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Feel like ocean with the help of fish(Shark) bottle opener favors

Are you planning to throw a party at the beach side? Then you should get this fish bottle opener or shark bottle opener that will completely match the theme of the party and the occasion. Choose one from the list down below and place an order now!


You can never afford to go to parties without taking along a bottle opener with you. It’s not just about the bottle opener but it reveals a lot about your personality and the type of person you are, it just gets reflected through the small things you carry with yourself. Similarly, you will get to see various kind of bottle openers from stylish to simple, decorative to expensive, you will get to visualize all, but did you ever noticed a beach themed bottle opener? I am sure you haven’t seen in a while. In this list of star fish bottle openers, we have framed such products on the beach theme and based on a small creature you just wish to see it. It’s none other than a Starfish!

Well, this starfish bottle opener is indeed a star by itself. One of the sophisticated bottle openers of the year, the looks of the opener is just amazing. It is carved in a star-like pattern with V-edges so that you can easily give a pull to the lids of the containers. Just a bit of pressure and the cap gets unlocked easily. This is especially brought by Fashion craft for ultra-modern folks who like partying. The whole product weighs 2.7ounces especially tagged as starfish bottle opener beach wedding favors. Get in the mood for the beach with this shining cynosure. It is packed brilliantly in a beachside theme, like wrapping the bottle opener in micro-sized sand giving it a touch of the ocean. The box is painted in blue color reflecting the water with white netted ribbon and a ‘just for you’ plate on the top of the box. This outlook of the package makes it all perfect to gift someone special. You can reach to this product easily from


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There is always a pleasure in the sound of that click when someone opens a beer bottle. These starfish bottle openers can completely bring your mood back if you like taking a sip of beer or wine at the beach side. This specific kind of starfish opener is designed by GSM so that it can be stuck on the wall or a horizontal platform.

Just bring the bottle down below, tilt the bottle slightly and it will throw away the lid exactly you wanted. This is suitable to station it anywhere in the kitchen, or if you own a place at the beach side. It is made up of strong material and on the surface; it painted beautifully with blue color.

You will get variations in the color too but screws to hold the wall bottle opener is not provided with the pack. This is quite affordable and is much more than just expected.  Seize one for yourself now!


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