Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker ( Reviews 2017)

Are you ready to beat it up with the rap music? Music is a natural energy source that keeps you active all the day. It’s your travelling day or a hangout with your friends, all you need is a compact sound system to enjoy your music. One of the best portable Bluetooth speaker works as your music companion.

We have lots of audios and music that keep us entertained all the day. Here, we need a compact device that serves our needs. The best portable Bluetooth speaker makes a good pick to enjoy music wherever you go.

As we live in the technological era, devices have been upgraded for better comfort. But, how will you choose a best portable bluetooth speaker?

You can do good things out of this portable bluetooth speakers, but you have to consider certain factors,

  • Affordable price – We pay money for what we get, that’s not meant to be costly. Bluetooth speakers come up with a wide variety of features, more you go with the features, the device will be more expensive. So, choose the best features at an affordable price!!
  • Speaker Capacity – The best portable bluetooth speaker is not just a hands-free device. Few devices have the capacity to stream music from another bluetooth device. So, choose the upgraded version with good capacity.
  • Charging capacity – You have to look for the charging capacity and the amount of time bluetooth speaker can work. Few speakers cannot hold back long periods of music and lose out energy. So, choose one of the top bluetooth speakers with in-built rechargeable batteries for better performance.
  • Speaker Size – The best portable bluetooth speaker is a compact device that is easy to carry wherever you go. But, few people wish for a large bluetooth system. So, size makes a difference in the portability of bluetooth speakers. So, choose the speaker model according to your requirement.

Before you make a purchase, what are the benefits of choosing the best portable bluetooth speaker?

  • All electronic devices have some long wire connections and sometimes that irritates us. Here, the portable bluetooth device is a wireless device, which is easy to carry.
  • It’s not easy to carry huge speakers in our journey or picnic. So, the best portable bluetooth speaker has a portable design that fits in your space comfortably. Most of the devices are smaller in size and quite good to carry it to your gym, office or any leisure place.
  • The portable bluetooth speaker with subwoofer feature keeps the sound quality high. It has the best sound system to load music in any noisy environment.
  • It’s eco-friendly and consumes very less power.

Check out the reviews of best portable bluetooth speaker 2017,

Bluetooth Waterproof Shower Speaker Phone with Mic. Best Portable Wireless Music Receiver for Pool, Shower and Outdoor Hikes. 

If you’re looking for a best portable bluetooth speakers under $50 dollars, then choose Zentek’s multi-functional portable bluetooth speakers. It has a stunning look and available in different colors. The major attraction is, it’s water proof and you can carry it even to your beach day out.

It has a compact size and one of the best small wireless speakers. It supports most of the phone types and quite good in the iPhone, iPad and android devices. Zentek is not only good for the music system, but it also helps in answering your phone calls efficiently. It’s simple and user-friendly with the control buttons.

iFox IFS309 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker for iPhone iPad Android or Computer with FM Radio, AUX, 

If you’re looking for a best sounding portable bluetooth speaker, then choose iFoxcreations portable bluetooth speakers with advanced features. It has a sleek and compact design that fits well for all your space and activities.  It’s accompanied with the best sound-quality that makes it one of the best portable bluetooth speaker with subwoofer.

Ifoxcreations is not limited to bluetooth alone, you can give any kind of inputs. You have separate slots for Aux cable, memory card, USB, SD card, etc. So, you can play music with whatever the device you have. These speakers are available in an affordable price range and one of the best portable bluetooth speakers under $50!!

Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker II – Soft black

Bose is a successful product and one of the best small wireless speakers in the market. It has a packed design that makes it easy to pick up and go wherever you like. Your picnic will be complete with this high-quality sound speakers. Bluetooth is easily paired with a quick voice prompt and available in vibrant colors.

You can carry it for your long journey, because, it has a higher charging capacity and works up to 7-8 hours. You can recharge the device with a simple USB cable. This feature, make it as one of the best speaker of 2017.

JBL Flip 3 Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Black

Are you looking for a stylish speaker? Then, JBL provides you one of the best portable wireless speakers in the market. It has a compact size and made of earth-friendly materials. The outer part is covered with a cloth fabric material and covered with a rubber housing. You can go for any kind of adventure with this durable bluetooth speaker.

This bottle shaped size makes it portable which is easily attached to your bag with a Carabiner. The sound system is perfectly designed for powerful and room-filling sound effects. This makes JBL as one of the best sounding portable bluetooth speaker.

JBL Flip 2 Portable Wireless Speaker (Black)

If you’re looking for one of the best portable wireless speakers, then JBL Flip2 is another product from JBL which provides you a packed wireless device. Even though, it’s wireless the massive battery power of JBL allows you to hear continuous music up to 4-5 hours.

Both the sides are featured with woofers that clears all the unnecessary noise and keeps your music unique. Hence, it’s known as one of the best portable bluetooth speaker with subwoofer. It’s a popular brand with multiple input places and condensed design provides clear and crisp sound effects. This has top customer reviews and one of the best portable bluetooth speaker 2017.

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People are tired of using wired speakers and they know it’s not easy to carry with them in their travel or work place. If you don’t like to deal with such wired speakers, then choose one of the best bluetooth portable speaker for hands – free usage and high-quality music system. This speaker generally run on battery and doesn’t require much electricity.Visit for more.

It’s easy to find the best speaker under 100, if you could go through the top customer reviews or analyse the top brands. The portable bluetooth speakers have become one of the popular ways of listening to music. So, choose the best portable speaker!!


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