Cigarette Lighter Phone Holder

There are many cigarette lighter phone holders available these days for the smokers, but at the same time they should be cautious as the chances of short circuit is very high and the car or maybe the lives at risk.The cell phone holder plugs into the cigarette lighter in any standard 12v car lighter port and is adjustable to any viewing angle.

cigarette lighter phone mount

The car cigarette lighter and phone holder comes in the 360-degree rotation angle which is easy to handle. The fumble for the cell phone while getting an incoming call and taking the attention off the road ahead while scanning the horizon for a cop car are all the incidents that leads to any accident by staying lesser focused on the roads.

Different types of cigarette lighter phone mounts:

There any many types of cigarette lighter phone mount that is suitable according to the phone model and the place on which the holder needs to be installed. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Hands-free car phone holder with cigarette lighter mount.
  • A sturdy stand with snugly holder.
  • The peri powder holder.
  • Cigarette lighter iPhones holder.
  • Socket cradle USB holder

These are the best cigarette lighter phone holders. Some of the techniques of using cigarette lighter phone holders and its features are elaborated below.


This model is the combination of the cigarette lighter mount and the mobile phone holder comes with the flexible neck and provides the hands-free option for the mobiles like iPhone 5 and many cellular smartphone models. It can easily be removed and stored when not in use. This mounting system doesn’t require the user to stick anything to the windshield or the dashboard.

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It plugs into any cigarette lighter or 12 volts power receptacle and tightens instantly with a clockwise turn. The neck of the holder is made up of flexible aluminum and it can be adjusted to optimize viewing. The holder is sized to maximum functionality and look great in any vehicle. The padded sides of the holder protect the phone from scratches and it lets the phone move in and out with just the push on a single button. Therefore, it is not a chargeable unit.

The sturdy stand with snugly cigarette lighter phone holder has a 2 USB charging ports. This model is considered as the best car accessories for the mobiles like Samsung galaxy, Apple iPhone, LG, Google Nexus, and GPS. This model is the best fit for the users who care about their families and who care about their safety.

cigarette lighter cell phone mount

This model is made up of superior quality manufacturing materials. It has the dual USB charging ports which ensure that the mobile phone stays online always. It also gives the efficient charging speed for the mobile devices. It is considered as the most versatile and the easily used car mount cigarette lighter holder on the market. It is suitable for many iOS and android smartphones and other iPod models.

  • Cigarette lighter iPhones holder:

The cigarette lighter for the iPhone holder is designed especially for the Apple mobiles. The iPhone 6 cigarette lighter mounts are multifunctional and have the built in lighter with the bottle opener and also has the camera stable tripod case. The cigarette lighter mount and the mobile phone holder comes with the flexible neck and provides the hands-free option for the iPhone mobiles.

This car mount holder offered by Arkon is also provided with USB Charger for charging iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5, 5S, 5C, along with Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, Note 4 and 3 etc. Many companies’ offers this iPhone 6 plus car mount holder at very low cost. The open size of its grip arms is 3.25 inches and close condition its length is 2.25 inches. It is well supported the manufacturers.

This is the universal car mount which has the 2 in 1 car charger and holder, Cigarette lighter adapter with Dual Charging USB ports. It also has the adjustable arch design and keeps the devices steady & firm in its position. It is the versatile holder with full 360-degree rotation

cigarette lighter cell phone holder

Support mobile phone and GPS charging with output USB socket. It also has the flexible neck which can be twisted and bent to position the holder at easy to reach positions. Order bulk quantity of Cigarette Lighter Phone Holders from manufacturer at wholesale rate now.

 The cigarette lighter cell phone mount comes in the stylish design with best in class and quality. The car phone holder cigarette lighter is easy to install and assemble.  The cigarette can be lighted on the device by putting it on the lighter which needs to be pushed in and it will get warm up. When the lighter is fully heated it will pop out. Then pull the lighter out. It should look red. Put the cigarette on the red indication and the cigarette will get lighten up. So If you want to drive safe and then use this phone holder for sure.

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