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Grab the most swanky beer bottle opener Keychain & Ring

Is your bottle opener as classy as your beer bottle looks? Did you lose your bottle opener again somewhere and can’t find it at the right moment? Your bottle opener should keep a pace with the up market beer bottle in your hand. Check out this list of beer bottle opener rings selected for you. Toss the ring in your finger and start the evening.


Get rid of those traditional ways where you have to open the beer bottles with the help of your teeth hence hurting them. You should look cool in better ways. In this list of beer bottle opener rings, we have brought something special.

This inexpensive metal ring will look elegance on your hand and can work as a beer bottle opener at the same time. When you wear it, you will never feel like opening them again. This stylish product by Island Dogs has carved this ring out of pure metal which is a bit heavy but comfortable to wear as well. The opener weighs around 0.8 ounces and 24mm long.

Don’t worry you can order the perfect size for you and is available in various colors if in case you don’t like the gray color of the metal. You can never predict about the sudden parties, so it’s better to be ready for the bottle opener from beforehand.


Key zone presents one of the most simple, easy to use, elegant and useful rings for the folks. If you like parties and beer, then this can be the most suitable ring cum bottle opener for you. Put in one finger, crack the sides and enjoy your beer.

It fits agreeably in your index finger or your thumb finger which keeps in mind your comfort level which allows you to open the beer bottle in one pull. It is made up of stainless steel with no sharp sides so that it does not hurt your finger by chance and offers a great range of sizes.

Girls, you can easily gift this finger ring beer bottle opener for your loved ones or for your boyfriends! Get this one for them and make them smile instantly.


Do you pay more than $10 for finger ring beer bottle openers? Is that so? No way! This time once more on the list of classy beer bottle openers, this great deal of 3 rings cum bottle opener at the pack of 1 has brought by Island Dogs, again. These trio rings are quite affordable and is made from good quality steel. The circumference of the ring and sides are carved smooth which will fit in perfectly into one’s finger.

You can even gift this pack of 3 to someone who loves beer and is an expert in opening bottles. It even looks great and weighs so light that is around 0.8 ounces which opens bottle caps especially the hard ones. After you buy this I am sure, opening the bottles will be far easier and will turn the minute work to the work of microseconds. So, from next time do not forget to carry this along with you.


The 4th on the list of bottle openers, Electronic 4sale has brought something generous for adults. Make your alcohol party more interesting the next time with a crate of beer bottles and this perfect company, the sleek, stylish beer bottle opener ring.

If you are looking for something very cost effective but at the same time operate like a pro, then you can never have a bottle opener better than this. The ring weighs around 1.6 ounces, suitable for both men and women, offers a medium size that can be worn on any finger, can remove a bottle lid within a second. You can carry this to any party because it weighs extremely less and can act as a good present for anyone.


Check our Personalized bottle opener key rings as gift for corporate event

  • BQLZR Stainless Steel Beer Ring Bottle Opener Pack of 10 Size 22mm by BQLZR

When was the last time after you turned 21, you took the immense pleasure of opening beer bottles and galloping them in? Well, you don’t remember, right? This time, when you organize a party do not forget to get this pack of 10 by BQLZR, made up of stainless steel, awesome rings which are also the bottle openers. They all look so good that you can easily gift this to someone.

The pack consists of 10 rings, all of them are simple and looks elegant, at the same time weighs extremely less and the best partner you can get for your party. The bottle opener that comes in the shape of a ring becomes the only thing that needs to be kept safe in one’s hand.  The next time, you won’t have the fear of losing the opener at the right moment. Therefore it is no more a secret that you love your bottle opener as much you love the beer bottle. You can even keep this in your wallet as it requires very less space. Get hold of these finger ring bottle openers at the price of one from Don’t let this great deal out from your hands. Visit us.


The promotional bottle opener keychain that you choose not merely fit the use they are meant for, but also the occasion and the person or reason behind its actual purpose. Whether you wish to use these personalised bottle opener keychain for your personal use or want to offer them as a gift, you can pick the one easily from the list that really adores you. Try All other bottle opener reeviws deals here

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