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7 Pro Tips to secure You facebook account from hackers

When it comes to social media, Facebook comes on the top of all and as we all know the top things have more eyeballs..!


So hackers are trying to hack tons of facebook accounts daily just for their personal profit or anything and the common people are facing these issues daily. Yuu must have seen tons of facebook tips and tricks like how to use Facebook full site login in android or iPhone etc.

So I thought every common people should try their level best to protect their facebook account from those all behind the wall coward people.

So today I’ll share the top simple yet effective tips with which you can stop hackers to hack your facebook account.  So if you are searching for this how to secure facebook account from hackers then just keep reading this post till the very end.

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How to secure facebook account from hackers?

Step 1- Choose Hard Password and update it weakly

First of all let’s start with the basic,

Make sure to choose a hard password like if you are having a facebook account with pass Alex12345 then it will not gonna work for you at all. The chances to hack these types of passwords are 98% means a newbie hacker can also hack you facebook account if you are having these simple passwords.

So how can I make my password hard to crack?

First make sure to write more than 8 words password,

Make sure to create a alphanumeric password (means alphabets + numerical),

Make sure to add symbols in your password like #,!,*,%,$,@ etc.

That’s all, so now the example password will look like, Alex*#76

This one is really great and pretty hard to crack.

And don’t forget to change your password every week.

If you are changing or updating your passwords every single weak or every alternative weaks then it will me more than enough.

My personal suggestion, please don’t even think to make your facebook password same as your other social media passwords or your bank passwords etc because one anybody knows your faecbook password then he or she will definitely try to open up all your other social media accounts like emails etc.  This is the your first step to secure your facebook account from hackers.

Step 2- Make sure to add secondary email id

Let’s suppose your facebook account is hacked, now what? What can you do now?

You can’t do anything if you have not connected any secondary email id to your facebook account because at that time facebook will let you recover your account with the help of secondary email if, they will send you an email which contains a link to change password.

So make sure to add your secondary email id to your account and you must have to remember it otherwise there is no chance to recover your account without id.

How can I add secondary email id?

Just go to your facebook settings page, you can also go directly from here.

Now scroll down, you’ll see Email section, just fill your secondary email there and type your password below to save changes.

That’s all.

Now your facebook account is much more safer than before and you can surely secure facebook account from hackers with this.

Step 3- Connect your phone number t your facebook account

Some people hesitate to add their personal mobile number on their account I don’t know why but maybe I guess they don’t wanna let people check their phone number openly but if this is the issue then you can hide their phone number from their profile, so that no one can see it.

And the second most important reason why people don’t connect their phone number with facebook is that they don’t even know why should they add it?

So let me tell you why you should add your mobile number to your facebook account?

Again let’s suppose you facebook account has been hacked or your account is locked due to any reasons then your phone number will help you out of the way to get back your hacked or locked facebook account.

Facebook will text you a link on your mobile number with which you can unlock or update your account password easily.

Okay I got it, but how can I add my phone number to my account?

Again by going to settings you can add or if you are lazy as me then just click on this link so that you’ll directly go to the settings page. I’m sure this will help you to secure your facebook account from hackers.

Step 4- Enable Secure Browsing feature

By enabling the secure browsing on your facebook account you can secure your facebook account from hackers for sure.

Because once you enable the secure browsing on your account, you will not see any spammy or un-trusted links on your account. Most of the hackers use spammy links to hack accounts, so by enabling this feature you’ll not get any of these links on your account.

Or even if you got any link then you can’t open it, it will show you a pop up that this is violating secure browsing guidelines.

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 Okay sounds good and effective, but how can I do this?

Just go to secure facebook privacy settings or click here to enable your secure browsing option. Try this now to secure facebook account from hackers.

Step 5- Login Notification

Facebook knows your devices on which you use your facebook account like if you use your facebook account on your phone and on your pc, so facebook knows that these two things are yours but once you logging your account with any new device then you will get an email from facebook which will tell you that your id is logged in with a new device if it’s not you then please change your password.

So to enable login notifications you just have to go to this page and select Get notifications and also select your email address on which you want your emails or alerts to come. Otherwise you can also add your phone number to get a text message directly on your phone once someone login to your account from a new device you usually don’t use. I personally suggest you to enable this feature now to secure facebook account from hackers now.

Step 6- Choose 3 to 5 to contact if you are locked out

This feature is also helpful; you just have to select 3 to 5 friends on which you trust. They an help you to get back your hacked facebook account. They can send a code or URl from Facebook to help you login back to your account.

So, to choose your trusted friends click on this link and scroll to the bottom and select your friends. That’s all. This is also great way to secure facebook account with mobile.

Step 7- Use Two Factor Authentication

With this Two Factor Authentication feature of facebook you can secure your facebook account with mobile.

No can login to your facebook account if he or she has your account password because to login you have to put your password and a text code which you will get on your phone number.

This is awesome, isn’t it?

So to use this great Two Factor Authentication feature just go to this link and add your phone number on which you want text messages every time you login or choose your already provide phone number. This if the answer of all your questions like how to protect my fb account from block or how to protect my fb account from report etc.

That’s all J

With these 7 tips you can easily secure your facebook account from hackers in just few minutes.

So make sure to complete all of these 7 steps for sure and also make sure to share these 7 tips with your friends so that they can also secure their facebook account from hackers.

If you still have any doubts regarding how to secure your Facebook Account then please let me know in the comment below so that I can help you out asap.

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