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Best Die Cut Machine Review ( Scrapebook Paper Cuter)

Do you love paper crafts? We often make several plans to entertain our spare time, but we don’t take the right initiative to spend it effectively. How can you implement these plans and work on it? It’s easy to create stunning and exclusive crafts with the help of a die cutter.

Die cut machine is becoming popular among the craft makers. People who wish to make paper crafts, sewing, needle works or a lot more, this machine is a time-saving and versatile gadget for pretty outlooks. Die cut machine has created a revolution in the field of crafts and people love it using again and again.

Why do we need die cutter machine?

We always think in a narrow perspective to design a material. It’s likely to create wonders, if we go up for a broader perspective with the combination of graphics or other variety of print enhancements. Die cut machine allows you to create unique design elements.

 This enhances your print piece with a variety of features including shapes, pop ups, reveal windows and a lot more. This helps to improve your professional outlook as well as craft skills.

Now, check out a few benefits of using die cutters

  • Create brilliant marketing ideas with this die cut shapes. Don’t give people the same usual print materials. Make something different and stand-out from the crowd.
  • Few years back, we had rectangular shaped die cutters, but now we can use any distinct shape that showcases the quality of your brand.
  • You don’t need to create same designs all the time. Create interactive crafts or attractive marketing materials.
  • Die cut machine highlights your images or specific designs.
  • This entertains your spare time more efficiently. Make the crafts funky with the help of die cutter shapes.
  • Don’t just finish it as a simple paper material. Keep yourself excited with trendy accessories.
  • You can also create 3D effects that intricate the designs and come up with different dimensions.

How to use die cutter machine?

To work with manual and electronic die cut machines, you need die to feed through the machine.

How do you get die? Die is a carbonized steel which has different shapes or raised designs. Die design is made of solid metal and its sections are cut out into pictures or pattern.

How to cut using this die cutter? It’s easy, place the die onto your cutting material. It can be any paper or card which is normally tapped down. Now, the whole ensemble is pressed between two plates. Rotate the side handle bar, meanwhile the sandwich shaped material passes through the cutting machine.  It’s easy to cut out your favorite design!!

Choosing one of the best die cutting machine for your need is an important step for your hobby or profession.

Cricut 2000293 Cuttlebug Machine, 14.4 by 12-Inch, Green

Circuit is a compact die cutter machine which accepts a wide range of materials and previously used dies. Apart from doing die cuts, you can emboss in your own style and sleek design. It’s completely a versatile product and you can work with your needs.

Circuit is a complete die cutter kit with all the die cutter shapes, pads and accessories to start with cutting, all it need is your inspiration to create wonders. You get a user manual along with the die cutting machine that gives you clear instruction on its working process. This machine works better than expensive die cutters.

Sizzix 660425 Big Shot Cutting/Embossing Machine with Extended Multipurpose Platform, White/Gray

Sizzix is one of the best die cutting machine. Sizzix works on a multipurpose platform and this helps you to create bigger projects. Even if it’s for your profession or hobby, choose this machine for best projects to be completed with ease. You have the option to choose the size of the project and make it unique with a wide variety of materials.

The teal base is attractive and the smaller size makes it compact to use. Sizzix is great for odd cuts, angled and weird images. You get a range of accessories and complimentary items. Sizzix is one of the best scrapbooking die cutters.

Brother CM350 ScanNCut 2 Home & Hobby Cutting Machine

Scrapbooking is easier with the help of this efficient and reliable brother die cutters machine. This die cutter comes with an in-built scanner and additional attractive features too. This machine scans anything from handmade drawing to big pictures. You get more than 500+ built-in designs. It’s one of the best scrapbooking die cutters.

You have large and colored LED screen with more editing capabilities, including welding, rotating, organizing and resizing. It’s light-weight and easy to handle user-friendly device. This die cutter machine works well for paper and fabrics. The cuts are neat and clean without any defects. It’s one of the expensive, yet functional product.

Sizzix Sidekick Die Cutting Machine with Standard Cutting Pads for Sizzlits, Embosslits & Textured Impressions Embossing Folders

If you’re looking for a die cutter to encourage crafts in your school, then choose a Sizzix sidekick die cutting machine. This machine is one of the best die cutter machines for school students or people who wish to work more on craft creation. It has a compact size that is easy to handle by kids. It’s light-weight and portable to move around with your kids.

Sizzix sidekick has all the accessories necessary for a detailed shape cutting and it uses quality embossing for textured impressions. These are die cuts with a view of improving imagination skills in our kids. It’s simple and affordable!!

Cheery Lynn Designs S174 Big Sister Die Cut & Emboss Machine

Cheery Lynn design is one of the best die cutters for scrapbooking. It has set of complete accessories for professional die cutting. The base has a cutting plate, magnetic sheets and metal adaptor plates too. It’s easy to flip out the rest platforms and adjust with the help of an adjustment wheel on the top of the machine.

It’s suitable for paper crafting and one of the best die cutter machine for schools. You can use a variety of die styles on this machine including thin etched dies, older style dies and lot more. The internal parts are made of metal and hence, durable for long years.Must visit here.


You have to consider a lot of things before choosing a die cutter. You should know the price range, whether to buy an expensive or ordinary model. Expensive models are commonly used by devoted crafters or business owners. If you need a portable die cutter machine, consider the size of the machine. You need it for versatile needs like die cutters for scrapbooking, paper crafts, business branding and lot more.

It’s not enough to select a simple machine but one of the best die cutting machine that works well for all your requirements. So, before spending hundreds of dollars, think about the best brand!!


By Matthew McDisa

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