Secrets And Tips On Soundproofing A Car

Who would’ve thought that soundproofing a car is now done and considered by many motorists and travelers? Even car companies and manufacturers are devising ways to come up with new soundproofed car models. Why is that so?
The most common noise problem on any vehicle is the droning sound of the engine, especially if the car is already old. Because almost all of the car is made of the metal sheet which is a very good conductor, engine noise coming from under the hood is ultimately transmitted to the passengers’ ears.


Screeching tires, clanking sound from the shock, yelling drunken bystanders and the ear-splitting sound from the drill in a highway under construction are just some of the noise you want to avoid when you’re driving home in your car. Sometimes, closing the car windows would do the trick but sometimes, doing that isn’t nearly enough; you need to soundproof your car.

How To Soundproof A Car:
The good news is that there are a great number of available products out there for soundproofing a car. You can choose from among an array of mats, foams and other modern vehicle upholsteries. The bad news is that there is very little useful and how-to information on actually soundproofing a car anywhere. When sound deadening your car, you need to follow some essential directions and guidelines. Here’s an effective way I found somewhere:
First, you need to do something about the problem of engine noise. Detach the fiberglass hood mat from the underside of the hood and clean the entire area thoroughly. Next, cut a piece of closed-cell foam mat, probably a dense vinyl nitrile type, carefully following the pattern and contour of the hood. If you want to make the task easier and if you want to have a precise cut, then use an electric kitchen knife. An additional tip is to make use of your car’s protective mat. Cut the soundproofing foam in the same pattern as the car mat so that you’ll be sure that it would fit and conform to the ridges perfectly.
After you have finished cutting the foam, clean the bottom of the hood with a rag and some alcohol. This process is to make sure that the adhesive would really stick to the metal. Spray contact cement to the base of the hood and to the smooth side of the soundproofing mat. Keep the two pieces away from each other for a while then stick them together when the adhesive already becomes quite tacky. You may use some sort of a tape to support the mat until it becomes dry enough to hold on its own. Most soundproofing mats and foams can withstand hot temperature and are durable enough to last for years.
Then there are those materials that you can use for the floors, the doors and the back section of a van or the compartment of your car. Other people even have their classic cars soundproofed with insulating materials. Soundproofing a car doesn’t only guarantee a quiet ride but it also relieves you of the added stress from the many bothersome noises on the highway while you’re driving home from work.

Before you DIY:

Before you go out and soundproof your car there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind. Firstly get your car checked by a mechanic. There is no benefit of soundproofing your car if the noise is internal and can be fixed by fixing a part or two. Secondly, when you soundproof your car you need to keep the budget in mind. Don’t go overboard with soundproofing and there is absolutely no need to hire a professional if you have a tight budget. So do follow these tips and get rid of those noises!



Style your drive with the 5 best steering wheel phone holder

Are you driving a car? Does it get too awkward when you are going for a long or a short drive in a busy area and your phone is ringing? It is just too good to go on driving in unknown places and then end up getting lost? Well, to come up from this you need to proper GPS which will be stuck around your eyes. This is the reason why the innovation of mount holders have come up which you can stick on the windshield or the steering wheel of your car.

steering wheel cell phone mount

The steering wheel phone holder is just a power to your drive giving you the maximum opportunity to hold your mobile phone and keep it straight while you are driving. If you are confused in buying one, just go through this post to know 5 best steering wheel phone holder:


If you are staying in the USA and looking for a really good steering wheel cell phone holder then you simply cannot miss this one. This is a universal cell phone mount and can easily hold your Apple devices. Thus, it gives you a good chance to view the GPS while driving and without taking your eyes off the road.

steering wheel phone holder

The design of this steering wheel cell phone holder comes to be very stylish and can be easily fitted to any cars. Though the bottom rubber grip can pop off while you remove the smartphone mount, it is still very good for you to pick this one. However, the best position of placing it can be horizontally so that it does not block your speedometer. Overall, if you are willing to get something in this low price then it is a good one to go for.

  • WizGear Cell Phone Steering Wheel Holder 

If you are looking for a perfect combination of price over than style and good quality then this is simply one of the best steering wheel cell phone mount that you can get. Though the WizGear mount is universal, placing your LG mobile will be the best call to buy this one.

steering wheel cell phone holder

The mount has a great grip which leads your phone to hold well and get it engaged. However, the best thing of this steering wheel cell phone mount is that you can grip it to any part of your steering wheel. So if you are on the roads of Canada, it won’t be a tough thing for you to get your phone mounted on this. The grip is quite strong and does firmly holds your device whenever there is any such jerking as well as bumps on the road.

Just with a combination of quality and price, this is one of the coolest mobile holders for car steering you can get in Malaysia. Well, with a good adjustable grip, this mount easily fits into any steering wheel of a car and this gives the minimum eye movement required.

mobile holder for car steering

However, the best part is that the mobile holder for car steering does even looks well and is universal for your Samsung device to get a good space it. The structure of this cell phone mount is basically a jaw shaped which gives full advantage to hold your device. As a matter of fact, it will not even affect the grip if your steering has a cover.

If you are in Singapore and looking to get a good cell phone steering wheel holder then you simply cannot stay without the Gomeir Multifunctional Car Mount Stand Holder Cradle Bracket. Not just because of the price but this mobile phone mount has a great grip and good features that you will like. The sleek design of the cell phone steering wheel holder gets your Microsoft mobile phone with a good review and also a tight fit.

cell phone steering wheel holder

However, for me, I have spotted this in one of my cousin’s car and the design of it has impressed me a lot. So if you are willing to buy one, you can go for this easily. The best part of this is the adjustable grip which leads him to plug in a USB cable along with the mount. The gripping power is unbelievable and quite comfortable too. So buy Steering wheel phone holder.

If you are in the country of United Kingdom and looking for a real good steering wheel smartphone holder then you can simply go for this product. The clamp that comes up as a new holding system helps a lot of people to view the GPS without much eye move. This will help you to have a good look at the HTC mobile phone just when you need it.

steering wheel smartphone holder

However, the steering wheel smartphone holder is just quite attractive to fit on to any steering wheel which gives a good balance. If you place the phone horizontally, it will give you the option of viewing the fuel tank as well as the digital speedometer. So if you want to get the best out of this tablet car holder, you can place any smartphone without any hesitation. But there is one thing- the iTimo Universal Car Steering Wheel Mobile Phone Stand Holder will not let your down once you purchase it or try to install it on the wheel.


The use of a steering wheel phone holder is getting quite common for every user and this is quite beneficial for you to have one such too. If you are having a problem in picking up the perfect mount, just follow the guide to pick up any one of the Best 5 steering wheel smartphone holder.

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Best Suction Cup Phone Holder for your costly device

Without a cell phone it is hard to imagine a life as phones play music, browse the internet, send emails and take pictures, etc. For all its usefulness, a cell phone can also be a source of accidents while driving. To remedy this manufacturers offer suction cup phone holder which can be installed in the car and allow the driver to use the cell phone hands-free.

suction cup phone holder

A suction cup phone holder is a type of device that secures a cell phone in a fixed location. These suction cup phone holder are normally installed in places where one needs to have their hands-free to do something else. Beside from a person’s car, suction cup phone holder can also be found on a bike or a motorcycle. Choosing among various  phone holder can be confusing especially when one does not know the different types available.


There are some of the best suction cell phone holder which gives good benefits for using phone holders. The best phone holders are as follows:

  •  Twist Lock Suction Cup Holder:

This consists of a twist lock suction cup base with a double socket system and universal spring loaded x-grip holder for cell phones. The suction mount phone holder lock base is designed with a strong hold on glass and non-porous plastic surfaces, including adhesive disks. The mobile phone holder for car suction is designed with double socket system which allows almost the infinite adjustment and perfect viewing angle.

suction cup phone holder for car

The included x-grip cradle in the suction cup phone holder for car has a clean and clever led design which sports great holding power and allows a perfect custom fit.


  • Universal magnetic cell phone car mount:

The suction mobile phone holder allows to access and mount the phone quickly and more safely so that a person can pay attention to the road ahead. This comes with extra strength rare earth magnets, adjustable 360 degrees and its upgraded double suction technology allows mounting to texture surfaces.

suction cup cell phone holder

The cell phone suction cup holder includes two ultra-thin mounting pates so that multiple devices can be used with the mount. This allows any size phones, GPS device and small tablets to securely mount to the dashboard.

  • Car universal phone holder suction cup:

The suction cup mobile phone holder stand have flexible long arms and it can be clipped onto any desk, bed headboard, chair, wall cabinet, etc. The mobile phone section holder does not require any tools and can be installed easily.

suction cup holder bathroom

The suction mount cell phone holder is designed with a solid quality silicone, anti-shock, anti-deformation, simple and generous appearance with a long durability. The cell phone holder with suction cup is fully adjustable with 360 degree rotation and can fit most of the mobile phones.

  • Suction cup holder for bathroom:

The micro suction phone holder is easy to install with one touch mounting system locks releases or rotates the device with just one hand operation. The phone holder suction cup won’t stick to air conditioning vents of the car. The best suction cup phone holder bracket is made of high density material, have excellent characteristic of high strength, good toughness with high and low temperature resistance.

suction cup phone holder for car

This is the latest unique design for bathroom with extremely strong suction and steady support for large screen smartphones like iPhone 6 plus or Samsung note 4 and also up to 7 inches tablets.

Benefits of using suction cup phone holder:

It is important to know why people should consider having a suction phone holder in their vehicle.

  • Prevent distractions on the road – suction cup cell phone holder helps to avoid potential distractions which lead to accidents by placing the cell phone in a location where a person can easily see.
  • Hear conversations better – This cell phone holder also helps in being able to hear the other party more clearly. Instead of balancing the cell phone between necks, a mounted cell phone can be easily given a voice command to put the caller on speaker. Some phone holder even offers sound amplification which is helpful especially for those who frequently has to take calls while on the road.
  • Access music without difficulty – A suction phone holder can come in handy for those who enjoy playing music with their cell phone. A suction phone holder allows a person to quickly change the station, song or playlist with an ease. It helps to lessen the level of contact between the driver and the phone.
  • Use the cell phone as a GPS – global positioning system or GPS in short, provides an easy way to get to and from various destinations by displaying maps and routing point-to-point directions. A suction phone holder can be mounted to the dashboard in a similar position to a built-in GPS system.
  • Doubles as a cell phone charger – some of the suction cell phone holder also double as a charger. Depending on the design, a mount can be labelled as passive or active. Passive cell phone mounts require the user to attach the cell phone to the vehicle’s electric system while active cell phone mounts will charge the phone as soon as it is placed on the cradle.


The suction cup phone holder are a great way to easily access one’s cell phone in a moving vehicle. The phone holder’s help to keep people from getting distracted while on the road and the suction cup phone holder also make to hear the other party easier and allow people to access their music without difficulty. The suction cup phone holder also make movie watching more convenient as well. The suction cup phone holder also give the user a way to see their cell phone clearly when using it as a GPS device. The suction cup phone holder may also be used with other devices besides the cell phone.






Cigarette Lighter Phone Holder

There are many cigarette lighter phone holders available these days for the smokers, but at the same time they should be cautious as the chances of short circuit is very high and the car or maybe the lives at risk.The cell phone holder plugs into the cigarette lighter in any standard 12v car lighter port and is adjustable to any viewing angle.

cigarette lighter phone mount

The car cigarette lighter and phone holder comes in the 360-degree rotation angle which is easy to handle. The fumble for the cell phone while getting an incoming call and taking the attention off the road ahead while scanning the horizon for a cop car are all the incidents that leads to any accident by staying lesser focused on the roads.

Different types of cigarette lighter phone mounts:

There any many types of cigarette lighter phone mount that is suitable according to the phone model and the place on which the holder needs to be installed. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Hands-free car phone holder with cigarette lighter mount.
  • A sturdy stand with snugly holder.
  • The peri powder holder.
  • Cigarette lighter iPhones holder.
  • Socket cradle USB holder

These are the best cigarette lighter phone holders. Some of the techniques of using cigarette lighter phone holders and its features are elaborated below.


This model is the combination of the cigarette lighter mount and the mobile phone holder comes with the flexible neck and provides the hands-free option for the mobiles like iPhone 5 and many cellular smartphone models. It can easily be removed and stored when not in use. This mounting system doesn’t require the user to stick anything to the windshield or the dashboard.

cigarette lighter phone holder cigarette lighter phone mount cigarette lighter cell phone mount cigarette lighter cell phone holder car phone holder cigarette lighter car cigarette lighter phone holder cell phone holder plugs into cigarette lighter cigarette lighter iphone holder cigarette lighter phone case iphone 6 cigarette lighter mount cigarette lighter socket car mount holder iphone cigarette lighter mount charger

It plugs into any cigarette lighter or 12 volts power receptacle and tightens instantly with a clockwise turn. The neck of the holder is made up of flexible aluminum and it can be adjusted to optimize viewing. The holder is sized to maximum functionality and look great in any vehicle. The padded sides of the holder protect the phone from scratches and it lets the phone move in and out with just the push on a single button. Therefore, it is not a chargeable unit.

The sturdy stand with snugly cigarette lighter phone holder has a 2 USB charging ports. This model is considered as the best car accessories for the mobiles like Samsung galaxy, Apple iPhone, LG, Google Nexus, and GPS. This model is the best fit for the users who care about their families and who care about their safety.

cigarette lighter cell phone mount

This model is made up of superior quality manufacturing materials. It has the dual USB charging ports which ensure that the mobile phone stays online always. It also gives the efficient charging speed for the mobile devices. It is considered as the most versatile and the easily used car mount cigarette lighter holder on the market. It is suitable for many iOS and android smartphones and other iPod models.

  • Cigarette lighter iPhones holder:

The cigarette lighter for the iPhone holder is designed especially for the Apple mobiles. The iPhone 6 cigarette lighter mounts are multifunctional and have the built in lighter with the bottle opener and also has the camera stable tripod case. The cigarette lighter mount and the mobile phone holder comes with the flexible neck and provides the hands-free option for the iPhone mobiles.

This car mount holder offered by Arkon is also provided with USB Charger for charging iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5, 5S, 5C, along with Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, Note 4 and 3 etc. Many companies’ offers this iPhone 6 plus car mount holder at very low cost. The open size of its grip arms is 3.25 inches and close condition its length is 2.25 inches. It is well supported the manufacturers.

This is the universal car mount which has the 2 in 1 car charger and holder, Cigarette lighter adapter with Dual Charging USB ports. It also has the adjustable arch design and keeps the devices steady & firm in its position. It is the versatile holder with full 360-degree rotation

cigarette lighter cell phone holder

Support mobile phone and GPS charging with output USB socket. It also has the flexible neck which can be twisted and bent to position the holder at easy to reach positions. Order bulk quantity of Cigarette Lighter Phone Holders from manufacturer at wholesale rate now.

 The cigarette lighter cell phone mount comes in the stylish design with best in class and quality. The car phone holder cigarette lighter is easy to install and assemble.  The cigarette can be lighted on the device by putting it on the lighter which needs to be pushed in and it will get warm up. When the lighter is fully heated it will pop out. Then pull the lighter out. It should look red. Put the cigarette on the red indication and the cigarette will get lighten up. So If you want to drive safe and then use this phone holder for sure.


Best 5 Car Vent Phone Holders

For better or worse, smartphones have become the essential part of driving. While driving smartphones are used to play music, for directions and sometimes to make calls. A good car vent phone holder allows completing these tasks easily and safely. A good car vent mount helps to position the smartphones where one can quickly have a glance at it. An air vent phone holder needs to attach securely to the car.

car vent mount

A vent phone holder should make the phone easy to see the view of the without blocking it. A phone holder air vent also needs to grip the phone tightly which will help in changing the angle and direction of the phone easily. A car vent phone mount should fit every size of the smartphone compatible to its requirement. Vent mount phone holder has rubber arms which firmly grips the slats in the cars air vent. The weight of the larger phones makes a mounts sturdiness especially important.


Some of the Vent phone holders that count for the best are:

The air vent magnetic holder can easily place and remove the phone. The mount features two types of size slits to fit in a variety of air vents. Car mobile phone holder’s strong magnetic attraction holds the smartphone or phone case securely. Air vent car mount holder is designed to support smartphones such as galaxy s7, s6 edge, note 5 and 4, lg g5 and g4, iPhone6, 6s plus and more.

air vent phone holder

The car vent mount holder can position in any direction as needed. The car vent phone holder comes with two metal plate’s one in the rectangle and the other in a circle. The metal plates will delay the capabilities of wireless charging.

air vent phone holdedr

The rubberized material design of the clip-on makes sure that the dashboard stays clean and scratch free. The vent mount holder is also portable. The Spigen air vent magnetic holder is excellent and can be installed easily.


 The idea of smartphone holders for the cars has a clever and tricky mechanism. The mount fits well into the cd slot of Toyota Prius car. Car vent phone mount holds the phone without slipping and twisting. The installation is very easy just needs to insert the car mount holder into the cd tray and tighten the securing screws.

The one issue with this type of car mount is the thumb screw. The thumb screw tends to obstruct some of the features of the dash board. The magnets are very strong to hold large phones. It will really make an impressive and perfect purchase.

The mount holds the phone tightly even on the bumpy roads. The magnets are more strong and hold moto x, nexus 5 and iPhone 6, etc. There will be no problem with the quality and work of the product.


Air vent universal smartphone car vent phone holder brings new air vent type of mounting for smartphone users. The mount allows every smartphone to hold with or without the case. The mount technology is easy and can be installed very conveniently. The innovative ball head design helps to adjust the angle perfectly in 360 degrees.

car air vent phone holder

The air vent mount holder also allows to tilt left, right, up and down to create a perfect position. The simple design of the car mount provided solid and secure mounting experience. The mount allows the air ventilation operation without blocking it to reach smartphones.

It’s great vent versatility allows air flow easier. The mount is compatible with most of the smartphones, Such as iPhone, Samsung galaxy. The mount is clipped on and off very easily with one hand.


The car vent mount is a safe and simple way for viewing the navigation in the cars. The mount attaches smart phones securely like I Phone 6 plus, I Phone 6 or another smartphone to the air vent of the car’s dash. The mount keeps the phones connector tangle free to stay connected with the device.

air vent cell phone holder

The mount also makes easy to charge the smartphone using car’s power outlet. The mount is compatible with iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, 5c, 5, iPhone 4s/ 4 and many android devices. The mount is also a low profile which works with most of

The mount also makes easy to charge the smartphone using car’s power outlet. The mount is compatible with iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, 5c, 5, iPhone 4s/ 4 and many android devices. The mount is also a low profile which works with most of car vents. The car cell phone holder is easy to access, and will not interfere the view while driving.


The smartphone mount makes the use of phone a perfect place to reach navigation and quick dialing. It can fit almost any type of smartphone. The air vent cell phone holder can be used with multiple devices.

phone holder air vent

The mount is a simple, spring-loaded clamp which slides into the air vent. It is also versatile and portable. The car vent phone holders improve the experience of driving. One of the world’s most portable car mounts for the smartphones.

Just the cell phone air mount needs to be attached to the air vent and needs to insert the smartphone into it. The car vent phone holder makes the perfect companion for everyday use and vacations.


Why you should get a Car vent phone holder:

  • A car vent phone holder fits every car air vent.
  • The strong magnet in the phone holder protects the smartphone from falling down and damage.
  • The car vent phone holder has cradle-less design and are compatible with every smartphone available.
  • Car vent holders help in using the smartphones safely in position for the desired view.
  • Some of the cell phone holders are easy to handle and are quickly removable.
  • Generally, the vent holders have two grip settings. Vent mount does not obstruct the view of the windshield while driving a car. The vent mount does not require any modifications while using them.
  • The car vent phone holder is most helpful and super simple.
  • Most of the car vent phone holders are stable and are reliable.

Comparison table for best available AC vent phone holder in the market


Product Image Phone Holder Price Rating
 air vent phone holder Spigen Car vent phone holder $$ ***** Techmatte Vent phone holder $$ ****
 car air vent phone holder Koomus Air vent phone holder $$ *****
 air vent cell phone holder Belkin Car vent mount $$ ****
 phone holder air vent Kenu Car vent phone holder $$ ****
 car mount phone holder Havit  Magnetic Car Mount used in Vent $$ *****
 car holder Aikema Car phone holder for Air Vent $$ *****
  WizGear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Holder $$ ***
  ABCO Air Vent Smartphone Car Mount $$ *****


The using of mounts gives an ideal place for the smartphones. The mounts are simple, compact and hence the affordable option for any car to place a smartphone. The amounts magnetic mechanism are smaller and easier. The mounts will hold every smartphone in or out of a case and fits on every car’s vent.

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