Look Into The Available Features While Buying Cell Phone Holder For Scooter

Are you driving a scooter? It is quite common to drop mobile phones while riding. On the other hand, it also leads to accidents if you talk with your phone as you ride. However, you can alleviate these hassles when opt for a scooter phone holder. This scooter phone holder come with extra ordinary features that hold your mobile in its place. This prevents you from dropping your expensive smart phones.

Phone Holder For Scooter

But the problem is that today’s market is flooded with lots and lots of choices making it a daunting task to choose the right phone holder. Most of the mobile phone holders available in the market are mirror mount and thereby letting you to explore all the functions on your mobile easily. Whether you receive call or a text message, you can easily view it as your cell is held before you.


Dedicated Moped / Scooter/Scooty Mirror Mount for Apple iPhone 5, 5S

Dedicated to mount the Apple iPhone 5, 5S, this cell phone holder includes a cradle along with a mirror mount made of metal for mopeds and scooters. You will find this specific mobile holder available in clip in style designed for contouring the Apple iPhone 5, 5S or Samsung Galaxy tablets and holding it securely.

Phone mount for scooty

Moreover, the function areas will remain accessible and are perfect for accessible map and GPS applications. This mobile phone holder is also good for cute looking  sooty. It is appropriate for any mirror stop with diameter ranging between 8 to 16 mm. This also facilitates 360 degree tilt and swivel and uses three-prong adapters to fix with the case. With this phone holder package, you will receive one Ultimate Add-ons Mirror Mount, one Ultimate Add-ons 3-prong adaptor and one dedicated iPhone 5, 5s cradle.

phone holder for scooty

Features of mobile holder:

  • Fits any mirror stem with a diameter ranging from 8 to 16 mm
  • 360 degree tilt and swivel
  • 3-prong adaptor
  • Mirror mount attachment


Scooter Phone Holder, Tackform® Universal Scoter Phone Mount

If you carry iphone then you need a good smartphone holder for scooter which should be equipped with Ultra Grip Cradle. It includes a highly secure grip that lets you to customize the grip and ease of holding on cell phone. You will enjoy the same grip strength of iPhone 4, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone Se. This scooter phone holder for  your is an optimal choice for mountain bikes, road bikes, scooters and any two wheelers. One of the major benefits of opting for this cell holder is that you can enjoy complete access to your mobile screen, mic, button and jack.

Phone mount for scooter

It is quite possible to mount your android, iPhone 6 series much easier than ever before. This cell phone mount for scooty is also an optimal choice for cycling and mountain bikes as you can easily access to fitness app whilst riding on the bike.

scooter phone holder

  • Safety slings included
  • Great for fitness tracking
  • Great for any bikes
  • Great for music listening


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Cell Buckle – Scooter Phone Holder, Mount & Handle Bar Mount:

If you are in need of mobile phone holder for any device such as grocery cart, boat, bicycle, scooter or scooty , you can try safe cell holders from Cell Buckle. On purchasing this phone holder, you can fix your expensive device on any vehicle that you are riding on. You can listen to the digital music player with blue tooth device and follow instructions and directions on GPS system.

scooter phone holder

With iphone 4/5/6 holder for scooty , you need not have to take off your hands from the handle bar or take off your eyes from the road. This device allows you to keep your cell phone, iPod and iPhone in from of you for convenient and safe access. This cell phone holder is also versatile enough as you can use this device to hold any electronic device such as iPhone, iPod and other devices.

  • Easy to use and simple installation
  • Used for fixing most electronic mobile devices
  • Sturdy mount
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As already mentioned, you can have scooter phone mount from numerous manufacturers. These devices are meant for rugged use and so, you need to choose the one made with durable materials. This helps you to ensure the security and safety of your costly mobile devices. The interesting feature about mobile phone holder for scooter is that they can be installed easily simply by going through the instruction.

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