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Fun and Useful Tips for Camping with Kids

Camping is always an exciting activity that we love to do when we have time. Solo camping is great but camping with your family can be even better. If you are a parent you know how kids can be demanding and being with kids isn’t always as enjoyable as you wish to be.

In this article, we will discuss how to spend a good time camping with your kids. I will stress out what do you have to bring on the trip and what to do on the campsite. So if you want a stress-free camping trip follow the next tips and you should return home satisfied and full of good memories.

Camping stuff

First, you will see which things and equipment you should consider bringing with you. It is very important that you think of stuff that you will urgently need outdoors. Things like a tent, clothes, food, medicines are crucial.

A family tent

You shouldn’t forget this item at home as it offers a shelter. A family needs a reliable tent that is big enough to accommodate all family members and offers space for storage. The advantage of a bigger tent is that you will have comfort and space for different activities.

Think of your kids at home. You know how kids are, running the house, toys everywhere… This is a good reason for you to get a family tent. However, you can choose a smaller tent or a bigger one. What is the difference between them?

Your decision of getting one depends on your camping purpose. If you will use a shelter just for sleeping and resting then you can get a smaller tent. However, a bigger tent offers more space and comfort like you are used to having at home. In a large tent, you can sleep, enjoy your day, rest, cook and eat.

Think of your family camping needs and decide which one would suit you best.

Outdoor clothes

Clothes are next to mention. When going outdoors you should have enough clothes to change and stay warm. This is simple at home where you have plenty of clothes in the closet but which clothes to bring on camping where you have limited space?

I suggest that you make a plan for each family member. Each member has to have enough underpants, socks, T-shirts, pants, and a good pair of shoes. Winter camping requires more clothes, a hat, gloves, extra socks and other pieces of clothes to stay warm. You know what your kids need so bring pieces of clothes that they wear all the time.

If you will have a sunny outdoor experience there won’t be any problem with clothes. Meanwhile, rain and snow can spoil your vacation fast. To protect your family take synthetic clothes with you. This material will not absorb the moisture so your loved ones will stay dry and satisfied.

What food to bring?

I am sure that you thought of cooking too. Which food should you bring with you? Well, you have plenty of options here. You can cook the food at home and freeze it until you go camping. My favorite option is to buy (or made) some tortillas, chop the tomatoes, cheese, ham, and other ingredients and put them in the food containers. This is an easy way to make a good camping meal, don’t you agree? Think of main meals and also on snacks. Bring dry fruit and meat, nuts, seeds, and other dry food to have energy throughout the day. This type of food won’t spoil so it is a perfect option.

When you have cooked meals with you it is best to have them in the cooler so they won’t spoil. Think of food that your kids love to eat as this will make their trip happier.

Bring games

Kids love to play all the time, right? As this point looks unimportant you should think of entertainment. Kids can get bored easily so bring some board games, a ball, and cards with you. You can play inside the tent or you can explore nature which kids will enjoy I am sure of that. Meanwhile, don’t forget to tell them not to go exploring by themselves as they can get lost.

Other things

You should think of comfort when you take your family camping. If you will travel by car you can put a portable table and chairs in a car trunk. It is always good to have a tarp as you can put it under on above a tent in the case of rain.

Consider batteries, a portable stove and other kitchen stuff, a flashlight, blankets, sleeping bags and pillows, waterproof matches, repellent etc.


Family camping should be fun and without any hustle but it requires some organization and preparation. Consider the tips I gave you in this article to have a pleasant outdoor experience. Meanwhile, think of what else your family needs and like.

When you camp with children you should always talk with them and set some basic rules so they stay safe. The point of camping is to fill your batteries, hang out with your kids and to explore the beautiful nature as it can teach us many things.

Occupy your children and give them simple tasks like gathering wood for the campfire. This way they won’t be bored and they will also learn how being responsible is a key to survival. I wish you happy camping.



By Matthew McDisa

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