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6 Important Tips in Selecting the Right Locksmith for Your Emergency

Selecting the Right Locksmith for Your Emergency

Most people don’t think about finding a locksmith until it’s too late. Rather than keep one in the contacts list on their phones, they wait until they’ve locked themselves out of the house at midnight to search for a good local emergency locksmith, like Non-Stop Locksmith. Thankfully, this is a situation that you can prepare for right now. Follow these six tips and choose your favorite local locksmith. Then place their information in your phone. Now you’re ready for that emergency!

1) Check Their Available Hours

The number one thing to inquire about is the hours that the company is open. Some are available 24/7, and keep someone on call in order to handle those late night emergencies. Since you’re looking for an emergency locksmith, you should make sure that the company keeps these hours. The best locksmiths are available any time that you need them.

2) Look for Those That Boast About Having Quick Response Times

A locksmith that works quickly – sending out a service technician within minutes of receiving a call – is the best one for emergency situations. These companies are able to help you quickly, which is great when you need them late at night. It’s much better than having to wait outside of your house for hours waiting for the technician to appear.

3) Make Sure That They Offer an Array of Services

There are some specialty locksmiths out there. These companies handle only a certain type of lock or situation. However, many can tackle a number of different services. Just to make sure that you aren’t accidentally calling a specialty service, you need to ask exactly what your chosen locksmith can do.

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4) Ask About Employee Training

Although only a handful of states have licensing processes for locksmiths, the company that you choose should properly train their employees. An alternative to this is hiring people who already know how to perform many different locksmith duties. Again, you don’t want a locksmith to come out, only to discover that he can’t handle the work and needs to call in another person. Employing only people with training and knowledge will prevent this.

5) Inquire On the Distances That They Cover

Many locksmith services, such as Non-Stop Locksmith, service several different geographic areas. Others might stay within a particular zip code. Ask you locksmith company where they’ll travel to. If you end up outside of that geographic area, will they help you? Or will they refer you to someone else?

6) Ensure That Their Employees Have All of the Tools That They Need

You never know what any locksmith job will need. Every lock is different, and the last thing that you want is to be stuck outside of your house waiting for the locksmith to come back with the right tools. When you check with potential locksmith services, make sure to ask if their employees carry around full toolkits. This will prevent this potential situation before it even happens.


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