5 Best Rear View Mirror Phone Holders

The rear view mirror phone holders’ helps to hang the mobile phone which may need to detect route with the help of GPS detector. They are made up of a very good quality with a stable viewing environment. The rear view mirror cell phone holder comes in an extra firm goose neck which absorbs vibration.

They are very easy to install and don’t require any tools while installing on the rear view mirror. The rear view mirror phone mount comes with the adjustable clamp which is thick in its texture. The benefit of using rear view mirror cell phone mount is that, it will help the driver to maintain the neat device that will hold the phone stiff and the driver can pay attention on the road without glancing down on the phone and taking eyes off the road. The rear view mirror phone holder will also help the user to function the device as a proper GPS and lead to the correct way.


There are some of the best rear view mirror phone holders which give good benefits for using phone holders. The best phone holders are as follows:

rear view mirror phone mount

The bracket rear view mirror phone mount gives the user 360 degrees function of the swivel for horizontal or vertical use. It provides the access and control to buttons and screen. It is flexible and  fit s any of the vehicles. It has an adjustable holder which gives the user the secure mount.

The neck of the holder is flexible goose neck design. It gives the user the advantage of easy installation and remove process. It is an iPhone holder for car mirrors. This is best suited for apple iPhone 3S, 4S, 5S, and 6S series and also for Samsung galaxy S6, S5, S4, S3, and other android smartphones. The color option available is only black.


rear view mirror cell phone mount

The adjustable phone holder for car mirror is an universal car back rear view mirror  as mount stand holder which is best suitable for Apple I phones series – GPS Navigation system, Samsung galaxy S series , galaxy note 4, 3, 2, and LG tribute, optimus, nokia Lumia, Lenovo, Sony xperia Z series, Huawei, Google nexus, honor and blackberry and other smartphones.

It has the extra firm neck which absorbs vibrations and provides a stable viewing environment. It is also called as the iPhone holder for car rear view mirror. This is again a 360 degree rotation for providing the user horizontal and vertical views. This product is easy to install and doesn’t require any tools and equipment. It has the easy adjustment for optimal viewing.


The mate mount gets easily fit in anywhere in the car and thereby also in the rear view mirror. It is a model which has a RAM and offers a mirror adaptor with a ball. It not only looks amazing but also performs beyond expectations.

This is ideally suited for the mounting of GPS devices, the rear view mobile display, radar detectors, cell phones and much more. There is no such thing as a mounting problem, only the RAM solutions. It has a patented universal rubber ball and a socket system which allows the user to mount virtually anything and anywhere. It is made up of a marine grade aluminum material with the powder coated finish and the rubber balls.

It has the feature of superior shock absorbent and has the vibration absorbent too. The mate mount provides easy installation and is light weighted. It is made up of high strength composite and the rubber balls. The available color is black. The mate mount phone holders is suitable for the vehicles like ford, Chrysler and Toyota. It comes in a standard package.


rear view mirror phone holder

The flexible rear view mirror cell phone holder is composed of the high quality silicon exclusively designed for multitude uses. It is also called as the bondi hang which is handy little holder. Its head is of hooked type which can be hang on the rear view mirror, it also has two arms with hands and the two jutting legs with upturned feet.

It hold things perfectly and conveniently hangs on a piece of equipment. Apart from using it as a cell phone holder bondi also be used as a book mounts, can be placed anywhere to hold the cell phone. It is one of the coolest gadgets with many color options available.


Why you should get phone holders today:

  1. The rear view car phone holders are very useful for the user.
  2. It provides the GPS network easy to look into the mobile without changing the glance from the road and hence it saves lives as it lowers the risk of accidents.
  3. But before buying any phone holders one should have the clear views about the product which is best fitted for their vehicle and the mobile phone they are using. You can also try your hand on DIY rear view phone mount.
  4. Because there are different types of rear view mirror phone mount for cars according to the mobile devices.
  5. The mobile holder should have the features of shock absorbent and the vibrations control.
  6. The phone holder should be flexible to use without any inconvenience while looking into the mobile.

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Therefore, the rear view mirror cell phone holder plays a vital role in following the traffic rules and regulations for the drivers as it eliminates the risk of shifting the eyes from the road. The mobile phone holders used in the rear view mirror comes with many benefits and advantages. The user can be benefited only when they select the appropriate product and the model whic


Look Into The Available Features While Buying Cell Phone Holder For Scooter

Are you driving a scooter? It is quite common to drop mobile phones while riding. On the other hand, it also leads to accidents if you talk with your phone as you ride. However, you can alleviate these hassles when opt for a scooter phone holder. This scooter phone holder come with extra ordinary features that hold your mobile in its place. This prevents you from dropping your expensive smart phones.

Phone Holder For Scooter


Best Vehicle cell phone holder for Safe and Secure ride

In today’s world many auto drivers depend on smartphone for navigation purpose through GPS, music playlist and calls on the road, but holding the phone while performing any of the this tasks impairs driving ability and can be offence in term of the law of the nation. We shouldn’t use our smartphone while driving, but many of us do it, especially when the one whose business completely depends on constant communication at regular time of the day.

The good news is there are accessories, software, best practices and special phone features that can make it safer and more productive to use the phone when you’re on the board of journey in a Vehicle. The most important accessory you should look at is a vehicle cell phone holder for your smartphone.

vehicle phone mount

While driving, one should not use the device on your own. So one has to select the modern and innovative products to secure the electronic device without any damage. The vehicle cell phone holder is recognized as one of the best accessory which keeps the device in the reliable product. Here is the list of top things to look for in a vehicle cell phone holder:

  • Durability: The durability should be a top priority when you are looking for a phone holder. Make sure the materials used for the manufacturing is of high quality and lasts long. Make sure the holder will hold securely and keep the device safe and in good condition.
  • Custom Fit: Every phone, car, truck etc is different. A custom fit phone holder will fit the device and vehicle perfectly, so you don’t have to worry that when it arrives at home. Keep in mind that any cases you use with your device will also affect the fit.
  • Positioning: Don’t forget to consider about the installation process of the vehicle cell phone holder. Make sure you don’t have to alter or damage the vehicle or mobile device in any way. Keep in mind as where you want the holder to be positioned, whether you want it suction cupped to the windshield or clipped into the dashboard.
  • Value: Think about the quality and value more than price alone. Just because something is low at cost doesn’t mean its better value. Make sure the phone holder you select is going to last long.

vehicle cell phone holder

A vehicle phone holder will help to keep its voice instruction button in quick reach and its screen visible at a particular glance inside the Automobile. Vehicle cell phone mount can easily get stick to any windshields in front of the truck/automobile seats and dashboards of the car in front of the end user or driver. A good phone holder for vehicle will offer multiple points of clarity so the smartphone once fixed on this holder can be favorably positioned at any angle accordingly to the best view of the user or the passenger of the bus/truck.


The iNuri vehicle phone holder is the best phone holder compared to the other holders. It is universal and fits all kind of smartphone like Iphone, Samsung galaxy, HTC one, Sony, Motorola, Nexus, Gionee, Micromax, Lava, Oppo smart and other android devices. It is very very light in term of the weight feature and perfect for the one who are travelling often.

vehicle cell phone holder

This one is a very strong device that would not break during transportation and normally indestructible. With the help of the section which is made of rubber it securely gets stuck to the vehicle windshields and dashboards regardless of the environment’s temperature inside and outside the car. The iNuri auto phone holder can be tilted and turned in any direction with its 360 degree rotation.     



The Tylt Capio universal vehicle phone mount can be attached on a dashboard for easy access to its smartphone end user. The Capio can quickly adjust to fit any phone and can instantly be detached and positioned accordingly to the best view of the end user.

vehicle phone mount

With the use of Tylt capio auto phone holder one can safely and securely use their smartphone in the auto/truck  while travelling. It doesn’t need any clamps or brackets instead it uses a sticky technology to hold the device in place. It has an in build NFC chip which can instantly change the smartphone settings when placed on the holder and the chip is completely customized.


The Logitech trip-one touch is a magnetic cell phone holder for vehicle with pleasantly minimum design so that your smartphone stays secure and safe while navigation, music streaming and attending phone calls while driving. It is compact, easy to install on the bus/truck or any vehicle and compatible with any smartphone or case due to the universal adapter included in it.

magnetic vehicle phone mount

Due to its magnetic coupling it instantly secures the phone to the holder with one effortless motion.


The Spigen vehicle cell smart phone holder lets you mount the smartphone in a stylish and a comfortable way inside the vehicle . With the use of spigen one can attach their phone in two horizontal mounting positions and is made to hold the phone in landscape mode for the best view for the end user of the smartphone.

Vehicle mount

The spigen cell phone holder for vehicle is made up of superior quality TPU which is very very tough and will not scratch the mobile device in any way possible and one can easily insert and remove the phone with the use of just one hand on it. It is easy to operate on any vehicle/truck/automobile windscreen. It also has a gel pad that securely gets stick to both flat and curved dashboards of the car.


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As smartphone technology and 3G / 4G signal improve, more of us are using Smartphone inside the car for GPS rather than investing huge money on any separate dedicated devices that is just for the purpose of GPS navigation. So one need a decent iphone5 car phone holder to let the phone be easily viewable on the dashboard and help to take you to the desired destinations of the end user or the passenger. Some of the best iphone car phone holder includes:

  • Kenu Airframe
  • Montar universal holder.
  • Clingo universal holder.
  • Osomount iphone/ipad car phone holder.

In today’s busy mobile world, it is almost certain that we will end up using our phones in our vehicle. The list of ways the smartphone can help one in the journey gets even longer, which is why having the right vehicle cell phone holder makes it easier, safer and more productive to talk or search the web while you’re on the go.


Top 5 Cell Phone Stand for Car

Finding the perfect stand for your cell phone in your car could feel like searching for a needle in the haystack. You are likely to explore tons of options. Some products are cheap, few pricey and loaded with features and widgets you may don’t want. There are others that are simply right for you. Let’s check out five of the best cell phone stand for Car you love to drive.Phone stand for car


You will find this cell phone stand for car comes featured with airtight cup system to hold and safely protect your device when you are on-the-go. There is also a strong and suction cup base that can be attached securely and quickly to dashboard or windshield.

cell phone stand for car

Users can effortlessly release, elevate and change the position of the cell phone stand holder base to set your vision ease for the maximum possible road visibility.  The stand is completely adjustable, featuring 360 degree rotation, for both landscape and portrait views. Users can enjoy an effortless and simple standing system, with single hand installation, that can be set-up within seconds and also a handy 1 button fast release design.

Phone stand for car

  • Airtight suction cup base gets attached to the dashboard or windshield securely
  • Allows 360-degree rotation of the device, with magnetic ball design that can rotate and lock at a preferred angle.
  • The Stand is featured with tool-free and cradle-less form factor
  • The device is flexible, versatile and compact.


Your search for a perfect cell phone stand for car would probably end up with this product. You will absolutely feel delighted with this product the soon you use it in your vehicle for placing your cell phone. As you can even use this stand on your car’s windscreen, security of your mobile phone is guaranteed.

Car phone holder

You can now enjoy driving car, while being less bothered about your mobile phone as it is placed comfortably on the stand. If you want to keep it on the windscreen, you can do it with the help of easy mount suction feature. This product has undergone six different tests to assure its high quality. And the tests are dropping test, low temperature test, high temperature test, pulling test, vibration test and loading test.

phone stand

  • Simple one-press mounting technique, to release and lock the gadget in just a press
  • Suction cup gets attached to the car dashboard or any smooth flat surface easily
  • The device contains multi-angle rotation for achieving optimum viewing angle, including landscape and portrait views.
  • Compatible with almost all latest smart phone devices.


Give your mobile phone a safer and convenient place to rest while you are driving car by means of a suitable cell phone stand.  This cell phone stand for car  is intended to deliver you a complete handsfree comfort to have a video chat or to watch a movie when you drive the car. You will receive a perfect viewing angle according to your requirement with the help of long flexible stand shaped conveniently.

car phone stand

You will also feel amazed with the robust and rigid clamp that enables a tight fix. You will just have your cell phone at a desirable position without the trouble of carrying it. A full 360 degree rotation of the stand is pleasing feature of this product.

  • A perfect cell phone stand for all your mobile gadgets including Apple iPhone and, android mobiles
  • The highly strong suction cup gets adhered to a dashboard, windshield and other textured or smooth surface.
  • The flexible grip and easy release button allows holding the gadget with maximum safety.
  • Complete 360-degree rotation facilitated perfect viewing angle.


You will encounter an advanced spring mechanics in this cell phone stand designed for the car that facilitates you to get the most of this product. It also has sticky gel pad that can stick to most surfaces securely and also easily removable. It also features a dashboard pad that can be attached to various surfaces.

Phone stand

The best part of the device is the feature of enhanced telescopic arms that adds 1 inches to enable closer device viewing. The stand can be adjusted to any favorable angle to meet the driver’s requirement.

Car phone stand

  • Features innovate design with spring mechanics
  • Stand tough on the dashboard to offer firm support to the cell phone
  • The device is premium make.
  • Sticks proper to different surfaces using a dashboard pad and grab the device with ease.
  • Value for money


If you are looking for our top picks for Car Phone Holder  then you must check here.

This TopQPS arm cell phone stand for car has intended to work with majority of the multimedia devices, including iPhone 6, 6s, plus, 5s, 5c, galaxy s6, s7, Edge, Note etc. It has a large arm cradle system to lock the phone securely, but can also be released quickly just as anything.

car phone stand

The large arm can extend the distance of viewing further two inches for achieving trouble-free experience. Its single-handed working will enable you to place the device on the stand and also taking it off the stand.

Phone stand for car

  • Durable enough and easy to install and remove on the dashboard
  • The big arm will not trouble your connections on the bottom part of the phone
  • Perfect for iPhone 6 plus as the cradle is expandable to about 3.2 inches in its width.


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The style of all the models of cell phone stand for car enables for the easiest insertion, repositioning, and removal and does not compromise a secure grip. Your phone will be placed in an ideal position that won’t obstruct your view on the road. Moreover, all these products also prove to be a compact, simple and affordable option that is a perfect fit for most of the cars.

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Best 5 Waterproof Phone Holder for money

When was the last time you left your phone at home? Well, for most of us the answer is a ‘No’. We keep our phones near to us 24*7. While bathing, jogging, biking or sleeping; we carry it everywhere.

How about the idea of using your phone with all the ease while commuting to work or whether you are out on the paved road biking or jogging? Thanks to the waterproof phone holder for making our job easy and by providing us comfort and ensuring safety of our phones.


This article will provide you an insight on the top five waterproof phone holder that lies within your budget and you simply can’t afford to miss out on buying these. Here we go:

This waterproof phone holder is a sure shot buy, without a second thought for all big screen smartphone devotees as this dry bag fits all smartphones up to 6.0” diagonal size. This one is a perfect credit card wallet money waterproof dry bag for beaches, fishing and swimming, kayaking, snorkeling and other water park activities. You can access your phone with all ease and comfort as it provides you with a clear window on both front and back sides. It’s simply perfect for clicking selfies, recording videos and checking emails.

Being 100 feet IPX8 Certified waterproof, this waterproof phone holder offers waterproof/snow proof/dirt proof protection to your device while upholding full touch screen functionality. It features a simple snap and lock access which makes it more convenient to keep out water, snow, dust, sand and dirt.

It’s well-matched with devices up to 100mm X 170 mm (clear window 70 mm X 140mm). You know what the best part is? It comes with a next strap. So, it makes it all the more convenient to carry your phone.


How about mounting your phone, next time when you go mounting? iKross Waterproof Universal Bike Mount will come in handy for the same.

This waterproof phone mount includes a waterproof enclosure and a rotating mount designed to hold your smartphones and electronic devices on bicycle or motorcycle bars with all the safety and security. The waterproof phone holder for motorcycle and bike closure ensures that the device remains safe from dust, water, and dirt and sand. It features large transparent window which ensure easy accessibility to the phone and provides full touchscreen functionality. It possesses fully adjustable ball head joint with 360 degree rotation and locking system which safeguards the devices for customized portrait and landscape view.

Note: It’s best suited for the devices from 3.5 up to 5.5 inches (Internal dimensions: 6.10 X 3.39 X 0.71 inches or 155 X 86 X 18 mm). It fits motorcycle and bicycle having handle bars up to 1.38 inches/ 35 mm maximum diameter.


All the gym freaks out there know the importance of music. What better than having a tool to accommodate your phone on your wrist and provide you an easy access to phone and music?! Well, this armband is designed in such a manner that it can fit your 4.7 inch screen iPhone 6/6s along with a small holder and pouch to accommodate your keys, cards and cash while you can easily enjoy listening to your favorite track.

This anti-slip armband is made of soft and comfortable neoprene which is moisture-resistant and helps in adhering it to our sweaty wrist. It eliminates sweat-induced slippage and offers exceptional comfort.

The transparent protective cover is entirely touch screen sensitive and prevents damage to the screen without compromising on the functionality.

It’s super comfy and light in weight. Hook and adjustable loop fastener ensures a foolproof fit making it easy to carry and convenient to wear.

Note: Designed specifically for Apple users. Best waterproof iphone 5c case.

So, what are you waiting for? Place an order immediately and thank me later.


JEBSENS new clip-grip bike mounting system securely holds the device in place. This waterproof phone holder for bike ensures 100% safety of your gadget by featuring waterproof hard shell. It keeps your phone 100% dirt & dust free and rainproof.

Waterproof phone holder is touch ID capable. You can ride and activate your iPhone with one touch at the home button. It ensures best experience with touch ID.

The package includes the following:

  1. 1 X Jebsens WPI6 Riding Case
  2. 1 X Stemcap Bike Mount
  3. 1 X User Manual

This waterproof holder for bike fits iPhone 6S and any other smartphone with a screen of 5.5 inch.


Read detailed information about motorcycle phone holder to go for smooth ride.

CaliCase Floating Waterproof Case is a ‘BAAP’ of all waterproof phone holders. It includes an AUX headphones jack on the back to plug in your earbuds or headphones. Now you can listen to your favorite music. It features bike mount too. Now you can use GPS easily while biking.

The armband feature is great for walking, running or hiking. This PRO edition is available in black and white.

It’s a PRO edition including armband, bike mount and earbud/headphones AUX port.


  • Phone holders ensure the easy usage of a gadget. But a waterproof phone holder ensures safety along with that.
  • Waterproof phone holders eliminate the chances of damaging a device by providing features like waterproof, snow proof or dust proof.
  • It ensures easy functionality of smartphones.
  • If this article helped you in any manner, then kindly share it on social media.
  • Have any queries? Feel free to drop a comment and I shall reply at the earliest.
  • Don’t forget to SMILE because HAPPINESS IS CONTAGIOUS! Have a Good Day!

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