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Phone holster is more effective for every individual who needs to save their high-ended and pricey Smartphone from damage. The damage will easily happen without securing their phone through carrying phone on free hand. Sometimes, the damage occurs heavy through falling down, scratches or other cracks made on the phone. If you need to avoid these damages to your Smartphone you have to buy one reliable cell phone holster.

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The phone holster will surely meet your entire requirements by protecting your phone from the damages. The initial advantage of the cell phone holsters is forever effective, durable, easy to carry, avoid damage happening and so on. When you achieve the phone holsters, you can reduce your worry about the phone security and ease of accessing. Choose the right and feasible phone holster to take your phone wherever to your desired place without single damage.

Top 5 best phone holsters:-

This is a handy and elegant designed tactical phone holster that apt for your big screened Smartphone. It allows the user to keep their Smartphone safe, convenient and comfortable without happen even a single damage.

It is made of rugged nylon material through the use of interior pad and sturdy plastic buckle. It facilitates the user open and close easier by the use of buckle mechanism. The user can wear easily both vertical and horizontal on belts.


cell phone holster

The molten strap stitched perfectly and the user wears the holster comfortable. The leather cell phone holster is comfortable for your phone and prevents the damage through the soft sponge surface inside the holster. It is the best defender for your pricey phone with the adjustable height of 6.3 and 3.6 width of a large space. It seems as a large space, but it holds your Smartphone tightly without falling down while running or shake the holster.


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It is commonly used by all people because of its convenient and affordable price. The flip phone holster is an old model, but it now comes with a good design with various features to protect the phone. The universal smartphone holster includes a black synthetic with the sturdy leather material.

cell phone holster

The soft interior surface acts as a protection layer to secure the phone from the damage. It is mainly compatible for various mobile models such as LG Reverse, Samsung, Rugby, Samsung Convoy and some others. It is well suited and easy to fit with the belt and holds the phone stronger without falling down. You can easily buy this product from the online at an affordable price.


This phone shoulder holster is also the alternative option to the individual who needs to achieve this for a fashion. It is more secure and easy to manage your other weights. Some individuals carry their luggage and don’t have a chance to carry their phone, but this cell phone shoulder holster possible to protect the phone and easy access. The user can easily take their phone from this cellphone holster.

cell phone gun holster

It is made of Nylon material and achieved lightweight to hold your phone stronger. The elastic sides of a rope are comfortable to wear, this holster with the two sides. It is compatible for iPhone 6, 6 plus and 6S plus Smartphone’s through the wallet.

It is acceptable for many individuals carry their phone without worry and protects from the damage. The main aim of this product creation to achieve the protection and comfort to the user.


This is one of the modern and usual designs of this large cell phone holster. The branded name of this bulldog cell phone holster is familiar to every individual in Malaysia, Canada, United States and across the worldwide. This branded product achieves the magnetic mechanism to easy opening and closing system. This makes the user more convenient to keep their phone safe and meet their requirements.

leather cell phone holster

It is easy to carry through the sturdy metal clip and belt loop. The leather phone holster is forever providing the protection to the entire Smartphone. It prevents the damage through the interior spongy surface that protects the phone from the damage. It is made of fine quality Nylon material that durable for a long. It covers the phone from dust, dirt and others enter in the phone.


This branded product named as a pda holster because it is convenient to the user and handy. The main intention of this product makes the user easy to carry the product attached to the belt loop. The cell phone concealed carry holster surely achieves the Smartphone protection from falling down, cracks and other scratches made on the phone. The soft surface of the inner region protects the phone from the damage and holds the phone fit and tight.

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The cell phone gun holster is apt to keep the pistol such as Magnum Research, Ruger CCP and so on. It is made of fine material to provide the protection layer for your phone from every damage chances. The required user can directly purchase the holster for cell phone from the online store and the price of the product is affordable price and saves a lot. Before choosing this, you have to make sure the size of the product suitable for your Smartphone size.


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Do you search for a brand new cell phone shoulder holster from a leading manufacturer? Then this is a product for you. If you have a look at this shoulder holster, you will get to know that it is a traditional styled shoulder holster.

cell phone shoulder holster

It incorporates wide flat pads with double layers of Cordura, edgebound and they are laminated for comfort and stability. You will get a 4-way size adjustment from the harness for acquiring a perfect fit without binding below the arms or at the back of the neck.

shoulder holster cell phone holder

  • It is a completely comfortable as well as concealable phone shoulder holster.
  • Wallet pouch and cell pouch is attached to be hanged in the horizontal position below the arm, using the flip projected forward for simple access.
  • The holster is made only of top grade and premium materials and without surplus fillers or liners or automotive foams.


Is comfort your utmost expectation from cell phone shoulder holster? Here is the product you should own. Use this product to carry your phone under a shirt or jacket, where you can easily place your phone but not seen out. You will find an accessory pouch or wallet pouch on the side against the holder.

shoulder holster for cell phone

This is, of course, concealable and gives your shoulder a great comfort using pads. As a wallet pouch is attached to this mobile phone shoulder holster that is positioned under the arm, you can able to gain easy access.

cell phone shoulder holster for apple iphone 6 plus

  • Made of top quality material without the use of harmful liners, filler or automotive foams
  • The nylon exterior offers resistance to moisture, abrasions, and scuffs.
  • The interior is featured with a smooth nylon lining as well as closed cell foam moisture barrier.
  • The mix of hand finishing and materials offers a good looking, durable and long wearing phone shoulder holster.


You are sure to get delighted with this shoulder holster for a cell phone as it comes with wallet pouch and smartphone pouch. It is a lightweight, comfortable, shoulder holster that is crafted to keep your belongings secure, safer and concealed.

mobile phone shoulder holster uk

This mobile phone shoulder holster is completely modular and can be significantly customized by moving the pouches easily from side-to-side over the shoulder harness.  For right-handed people, it becomes immensely easier to have smartphone pouch under the left arm and wallet behind the right. For left-handed people, it is all easier just to switch them up.

mobile phone shoulder holster uk

  • The shoulder harness of this product is handmade in light-weight nylon materials. This can hug shoulders comfortably and adhere well to any individual body shape over the course of time.
  • All four straps in this shoulder phone holster can be adjustable, and so the length of the shoulder can be customized to fit a unique body size and shape.
  • It looks quite similar to James Bond shoulder holster.


This is a double side shoulder phone holster that allows hands-free, discreet and convenient carry. Get this ultimate product that boasts great adjustability and excellent quality, while fitting comfortably on you. If you have been fed up of keeping your cell phone in the t-shirt and experienced difficulty in reaching the wallet, you will really feel overjoyed the moment you start using this product.

cell phone shoulder holster large 4

Now, you can easily access your wallet and phone from a very comfortable mobile shoulder holster. This product is highly recommended as the best alternative to carrying your wallet and cell phone.

  • The use of high-end materials to make this shoulder holster for phone and above all, its hand finishing make this product good-looking, strong and a long wearing holster.
  • Made of lightweight nylon harness
  • Attached with accessory pouch and 5×5 inch wallet pouch.
  • Phone pouch holds comfortably the phones that are about 3 inches wide and 5 inches tall.
  • Perfect shoulder holster for men.


Are you looking for a phone holster for the shoulder with more convenient features? Here you go! Made of anti-scratch, high-grade and breathable mesh materials, you can use this product to store, protect and organize your cell phone. Also, use this product to store other mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, mp3, wallet, credit card and personal belongings.

cell phone shoulder holster toronto

The availability of multi-function suspension system at the shoulder place can be utilized to hang your earphone, interphone, sunglasses, etc.. As this shoulder holster is well-hidden underarm, you can carry it while wearing your jacket or suit and you will not be found out wearing a shoulder bag actually.

cell phone double shoulder holster

  • Perfect for all men to wear
  • With the shoulder belt, it is possible to wear it across the body
  • Can be worn hidden under jacket, suit and any ordinary work wear
  • It has three pockets on the front side, for safety storage, protect and keep cell phone and other gadgets organized.


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cell phone double shoulder holster - phone & wallet

Having looked at a list of cell phone holsters for shoulder, you should by now get ready to buy one. As you can receive a myriad of benefits of using phone shoulder holster, you must never overlook it, especially when it comes to the safety of your expensive mobile gadgets. Not only can you use this phone should holster to protect your cell phone, but can also be worn concealed within your outfit.  All these products are made of top-notch materials as well as hand finished to offer a beautiful view and a robust and durable wear.

The fascination for mobile phone holsters is raging now among the smartphone users. Being an innovative item, the cell phone shoulder holster is mainly designed to protect, conceal and hold a cell phone or an iPhone. It can also keep all other stuff usually kept in a wallet and loose pocket items like keys, a passport, etc.

cell phone shoulder holster

Most of the cell phone shoulder holsters are handmade with excellent craftsmanship and developed as lightweight, high-quality product. Motorcycle riders earn great benefits from slinging their valuable stuff under their arms. The cell phone shoulder holster fit the body comfortably and adjusted using a strap at the top of the holster.

The above mentioned smartphone holsters effective for their requirements. Now, the majority of the individuals use these branded phone holsters to protect their phone from the big damage. If you need to achieve the protection and fashion; don’t delay, just enter into the online store. Choose any of these leather cell phone holsters in the online store at an affordable price and various see offers are waiting for you. Get in touch with the online site you may get some idea for the better Smartphone protection through this large phone holster. Make pleasure with the right product and achieve your target of protection.

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