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Procure the best magnetic bottle opener & cap catcher for Fun in Party

Do you hate that littering of the floor with the caps when you throw a party and your guests use that wall mounted bottle opener? I am sure, everyone hates it! We all want to look our place clean but this is possible if own a wall mounted bottle opener magnetic cap catcher. Just replace the existing one with the best bottle opener with magnet options listed down below.

Here are best 10 magnetic bottle opener and cap catcher  reviews to raise fun in party


This is one of the most awaited products of the month! If you are searching for a bottle opener with the magnet then we suggest you to grab this product by Drop catcher, drop catch magnetic bottle opener. It can remove the caps of the bottles within seconds up to more than 70 in numbers with the help of magnetic part installed on the head of the bottle opener.

You can even fix this against the wall, this is the reason why it is also popular in the list of wall mounted bottle opener with magnetic cap catcher. Fix this to one part and start the party with the showstopper among the guests by serving the drinks. It is backed up by a tenacious American wood that looks great as a background of the magnetic beer bottle opener.

The best part, when it pulls all the caps, it more or less looks like a bunch of grapes hanging loosely in a grape vine. It helps you from cleaning the floor which would have been covered and littered with the beer bottle caps. After this, it is pretty much sure you will definitely invite this bottle opener with magnetic cap catcher at your party next time!


Bring home wooden bottle opener with a magnet, by Bruntmor that is one of the leading products sold mainly to the people who owns a pub, restaurant, bar and organizes parties.

It is more or less like the previous bottle opener magnetic catcher that is constructed with a mixture of zinc and alloy which gives a shiny surface to the bottle opener with attached magnet that catches every falling cap that helps you from cleaning and collecting all the scattered caps after you open them.

You can wash them easily under water, looks classy so that you can place it anywhere in your favorite spot with the provided screws with the package. Now, the next time you call people for a party, this wall mounted bottle opener with magnetic cap catcher will be the apex point of the vision. The catcher can tolerate up to 50 caps at a maximum and after it will start shedding off. Use this best quality magnetic bottle opener and cap catcher with a wall mounting feature at this amazing price.


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Master Magnetics presents the best among the entire bottle opener magnetic catcher, which is formed in conjunction with rubber grips and the main part with stainless steel. It can be clipped on a wall or any plain surface where you can use it elegantly.

It will attach itself with the surface ensuring no scratches or marks. It can remove lids and hold it up to 100 in numbers through the magnetic force which attracts the steel bottle caps. Since it is available in cost effective price therefore it has high demand among the bunch of names in magnetic bottle opener and cap catcher.


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This long lasting bottle opener by OXO is made up of stainless steel which is washable and it won’t let the shine shed off from its surface. It is not only a bottle opener but a church key as well. The surface of the bottle opener is not slippery that will allow you to maintain a strong grip and help to remove the lid of the bottle and poke a can easily. The bottle opener looks stylish, has multi functions and operates the work of two.

It removes the lids of the bottles as well as it punches the lid of a can or a container with the V-shaped sharp edge at the other end of the opener. You will get this product available outside in any market, but Amazon brings it at an affordable price that will not give you a single chance before getting this product. This is very easy to carry around because it weighs very light, 0.8 ounces but works faster than anything that can open the lids of bottles and containers within seconds.


This bottle opener with magnetic cap catcher is a very handy product and also a must have in your home, especially if you frequently drink with your friends. It excellent serves the dual purpose of both opening the bottle cap as well as catching the cap by means of the magnetic feature. The portable nature of this product will allow you open the bottle effortlessly by just pushing down. It is designed in a proper size in order to make it convenient to use as well as easy to be carried.

This bottle cap opener and catcher is specially known as a speediest bottle opener as it is capable of opening as much as hundreds of bottles in few minutes. Its long lasting feature will enable you to get the best use of it whenever you want to open a bottle. The other great aspect of this product is that it forms an excellent gift for men.

  • Use as birthday gifts for your man or dad or use as party favors
  • Easy to carry and use
  • Long lasting and durable


The wall mounted beer bottle opener combined with magnetic cap catcher is a highly functional tool to open the beer bottle and also to hold the caps. This bottle opener featuring magnetic cap catcher comes in a more popular style featuring ultra-strong magnet attached at the back. The magnet bonded behind the tool is specially engineered that holds tight and fixed to any of flat magnetic surface, thus keeping the cap catcher strongly in place when you open the bottle cap.

No additional tools are necessary for installing this bottle opener with magnetic cap catcher as you can pop right away on the wall, ready for use. This magnetic bottle opener with cap catcher is made of high quality stainless steel as well as premium wood of great standard featuring strong earth magnet. It is easy to hang it on the wall using two screws or you can even stick it over a metal surface like bar side or a fridge.

  • Offers excellent convenient as you no longer have to search for bottle opener in your kitchen drawer
  • No more stepping on bottle caps with your bare feet


  • Homdox Cap Zappa Beer Bottle Opener Fun Cap Launcher, Shoot Over 5 Metres – Orange

Buy this little bottle opener to put just less effort to open the bottles. It also doubles up as cap launcher, forming a suitable companion that you can never part from. You can greatly admire your onlookers and friends by having this durable and strong beer bottle cap opener gun. The more emphasizing feature of this bottle cap opener shooter is that it forms a unique gadget to break the ice during any party, simply to ensure that your target is achieved. All that you have to do is popping the cap, target, fir and just relax back and enjoy having the tasty beverage.

You can find this bottle cap opener and shooter featured with comfortable key chain perfect for making that spontaneous launch quickly. The launcher trajectory is controlled by spring-loaded sliding arm that is capable of reaching over sixteen feet.

  • Cap Zappa is more fun to use
  • Features spring loaded sliding arm


Whether it is in a bear cave or a man cave, this new cool bear teeth bite bottle opener will fit right it. This is a more rugged bottle opener that allows you crack open a soda or a brew from the scary jaws of a solid cast and durable metal wall mounted head of a bear. You can mount this vintage bottle cap opener on the wall using the three holes and with the paws of bear cub; you can open your bottle of beer or soda.

Your guests will experience huge fun just by looking at this cute bear cub bottle opener. It is perfect to use this bear teeth bottle opener in a shop, garage, barn or a home bar. Owning this mighty bear biting off bottle cap bottle opener is much desirable than having one gnawing down on you.

  • Easy to mount on the wall with three holes
  • Made of cast iron
  • Suitable for a home bar, garage and shop.


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Keychain Bottle Opener – bartender bottle opener – Best Aluminum Bottle / Can Opener – Compact, Versatile & Durable – Vibrant Colors – Premium Keyring Bottle Opener – Ergonomic Design Black

You would have probably recognized the importance of having a bottle opener by now. It is no doubt the most essential tool serving the great purpose of opening beer bottles, sodas or a can of beans. If you are someone who attends or hosts frequent partying, you should carry one all the time. This bottle cap opener in keychain model is simple to carry that can fit on your keychain. It is small to conveniently place inside your pocket. Whether you are going to fix it on your car or on the group of keys, you will explore several reasons that prove the necessity to use bottle cap opener with keychain ring.

This key chain bottle opener is praised for being more versatile and can also be used as a plastic bottle cap opener. It is due to the reason that is it made of aluminum alloy that is powerful enough to open a wide range of pop tops, metal caps and soda cans.

  • Easy to attach with your key chain
  • Versatile and strong
  • Made of aluminum alloy that makes it lightweight


Are you fed up of having your bottle caps missed by just placing them on the floor?

You can now have access to a more convenient solution to store your bottle caps safely off the floor. Moreover, it is also an ideal way of collecting bottle caps that can be recycled later. It is also an excellent idea to install a bottle cap catcher in specific areas of your home where your family members or your friends gather often to have a casual chat. Choose from any of the handy bottle cap catchers discussed below to make your bottle opening experience enjoyable and easier.

Though best bottle openers differ in their types and makes, each of them is equipped with unique features apart from being used to open the bottle. You will find some bottle cap opener with wall mounted facility and magnetic feature like fridge magnet bottle opener cap catcher for catching bottle caps. Never miss to o choose the best and adding it to the collection of your handy tools.

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