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Provide Added Protection To Your Cell Phone With Leather Smartphone Holsters

If you own an expensive cell phone, then you should use a holster to ensure the safety of your significant investment. With this cell phone holsters with belt loop, you can attach it to your belt or with your trouser at the top. It is a more secure pouch as it gives you the less chance of dropping the mobile phone. The holsters include a cover that prevents your cell phone from peeping out of the holster. Choose extra large cell phone holster from here.

Leather cell phone belt holster

The leather cell phone holster is quite generic and is available in various sizes to accommodate mobile phones of any sizes.

Just bring your cell phone while purchasing this holster to ensure a perfect fit. You will get the best deals if you choose to buy leather phone holster online. We have listed out the best five leather holster case for your cell phone.


This Horizontal leather cell phone holster ensures added protection and lets you carry your expensive cell phone safely. Made with the high-quality leather material, this cell phone case comes with velveteen interior which protects your mobile phone from scratches. As this cell phone holster comes with magnetic closure, the device remains easily accessible.

leather cell phone holster

It includes two types of attachment- a durable belt clip and added belt loops to ensure extra security. The best part of this leather phone holster is that it provides protection to your mobile while hiking, biking, trekking or any other activities that you indulge in outdoor. You are sure to get a great value for your money by purchasing this leather holster.

back side of leather phone holster

  • Durable leather material
  • Velvetine interior
  • Horizontal holster
  • Magnetic closure
  • Durable belt clip and holster belt loop


This horizontal large size pouch is compatible with a broad range of SmartPhones. This leather cell phone holster is perfectly fitting for the mobile phone with silicon or rubber cover. It is large enough, and I made with the high quality leather material. The holster is sleek outside and soft inside with velveteen lining that protects your smartphone against scrapes and nicks.

This leather phone holster even provides your cell phone with ultimate protection against surface damage and unexpected shock caused by accidental dropping. It includes a belt clip and belt loops to attach it to your belt. This leather holster is perfectly made that the sides contain elastic that should be stretched out to take the device out of it.

  • Horizontal and large size pouch
  • Made with high-quality leather and inner velveteen lining
  • Sides fitted with elastic
  • Compatible with most of the smartphone
  • Comes with belt loop holster and belt clips
  • Includes car charger


It is a brand new horizontal leather smartphone holster available in extra large size. You will get an AIS cell phone cleaning cloth made of microfiber. This synthetic leather pouch case lets you carry your smartphone safely. The interior of this leather cell phone holster is lined with synthetic leather that prevents your phone from experiencing severe shock and bump.

The magnetic closure keeps the phone safely inside the case. There are two back loops found along with the belt clip, and this guarantees that your cell phone never fall even if you are jumping or running.  This comes with elastic sides that can be stretched to accommodate your phone.

  • Extra large size leather pouch
  • Inner lining with synthetic material
  • Made with premium leather fabric
  • Belt clip with two back loops
  • Stretchable Elastic sides
  • Magnetic closure

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If you are looking for a carrying case to take your expensive iPhone with you, then you can consider opting for this vertical leather cell phone holster. This leather holster is large enough that it can accommodate a phone with another case. It is designed in such a way that it gives you the ability to carry your cell phone with ease while ensuring ultimate protection.

This pouch seems to have a magnetic closure and durable belt clip. This carrying case can also offer extra protection and shock resistance for your device. You can buy this leather smartphone holster with utmost confidence.

  • Very large carrying case
  • Leather holster in vertical model
  • Magnetic closure
  • Durable belt clip for attachment
  • Ensure shock resistance and protection


You can enjoy the convenience of carrying your cell phone conveniently. This carrying case provides you with the ability to protect your phone. Though it is designed exclusively for Samsung Galaxy S7, it is not too small or too big to accommodate S5 and several other devices as well. This pouch is designed to provide extra protection and shock resistance for your cell phone.

The soft inner lining protects your phone from scratch and nicks. The leather cell phone holster is available in very high quality and is durable. It includes two belt loops, durable belt clip and magnetic closure for added security.

  • Shock resistance to mobile
  • Soft inner lining
  • Premium leather
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Belt clip, two cell phone holster belt loop, and magnetic closure


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Check out best deals of  Most Comfortable IWB Holster HereA high-quality leather phone holster looks elegant and sophisticated, and so, it has been used by a huge number of people to ensure protection to their expensive cell phone. They are durable and strong enough to safeguard your phone from damages if you drop it unknowingly. So, pick up the right leather smartphone holster and protect your device.

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