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Explore an Incredible Solution to Store Wine and Beer Bottles

Do you store your wine in the kitchen inside your cabinet? Wine bottles must be stored properly in a holder that preserves your wine in a good condition. The wooden wine bottle and glass holder is a perfect solution to store your wine bottles and wine glasses. The wooden wine bottle holders also form an elegant addition to any atmosphere. Storing both the wine bottles and glasses is a better way to go, especially when you have few glasses and do not drink much. Not only serving the purpose of holding wine bottles and glasses, you can also take this wine bottle holder  of wood and glass holder for picnic to spend a nice outdoor time, while drinking a glass of wine with your friends.


Do you need a powerful wine bottle holder?  This hand crafted beer carrier is produced out of recycled and reclaimed wood, ensuring a strong and powerful unit to the wine bottles and the glasses. Carrying a mismatched 6-pack of your favorites is not anything easier. Small yet functional, this wooden beer carrier is capable of holding bottles of your favorite drink including soda and beer.

The early American finish offer this wooden wine bottle and glass holder a country look, featuring wood imperfections that can better complement the look. The wooden defects are added perfectly to acquire this look. The inner bottle partition is removable that makes it easy to store large beverage bottles. As this wooden unit is hand-crafted, you can remain sure of its superior quality.

  • This handcrafted wooden beer carrier / holder is equipped with antiqued bottle opener
  • Perfect to store beer bottles, wine bottles and soda
  • This wine bottle holder of wood material is suitable for outdoor use during a trip out, party and picnic
  • This wine bottle and glass holder forms a perfect gift on all occasions.


Do you want to carry wine and beer bottles in a strong wooden beer caddy attached with bottle opener? This high quality rustic holder is made out of sturdy wood and comes with a bottle opener fixed at the side. This great wooden crafted beer career and holder is perfect choice for any avid beer enthusiast.

Its rustic design is reminiscent of traditional milk crates. It is sure that this pierce of beer and wine bottle holder in wood will bring a classic touch to any home or establishment. The handmade work makes this unit further elegant and makes it a nostalgic piece of work with bottle opener attached. This wooden beer tote is suitable for bars and restaurants that want to embrace something additional into their decorum. The classic design of this awesome beer carrier and wine bottle holder in wood is the recent trend out there and is definite to be a great hit.

  • Perfect to store your beer and wine bottles in an organized and neat manner, while keeping the bar top and tables clutter free
  • Wonderfully crafted, this wine bottle holder in wood appears great on any tabletop, bar or counters and adds a style to display the condiments.


Do you want to show your enthusiasm for your desired local brewery or eager to enjoy a crisp brew with your lunch? You can greatly carry your beer along that gets a vintage touch in this wooden bottle caddy. This wooden bottle caddy or wine bottle holder in wood is perfect for amusement with rustic style.

Equipped with a bottle opener on the side, this caddy is your absolute go-to-accessory to transport bottles to neighborhood barbeques or picnics. This is a versatile crate model bottle caddy that is wonderfully designed in a better-quality wood.

  • In-built bottle opener attached with this wine bottle and glass holder
  • Comfortable and ergonomic handle to allow easy transport of beer and wine bottles
  • Completed in top-rate solid wood.
  • The surface is smooth with eco-friendly design
  • It is comfort to carry this wooden wine bottle and glass holder forpicnic and other outdoor trip.


  • 6 Pack Beer Bottle Holder 12oz Tote, Durable Kraft Box Carrier for Cans and Bottles, Moisture Resistant

Are you looking for something unique fir gifting beer and wine bottles? Look at this product that will serve your necessary purpose. It is a six pack bottle carrier that is intended to hold six bottles of wine, beer or any other beverage. Bottle carrier is sturdy card that makes it an eco-friendly, natural and easy way for customers to transport the bottles of wine. Made of best-quality card material, it is a unit that is durable and attractive than outdoor wooden wine bottle and glass holder being used widely now.

  • Environment friendly
  • Designed to hold six bottles
  • Made of top quality board that is resistant to moisture and possesses great wet strength.
  • 100% recyclable yet durable and elegant in look
  • Perfect for use as a party favor, carry for picnics and for gifting beer.


Need an attractive wooden craft beer carrier? Then this product is going to be your own beer and wine concierge. It allows you to carry beer and wine bottles to the barbeque or picnic. The sturdy handle of this product makes transporting easy. It can form a perfect gift for craft beer enthusiast or home brewer.

This wine bottle and glass holder is personalized with a single large initial along with a side mounted bottle opener and a carrying handle. You can also use this wooden wine bottle and glass holder for picnic, while holding beer and wine bottles of six 12 ounce in size. A big single gold initial is imprinted beneath the bottle opener at one end of the unit.

  • Perfect for use as a outdoor wooden wine bottle and glass holder
  • Makes up a unique and highly functional gift for any sort of occasion
  • Engraved with uppercase single initial
  • Perfect for a man who loves for a mix and match of his preferred craft beers


If you want to buy a wooden wine bottle and glass holder for your home or to take outdoors, you can check for the aforementioned units. They all come with added features and extraordinary functionality to serve the purpose beyond your expectation. These wine bottle and glass holders offer effective, quality and simple storage options that often facilitate you to develop a personalized set-up.

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