5 Best Rear View Mirror Phone Holders

The rear view mirror phone holders’ helps to hang the mobile phone which may need to detect route with the help of GPS detector. They are made up of a very good quality with a stable viewing environment. The rear view mirror cell phone holder comes in an extra firm goose neck which absorbs vibration.

They are very easy to install and don’t require any tools while installing on the rear view mirror. The rear view mirror phone mount comes with the adjustable clamp which is thick in its texture. The benefit of using rear view mirror cell phone mount is that, it will help the driver to maintain the neat device that will hold the phone stiff and the driver can pay attention on the road without glancing down on the phone and taking eyes off the road. The rear view mirror phone holder will also help the user to function the device as a proper GPS and lead to the correct way.


There are some of the best rear view mirror phone holders which give good benefits for using phone holders. The best phone holders are as follows:

rear view mirror phone mount

The bracket rear view mirror phone mount gives the user 360 degrees function of the swivel for horizontal or vertical use. It provides the access and control to buttons and screen. It is flexible and  fit s any of the vehicles. It has an adjustable holder which gives the user the secure mount.

The neck of the holder is flexible goose neck design. It gives the user the advantage of easy installation and remove process. It is an iPhone holder for car mirrors. This is best suited for apple iPhone 3S, 4S, 5S, and 6S series and also for Samsung galaxy S6, S5, S4, S3, and other android smartphones. The color option available is only black.


rear view mirror cell phone mount

The adjustable phone holder for car mirror is an universal car back rear view mirror  as mount stand holder which is best suitable for Apple I phones series – GPS Navigation system, Samsung galaxy S series , galaxy note 4, 3, 2, and LG tribute, optimus, nokia Lumia, Lenovo, Sony xperia Z series, Huawei, Google nexus, honor and blackberry and other smartphones.

It has the extra firm neck which absorbs vibrations and provides a stable viewing environment. It is also called as the iPhone holder for car rear view mirror. This is again a 360 degree rotation for providing the user horizontal and vertical views. This product is easy to install and doesn’t require any tools and equipment. It has the easy adjustment for optimal viewing.


The mate mount gets easily fit in anywhere in the car and thereby also in the rear view mirror. It is a model which has a RAM and offers a mirror adaptor with a ball. It not only looks amazing but also performs beyond expectations.

This is ideally suited for the mounting of GPS devices, the rear view mobile display, radar detectors, cell phones and much more. There is no such thing as a mounting problem, only the RAM solutions. It has a patented universal rubber ball and a socket system which allows the user to mount virtually anything and anywhere. It is made up of a marine grade aluminum material with the powder coated finish and the rubber balls.

It has the feature of superior shock absorbent and has the vibration absorbent too. The mate mount provides easy installation and is light weighted. It is made up of high strength composite and the rubber balls. The available color is black. The mate mount phone holders is suitable for the vehicles like ford, Chrysler and Toyota. It comes in a standard package.


rear view mirror phone holder

The flexible rear view mirror cell phone holder is composed of the high quality silicon exclusively designed for multitude uses. It is also called as the bondi hang which is handy little holder. Its head is of hooked type which can be hang on the rear view mirror, it also has two arms with hands and the two jutting legs with upturned feet.

It hold things perfectly and conveniently hangs on a piece of equipment. Apart from using it as a cell phone holder bondi also be used as a book mounts, can be placed anywhere to hold the cell phone. It is one of the coolest gadgets with many color options available.


Why you should get phone holders today:

  1. The rear view car phone holders are very useful for the user.
  2. It provides the GPS network easy to look into the mobile without changing the glance from the road and hence it saves lives as it lowers the risk of accidents.
  3. But before buying any phone holders one should have the clear views about the product which is best fitted for their vehicle and the mobile phone they are using. You can also try your hand on DIY rear view phone mount.
  4. Because there are different types of rear view mirror phone mount for cars according to the mobile devices.
  5. The mobile holder should have the features of shock absorbent and the vibrations control.
  6. The phone holder should be flexible to use without any inconvenience while looking into the mobile.

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Therefore, the rear view mirror cell phone holder plays a vital role in following the traffic rules and regulations for the drivers as it eliminates the risk of shifting the eyes from the road. The mobile phone holders used in the rear view mirror comes with many benefits and advantages. The user can be benefited only when they select the appropriate product and the model whic

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