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Best Suction Cup Phone Holder for your costly device

Without a cell phone it is hard to imagine a life as phones play music, browse the internet, send emails and take pictures, etc. For all its usefulness, a cell phone can also be a source of accidents while driving. To remedy this manufacturers offer suction cup phone holder which can be installed in the car and allow the driver to use the cell phone hands-free.

suction cup phone holder

A suction cup phone holder is a type of device that secures a cell phone in a fixed location. These suction cup phone holder are normally installed in places where one needs to have their hands-free to do something else. Beside from a person’s car, suction cup phone holder can also be found on a bike or a motorcycle. Choosing among various  phone holder can be confusing especially when one does not know the different types available.


There are some of the best suction cell phone holder which gives good benefits for using phone holders. The best phone holders are as follows:

  •  Twist Lock Suction Cup Holder:

This consists of a twist lock suction cup base with a double socket system and universal spring loaded x-grip holder for cell phones. The suction mount phone holder lock base is designed with a strong hold on glass and non-porous plastic surfaces, including adhesive disks. The mobile phone holder for car suction is designed with double socket system which allows almost the infinite adjustment and perfect viewing angle.

suction cup phone holder for car

The included x-grip cradle in the suction cup phone holder for car has a clean and clever led design which sports great holding power and allows a perfect custom fit.


  • Universal magnetic cell phone car mount:

The suction mobile phone holder allows to access and mount the phone quickly and more safely so that a person can pay attention to the road ahead. This comes with extra strength rare earth magnets, adjustable 360 degrees and its upgraded double suction technology allows mounting to texture surfaces.

suction cup cell phone holder

The cell phone suction cup holder includes two ultra-thin mounting pates so that multiple devices can be used with the mount. This allows any size phones, GPS device and small tablets to securely mount to the dashboard.

  • Car universal phone holder suction cup:

The suction cup mobile phone holder stand have flexible long arms and it can be clipped onto any desk, bed headboard, chair, wall cabinet, etc. The mobile phone section holder does not require any tools and can be installed easily.

suction cup holder bathroom

The suction mount cell phone holder is designed with a solid quality silicone, anti-shock, anti-deformation, simple and generous appearance with a long durability. The cell phone holder with suction cup is fully adjustable with 360 degree rotation and can fit most of the mobile phones.

  • Suction cup holder for bathroom:

The micro suction phone holder is easy to install with one touch mounting system locks releases or rotates the device with just one hand operation. The phone holder suction cup won’t stick to air conditioning vents of the car. The best suction cup phone holder bracket is made of high density material, have excellent characteristic of high strength, good toughness with high and low temperature resistance.

suction cup phone holder for car

This is the latest unique design for bathroom with extremely strong suction and steady support for large screen smartphones like iPhone 6 plus or Samsung note 4 and also up to 7 inches tablets.

Benefits of using suction cup phone holder:

It is important to know why people should consider having a suction phone holder in their vehicle.

  • Prevent distractions on the road – suction cup cell phone holder helps to avoid potential distractions which lead to accidents by placing the cell phone in a location where a person can easily see.
  • Hear conversations better – This cell phone holder also helps in being able to hear the other party more clearly. Instead of balancing the cell phone between necks, a mounted cell phone can be easily given a voice command to put the caller on speaker. Some phone holder even offers sound amplification which is helpful especially for those who frequently has to take calls while on the road.
  • Access music without difficulty – A suction phone holder can come in handy for those who enjoy playing music with their cell phone. A suction phone holder allows a person to quickly change the station, song or playlist with an ease. It helps to lessen the level of contact between the driver and the phone.
  • Use the cell phone as a GPS – global positioning system or GPS in short, provides an easy way to get to and from various destinations by displaying maps and routing point-to-point directions. A suction phone holder can be mounted to the dashboard in a similar position to a built-in GPS system.
  • Doubles as a cell phone charger – some of the suction cell phone holder also double as a charger. Depending on the design, a mount can be labelled as passive or active. Passive cell phone mounts require the user to attach the cell phone to the vehicle’s electric system while active cell phone mounts will charge the phone as soon as it is placed on the cradle.


The suction cup phone holder are a great way to easily access one’s cell phone in a moving vehicle. The phone holder’s help to keep people from getting distracted while on the road and the suction cup phone holder also make to hear the other party easier and allow people to access their music without difficulty. The suction cup phone holder also make movie watching more convenient as well. The suction cup phone holder also give the user a way to see their cell phone clearly when using it as a GPS device. The suction cup phone holder may also be used with other devices besides the cell phone.





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