler holds that stays cool overnight. The design makes it a comfortable travel bottle warmer to go on with your short trips. The device has all the safety measures to prevent from over-heating and auto shut-off option provides added safety. It works great for bottles of any size and you can warm the food jar with the help of inserting it in the provided basket. You can carry it anywhere, hence, it’s one of the best travel bottle warmer. It’s a right option to keep your babies safe and healthy. They have the instant feeding options with the right quality.

Best Bottle Warmer by Tomyth Wipes Warmer and Bottle Warmer, Portable, Non-Slip Bottom ,Home and Car Use , Baby Wipes

Tomyth’s wipe warmer is an efficient bottle warmer for car. The design is optimal with a special battery adapter that fits well in the car. Obviously, this device is a great companion for your trip or short vacation. It’s greatly designed for both home and travelling usage. It looks like a single device, but it can warm anything that you need. The device is designed with three functions that works as a multipurpose wipe warmer. This works great for all the busy moms who all well prepared and organized all the time. Tomyth is an effective and safe bottle warmer which is made of toxic-free materials.


A bottle warmer has the ability to maintain the liquid in a constant temperature. It’s necessary to have a portable bottle warmer, while you go out for a journey. You get numerous benefits out of these device and it’s easy to use. So, choose the best travel bottle warmer of 2017 to enjoy your trips.