Best 5 Car Vent Phone Holders

For better or worse, smartphones have become the essential part of driving. While driving smartphones are used to play music, for directions and sometimes to make calls. A good car vent phone holder allows completing these tasks easily and safely. A good car vent mount helps to position the smartphones where one can quickly have a glance at it. An air vent phone holder needs to attach securely to the car.

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A vent phone holder should make the phone easy to see the view of the without blocking it. A phone holder air vent also needs to grip the phone tightly which will help in changing the angle and direction of the phone easily. A car vent phone mount should fit every size of the smartphone compatible to its requirement. Vent mount phone holder has rubber arms which firmly grips the slats in the cars air vent. The weight of the larger phones makes a mounts sturdiness especially important.


Some of the Vent phone holders that count for the best are:

The air vent magnetic holder can easily place and remove the phone. The mount features two types of size slits to fit in a variety of air vents. Car mobile phone holder’s strong magnetic attraction holds the smartphone or phone case securely. Air vent car mount holder is designed to support smartphones such as galaxy s7, s6 edge, note 5 and 4, lg g5 and g4, iPhone6, 6s plus and more.

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The car vent mount holder can position in any direction as needed. The car vent phone holder comes with two metal plate’s one in the rectangle and the other in a circle. The metal plates will delay the capabilities of wireless charging.

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The rubberized material design of the clip-on makes sure that the dashboard stays clean and scratch free. The vent mount holder is also portable. The Spigen air vent magnetic holder is excellent and can be installed easily.


 The idea of smartphone holders for the cars has a clever and tricky mechanism. The mount fits well into the cd slot of Toyota Prius car. Car vent phone mount holds the phone without slipping and twisting. The installation is very easy just needs to insert the car mount holder into the cd tray and tighten the securing screws.

The one issue with this type of car mount is the thumb screw. The thumb screw tends to obstruct some of the features of the dash board. The magnets are very strong to hold large phones. It will really make an impressive and perfect purchase.

The mount holds the phone tightly even on the bumpy roads. The magnets are more strong and hold moto x, nexus 5 and iPhone 6, etc. There will be no problem with the quality and work of the product.


Air vent universal smartphone car vent phone holder brings new air vent type of mounting for smartphone users. The mount allows every smartphone to hold with or without the case. The mount technology is easy and can be installed very conveniently. The innovative ball head design helps to adjust the angle perfectly in 360 degrees.

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The air vent mount holder also allows to tilt left, right, up and down to create a perfect position. The simple design of the car mount provided solid and secure mounting experience. The mount allows the air ventilation operation without blocking it to reach smartphones.

It’s great vent versatility allows air flow easier. The mount is compatible with most of the smartphones, Such as iPhone, Samsung galaxy. The mount is clipped on and off very easily with one hand.


The car vent mount is a safe and simple way for viewing the navigation in the cars. The mount attaches smart phones securely like I Phone 6 plus, I Phone 6 or another smartphone to the air vent of the car’s dash. The mount keeps the phones connector tangle free to stay connected with the device.

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The mount also makes easy to charge the smartphone using car’s power outlet. The mount is compatible with iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, 5c, 5, iPhone 4s/ 4 and many android devices. The mount is also a low profile which works with most of

The mount also makes easy to charge the smartphone using car’s power outlet. The mount is compatible with iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, 5c, 5, iPhone 4s/ 4 and many android devices. The mount is also a low profile which works with most of car vents. The car cell phone holder is easy to access, and will not interfere the view while driving.


The smartphone mount makes the use of phone a perfect place to reach navigation and quick dialing. It can fit almost any type of smartphone. The air vent cell phone holder can be used with multiple devices.

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The mount is a simple, spring-loaded clamp which slides into the air vent. It is also versatile and portable. The car vent phone holders improve the experience of driving. One of the world’s most portable car mounts for the smartphones.

Just the cell phone air mount needs to be attached to the air vent and needs to insert the smartphone into it. The car vent phone holder makes the perfect companion for everyday use and vacations.


Why you should get a Car vent phone holder:

  • A car vent phone holder fits every car air vent.
  • The strong magnet in the phone holder protects the smartphone from falling down and damage.
  • The car vent phone holder has cradle-less design and are compatible with every smartphone available.
  • Car vent holders help in using the smartphones safely in position for the desired view.
  • Some of the cell phone holders are easy to handle and are quickly removable.
  • Generally, the vent holders have two grip settings. Vent mount does not obstruct the view of the windshield while driving a car. The vent mount does not require any modifications while using them.
  • The car vent phone holder is most helpful and super simple.
  • Most of the car vent phone holders are stable and are reliable.

Comparison table for best available AC vent phone holder in the market


Product Image Phone Holder Price Rating
 air vent phone holder Spigen Car vent phone holder $$ ***** Techmatte Vent phone holder $$ ****
 car air vent phone holder Koomus Air vent phone holder $$ *****
 air vent cell phone holder Belkin Car vent mount $$ ****
 phone holder air vent Kenu Car vent phone holder $$ ****
 car mount phone holder Havit  Magnetic Car Mount used in Vent $$ *****
 car holder Aikema Car phone holder for Air Vent $$ *****
  WizGear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Holder $$ ***
  ABCO Air Vent Smartphone Car Mount $$ *****


The using of mounts gives an ideal place for the smartphones. The mounts are simple, compact and hence the affordable option for any car to place a smartphone. The amounts magnetic mechanism are smaller and easier. The mounts will hold every smartphone in or out of a case and fits on every car’s vent.

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