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Charge your Cell Phone without risk of falling

A holder for your mobile phone comes very handily, particularly while you charge it or simply for placing it safely at your office or home or even in your purse. Most of us look after our handset like a baby and do not want it go through any trouble and always want it to give a comfort feel. Most of the time we cannot find a charging point over the desk so as to keep the cell phone over it when it is in charging. In such cases, you must depend on a cell phone charging stand available exclusively for this purpose.

You can easily find good phone charging stand online. If not, you can also make one by yourself. There is some stunning and creative DIY mobile stand for charging that you can try out if you do not want to spend on it. DIY cell phone stands are easy to make as well if you are aware of the steps. We will discuss this at the end of the article.


With this phone stand for charging, it will become easier to carry your mobile when it is charging. This product will exactly do what you want from it and also a great value for money. Since it is portable you can carry it anywhere you wish. You can bring this cell phone charger stand along when you are touring so that whenever to charge your phone in the new you can safely place your handset on the stand. It is a folding mobile phone cradle that feels incredibly convenient to have. This folding feature of this product makes it a functional and simple product for anyone having a cell phone.

phone charging stand

  • Enjoy the orderly way to handle your phone cords and chargers
  • This cell phone charging stands suits all international plug sizes
  • It works with iPhone, mobiles, mp3/mp4 player, action cam, GoPro and portable speaker.
  • It comes handy to place your expensive iPhone while charging.


Place this cell keeper in between the wall socket and the battery charges. You will obtain an excellent support for your gadget and also a more easy storage to your charging cord. It will correctly hold your mobile phone when it is being charged. This cell phone charger stand comes with an improved design. It is crafted with higher and thicker boundary for improved stability and grip of your device. It also comes in extra large size so that it can hold any portable electronic device like mp3 players, iPod, phones and PDAs of all sizes. This device can be folded to save space while not in use.

  • device that it holds
  • Developed out a high quality fabric that ensures the safety of the device that it holds
  • Built-in cable manager, lightweight and foldable.
  • Phone charger stand comes in medium tray size which is about 155mm x 80 mm


This cell phone charging stand is applicable for use with all sorts of mobiles, mp3 players, digital cameras and other electronic devices. You can easily protect your iPod or smartphone or any other such device with this holder/stand. Using this product, you will also find it convenient to charge your phone safely. So Try any of the above cell phone charging station for home. You have just to plug the mobile charger into the outlet, and this will offer a little portable mobile shelf to your phone. This portable charger holder places itself between the battery charger and the socket on the wall to deliver an exceptional support for your mobile. It is a portable, yet a strong material that is firm enough to hold your device when it is charged. You should never miss getting this product if you would like to give your electronic device a comfortable place to sit during the time of charging.

  • Thicker and stronger boundary for proper grip and additional stability to your device
  • No limit to the type of device you can use to place on this holder while charging
  • This mobile phone stand for charging comes in the blue color that is a favorite for most of the users.


It is a great product for charging your handset safely. You can use this phone holder for charging for any handheld electronics like iPods, mp3 player, PDA device, mobile phone and small digital cameras. It offers the best support for your device as well as renders convenient storage to your charging cord by avoiding the pesky tangled wires. You can find this product in different colors. It is perfect to hold your mobile phone and also stores the cord while charging. This device is bulky enough, and the cord can be stored in its place. Your phone will comfortably sit into it.

  • It is a handy and easy to use product to charge your device
  • Offers a safe docking place for your charger as well as device
  • Avoids tripping over the cords and possible damage to the technology
  • This Stand for charging the cell phone is made of a particular combination of rubber and plastic.


Apart from buying mobile phone charger stand, few people prefer going with DIY process. When it to comes mobile charger stand, the Do-it-Yourself project will work wonder as you can easily make a perfect little holder for your cell phone. The modern charger stand for cell phone is made from lotion bottle. You can create a portable phone stand by cutting the old baby lotion bottle in the shape that you want.

With these excellent solutions for placing mobile phones and electronic devices safely during charging, no more phone hanging down from the plug outlet. The phone and the cord are now set off the ground and kept comfortably into the little stand, while your phone fills up a full charge.

By Matthew McDisa

Matthew has an exemplary eye for details in products. His passion for exploring new things helps him uncover and discover product features that are totally unique. When he is not busy exploring a new product or putting it through tough tests, he enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee and fishing. Matthew manages the Electronics & Automotive categories.

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