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Best Bike Phone Holder

It is difficult to imagine a life without a cell phone. Smartphones are basically present everywhere in our modern society and many new models come with a range of features that can be extremely helpful for those going for a long distance ride in areas that they are not familiar with.Phones play music, send emails, take pictures, helps in browsing and include all mapping applications to help us get around and stay connected with friends and family.This importance has lead to a complete collection of complementary products so that people can make the most from their device. For this manufacturer offers phone mount for bikes that allow people attach their phones to handle bars and continue to use some of the features while they are out.

bike mount

It is extremely important to look for the safety of your phone as the bike skids and runs on high speed. Cell phone bike mount comes in a whole lot of variety with different styles and sizes so they can provide for the needs of the rider as well as the device of the bike. So here we look at some of the best phone bike mounts in the market for people who want to keep their phone in their sight all the time.


  • Bio Logic Phone holder for bike

phone holder for bike

The I phone is one of the most popular smartphones around, so it’s very obvious that the first bicycle phone mount on our list calls for it. It is sleek and simple that fits perfectly on the stem of the bike and comes with heavy duty waterproof fabric that keeps the phone safe from rain and any kind of dampness. The main feature of this mount is it has cushion fit padding’s that keeps the phone warm and protects from vibrations.


Well, there may be many Cell phone holders that you are willing to take but if you have a lot of phones to carry, it comes up with a tough challenge. Well, the benefit of the universal mobile phone mount is just there to help you to choose any phone of your choice. With the advanced and changeable grips, you can allow any mobile to get a good grip with the Universal GPS Holder. So if you are carrying different phones, this gadget is just the perfect thing that you need to use.

bicycle cell phone mount

The gadget is spring stacked, which is decent in light of the fact that by essentially putting it in the palm of your hand and pressing it will pop open to suit whatever size phone you have, even the biggest of phones. Once your phone is set up you require just crush the sides again in the same style for the phone to secure safely.


  • Rok Form Bike phone mount

 bike mount

This is one of the most powerful bike smartphone mount around and it makes sure that any smartphone whether I phone or Samsung Galaxy, it stays protected all the time. It is the costliest among all mounts available and if money is no object, then this is the phone mount for you. It is suitable for any kind of bikes that allows 1-1/8 inch thread tubes. It weighs less than 64 grams, light as a feather. It includes V3 series magnet kit and a weather guard that protects the phone from any weather condition. It is designed, engineered and made in the USA.


With a combination of design and utility, the Taotronics Universal Cradle Rack is probably one of the best things that you can bring up. Well, there may be many smartphones you are carrying but this phone holder for bicycle is especially for those who bring up an iPhone. With the smart design and the powerful grips it will give you a good grip on the cell phones.

cell phone holder for bicycle

With all the workout applications there are in the App Store and Play Store, it’s basic spot to bring your smartphone with you while out on a bicycle ride. If you’re searching for a modest approach to secure your smartphone to your handlebars then just grab a hold of this product. The foldable base plate is an awesome expansion to guarantee that your phone does not slide down, when you keep it vertical.amazon_button

  • Quad Lock Phone bike mount:

phone mount for bike

This bike mount is the much-recognized one among the people. The Quad Lock universal mount is so designed that it lets almost any smartphone to be attached to the bike. It gives you the choice to incorporate the quad lock mounting system, once mounted your smartphone cannot be removed. One can carry in easily all the time as its very light in weight. It comes with a very strong adhesive that will live as long as the smartphone. It can be easily attached and detached and save a lot of time.


Willing to ease down your work and stress for riding your favourite bicycle? Well, with the help of a smartphone bicycle mount you can now carry out your smartphone with you every time you are on a trip or you are riding the bicycle. Well, the mount comprises of a spring stacked hold and a customizable neckline for setting the pressure.

cell phone holder for bicycle

The grasp joins to a ball attachment on the base. The base wraps around the handle bars and has three shims to oblige a wide assortment of handlebar sizes. Thus one can easily say that there is a lot more to get from this as the price factor of the Cell phone holder. The low price of this and the availability of the product over the internet will keep your pockets happy too! If you’re searching for a reasonable approach to secure your smartphone to your handlebars then look no further and grab this one in your city of Canada!


  • Finn bike phone mount:

 bike smartphone mount

It is the award winning phone holder for the bike that fits every phone and every bike. It takes just a few seconds to get installed. With Finn installed you can safely and easily mount your smartphone to any handlebar. It has no screws to tighten, no unusual clips to suit special phones, it just comes as a stretchable strap made of high-quality silicone. Even on bumpy rides, it will hold your phone firm and in place with least vibration. Due to its simple design and high-quality silicone material, the mount stands whatever you throw at it. It is usually made in Austria.


  • One-Touch Bike Mount Holder:

bike mount

The one-touch mount system locks your mobile device firmly into the bike mount. It’s easy one-touch mounting method locks and releases the device with just a press of a finger. This mount fits motorcycle whose handlebars is 1 ¼ inches and smaller in diameter. It has a special safety band strap over the device that provides additional protection. It has a slip grip that securely holds mobile up to 2.9 inches wide.  It is fully adjustable with 360-degree rotation for quick picture and landscape views.


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If you are looking for the top branded bicycle Cell phone holder to come out for your help, then you simply cannot live without this one. The best part is that the mobile phone mount has Very customizable for different size bars and can be introduced without devices will help you to fit in any cell phones. So you can place this mount in the middle of the handlebar of your bicycle to view the maps while travelling. It is an awesome item for the expense.

phone holder for bicycle

Extremely tight and I not even once was stressed over my phone. I would purchase this item once again.  The best part- if you are looking to mount your devices like Samsung Galaxy or even your Apple, this product is just one click away for you to choose the best mobile phone holder. So why waste time thinking about it once more? Just grab this product now and enjoy your bicycle rides in Malayasia!


 If you are looking for a perfect combination of the brand along with a good Cell phone holder for bicycle then you simply cannot miss out the Vibrelli Universal bicycle Phone Mount Holder. Well, the best part for one to utilize is the simple attack of the item. It drives your most loved iPhone to smooth in which will permit you to get the best results.

smartphone bicycle mount

The development is extremely durable, and one can think that it’s simple to introduce. So if you are in an activity or doing different stuffs, it will give you a chance to focus on it. With the sleek design of the phone holder and along with the red colour of the mobile phone holder, you can easily fit this to any part of your bicycle. However, this is also quite comfortable for you to carry while you are jogging or even running in the streets of Singapore.


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These bicycle mobile phone mounts are thus very much in the need of the people. So if you are riding your bicycle or willing to make it a hassle free journey of mobiles sleeking out from your pockets, then just pick up any one from these mobile phone holders. They have many other benefits too from answering calls to helping you show the GPS. You can check an expert advice for DIY Bike mount which you can make at home or office and enjoy bike riding at zero cost.

The Benefits of Using a Cell Phone Holder:  

The phone holder for bike gets attached to the handlebar and can hold your phone while you ride. That way one doesn’t need to hold the phone and increase the risk of getting into an accident.

  • Prevent distractions: More bikers than ever before are using their cell phones while they ride. If they are holding the cell phone in their hands it can be a dangerous hazard to their riding. There is a solution to this problem and it is the bike phone mount.
  • Hear conversations better: Cell phone mounts also help in hearing the other party more clearly. A phone that is mounted can easily be tapped or given a voice message to put the caller on speaker.
  • Access music without difficulty: This accessory allows a person to quickly change the song or playlist with ease. A cell phone mount minimizes the level of contact between the rider and the phone.
  • Use the cell phone as a GPS: GPS provides an easy way to get to and from various destinations by displaying maps and general point to point directions.

 phone mount for bike

Things to consider before buying a phone mount:

  • Waterproof: Look for a mount that is waterproof as most phones require a waterproof mount to keep them safe from rain or snow.
  • Durable materials: Durable material means the mount should be sturdy and it shouldn’t move around, slip or break easily.
  • Universal fit: There is a lot of manufacturers that design mounts for specific phone models. Buy a mount that fits any type of phone.
  • Quick attachment/detachment: The last thing you want to consider is that the mount you select should be easy to attach and detach.

We are in the era where we take our phones everywhere, and that includes while biking also. Bike phone mounts and holders are a great way to easily use one’s cell phone in a moving motor vehicle. Cell phone mounts and holders can be used to charge the cell phone. Charging the smartphone, while riding is fairly a new technology in the market. Having your phone with you while riding is great, but don’t miss out the sounds and scenery around you.

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