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Best Coconut Oil Brand Reviews for Hair, Skin & Face

Are you ready for a stunning hair style on your party eve? Lush and shiny hair, mold out to be the best hairstyles for the party eve. What helps to keep your hair healthy and stunning?  One of the best coconut oil will provide you both stunning, natural outlook and nourishes your hair with healthy benefits too.

What is the best coconut oil?

Coconut oil is a popular hair oil, skin oil and cooking oil. It has unique benefits on all the fields of usage. But it’s a hard job to determine the good coconut oil. All coconut oil is not pure, there are several impure manufacturers in the market. It’s a tough job to determine the best coconut oil, a good option is to choose the oil according to your needs.

  • Refined coconut oil – It’s tasteless and odorless. It’s great for all your cooking needs.
  • Unrefined coconut oil – it’s well-known as virgin and extra- virgin oil and popular among the top coconut oil brands.

Best coconut oil is versatile with numerous benefits!!

How will you choose a best coconut oil for hair?

Coconut oil is a rich source for your natural hair growth. It’s accompanied by several nourishing elements that makes your hair shiny and silky. So, how will you choose the best coconut oil for hair?

  • Coconut oil is free from chemicals and excellent hair conditioner for most hair types. So, choose the coconut oil with hair nourishing vitamins. This conditioning prevents hair from combing and brushing damage.
  • Using for the right amount of coconut oil will help you to style the hair according to trendy hairstyle and keep it unique.
  • Choose one of the good coconut oil for hair to fight dandruff and keep your scalp clean.

How will you choose a best coconut oil for skin?

Coconut oil is a popularly used moisturizer compared to other moisturizing creams. It’s well known as good hair oil, but it also works as an excellent massage oil which smoothens your skin. So, how to determine one of the best coconut oil for skin,

  • While applying good coconut oil, it protects your skin from harmful sun rays without any chemicals or additives.
  • It works as a good moisturizer for the winter climate, especially for people with dry skin tone. This works as a best coconut oil for skin.
  • Make sure you get the right brand of oil for enhanced safety, because few brands may not support your skin tone.

Before you go for the coconut oil purchase, check out the best coconut oil brands in 2017,

  • Island fresh – Island fresh is one of the good coconut oil brand delivering virgin coconut oil. It has great benefits in maintaining our body’s weight and metabolism.
  • Anjou – Anjou is another top brand in offering coconut oils for both skin and hair. It has great beauty benefits and works well in cooking too.
  • Carrington Farms – Carrington farm is one of the best coconut oil brand in providing delicious cooking oil. It’s a great replacement for your non-healthy fat like butter or ghee.
  • Hamilton Healthcare – Hamilton healthcare is a cold-pressed coconut oil, which helps you to resist chilled winter climate.

Go for the right coconut oil brands!!

Since, there are lots of products in the market. You may get a confusion, which coconut oil is best? So, here are the top coconut oil reviews,

Nature’s Way Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, 32-Ounce

Nature’s way is one of the best brand of coconut oil in the market. It has a rich content of amino acids, which is a natural energy source and it’s a combination of good fat for greater energy production. It’s the best coconut oil for people who involve in various physical activities.

Nature’s way is a versatile brand which serves multiple uses simultaneously. For cooking, skin care as well as hair care.  The use of good fat works as a good diet control oil. It’s comprised of natural elements and one of the best organic coconut oil. It has positive customer reviews among the top coconut oil reviews.

Viva Labs Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 54 Ounce

Viva lab is one of the best organic coconut oil available in large size for sustained usage. It’s an unrefined and extra-virgin coconut oil which is free from chemicals. It’s not easy to get certified under the top brands but viva lab has several certifications that proclaims its high quality.

It has a rich combination of MCT acids that boost weight loss and keeps you fit. This makes viva labs, one of the best coconut oil for weight reducing. It’s not restricted to weight reduction alone, it’s one of the top coconut oil for skin care and hair growth. It looks great on both short and long hair.

Coconut Oil for Hair & Skin by COCO&CO. Beauty Grade 100% RAW (8oz) 

You may get a question, what kind of coconut oil is best for your beauty care? Cocco&co is one of the best organic coconut oil for your utmost beauty care. It’s a pure version of coconut oil with no traits of chemical or other harmful substances that cause damage to your natural hair system and skin care.

It’s a high grade coconut oil which works as one of the best coconut oil for skin. It has all the necessary factors to keep your beauty preserved. It has anti-aging components which keeps your skin smooth and shining. It’s best used in hair treatment and skin treatment too.

Coconut Oil Hair Mask From Majestic Pure Offers Natural Hair Care Treatment, Hydrating &…

If you get a question on what type of coconut oil is best for hair care? Then choose, coconut oil hair mask from the majestic pure brand of coconut oil.  You get your hair to be soft, silky and lush with a perfect hairstyle that you have dreamt for. This is one of the best coconut oil for hair which is famous for hair repairing and restoring the hair strength.

It has top customer reviews and one of the popular brand in the market. The combination of Shea butter and vitamin E promotes natural hair growth. This makes it as one of the best coconut oil for hair growth.

Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil, Virgin, 54 Ounce

If you have a confusion of choosing the best coconut oil to buy from the market, then Nutiva organic is a best-selling coconut oil brand. It’s a virgin coconut oil, which keeps your skin resistant to severe cold and keeps your face free from cold sores. This makes nutiva one of the best coconut oil for face.

It has lots of certifications which lacks in cholesterol and has a pleasant odor of cooking. This makes your cooking aromatic and gives you a natural taste. Nutiva has all the elements to maintain your hair and its one of the best coconut oil brand for hair nourishment. Home here.


Coconut oil is a natural resource and used in different ways. It holds up well under cooking, works as a best coconut oil for hair or best coconut oil for skin.  On the whole, it’s a natural beauty care oil. But, how do you pick the best brands of coconut oil? It’s all about choosing the highest-quality and best coconut oil that gives you strong hair and smooth skin!!

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