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Best plastic soap dispenser for 2017

Isn’t that irritating when the soap dispensers starts dripping and the kitchen floor gets messy when the dispenser leaks after use? If you feel the same, then its time when you should replace the old ones with the new durable and leak proof plastic soap dispenser. Check this list of best Plastic Soap Dispenser for 2016-16 especially for you.

Vivaplex, 4, Clear, 8.5 oz (250 ml), Oval, Plastic Foaming Soap Dispensers, with White Pumps by Vivaplex

This is a set of amalgamation of the best plastic soap dispensers in one package. They are all transparent clear plastic soap dispensers which produces smooth foam suitable for bathroom and kitchen. Each bottle can store up to 8.5 oz easily and pumps the exact amount you require.

The openings of the bottles are wide making it enough for refilling it without any further mess. They look simple but works fine and can set themselves any corner of the house. The body and material of the product are durable and strong. It is even easy to install and use. To try this, you can bring a pack of it now.


OXO Good Grips Soap Dispenser, Charcoal by OXO

One of the most demanding, this plastic Mason jar soap dispenser is carved simple, has got wide opening and the broad press button is ideal for  smooth dispensing of the liquid soap. It can easily hold 12 oz of liquid and the clear body will keep you noticed when the quantity is getting over so that you can refill it before its nil.

You can change the colour of the dispenser from the color options you have got. The product weighs extremely less but it’s strong and the body is thick, so it’s not even hard to carry it to another place. Get this OXO plastic soap dispenser now.


By Shirley Krantz

Shirley is a mom to adorable twins. She has been a nutritionist in the San Francisco area for 10 years before joining the 21Bottle team. Besides being the wordsmith, she enjoys outings with her family at the lake. Shirley manages the Baby items and Gifts ideas categories.