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Cell Phone Finger Holder

Protect Your Smart Device with Cell Phone Finger Holder

Cell phone finger holder could be the most elegant and the perfect accessory for anyone with a smart phone. It is in fact a very practical material that will become a mandatory thing once you start using it. After all, it should fit in your finger suitably. The mobile phone ring holder will hold your gadget securely and firmly, preventing it from probable falling while you hit a speed brake or bump suddenly when you drive even a car.

Cell Phone Finger Holder

These ring holders usually come with 360 degree rotation mechanism that allows you to have access and adjust the device at any comfortable angle by merely rotating the ring holder. Apart from wearing it on your finger, you can also use this as a stand to hold your device in your bedroom or office desk. Since the ring stand angles are typically adjustable, it becomes easier to watch videos and movies with tablets and smart Phones. The use of mobile phone ring holder as a stand becomes the most desirable feature of the product.

Do you own a iPhone? You would definitely experience the sense of fear that you could damage the expensive device accidentally. You wouls always remain cautious about handling your iphone that literally puts you in a state of threat. Luckily, the use of iphone holder ring comes as a solution to such unfavorable situations. With this i ring phone holder, your device is prevented from being dropped by means of a safe and convenient grip attached with the ring.

i ring phone holder

You can also control the device easily if you are working with phone and clicking photos. The color and top grade material of this i ring phone holder offers your gadget a luxurious look. With the reusable self-adhesive, you can easily clear off the dust with clean water and restore back the strong adhesive. You can use this product as an effective iphone 6 ring holder to get an easy access to your costly device safely.

i ring phone holder philippines

  • Phone stand along with the i ring phone holder enables you to play music and watch videos from your phone
  • The hook mount attached on the ring holder will enable you to mount the device safely over flat surface including offices, homes and cars.
  • Offers an utmost feel of security when you use the device.


This product is not just a ring, but a stand as well. Being a high quality phone holder ring for your smart phone device, including iPhone, you can use almost all mobile devices with this holder including Galaxy, Nokia, and HTC. It comes with an efficient grip to avoid the device from accidental drop and to control the device efficiently. The Cell phone finger holder can rotate in 360 degree and with slight adjustment you can also use it as a phone stand.

phone holder ring

This is one of the suitable accessories for your iPhone and iPad that you will enjoy handling. Whenever you are engaged with your phone actively, you are cautious about the safety handling. You can make a stand anywhere you wish and use it as an iphone 6 plus ring holder. iRing is a portable and a kickstand solution that is designed with a robust friction hinge for supporting your phone in both portrait and landscape views.

iphone 6 ring holder

  • Obtain 360 degree rotation and use it as a phone stand as well
  • Feels solid as it is made of all metal
  • Compatible with iPhone 4 4S 5 5G Galaxy S2 S3 SIII S4 iPad iPod HTC Nokia All Cell Phones


This is an incredible ring holder for your phone that perfectly fits your finger that you will feel delighted with its extraordinary features. At first, you can use this rotating metal ring holder and mobile phone stand for your iPhone 4, 4s, 5s, 6 and 6 plus. This iphone 6 plus ring holder has a rotating design, reusable and washable.

Reusable ring holder

It comes as a delicate and small device featuring plush appearance. You can revolve it in either vertical direction of 180 degree or horizontal direction of 360 degree. This Cell Phone Finger Holder has a great design and you will definitely love it. It is practically helpful to prevent the possibility of dropping your phone.

iphone 6 ring holder

  • Very handy and renders a more secured feel while handling the device
  • Rotate and use it in either vertical or horizontal direction as you wish.
  • Guard Against Theft Clasp
  • 360 Degree Rotating Metal Ring Holder Mobile Phone Stand for iPhone 4 4s 5 5s 6 6 Plus iPad Mini Sumsung HTC Smartphone


You can find this ring holder for mobile phone with a powerful adhesive ring for Galaxy, iPhone and many other portable digital products. You will really love having it as it features a fashionable design. You can use one of your hands to operate the ring holder for cell phone, for taking photos or to access the mobile phone and tablet.

iphone 6 plus ring holder

As you can able to use the ring holder as a stand, you can easily handle the device to input, watch TV or play games. You can find this cell phone holder ring in two different colors and you can buy your preferred color.

ring holder for cell phone

  • It is convenient to click pictures with single-hand
  • It is easier to text messages and watch videos
  • You can use the complete features of slide mobile and also tablet PC in one-hand
  • Eliminates the risk of dropping the device in crowded place.
  • Suitable for use with majority of the digital mobile devices in the market


This cell phone finger holder is the best product to safeguard your mobile device. It features high quality metal ring for long life and security. It offers strong adhesive over on smart phone when you wear the ring in your finger. You will not get any sticky residual once you detach it. You can reuse the pad just by washing it using water.

iphone holder ring

  • The micro hook mount of this product will allow you to mount the device safely over any flat surface including offices, homes and cars.
  • The metal ring is made of high quality material that delivers long life and security.


You would now understand the importance of using phone ring holder for your expensive mobile devices. All the products come featured with exceptional functions that work to protect your device from all damages including i ring phone holder in Philippines. It contains the similar features including safe and convenient grip in preventing your phone from drop. With products like i ring phone holder in malaysia, you can effectively adjust your device at any angle for easy access You can also find iphone case with ring holder that you can use for dual purpose.

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