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Multipurpose tea water bottle infuser for your hourly beverages

Do you miss that strong smell of the morning tea when you are out? We are all a bit addictive to beverages at intervals that electrify us up and inject more energy into our soul but the point is how do we get that when we are travelling outdoors? This time, you won’t miss your morning tea or evening cold coffee anymore! There is the list of selected tea water bottle infuser that has incomparable features down below and select the ones of your choice that you want to carry it next time you are travelling out. Don’t forget to take the leaves!


If you are looking for tea bottle with infuser, then you are in the right place. Pijo water bottle tea infuser is a blend of a bottle and an infuser that you can easily carry it in any place and have warm tea, or coffee when you are away from home.

The bottle is designed in such a way using borosilicate glass which acts as a thermal shock resistant which protects the glass from leakage. It is highly tenacious, muscular and constructed perfectly to carry out ice cold coffee or extreme hot tea. So, even if you drop it by mistake, there won’t be a single crack on the bottle. There are nylon sleeves which protect your bare hands from the hot or cold temperature of the liquid and also work as an insulator.

This product is highly in demand because of the affordable price, the features and the design. If you are thinking this can be messy, then you are definitely wrong. It is very easy to clean; the mouth of the infuser is wide but not the holes. The holes are so tiny that it prevents the tea leaves or the coffee powder from going inside the main bottle; it is also backed up by removable caps, carabiner, and filter that are made up of stainless steel.


Asubo’s are regarded as one of the best in bottles in the matter of quality of the product, along with the design and features it possess. They have all the popular products in the glass bottle tea infuser, which is not only stylish but also easy to handle, the features are trendy and uncomplicated to clean no matter you drink cold coffee or any kind of tea.

This product comes in various colours and is made up of thick glass, silicone material, and stainless steel. You can wash them easily and take it anywhere. The top part and the down part of the bottle are both removable, carries sufficient amount of liquid in it and the glass material of the bottle keeps the liquid from slightest leakage. The durable glass prevents the liquid to engage in a chemical reaction which is also a great advantage over the plastic ones and also functions properly the task of insulation.

You won’t get hurt if you touch the bottle, in case you are carrying warm tea or chilled liquid. The bottle tea infuser is removable and has very mini sized holes so that it does not sneak into the main part of the bottle. You can try the infuser with any kind of fruits and prepare your tea while you’re on the go. It has a silicone sleeve which serves a better grip for the users. If you are a first time user of this kind of bottle with infusers then do check the user guide or user tutorial as it can be a real help to you.


This is an era where every single thing is turning from plastic material to some other material for the betterment of our own environment. The days are gone when people used to use plastic cups, plastic bottles and necessary things made up of plastic. Homdox has taken a step forward and brought superior quality glass bottle tea infuser which has replaced the maximum usage of bottles with infusers and taken it to a new level.

This specific kind of bottle tea infuser is cited as one of the demanding product these days because of the trouble free usage, no leakage issues, completely spill proof and holds the perfect amount of liquid in it. The opening of the bottle is constructed the perfect size which is deemed easy to drink and is also trouble-free to carry any place as it fits in any holder without any fault.

Unlike the plastic bottles, it has a wide opening, which makes it effortless to clean in water and pour whatever you want. The exterior cover of the bottle is made up of nylon sleeve which protects your skin from getting in touch with the hot temperature of the liquid, makes it easier to hold for a better grip and saves the glass from getting broken. This product is available in innumerable colours and is highly pocket-friendly.


Are you tired of carrying that same type of bottle or a mug every time you are out for exploring? Then you should definitely check this tea bottle with infuser.  By oxford Eve’s, this tea water bottle infuser has high-class dual-bodied borosilicate glass wall that shows you the transparency and what liquid you are pouring in.

get a new level of drinking experience with this infuser which is completely and guaranteed lead-free and provides you safe drinking. It has two pieces of strainer made up of stainless steel that gives you a choice which one to use according to the liquid.

It is highly environment-friendly since it is made up of borosilicate glass material and the interior silicone lining ensures no chemical reactions with your drink. It greatly performs the work of insulation, infusing both beverages and fruits, has a large capacity to hold and keep the liquid warm or cold for a longer period of time. The tea infuser water bottle has enough space for the leaves to expand and swell and gives the perfect taste of the tea. So, whenever you are going out to the gym, travelling or a tour, don’t forget to take this along with you.


If you are looking for a perfect tea infuser glass bottle that can serve you the beverages you want daily then grab one Vitality fit bottle with infuser that is made up of best class borosilicate glass which is reusable, allows no stain on the body, and gives you the perfect comfort due to the nylon sleeve material for the better hold of the bottle and to carry it anywhere whether its gym, office, tours or night outs, also fits in cup holders smoothly.

Taking into account the health these days, vitality fit has brought a bottle with an infuser to keep people hydrated whole day, remain fresh with the help of tea infuser or fruit infuser compiled in one. Washing is so simple with the cleaning sponge in it, just dip into water, shake it and carry it along with you the very next day.

It will never smell of the liquid whatever you took the previous day, leaving no stains. The features and the looks of the product make it ideal to be one of the best in glass bottle tea infusers! Visit home page.


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