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Are you looking for a reliable accessory to ensure the safety of your smart phone? Why don’t you consider investing on a perfectly made flexible arm cell phone holder? Today, almost everyone is using smartphone but most of them fail to ensure the safety of their device. When your mobile phone falls down, you may end up spending a lot of money to bring back to its original condition, in terms of both look and functionality. To help you save hundreds of dollars on repairing your smartphone, many companies have come up with a wide range of flexible cell phone holders. While some phone holders let you to carry the device with ease on the go, some phone holders can be mounted on the table, bedroom, bathroom or car that ensure easy access to your cell phone.  Specially flexible phone holder for bedroom is must have. Even you can use same flexible cell phone holder in bathroom comfortably. See some good bedside phone holder in detail.

flexible cell phone mount

The cell phone holder is the most effective thing to the individual to keep the phone safe and also meet their needs. The advantage of this flexible cell phone stand gives the user access their phone without any doubt the phone will fall down and other damage will occur to your phone.

flexible phone holder is a great possession for all cell phone users. Their gooseneck like structure helps the flexibility as it is long enough to be turned and twisted in any direction for comfortable usage on desk, at home in bed or while driving a car. It is a perfect mobile stand for all types of smartphone. It also helps lazy guys to stay in bed and use their phones like iphone6 or iphone 6 plus. The tripod of mobile stand has a clip that holds the cell phone in place. The suction cup at bottom keep the phone holder stuck on the surface of desk or wall making mobile hand activities easier. The flexible neck or arm of the phone holder can be adjusted to the user’s comfort. The clip of a mobile phone holder is firm yet gentle on the phone avoiding any chances of scratches on the body of the cell phone. Universal and Spider flexible phone holder is great in quality and assured durability. You have a lot of options from Lazy Bracket flexible phone holder, GOXT flexible phone holder and Kikkerland flexible phone holder to choose from and use your cell phone easily, even on the go!


Best 5 flexible phone holders for Bedroom and Car:-

This is a two in one flexible cell phone holder, which means that it can be mounted easily on any desk, chair, bed and wall cabinet. Another holder is compatible suction cup holder that can be mounted on the car windscreen or on any other smooth surface.

flexible phone holder

This cell phone holder facilitates the user to view phone, enjoy listening to music and play games without having to hold the cell phones for hours. You can use it in the bedroom, office, gym and even in kitchen where you would like to enjoy hands free voice chat.

This flexible phone holder features 700mm, Gooseneck Flexible Telescopic Arm Holder that lets you to position the cell phone at the right angle and distance for feasible viewing. With compact, lightweight and functional design, these cell phone holders are compatible with most of the smartphones.


  • Heavy duty and sturdy cell phone holder
  • Easy to install
  • Gooseneck Flexible Telescopic Arm Holder
  • Compact and lightweight
  • 2 in 1 holder


If you are looking for the best cell phone holder at the affordable price, then flexible cell phone holder from DBANG would be the right option. The entire length of this holder is 105 cm and so, you can fix your device at the convenient distance from your eyes. This multipurpose flexible cell phone mount can be used as a Selfie shooting tool or can be worn around the neck for watching videos and photos.

flexible cell phone mountIt is extremely flexible that you can either clip it to the desk or fix it about anywhere to ensure easy access to your device. The three parts of this flexible phone mount including base, tube and clip is designed to be extremely sturdier and they last for years.

The tube made of magnalium alloy can be bent into any shape as per your requirement. They are compatible with all smartphones, and are designed to make your life more convenient than ever before.


  • Affordable price
  • Multipurpose stand
  • Selfie shooting tool
  • Compact, lightweight and portable
  • Compatible with all cell phones


Looking for Arm phone holder for Running. Then See our Armband phone holder which make life easy while exercising.

Convenience is what we expect in everything we own. This is extremely true even in terms of using cell phone. If you are a kind of individuals who want to view movies and videos on your cell phone without holding it for a long time, then this flexible phone car mount from Lazy Man can be the right choice for you.

lazy phone holder

The manufacturer has designed this holder in such a way that it can be mounted on to any chair, bed, desk, car seat and kitchen as well. With 360 degrees rotatable design, this cell phone holder is ideal for watching videos and reading.

The soft pads of this lazy phone holder let you to attach the holder to the clamp. It is compatible with a wide range of cell phones, ipads, etc.


  • Compact, lightweight and portable
  • Durable design
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to carry
  • Compatible
  • Affordable price


It is a simple clip type flexible arm cell phone holder that is flexible rotating clamp provides 360 degrees. The flexible car cellphone stand makes the user easy adjustment of their apt viewing angle without any imperfection. The total height is 29.5 inches and the holder size is 4.7 inches and the maximum clamp thickness around 3.14 inches.

flexible cell phone holder for car

The flexible man cell phone holder is compatible with Samsung galaxy, LG, blackberry, Nokia, HTC, iPhone 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6s, iPod, etc. It is easy to install in few seconds and easy to carry anywhere with less weight of this holder.

It gives the perfect angle and free from vibration and other scratch resistance to protect the phone from any damages. The clamp holds the phone tightly to avoid the chance of phone falling down. No need any tools required to mount the cell phone stand.


The main highlight of this cell phone holder stand is that it features hands-free access to your mobile phone. This phone holder relieves you from using hands especially when you play on your phone at bed room. Adjustable and flexible position is achieved by means of the flexible gooseneck holder that makes this cell phone holder for bed accessible at any location.

Let’s consider you are lying on your bed and wish to watch a movie. In such conditions, this device will come handy in helping you. You just have to clamp it on the headboard and perform some adjustment on the aluminum gooseneck right before your face at a comfortable distance to enjoy the viewing.

This Bestek cell phone holder stand with clip clamp mount is perfectly suitable for all mobile phones as well as digital products, featuring 360 degree rotation along with mounting clip. Clip is to hold the smart phone firmly so you need not bother its slip down.


Mfeel Universal Long Arm Mobile Phone Holder Desktop Bed Lazy Bracket Mobile Stand (Black)

One of the great mobile phone holders with long arm to ever launch in the market, this Mfeel universal long arm mobile stand is a wise buy for anyone who wishes for a superior quality mobile phone holder. This perfect size cell phone holder for bed does not consume more space.

It can be placed easily on the desktop and can be able to view the GPS or listen to songs. As this mobile phone holder is adjustable and flexible it can be set into any position as per the preference of the user. The long arm of the mobile phone holder extends to long distance to accommodate any type of smart phone and provide comfortable viewing of the device.

The phone holder with long arm is highly useful in making sure that you avail a stable stand to the phone holder. The hands free feature of this universal flexible cell phone holder enables watching online news and eBooks, etc.


This flexible mobile phone holder have LED lamp, phone holder clip and long flexible arms that can be easily clipped onto bed headboard, desk, wall cabinet, chair, etc. It allows you to enjoy using your phone everywhere. The combination of cell phone bracket and LED lamp becomes extremely suitable for view phone and enjoy listening to music and play games in places like bedroom, office, gym, wherever and whenever you need it.

The flexible long arm is 360 degree rotating that is made of magnesia-alumina alloy to ensure super sturdiness. The flexible long arm can be adjusted to any viewing angle as per your wish. Users can obtain a more comfortable experience with environmentally friendly accessories of the flexible car phone holder like LED bedside lamp that offers non-flickering light.

The other features of this cell phone holder for bed like wear resistant silicone pad and screw lock structure offer protection to your smart phone and other digital device from moving around or falling accidentally.


This is an incredible hands-free iphone holder for bed featured with simple design features to allow best possible use of the holder. Lightweight and simple, it is easy to carry this smart phone holder while on the go and around your home. The hands free phone holder for bed with flexible long arm is very special for use in the bed room.

You need to simply place the base beneath your leg or mattress for the convenience of the phone in the holder. This accessory is probably the longest phone holder measuring 27 inches, while sporting goose-neck tubing. This high-end mobile phone stand for bed allows you to bring your smart phone along with you to bed to enjoy the utmost comfort accessing your phone.

Without any additional tools like screws, bolts, clips, Velcro or adhesive, this bedside mobile phone holder is the best product for bed use. Works will Samsung galaxy and all iPhone versions perfectly.


This is one of the sturdy and heavy duty holders you could ever find in the market. This cell phone holder for bed bath and beyond has a larger suction base to enable stand mount without bendy and tight arm or vibrations. The sturdy holder protects your smart phone and several other electronic devices firmly to prevent the device from moving around or drop.

This mobile phone holder for bed with long flexible arms can be used as a car phone holder or bed phone holder. You can also call this bedside phone holder as two-in-one phone holder. Firstly, it can be used as a clip-on holder that can mounted easily on any desk, chair, bed and wall cabinet.

The other feature is interchangeable, which can be used as stick-on mount or mounted on any smooth surface or on car windscreen. The flexible gooseneck rotating clamp of this bedside cell phone holder is 360 degree rotatable by means of adjustable holder that allows viewing device at any orientation or angle while driving.


This is a reliable smartphone holder for bed with flexible long arms clamp and 360-degree rotating feature, which makes the holder flexible to view the device at any preferred angle.

This bedside phone holder is highly perfect for playing phone games, enjoying music and watching movies in bedroom, office, gym, exhibition and many other places. This Zton bedside cell phone holder suitable for most cell phones and facilitates easy and quick installation.

This mobile phone holder for bed is suitable for use with most of mobile phone screen sizes, including iPhone, iPod, Samsung galaxy, PDS, htc, GPS, nokia, blackberry, LG, etc. The phone holder is about 29.5 inches long with the largest holder size of about 4.7 inches and the thickness of clamping is about 3.14 inches.


This universal smartphone holder for bed boasts flexible long arms that can easily clip on to any desk and bed headboard for comfortable use. It can also be places on the wall cabinet, chair and wherever you want in your home to satisfy your needs. You can also use this iphone holder for bedside in kitchen, bathroom and office.

The flexible telescopic arm holder has a long gooseneck that extends to a longer distance for clear and convenient viewing of the device, while positioning the phone at proper angle. The suction cup facilitation mount with 360 degree rotation along with swivel ball that offers both vertical and horizontal viewing angle as per the need.

This makes this iphone holder for bed easier to swivel between portrait and landscape position based on what purpose you are using your mobile phone. You can easily place the phone holder on bed and it is compatible for use with many other smart phone devices includes iPhone and iPod.


  • ECVISION flexible long arms phone holder for Car:

Mounting your cell phone on the car provides you with the flexibility of making calls and chatting with others without touching the cell phone. You can concentrate on the road while talking over the phone. This flexible car cellphone holder from ECVISION is sturdier enough and it lasts for several years. It lets you to mount your cell phone on your car without vibration.

flexible arm cell phone holder

With bendy and tight arms, these cell phone holders can be installed on any surface without any tool. The phone bracket stand lets you to hold the mobile device in desk, bed, car and sofa. As this flexible cell phone holder for car supports 360 degree rotating, you can adjust the arm to any angle as per your requirement.


The smart phone rear view mirror cell phone holder is made with a high-quality material with a non-slip surface which helps to hold the smart phone firmly. The cell phone mount comes with a 360 degrees rotation support.

Flexible arm phone mount

The smart phone holder can be easily assemble and mounted on the rear view mirror of any vehicle. It comes with a simple and convenient installation. The rear view cell phone holder can be fixed by pressing the button. The inner side of the holder comes with a sponge which helps to prevent the falls and any scratches of the smart phone. They are made of durable material and used for longer time.

The protected layer is made of rubber which is non slippery and reliable. They come for all I phone series-3,3S,4,4S,5,5S,6,6S and many more. It comes with a quad snap technology.


Why Flexible Phone Holders are good for bedroom?

The flexible phone holders are good to use in the bed room as the mobile phone can be mounted safely on the holder beside the bed. By having a flexible cell phone holder in your bedroom, you can enjoy using your phone hands-free, while watching movies, play games and listen to music. Most of the phone holder for bedroom feature cell phone clip holder that has a sturdy silicone clip to be installed onto desk, underneath the mattress, chair or wall cabinet. This allows for appropriate viewing angle so that your phone is at your arm’s reach, suitable for cell phones as well as baby monitors. Wherever you place the holder, this handy phone holder for bed can be adjusted in size to suit any device or phone. There is also facility to insert charging cord into the phone when it is on the holder. The flexible phone holder for bed can also be angled to enable for easy viewing of phone’s screen.

Benefits of Bedside phone holder:

  • It is a versatile product that can help to find best position in bed headrest and adjustable for the perfect viewing of mobile device.
  • It is perfect for watching movies in the bed.
  • Position of the phone is highly adjustable at the work desk.
  • Besides, bedside mobile phone holders not only be used for cell phones, it also works great with baby monitor.
  • Use this  when you are sitting on sofa and want to watch movie.Try as Sofa phone holder.
  • The flexible long arm of bedside table phone holder can clip to any of the nearby surface.
  • helps you to sit back and relax using the device in the perfect position.
  • Chat, text listen music with the ability to position the phone perfectly without holding in hand.

How long arm flexible phone holders are useful in bathroom?

Phone holders with flexible long arm now allow you take a relaxing bath without any stress of having your phone potentially getting dropped in the water or out of reach. The flexible phone holders have long arm that extends out to hold your phone right in front of you. The flexible phone holder has clip holder stand that can be mounted in your bathroom or wherever you want at your home. The long arm flexible phone holders enable you to enjoy accessing your phone anywhere. Flexible phone holder offers a perfect place to hold your mobile phone during bath time when you want a safer as well as easy-to-access storage solution. To install this flexible long arm phone holder in the bathroom, there is no additional tools required and very easy to install. Using flexible phone holders with long arm in your bathroom will offer a generous and simple appearance.

Five things you must check before buying phone holder for bedroom

  • Phone holders for bedroom should come handy for those who enjoy listening music with their mobile phone. The phone holder for bedroom must allow the user to change the playlist or song easily.
  • Cell phone holder for bedroom must be able to swivel from landscape to portrait so as to get a bigger view of the map while using the mobile phone as a GPS.
  • Before buying phone holder, you should check whether the holder is made with touchscreen smart phones in mind as the holders should be changed to landscape mode to provide better video experience.
  • Cell phone holder for bedroom should accompany charging point to easily charge the phone.
  • Before deciding to buy a phone holder for bed, it must be checked whether the cell phone holder off sound amplification that could be useful particularly for anyone who has to attend calls frequently.

The flexible spider cell phone holder is designed in a way to ensure added convenience in using their smartphone devices. In addition, these accessories help them to ensure the safety of their devices and protect them from scratches and damages. With numerous attractive features and excellent specifications, the flexible man cell phone holder is a valuable addition to your household or office hold.

Final verdict about phone holder for bedroom:

phone holder for bedroom is a best gadget and good investment. It is important to note that cell phone mounts are generally classified based on how they are installed according to our needs. Bedside phone holder is compact easy and even offer sound amplification when especially for anyone who can frequently take calls while on their bed. A cell phone holder is a type of device that secures a cell phone in a fixed location. Holders or mounts help to avoid the potential distractions that a person can easily use and enjoy when relaxing on the bed. These bedside phone holder are made of soft aluminum flexible neck telescopic which can adjust it to an appropriate position for comfortable and convenient view. These are also useful while user is on desktop which is fixed on the location steadily. Ideally, phone holder for bed is made for holding smartphones and give you comfort in watching movie, chatting as well as calling. This is possible because of easy flex to control the rotation & can slide the base while lying in the bedroom.

Now, the everyone  uses the mobile phone for whatever purpose such as chatting, gaming, watching videos and so on. Some individuals failed to provide the safety for their pricey Smartphone. The majority of the individuals falls down their Smartphone while accessing their phone on desk, sofa, bed and some other places. But, now the technology has improved to aid the individual who worries about the protection of the phone. Whatever, the individual uses the phone with complete safety through the use of a flexible phone holder.

Here is the comparison Chart for best Flexible phone holder for bedroom, bathroom, Desk and car


You would have probably had a detailed insight on the each and every phone holder for bedside discussed above. You would also have noticed that the features and other aspects of the units vary between each other. The potential buyers should know about their ideal preferences and needs before checking the different kinds of cell phone holder for bunk bed and mounts out there in the market to make the purchase wise. Apart from the reviews of few products of bedside phone holder that are discussed, there are myriad of designs on the market and you should make the choice based on some extent, your handset and what actually you wish to use it for.

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