Best Woodworking Tools for Home Improvement Project

The living room is considered the nerve center of the house as this is where most people will gather. It’s no wonder every house owner makes sure that their living room will make a substantial impact on their guests. Therefore, it’s a must that you’ll make the time to improve the view of your living room.

Some Useful Tips

  • If you’re planning on doing so, here are some excellent suggestions on how to redecorate without the expensive costs.
  • If you own wood furniture and they have chips and gaps, there’s no need to replace them with new ones. Here’s a list of the best stainable wood fillers to cover the damages.
  • Lighting can make your house look stunning. You might want to consider adding some inside to achieve the home you’ve always dreamed about. Here’s an excellent guide on the types of light that will fit your home (and budget).

If you’re thinking about making significant improvements, you must make sure first that you have the proper woodworking tools to do some DIY renovations on your living room.

  • Hammer

When doing repairs, you’re going to need to do some pounding and pulling on nails and tapping on things to put them in the proper place. All these things will require you to have a quality hammer. An effective one is long and light. It’s also useful when demolition is needed.

  • Putty Knife

A putty knife is effective in removing dry paint and glue, as well as in spreading paste, spackle, and putty. For scraping, it’s recommended that you use a 1.5-inch knife, and a 5- or 6- inch one for spreading.

  • Level

It is used to see if your frame is parallel to the surface of the earth or not. An air bubble is found inside in each of the vials, and when it’s in the center, it’s an indication that your frame is aligned.

  • Saw Blades

A collection of saw blades for reciprocating saws, jig saws, and circular saws will enable you to cut through plywood, lumber, wood, plastic, PVC pipe, steel pipe, steel, and sheet metal duct.

Here’s an excellent guide when choosing saw blades.

  • Tape Measure

With the tape measure’s spring-steel blade wrapped up in a tiny box, it’s convenient and can measure lengths that would need a huge folding rule. The only disadvantage of using this is the small hook attached at the end. It might cause inaccuracy in some cases.

  • Power Drill

Drilling means making holes. A power drill is the best tool when your hands are too tired after turning many screws.

A power drill is like a screwdriver on steroids. You can connect bits to it, to equal the screw you’re currently working on. You can also join drill bits so you can drill holes in wood, walls, etc.

  • Nail Set

One of the essential woodworking tools you need to have is a nail set. It is used to sink nail heads below the wood’s surface, to allow you to stuff the hole with sand and wood putty, so the nail becomes hidden.

  • Utility Knife

You can use the utility knife in many ways. You can use it to scrape hides, cut cordage and hides, score drywall, and even trim the carpet’s edges. Some also use it for other purposes such as cleaning fish and butchering animals.

  • Mitre Saw

A mitre saw has a unique blade that enables you to cut at different angles. You can make cuts for window casings, door frames, picture frames, and even for crown molding.

The blade attaches on the swing arm allowing it to turn left and right to create angled cuts perfectly every time you use it.

  • Cordless Grinder

A cordless grinder is useful for grinding, smoothing, and metal cutting. You will surely need this tool if your project requires concrete and masonry.

  • Flat-head Screwdriver

The flat-head screwdriver is used to loosen or tighten screws. It’s undoubtedly the most used tool, and it’s very likely that every man on the planet owns one.

  • Phillips-head Screwdriver

The Phillips-head screwdriver is also known as the cross-head screwdriver. It’s more convenient to use with industrial and electrical tools.


There you have it. The woodworking tools listed above are among the most important if you’re thinking about remodeling your living room. There are still other tools that you’re going to need, depending on what you’re going to do.

You have to determine first what you wish to do with your living room. Plan carefully. Then, check out the tools and materials that are needed. Good luck and have fun!

Author Bio: Jimmy loves sharing his knowledge on Woodworking and Home Improvement techniques at Air Tool Guy. Follow his blog for more tips and tricks of tools around the house.