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Review Trending bottle opener shooter to relish the adulthood days in a new funky way!

If you were given the option to go back to school days and play that role of a mischievous boy again, playing with that fake shooter, would you leave that opportunity? I am sure, no one would like to let go of that choice. What if that opportunity comes along with a beer bottle opener? Yes, in this list, you will able to find awestruck beer bottle opener shooter in exclusive designs and prices. Take a look at them and place your order as soon as possible of your choice.

Now you can open your bottle caps in an innovative way with the help of this bottle opener shooter by Usoshop ALL. All you need to do is, just remove the lid of the bottle, aim a target and press the button like at the end of the bottle opener cap shooter.

The cap will fly almost at a distance of 5 meters after you shoot. It feels like the toy gun, isn’t it? Get this for yourself at an obtainable price from the link mentioned above.

It is easy to use, looks funky, and a suitable mate in your pranks but do maintain the safety guidelines since it can hurt people when it is hit on the facial parts or sensitive areas of the body.


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There is always a hidden child in us. Don’t let that die in you. As an adult, you can try something new during your favorite liquor times and with your bottle opener. This is made possible because of the beer bottle opener cap shooter compiled in one.

You can hit with the leftover cap off your beer bottle at a distance of 192 inches easily. You can gather all the bottles at one place and play a game where who hits the most wins. This can actually work as a great prop at the moment. Do make sure that you keep this bottle opener out of any little one’s reach since this can be dangerous for them.

This bottle opener eventually is rated as one of the best bottle opener cap shooter in this list deemed perfect for clubbing, hangouts, party, and a major tool for enjoyment.


What do you do with leftover bottle caps when you have opened them? I am sure, you throw them in a bin but there is one way where you can still utilize the bottle caps with the help of bottle opener shooter by Fuzzy Green. Grab all the bottles, place the neck under the bottle opener part and remove the lid.

The lid of the bottle gets stored in the opener. After removing, just press the switch in the bottle opener and discharge the lid aiming at a target. This can be real fun to use, can work as a multipurpose stuff which can easily open the cap of the bottles with the least of the effort and at the same time can function as a shooter.

Usually, it is bought by polished people like bartenders, and party fellows. After the fun and use of the opener, you can store them in one place with the help of a key chain provided at the end which will make sure that it is kept safe in one place and can be found again when you need them. Relive your childhood days back again in new exciting ways with this bottle opener cap shooter.


Homdox has brought one of the most durable, strong and quirky beer bottle opener cap shooter where you can open the lid in a fashionable way and at the same time shoot them with the cap launcher system. You can grail with the bottle shooter maximum at a distance of 500 centimeters.

The bottle opener shooter has a key chain at the bottom so that you can hang it on your bag or with a holder. How to use it? Use the bottle opener first by pressing it gently on the neck of the cap and give a pull. After the cap gets away from the bottle, it gets stuck to the bottle opener.

Then exude the cap by pressing on the discharge button. You can play pranks with it or play games like “hit the most” and much more with this cool product. This is available in a variety range of colors and at a modest price. Just click on the link mentioned and place the order.


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This bottle opener and cap shooter by Thailand are one the suitable vexatious companion at your party. The Flying Zappa Beer Drinks Bottle Opener Cap Launcher not only removes the lids of the bottle easily but also duplicates its functions as a bottle opener shooter.

Once you get this bottle opener and shooter at your party, it’s sure you will be the cynosure of the night and the tiny partner in crime. You can play a prank on your friend by hitting them lightly when they are unaware and offering them with the drink. After all, it’s all about fun.

Make sure you don’t hit anyone’s eyes or the facial part and keep away from children too. After the use of the product, you can hang it with the help of the fixed key chain and serve it for its next use. It is easily obtainable from


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