Hairdryer, also known as a blow dryer is an electrical device used to dry a person’s damp hair though blowing of warm air over the hair to speed up drying through evaporation. While preparing to travel, one should ensure minimal yet essential items are packed for the journey. Hair dryer is one such item that is essential while traveling. Most people don’t like using hair dryers that are provided by hotels either due to poor hygiene or simply because most hair dryers provided by the hotels are not reliable. While choosing a hairdryer, some of the factors to consider include, what the hair dryer is made of, its weight, the wattage, and special features that will make handling the hair dryer easier. Below are the essential tips on how to choose the best hair dryer for traveling;



The Size


Unlike the normal hair dryers that come in big sizes, travel hair dryers required to be smaller in size and in most cases should be able to perform fully just like the normal hair dryers. Most hair dryers require an adapter for them to function well. The adapter in most cases is packed separately hence increasing the bulkiness. For a travel hairdryer, a separate adapter not only makes it expensive to acquire but also makes it bulky hence unsuitable for light travel where one needs as minimal luggage. This can be resolved by purchasing a dual voltage hair dryer. A best travel hair dryer should be small in size. Travel, especially air travel limits the luggage space. This calls for packing of small items in the luggage bag. It’s therefore important to choose a small yet powerful hair dryer when traveling.


The Diffuser


Another functionality to check is the availability of a diffuser. Most hair dryers have a diffuser attached separately, but a good travel hair dryer should have a room for attaching a diffuser without compromising its small size. The attachment is needed for controlling the air flow thereby making the hair appear more stylish and intact.


Heat Setting


The small size of travel hair dryers can also act as a limitation to the availability of more settings, particularly heat settings. Lack of heat settings can make the experience of a hairdryer unbearable due to discomfort and hair damage. A good travel hair dryer should, therefore, have a heat control feature. An example of a good heat control feature is whereby cool air is used to dry the hair. The best type of travel hair driers with this feature is the ionic hair dryers.


The Voltage Of The Hair Dryer


Most countries use a different voltage and wall socket electrical configurations. For safety reasons, a travel hair dryer should have dual voltage capability. This will ensure the safety of the user as hair dryer use a lot of electricity and heat and proper voltage configuration in a must.


  • Durability And Performance


The dryer should be strong enough physically and offer good performance for its size. The blower should be strong enough to do its work within the minimum time possible. This will be determined by the motor strength and wattage. Those with higher motor wattage, have better performance.


The Cost Of The Dryer


Apart from performance, one should ensure the cost of the dryer is within the travel budget. The option available in terms of cost is to buy a new dryer from the shops. Alternatively, one can opt for used dryers that are still in good condition and within budget. It is however recommended to buy a new dryer as it will last much longer compared to used ones.


Bonus Features

A buyer may also be interested in looking at the bonus features. Such features include the availability of a cold button – for style hair shine, adjustable heat and accessories. The concentrator is one such accessory that is used to straighten hair.


To summarize, a good travel hairdryer should be small enough to fit into a travel bag. Apart from size, the dryer should be well equipped with good settings to enable it to function well enough while considering the safety of the user. Where possible, bonus features such as accessories should be factored in. Finally, the cost of the dryer should be within the budget limits of the user.



By Matthew McDisa

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