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Best reviews for 21 Bottle Wine Cooler, Refrigerator or Fridge Buying guide

Do you wonder what could be an efficient way to store wine bottles? Stop wondering and start looking at the range of high-end wine cooler units that are designed with state-of-art features and advanced technology. Wine cooler units sport special wine racks that are perfect for home or commercial use. For home use, wine fridges bring some stylish sophistication to home interior. There are huge varieties of wine coolers available, providing different sizes and designs for all types of wine collectors. Here we mainly discuss 21 bottle wine cooler and bigger sizes. With increasing number of buyers purchasing different kinds of wine cooler units, manufacturers develop more advanced and newer options.

Top 21 bottle wine Cooler reviews

Have a glance through the products listed below with detailed description to make a wise choice of perfect wine cooler that exactly meets your purpose.

Are you looking for a wine cooler with great bottle holding capacity? This ideal 21 bottle wine cooler seeks your attention as it comes with 21-bottle capacity and designed to store wine under appropriate humidity conditions and at optimum temperature.

This makes the wine bottles stored inside the wine refrigerator ready to enjoy and safe to use. Temperature can be adjusted by means of electronic touch pad featured with LED display. The unit is equipped with cutting edge thermo-electric fan cooling system that avoids noise and vibrations caused out of compressor cooling systems. Based on your purpose, you can use this wine cooler either as a simple storage unit or as a counter top unit at your wine cellar. Irrespective of how you use the unit, you can enjoy storing your wine collection in a proper manner.

The feature of thermo electric cooling makes this 21 bottle wine cooler wine refrigerator unit to run silent without vibration that could disturb the bottle placement. The dual zone temperature setting enables controlling temperature between 50°F and 66°F to cater to different serving temperatures of wine.

This unit has seven wooden shelves that ensure easy access to your wine bottles. There is also a double paned glass door frame to provide your unit a stylish and cool look. The legs of the unit are adjustable that enables placement even on inclined surfaces and allows for a vibration free environment.


There is no more need to store your white and red wines at same temperature range. The Firebird 21 bottle wine cooler comes sported with dual temperature zones to store every wine bottle at the perfect temperature throughout the year. The sleek and durable black finish excellent suits the existing appliances. The chrome plates shelves and touch control provides the features and style that you look for.

The double pane glass door type can be reversed for opening on the other side for improved flexibility. Energy-efficient and vibration-free thermoelectric cooling system is an exceptional feature that you need to age wines to utmost perfection. An interior light further adds sophistication to this 21 bottle wine fridge unit that better shows off your wine collection in large view.

As the door type is featured with double pane glass, it blocks UV light from entering the wine storage and prevents the potential harm caused by the light rays. This  21 bottle wine cooler ensures additional protection to the stored wine bottles. The other features of the unit include LED lighting with on and off switch, touch controls, automatic defrost, adjustable level foot, black finish door, superior grade ABS door material, freestanding, etc.


Store and chill your favorite wine bottles at ideal temperature with this Homeimage thermoelectric 21 bottle wine cooler. Sporting an incredible thermoelectric cooling system, this 21 bottle wine fridge is ultra-quiet and free of vibration. Dual zone design is the major highlight of this unit that facilitates the storage of white and red wines separately for experiencing optimal results.

This unit is a perfect choice for new collector or connoisseur. The 21-bottle capacity allows you store up to 21 bottles of your desired wine with the HI-21CD thermo-electric wine fridge unit. The state-of-art operation enables to set the proper storage temperature for your wines easily. For user’s convenience, LED display is sported along with a touch pad control panel and digital controls for easy operation.

The dual zone design is a striking feature of this wine fridge unit that can keep more than one type of wine at their unique temperatures. The dual zone settings mean that the lower and upper zones of cabinet are separately cooled chambers with independent temperature control features that allow chilling down the two distinct kinds of wine simultaneously. With features like touch button control panel and digital controls, anyone can easily handle the unit without any trouble.


Store your wine exactly at the right temperature by keeping it in the Sunpentown 21 bottle wine cooler unit. Intended to offer the right blend of utility and beauty, this wine refrigerator is completed in a wonderful black hue that matches up well with all types of decors. It contains 6 slide-out shelves that are designed to carry 21 wine bottles. Sporting a double pane insulated glass door, this 21-bottle wine refrigerator features adjustable temperature range from 45 to 64 degree Fahrenheit. This 21 bottle wine cooler also has digital controls with front leveling leg and LED temperature display. Soft interior lighting allows for optimal comfort.

The dual zone provides two independent temperature settings. Use this wine cooler unit with 21 standard bottles capacity carrying 6 bottles at the top and 15 bottles at the bottom. The modish design of this unit can suit any area of entertainment or kitchen. The easy to use digital controls can be handled by means of LED display. The no compressor or thermoelectric technology renders quiet operation, thus facilitating vibration free operation. The thermoelectric cooling system offers the benefits of energy efficiency, quiet operation and environmental friendliness. This wine fridge unit excellently maintains the set temperature, which makes this 21 bottle wine cooler  a must-have.


If you are fed up of buying just a couple of wine bottles for immediate consumption because of lack of storage, you would need to consider buying a dedicated wine fridge rather than stuffing bottles into the fridge every tine and cool it so much that it ultimately loses its rich flavors.

EdgeStar 21 bottle wine cooler provides sufficient space to accommodate 21 bottles comfortably. The bottles can be of any size without disturbing the total capacity. You will definitely like having Edgestar 21-bottle wine cooler unit as it sports a charming design. The unit also boasts a tapered glass door with stainless steel finish. If you want to store wine bottles for longer and make sure that their quality is preserved to the greatest degree, you need this Edgestar 21-bottle wine cooler. It comes featured with dual zone capability to assure that your wines are stored at optimum temperature.

The dual zone temperature settings mean that the wines can be kept at separate compartments at various temperatures based on type. The other exceptional feature of this 21 bottle wine cooler unit is the vibration free thermoelectric cooling system. It uses high-end cooling technology for cooling the air within. Unlike the traditional cooling system that is known to consume maximum power and create a huge amount of noise, this wine fridge unit features relatively noise-free cooling system and energy efficient.


Store your favorite choices of wine bottle that carries up to 21 bottles, featuring adjustable lower and upper cooling zones for personalized use. The temperature controls enable easy operation of the unit. It also allows easy and quick adjustment of the internal temperature. By means of adjustable cooling zones, the upper zone can adjust between 45 and 54 degree to cater to white wine, whereas the lower zone can adjust between 54 and 65 degree for accommodating red wine to offer ideal temperature. The interior lighting can be controlled with on/off switch that illuminates the accessories of wine bar for simple selection.

The glass door design of this 21 bottle wine refrigerator unit offers a clear view of wine collection. The thermoelectric cooling system is environmental friendly as it uses no Freon that can be harmful to the environment, while offering energy efficiency. This wine fridge unit also renders ultra-quiet operations with less noise produced from the ventilating fan. The other incredible features of the unit includes automatic defrost, stainless steel door, a Fahrenheit and Celsius switch, etc.


Things to Consider before buying any wine Cooler 

There are few significant factors needed to be considered before choosing the great quality wine coolers,

  • Sufficient capacity– The capacity of wine cooler must be decided as per the size of business or the number of bottles you wish to store if you are going to use in your home. It is recommended to choose a unit that can hold fifty percentages more wine bottles than you assume you want to store. The capacity would differ based on the size of bottles.
  • Dual zone wine coolers– The red and white wines can be placed in the single zone wine cooler. Both the type of wines can be stores at a temperature that is around 55 degrees. When you have single zone cooler, the white wine can be chilled before it is served. If you want to serve efficiently and wish that the wines are service ready, then dual zone cooler is the right option.
  • Built-in or freestanding– You can decide between the built-in or freestanding wine coolers based on the space that is available to you. See More reviews here

Best Sizes Available for Wine Cooler

Wine coolers are available in different sizes from small to 3 or 4-bottle units having small footprint to large size, 60 or more bottle capacity units.

  • 4-bottle wine coolers
  • 8- bottle wine coolers
  • 12-bottle wine refrigerators
  • 16-bottle wine refrigerators
  • 21 bottle wine cooler
  • 30-bottle wine coolers
  • 40 to 50 bottle wine coolers
  • 100-bottle wine cooler refrigeratores
  • 150-160 bottle wine refrigerators
  • Best-value large wine refrigerators
  • Walk-in wine cellars-wine rooms
  • Refrigerated wine cellar cabinets
  • Under counter wine cooler refrigerators
  • 15 inch wide wine refrigerator


Take your time to compare and consider the most significant features and ensure that you know which type of wine cooler unit you want in terms of number of zones, available space and bottle capacity in your home. Choose a wine fridge that best meets your budget and needs. It is also better that you do some research on the available models and brands to come up with perfect unit you really want. To decide which wine cooler to buy, check into the description of each unit thoroughly and determine whether it is the suitable unit for your purpose. We have reviewed best portable Bluetooth speaker here if you would like to have party outside.

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