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Relish your favorite drink with the help of flip flop bottle opener!

Do you wish to make your wedding beach party or beach showers look greater with everything themed on sea-beach? Obviously, you would love to. Then why do still hold on to the traditional boring bottle openers? Place an order immediately a flip flop bottle opener to enhance the minute little things associated with the party and transform them to bring the effect of the sea-beach party completely.


What all you can do with flip flop bottle opener?

Are you out for a wedding? Are you searching for a useful gift item that could excite the wedding couple? We have to make the gift both useful and attractive. Have you thought about a keychain? You feel it as simple but with a flip-flop bottle opener it becomes attractive.

What more you can do with this flip-flop bottle opener? While you’re out for a party with your best buddies. A full length of bike rides and colourful party events, but you miss the bottle opener for your celebration. Then, flip flop bottle opener is a right choice to enjoy your party celebration.

Can you present it? Obviously, it’s an attractive and unique gift that keeps your guest satisfied and happy. They can use it as a personalized keychain and carry it wherever you go. It’s a simple and elegant gift for women.

Are you looking for wedding favour? Your wedding may take place amidst the beautiful wave filled ocean. So, you need an elegant sandal that looks good on the ocean-inspired scenery. You get both the advantages with this flip-flop bottle opener as a wedding favour and a beautiful beach sandal.

This is a short list of benefits, but you have numerous other benefits of flip flop bottle openers!!

If you have been looking for something convenient as a bottle opener, then you can surely look at this product since this flip flop bottle opener has a mouth that opens the cover of the bottle without pressurizing your hand too much. It is easy to use, can remove the lids in seconds, designed like a miniature and is flexible to operate.

The flip-flop with the bottle opener  is made up of stainless steel that won’t break or get a crack if you try it upon hard bottles. A beach theme has been set up to lift up the creativity of the flip flop bottle opener so that it attracts and catches everyone’s eye at a single glance. The shiny surface of the opener is rust free and is made up of good tough material so that it can serve its users for years.

The Customers who have posted comments and reviews about this bottle opener said that the budget of this product has been kept reasonable than the price you will get in the mall or in any local market if you are scrutinizing for flip flop bottle opener. This specific product weighs around 2.9 pounds which is very light so that you can carry it to party spots without taking up much space in your bag. So each time you think, you want to drink your favorite liquid in some new ways, and then get hold of these beer bottle flip flop opener that gives you a kick start for the mood of the party.


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This flip flop with bottle opener looks great.  Isn’t it? Most people would definitely pay dollars to get this enthralling thing but it is so much in demand that come in 24 Pack Wedding Favors Gift “Pop the Top” Flip-flop Bottle Opener by cnomg has brought this opener at an affordable price exclusively for you. After you have ordered it, it will get delivered at your home covered in a beach essence that you have been looking for this for a long time.

You can even create unusual things to give a touch of beach side and make it a great bottle opener flip flops reef. It not only looks good but also works efficiently. Gather all the bottles that wish to open, place it right above the head of the seal cap on the bottle and give a gentle pull upwards.

You don’t need to give an extreme whack, pull, and make your hands red and sometimes people do open the bottles with the help of their teeth. Use flip flop bottle opener for wedding favors. Please do not attempt such efforts. It is not only unhygienic but also dangerous to hurt your jaw and teeth. You can get this product and appreciate the taste of the fluid in style.


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