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Best Can Opener Reviews ( Top Rated Products 2017)

Are you ready for the party? There are chances, where you have to open refreshing can drink or canned foods to enjoy your party. For all this purpose, you need one of the best can opener. It’s because packing and canning of foods started in the early 18th century in various parts of the world.

Earlier hard equipments were used in manufacturing can openers. In recent days, we have seen a wide range of can opener models. From basic to expensive models, it’s a hard job to select the best can opener from the competitive can opener reviews.

Before going out for a purchase, you should know how to use a can opener?

One of the best can opener is a simple and straight forward tool which doesn’t require much working process. Few manual can openers may require some practice to use it effectively. Make sure to handle the can opener efficiently. Few tips on how to use a can opener?

  • Initially, you have to identify the cutting edge. Manual can openers have a sharp tip to puncture the can lid.
  • Keep the can on a flat surface and give pressure against the bottom of the can. This will help to pierce the can easily.
  • Place the can opener on the top of the lid and puncture the lid. Finally, twist around and remove the lid.

Now, what to look for before buying best manual can opener?

You know, there are lots of brands manufacturing the best can opener. But you should find the right one according to the best rated reviews. Is it difficult to find a good can opener? No, you have a few tips here,

  • Blade choice – Make sure that you get stainless steel blades. These blades are durable which work for consistent years.
  • Size choice – Select one of the best hand can opener, which is easily attached to your largest can. The manual can openers are best handled models and easy to fit your kitchen space.
  • Design choice – You need a clean-cut can opener design that never spoils your food and keeps it safe.

We come across a huge variety of best can opener reviews in 2017, but choosing the top product is a big deal. Check out reviews of the best-rated openers!!

Internet’s Best Stainless Steel Can Opener | Multifunctional Tin and Bottle Opener | Heavy Duty

Internet Best is one of the best can opener 2017, it’s not just a can opener, but has multiple uses including bottle opener. It has a very safe locking mechanism and easy to turn around the rim. It’s one of the best manual can opener which sharp edges that perfectly cut the can lids.

The blades are made of stainless steel and durable for long years. The sharp blades can open any hard tins. It has a sleek design that is easily portable and finds great application in the kitchen. The can opener handles have a strong grip that doesn’t slip off from your hands.

ZYLISS Lock N’ Lift Can Opener with Lid Lifter Magnet, White

If you’re looking for one of the best manual can opener 2017, then choose ZYLISS lock n lift manual can opener which is capable of locking cans of different sizes. It has an efficient cutting mechanism which doesn’t require more time yet opens the cans in few seconds.

It has a very smooth edges, which cuts the lid and keep you safe preventing from any kinds of accidents. The cutting blades are made of stainless steel and easily used as a handheld device. It has a soft handling grip and keeps the users free from hand fatigue. The tiny magnet at the tip easily takes off the lid from the can.

OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Opener

Oxo is one of the can opener reviews in 2017 with top customer reviews. The Oxo has a smooth design in stunning black color which provides more comfort and easy to use. You don’t require any electrical support, it’s all operated with your hand and one of the best hand can opener.

This opener doesn’t leave any markings on the lid. The handle has a firm grip and comfortable to move around the knob. It provides great perfection in cutting. You canned food is safe, the cutting wheels don’t come in contact with the food. You can open the lid with the help of lid pliers.

OXO SteeL Can Opener

If you’re looking for one of the best hand can opener, then Oxo steel can opener is a good choice. It’s made of high-quality steel material that looks great on design and this sleek design makes Oxo as an indispensable kitchen accessory. The tiny slot on the top easily hangs the opener in your kitchen space.

You have a big knob which is easy to turn around and the wheels are smoothly placed for smooth cutting. It’s not only restricted for cans, you get a bottle opener to open your party bottles. All the above features make it one of the best manual can opener.

Best Original Smooth Edge Manual Can Opener by Zulu Quality (TM)

Zulu is one of the high – quality, best can opener 2017 which has a modern and stylish design.  It’s a combination of plastic and silicone on different parts for durable resistance and works long years. It has a special side cutting blade which can cut the lid in oval, big, round or small cuts. Hence, it’s known as one of the best side cutting can openers.

The side cut can openers protects your canned food from rotating wheels. These cutting blades don’t touch the food in the can. It has a user-friendly design, even children can operate this device easily. It’s an ergonomic can opener.


Even though, can openers are easy to use and straight forward devices, you should be careful on certain safety measures. You have to choose an effective and one of the best can openers that’s not hard to lock or slips of grip from your hands. You get both electric and manual can openers, but it’s essential to choose according to your requirements.Visit Home page.

Before, you make a purchase go through the top can opener reviews and decide which one is suitable for you!! You can review product websites or other social media sites to determine the best can opener of 2017.


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