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How to Use Cheat Meals to Stick to Your Diet

How to Use Cheat Meals to Stick to Your Diet

Even if you make a strict diet plan to help you achieve your fitness goals, there is still one challenge to overcome. Dealing with all of the foods that are outside of your diet can be difficult. So, what happens when you go out with friends or have a craving for the forbidden food? This is where cheat meals come in. But as you go about having cheat meals, it is important to observe some tips to help you stick to your diet. Below are the best tips that will assist you.

Plan Your Cheat Meals

Even if you are planning to cheat, it is important to plan carefully. Although sometimes the cheat meal comes abruptly when you go out with friends, a quick thought into planning it is better. It is recommended that you should know the nutrition value of all the ingredients and, most importantly, the number of calories it will add. Sweets and desserts can take you a big step backward if you do not know how to go about the cheat meals. You can consult your nutritionist if you are not sure what to do.

Cheat Once in a While

Cheat meals should not come every other day. If you cheat more than two days in a week, then you are on the wrong path. As a matter of fact, it is not good to have scheduled cheat meals. They should only occur when there is a need. One or a few cheat meals in a month will not cause any harm in your life. It is easy to recover through extra workouts in the course of that week. If a cheat meal opportunity comes, you need to ask yourself whether it is necessary to jump into it. If you just had one recently, then you are better without this one.

Work out to Burn the Extra Calories

Whether before or after the cheat meal, you need to burn more calories through a workout. If need be, you can visit  Valkyrie Online to choose your appropriate steroid to boost the workouts. According to seasoned fitness experts and trainers, cheat meals add more calories, which you have been working hard to eliminate from your diet. Therefore, you must make a point to burn the extra calories. You can either run more in the morning before the cheat meal or hit the gym soon after.

Seek Alternatives

Including alternatives in your cheat meals is very helpful. If you are lucky enough to prepare the meal, then you can use healthier alternatives to stay within your diet. For instance, you can use honey to sweeten desserts, wholegrain flour to make pastries and many other healthy alternatives. If you can find an alternative for the cheat meal, it is better.

Eat to Satisfaction

When eating a cheat meal, you should focus on eating to satisfaction rather than eating as much as possible. Sometimes, you only need a little to take care of the craving. Keeping in mind that you have a fitness goal ahead should actually restrain your appetite. Those who are keen to use this and the other tips will not have a hard time sticking to their diet plans.


Outdoor Recreation

Fun and Useful Tips for Camping with Kids

Camping is always an exciting activity that we love to do when we have time. Solo camping is great but camping with your family can be even better. If you are a parent you know how kids can be demanding and being with kids isn’t always as enjoyable as you wish to be.

In this article, we will discuss how to spend a good time camping with your kids. I will stress out what do you have to bring on the trip and what to do on the campsite. So if you want a stress-free camping trip follow the next tips and you should return home satisfied and full of good memories.

Camping stuff

First, you will see which things and equipment you should consider bringing with you. It is very important that you think of stuff that you will urgently need outdoors. Things like a tent, clothes, food, medicines are crucial.

A family tent

You shouldn’t forget this item at home as it offers a shelter. A family needs a reliable tent that is big enough to accommodate all family members and offers space for storage. The advantage of a bigger tent is that you will have comfort and space for different activities.

Think of your kids at home. You know how kids are, running the house, toys everywhere… This is a good reason for you to get a family tent. However, you can choose a smaller tent or a bigger one. What is the difference between them?

Your decision of getting one depends on your camping purpose. If you will use a shelter just for sleeping and resting then you can get a smaller tent. However, a bigger tent offers more space and comfort like you are used to having at home. In a large tent, you can sleep, enjoy your day, rest, cook and eat.

Think of your family camping needs and decide which one would suit you best.

Outdoor clothes

Clothes are next to mention. When going outdoors you should have enough clothes to change and stay warm. This is simple at home where you have plenty of clothes in the closet but which clothes to bring on camping where you have limited space?

I suggest that you make a plan for each family member. Each member has to have enough underpants, socks, T-shirts, pants, and a good pair of shoes. Winter camping requires more clothes, a hat, gloves, extra socks and other pieces of clothes to stay warm. You know what your kids need so bring pieces of clothes that they wear all the time.

If you will have a sunny outdoor experience there won’t be any problem with clothes. Meanwhile, rain and snow can spoil your vacation fast. To protect your family take synthetic clothes with you. This material will not absorb the moisture so your loved ones will stay dry and satisfied.

What food to bring?

I am sure that you thought of cooking too. Which food should you bring with you? Well, you have plenty of options here. You can cook the food at home and freeze it until you go camping. My favorite option is to buy (or made) some tortillas, chop the tomatoes, cheese, ham, and other ingredients and put them in the food containers. This is an easy way to make a good camping meal, don’t you agree? Think of main meals and also on snacks. Bring dry fruit and meat, nuts, seeds, and other dry food to have energy throughout the day. This type of food won’t spoil so it is a perfect option.

When you have cooked meals with you it is best to have them in the cooler so they won’t spoil. Think of food that your kids love to eat as this will make their trip happier.

Bring games

Kids love to play all the time, right? As this point looks unimportant you should think of entertainment. Kids can get bored easily so bring some board games, a ball, and cards with you. You can play inside the tent or you can explore nature which kids will enjoy I am sure of that. Meanwhile, don’t forget to tell them not to go exploring by themselves as they can get lost.

Other things

You should think of comfort when you take your family camping. If you will travel by car you can put a portable table and chairs in a car trunk. It is always good to have a tarp as you can put it under on above a tent in the case of rain.

Consider batteries, a portable stove and other kitchen stuff, a flashlight, blankets, sleeping bags and pillows, waterproof matches, repellent etc.


Family camping should be fun and without any hustle but it requires some organization and preparation. Consider the tips I gave you in this article to have a pleasant outdoor experience. Meanwhile, think of what else your family needs and like.

When you camp with children you should always talk with them and set some basic rules so they stay safe. The point of camping is to fill your batteries, hang out with your kids and to explore the beautiful nature as it can teach us many things.

Occupy your children and give them simple tasks like gathering wood for the campfire. This way they won’t be bored and they will also learn how being responsible is a key to survival. I wish you happy camping.



Baby Items

When Can Babies Eat Eggs? Get The Facts Right Here

It is very convenient to heat up breast milk straight from the fridge and serve it to a starving baby.But,there comes a point when a milk-only diet will not sustain your growing infant.

Eggs can be a great supplement for breast milk.After all,they are rich in protein and a good source of healthy fats,zinc,iron,calcium,folate,choline,riboflavin,vitamin D,as well as vitamin B12.

So,when can a baby eat eggs for the first time? And,are eggs safe for infants? Many of my readers have posed these questions,so I decided to whip up the following comprehensive guide.

 Why Should You Worry About Feeding Your Baby Eggs?

A study published in the Pediatric Clinics of North America reported that eggs are one of the most common allergy-causing foods,only coming second to cow’s milk.It also stated that egg allergies affect up to 2.5 percent of children.So,it’s easy to see why parents are concerned about feeding their babies eggs.A whole egg contains different kinds of protein.There are about four varieties found in the egg whites.Nutritionists have found that proteins in egg whites are more likely to trigger an allergic reaction that those found in the yolk.

How to Know if Your Baby has Egg Allergy ?

Whether or not your child will be allergic to eggs can be a hereditary issue.Parents can pass down food allergies to their offspring.So,if someone in the family is allergic to eggs,your baby is likely to react badly to this food.

If you suspect your baby will be allergic to eggs,talk to a pediatrician.Your doctor can refer you to an allergist who will perform a conclusive test.That said,it is still important to know the symptoms of an egg allergy even if your child is not genetically predisposed.

You will know your baby has an allergy if he or she starts to throw-up,cough,wheeze,or develop a skin rash after eating eggs.Fainting,flushing or slow heartbeat can manifest in more severe cases.These are signs of an anaphylactic shock,which is life-threatening and requires immediate medical attention.

Many children outgrow food allergies by the time they reach ages  5 to 16.So,your child is likely to tolerate eggs eventually especially if consumed in small doses over time.In the meantime,you should avoid feedin your baby large amounts of eggs that can trigger a full-blown allergic reaction.

Be on the lookout for foods that contain eggs as an ingredient.These can include cakes ,cookies,meatloaf,and other baked pastries.Make sure to read the label on processed foods and avoid any products that contain egg extracts.

When to Introduce Baby to Eggs ?

If your child is not genetically predisposed to an egg allergy,it is safe to introduce this food into the diet.Options on the right timing to start doing that have changed over time.

Initially,the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended waiting until a child’s second birthday before serving eggs for the first time.However,emerging research suggests that withholding eggs in attempts to reduce the occurrence of an allergy actually does the opposite.

In 2010 the University of Melbourne and the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute did a joint study by analyzing the diets of  2,500 infants.The researchers found that infants who started eating eggs as early as four to six months often didn’t develop an allergy.

The findings suggested that egg allergies were up to five times more common among children who started eating eggs at 12-months.As a result,many experts nowadays recommend introducing eggs as soon as your child starts to eat solid foods.


Eggs are generally now considered a safe first food when introducing babies to solids.But,it is important to speak with your pediatrician before introducing this food to your baby if egg allergies run in the family.Your doctor can advise you on your child’s nutritional needs and suggest alternative protein sources.

If egg allergies are not a hereditary concern,make sure to introduce eggs to your child’s diet the correct way.

Some helpful tips to follow include:

  • Avoid introducing new foods to your baby’s diet for up to four days when serving eggs.
  • Cook the eggs thoroughly.
  • Add milk to the scrambled or boiled eggs if your baby is still on a mostly liquid diet.
  • Don’t feed your child any foods containing uncooked eggs like mayonnaise,ice cream,and mousse.
  • Serve the right portion three times a week(begin with one third per serving and increase to half an egg at 8-12 months)


So,that sums up everything you need to know about when can a baby eat eggs and how to introduce this great source of protein into the diet.Follow the tips shared above to identify an egg allergy accurately and avoid the risk of food poisoning due to salmonella bacteria found in raw eggs.If you have any thoughts,suggestions or question,please feel free to leave a comment below.

Reference source

Author Bio: are the team of young,child-loving parents .We love to explore our views on subjects relating to parenting, woman, families.



Hairdryer, also known as a blow dryer is an electrical device used to dry a person’s damp hair though blowing of warm air over the hair to speed up drying through evaporation. While preparing to travel, one should ensure minimal yet essential items are packed for the journey. Hair dryer is one such item that is essential while traveling. Most people don’t like using hair dryers that are provided by hotels either due to poor hygiene or simply because most hair dryers provided by the hotels are not reliable. While choosing a hairdryer, some of the factors to consider include, what the hair dryer is made of, its weight, the wattage, and special features that will make handling the hair dryer easier. Below are the essential tips on how to choose the best hair dryer for traveling;



The Size


Unlike the normal hair dryers that come in big sizes, travel hair dryers required to be smaller in size and in most cases should be able to perform fully just like the normal hair dryers. Most hair dryers require an adapter for them to function well. The adapter in most cases is packed separately hence increasing the bulkiness. For a travel hairdryer, a separate adapter not only makes it expensive to acquire but also makes it bulky hence unsuitable for light travel where one needs as minimal luggage. This can be resolved by purchasing a dual voltage hair dryer. A best travel hair dryer should be small in size. Travel, especially air travel limits the luggage space. This calls for packing of small items in the luggage bag. It’s therefore important to choose a small yet powerful hair dryer when traveling.


The Diffuser


Another functionality to check is the availability of a diffuser. Most hair dryers have a diffuser attached separately, but a good travel hair dryer should have a room for attaching a diffuser without compromising its small size. The attachment is needed for controlling the air flow thereby making the hair appear more stylish and intact.


Heat Setting


The small size of travel hair dryers can also act as a limitation to the availability of more settings, particularly heat settings. Lack of heat settings can make the experience of a hairdryer unbearable due to discomfort and hair damage. A good travel hair dryer should, therefore, have a heat control feature. An example of a good heat control feature is whereby cool air is used to dry the hair. The best type of travel hair driers with this feature is the ionic hair dryers.


The Voltage Of The Hair Dryer


Most countries use a different voltage and wall socket electrical configurations. For safety reasons, a travel hair dryer should have dual voltage capability. This will ensure the safety of the user as hair dryer use a lot of electricity and heat and proper voltage configuration in a must.


  • Durability And Performance


The dryer should be strong enough physically and offer good performance for its size. The blower should be strong enough to do its work within the minimum time possible. This will be determined by the motor strength and wattage. Those with higher motor wattage, have better performance.


The Cost Of The Dryer


Apart from performance, one should ensure the cost of the dryer is within the travel budget. The option available in terms of cost is to buy a new dryer from the shops. Alternatively, one can opt for used dryers that are still in good condition and within budget. It is however recommended to buy a new dryer as it will last much longer compared to used ones.


Bonus Features

A buyer may also be interested in looking at the bonus features. Such features include the availability of a cold button – for style hair shine, adjustable heat and accessories. The concentrator is one such accessory that is used to straighten hair.


To summarize, a good travel hairdryer should be small enough to fit into a travel bag. Apart from size, the dryer should be well equipped with good settings to enable it to function well enough while considering the safety of the user. Where possible, bonus features such as accessories should be factored in. Finally, the cost of the dryer should be within the budget limits of the user.




Get Your Renault Kwid on Autoportal

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The All new Renault Kwid in the market

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Specifications of the car

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The Engine is at the front side of the car and runs on petrol. The mileage of the car is 25.17 km/litre and is ARAI Certified. The superbly designed car comes with a drum, front suspension, rear suspension, and a coil spring. The add-ons are numerous including a twist beam and manual handbrake. It has power steering, digital instrument console, a digital clock, unbeatable comfort, sun visor, central locking for the safeguard of children, and an efficient ventilation system for fresh air and creates no suffocation. Other great features include aux accessibility for a music lover to make your journey more memorable. Its fuel tank has a capacity of 28 litres. The car has its own mobile app and is amazing for Smartphone users. Of course, today everyone is high on technology and depends a lot on it. The app will give you many additional benefits other than just knowledge and information about the brand and the car. The Kwid has tyres with more efficiency and drives smoothly on the road. It has 155/80 R13 tyre with added rubber to protect the tyre and give more grip. Not just the touch screen system, this car has emerged as the first car with the navigation system. Boot space is yet another best specification about the exclusive car. It’s unbeatable and has the highest capacity of 300 liters in the market. To sum it all up, the Kwid by Renault is one of the most amazing cars launched by the company at the lowest price. It is economic, fuel-friendly, has good mileage and does not quite a whopping amount for its maintenance.