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Charge your Cell Phone without risk of falling

A holder for your mobile phone comes very handily, particularly while you charge it or simply for placing it safely at your office or home or even in your purse. Most of us look after our handset like a baby and do not want it go through any trouble and always want it to give a comfort feel. Most of the time we cannot find a charging point over the desk so as to keep the cell phone over it when it is in charging. In such cases, you must depend on a cell phone charging stand available exclusively for this purpose.

You can easily find good phone charging stand online. If not, you can also make one by yourself. There is some stunning and creative DIY mobile stand for charging that you can try out if you do not want to spend on it. DIY cell phone stands are easy to make as well if you are aware of the steps. We will discuss this at the end of the article.


With this phone stand for charging, it will become easier to carry your mobile when it is charging. This product will exactly do what you want from it and also a great value for money. Since it is portable you can carry it anywhere you wish. You can bring this cell phone charger stand along when you are touring so that whenever to charge your phone in the new you can safely place your handset on the stand. It is a folding mobile phone cradle that feels incredibly convenient to have. This folding feature of this product makes it a functional and simple product for anyone having a cell phone.

phone charging stand

  • Enjoy the orderly way to handle your phone cords and chargers
  • This cell phone charging stands suits all international plug sizes
  • It works with iPhone, mobiles, mp3/mp4 player, action cam, GoPro and portable speaker.
  • It comes handy to place your expensive iPhone while charging.


Place this cell keeper in between the wall socket and the battery charges. You will obtain an excellent support for your gadget and also a more easy storage to your charging cord. It will correctly hold your mobile phone when it is being charged. This cell phone charger stand comes with an improved design. It is crafted with higher and thicker boundary for improved stability and grip of your device. It also comes in extra large size so that it can hold any portable electronic device like mp3 players, iPod, phones and PDAs of all sizes. This device can be folded to save space while not in use.

  • device that it holds
  • Developed out a high quality fabric that ensures the safety of the device that it holds
  • Built-in cable manager, lightweight and foldable.
  • Phone charger stand comes in medium tray size which is about 155mm x 80 mm


This cell phone charging stand is applicable for use with all sorts of mobiles, mp3 players, digital cameras and other electronic devices. You can easily protect your iPod or smartphone or any other such device with this holder/stand. Using this product, you will also find it convenient to charge your phone safely. So Try any of the above cell phone charging station for home. You have just to plug the mobile charger into the outlet, and this will offer a little portable mobile shelf to your phone. This portable charger holder places itself between the battery charger and the socket on the wall to deliver an exceptional support for your mobile. It is a portable, yet a strong material that is firm enough to hold your device when it is charged. You should never miss getting this product if you would like to give your electronic device a comfortable place to sit during the time of charging.

  • Thicker and stronger boundary for proper grip and additional stability to your device
  • No limit to the type of device you can use to place on this holder while charging
  • This mobile phone stand for charging comes in the blue color that is a favorite for most of the users.


It is a great product for charging your handset safely. You can use this phone holder for charging for any handheld electronics like iPods, mp3 player, PDA device, mobile phone and small digital cameras. It offers the best support for your device as well as renders convenient storage to your charging cord by avoiding the pesky tangled wires. You can find this product in different colors. It is perfect to hold your mobile phone and also stores the cord while charging. This device is bulky enough, and the cord can be stored in its place. Your phone will comfortably sit into it.

  • It is a handy and easy to use product to charge your device
  • Offers a safe docking place for your charger as well as device
  • Avoids tripping over the cords and possible damage to the technology
  • This Stand for charging the cell phone is made of a particular combination of rubber and plastic.


Apart from buying mobile phone charger stand, few people prefer going with DIY process. When it to comes mobile charger stand, the Do-it-Yourself project will work wonder as you can easily make a perfect little holder for your cell phone. The modern charger stand for cell phone is made from lotion bottle. You can create a portable phone stand by cutting the old baby lotion bottle in the shape that you want.

With these excellent solutions for placing mobile phones and electronic devices safely during charging, no more phone hanging down from the plug outlet. The phone and the cord are now set off the ground and kept comfortably into the little stand, while your phone fills up a full charge.

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Best 5 Waterproof Phone Holder for money

When was the last time you left your phone at home? Well, for most of us the answer is a ‘No’. We keep our phones near to us 24*7. While bathing, jogging, biking or sleeping; we carry it everywhere.

How about the idea of using your phone with all the ease while commuting to work or whether you are out on the paved road biking or jogging? Thanks to the waterproof phone holder for making our job easy and by providing us comfort and ensuring safety of our phones.


This article will provide you an insight on the top five waterproof phone holder that lies within your budget and you simply can’t afford to miss out on buying these. Here we go:

This waterproof phone holder is a sure shot buy, without a second thought for all big screen smartphone devotees as this dry bag fits all smartphones up to 6.0” diagonal size. This one is a perfect credit card wallet money waterproof dry bag for beaches, fishing and swimming, kayaking, snorkeling and other water park activities. You can access your phone with all ease and comfort as it provides you with a clear window on both front and back sides. It’s simply perfect for clicking selfies, recording videos and checking emails.

Being 100 feet IPX8 Certified waterproof, this waterproof phone holder offers waterproof/snow proof/dirt proof protection to your device while upholding full touch screen functionality. It features a simple snap and lock access which makes it more convenient to keep out water, snow, dust, sand and dirt.

It’s well-matched with devices up to 100mm X 170 mm (clear window 70 mm X 140mm). You know what the best part is? It comes with a next strap. So, it makes it all the more convenient to carry your phone.


How about mounting your phone, next time when you go mounting? iKross Waterproof Universal Bike Mount will come in handy for the same.

This waterproof phone mount includes a waterproof enclosure and a rotating mount designed to hold your smartphones and electronic devices on bicycle or motorcycle bars with all the safety and security. The waterproof phone holder for motorcycle and bike closure ensures that the device remains safe from dust, water, and dirt and sand. It features large transparent window which ensure easy accessibility to the phone and provides full touchscreen functionality. It possesses fully adjustable ball head joint with 360 degree rotation and locking system which safeguards the devices for customized portrait and landscape view.

Note: It’s best suited for the devices from 3.5 up to 5.5 inches (Internal dimensions: 6.10 X 3.39 X 0.71 inches or 155 X 86 X 18 mm). It fits motorcycle and bicycle having handle bars up to 1.38 inches/ 35 mm maximum diameter.


All the gym freaks out there know the importance of music. What better than having a tool to accommodate your phone on your wrist and provide you an easy access to phone and music?! Well, this armband is designed in such a manner that it can fit your 4.7 inch screen iPhone 6/6s along with a small holder and pouch to accommodate your keys, cards and cash while you can easily enjoy listening to your favorite track.

This anti-slip armband is made of soft and comfortable neoprene which is moisture-resistant and helps in adhering it to our sweaty wrist. It eliminates sweat-induced slippage and offers exceptional comfort.

The transparent protective cover is entirely touch screen sensitive and prevents damage to the screen without compromising on the functionality.

It’s super comfy and light in weight. Hook and adjustable loop fastener ensures a foolproof fit making it easy to carry and convenient to wear.

Note: Designed specifically for Apple users. Best waterproof iphone 5c case.

So, what are you waiting for? Place an order immediately and thank me later.


JEBSENS new clip-grip bike mounting system securely holds the device in place. This waterproof phone holder for bike ensures 100% safety of your gadget by featuring waterproof hard shell. It keeps your phone 100% dirt & dust free and rainproof.

Waterproof phone holder is touch ID capable. You can ride and activate your iPhone with one touch at the home button. It ensures best experience with touch ID.

The package includes the following:

  1. 1 X Jebsens WPI6 Riding Case
  2. 1 X Stemcap Bike Mount
  3. 1 X User Manual

This waterproof holder for bike fits iPhone 6S and any other smartphone with a screen of 5.5 inch.


Read detailed information about motorcycle phone holder to go for smooth ride.

CaliCase Floating Waterproof Case is a ‘BAAP’ of all waterproof phone holders. It includes an AUX headphones jack on the back to plug in your earbuds or headphones. Now you can listen to your favorite music. It features bike mount too. Now you can use GPS easily while biking.

The armband feature is great for walking, running or hiking. This PRO edition is available in black and white.

It’s a PRO edition including armband, bike mount and earbud/headphones AUX port.


  • Phone holders ensure the easy usage of a gadget. But a waterproof phone holder ensures safety along with that.
  • Waterproof phone holders eliminate the chances of damaging a device by providing features like waterproof, snow proof or dust proof.
  • It ensures easy functionality of smartphones.
  • If this article helped you in any manner, then kindly share it on social media.
  • Have any queries? Feel free to drop a comment and I shall reply at the earliest.
  • Don’t forget to SMILE because HAPPINESS IS CONTAGIOUS! Have a Good Day!

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Bean Bag Cell Phone Holder

Best bean bag cell phone holder For Car, Desk, Office

Now you can keep your mobile phone safe and secure with bean bag cell phone holder. They are available in varieties of colors and most importantly make your phone device safe. So, go and check options for colorful bean bag cell phone holder available for your phone online.

Here is the best bean bag phone holders to choose from


Have you ever think that a beanie can hold your gadgets? Yes. Lug Beanie Chair Cell/IPod Holder, Fog Grey is here for you. You can keep it anywhere according to your needs and it will definitely save from scratches and dings. It not just accommodate cell phone, but user can keep their iPod™, or various important hi-tech necessity into it. No matter you are working on your desk or resting at your bed, you’ll never mix up for that buzzing phone once again.

bean bag cell phone holder

When it comes to the dimension of the product it is somewhere around 5.5 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches and weight is around 1.4 ounces. This cute mini bean bag tablet chair is manufactured by the Lug Company and product code is B0049UW3BQ. Budget price is perfect for the phone holder. So, if you are interested in the product, go and place your order now!


Bean bag dashboard mount are getting huge popularity among the buyer. What if you find most attractive colors? Yes, sunset orange Lug Beanie Chair is here. Now, you can add more looks to your mobile phones. You can comfortably keep it on your table or even on your bed. As they are not made from plastic so there are less chances of breakage. The weight of Lug Beanie Chair is 1.4 ounces and size remains 5.5 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches.

bean bag phone holder

If you are looking for something affordable holder, grab the chance now, you can buy it at the best price that is highly affordable for many of us. You can use it for personal usage or just gift it to your friend or family member. He or she will definitely get amazed from the beautiful color. So, buy now online for better looks and safety of your mobile phone.


It is an ideal choice for buyer who wishes to buy something different. This bean bag is simply perfect for Samsung Galaxy Note 5, S6, S7 Edge, LG G4, G5, Apple iPhone 6S, 6 Plus SE, HTC ONE, MOTO DROID and Sony Xperia Phone.

cell phone bean bag

It is brand new ChargerCity® having no fuzz and mess in packing. Moreover, it has 17mm Ball Connection Base resistance which almost will fit all Garmin stock 17mm Ball connection Bracket Cradles. Mobile phone mini bean bag will directly fit to any phone having 4″ wide.

bean bag dashboard mount

Simply keep your phone in the mount and shut the arms to lock in place. A one touch shove of the holder’s side button frees the phone. As far as dimension is concerned, it remains 8 x 7.5 x 3.1 inches. The price remains little extra but that is appropriate for high quality products.


If you are looking for something special to keep your iphones, ipods, mobiles phones, and mp3 players safe, buying a brand new Cute Plush Elephants Shape sofa or phone holder is simply perfect. The bean bag is simply perfect to hold your phone of various brands such as HTC & Iphone 3, 3gs, 4 & 4s, Nokia, blackberry, Motorola and Sony. One can make choice from various vibrant colors

phone bean bag

As far as product dimension is concerned, it is 5 x 4.5 x 2.4 inches and weighs around 0.3 ounces. The price remains cheap for this. So, if you are planning to decorate your table, cell phone bean bag would be wonderful option for you.


Select Best Dashboard phone holder with detailed reviews here

Available in different 12 colors, PolliMolli Mini Smart Phone Bean Bag Stand would be ideal choice for you. It is very attractive Smart Phone Beanbags and Replaceable filling. Your smartphone appearing like the ceiling on the desk! Wearing of defense film and covering with case is not adequate yet. Now, you can create eye contact with your smartphone. You don’t’ require to find the phone wrapped with books or drop the phone being hit not carefully. Get ready a position just for the smartphone in the Car. You can use it as cars bean bag chair.

bean bag gps holder

The dimension of the product is 4.9 x 4.1 x 3.4 inches and total weight is 3 ounces. Mini Smart Phone small Bean Bag Stand is a product of ONKYTCA GROUP LLC. It is a wonderful gift for your husband, wife or even friends.

gps bean bag

The mobile phone is an important object for both business as well as personal users these days, and there is a plenty of available accessories that both boost the usability of your mobile and allow it to be used in substitute places, with a particular importance placed upon practice in a moving car. Even If you need tablet car mount while you drive then we can also help you.

mobile phone bean bag

Selecting small bean bag stand for your mobile phone is not just affordable but looks attractive as well. So, choose your preferred bean bag stand for your mobile or ipad. Using phone bean bag is extremely convenient as well. So, measure the size of your device and choose the best device as per your needs. Choices with bean bag phone chairs are immense for you. Find out more now!


 Why Don’t you try Cell phone Holder chair Beach Style for your smartphone

Eliminate those phone mounts that support limited sized smart phones and slips off easily with a major jerk. Grab this multi featured charger city Friction Mount that will help you in uplifting your tech store.

The charger city Hippo Series Non Slip Dashboard Beanbag Friction Mount is packed with unbounded traits especially constructed for smart phones sized from 4 inches to 6 inches. This product offers a great deal at a pocket friendly price and found better in performance as well as when compared with other beanbag friction mounts of same price range. It has a unique feature unlike other friction mounts that is it will hold and support your mobile phone with the help of durable non slip spring lock found mainly in the Hippo series. Therefore say bye to the annoying external slippery platforms.

It is much safer than before and you can completely rely on them with your favourite gadget. You can further wash it with water and clean them with a soft piece of cloth accordingly. Whetrher its Garmin Nuvi, Magellan Roadmate or TomTom Start, it mounts your gadget easily without any effort and hassles.


8 Best Phone Bean Bag you can consider this season:

Product image Bean Bag Phone stand Price Rating
 bean bag cell phone holder Lug Beanie Bean Bag Cell Phone Holder $$ *****
 bean bag phone holder Lug Mini Bean Bag Smart Phone Holder $$ ****
 cell phone bean bag ChargerCity Mobile Phone Bean Bag $$ *****
 phone bean bag Cute Plush Tablet Bean Bag $$ ****
 bean bag gps holder PolliMolli Bean Bag Dashboard Mount $$ ****
  Cell Phone Holder Bean Bag Chair $$ *****
  PolliMolli Mini Smart Phone Bean Bag Stand $$ *****
  Leegoal Animal Soft Toy Universal Mobile Phone Stand $$ ***

Shopping for a personalized cell phone cases appears to be simple enough, but it can be difficult due to unlimited choices. It can be a cradle or phone case, the chances are infinite, spanning from distinctive novelty cases to an automobile installed cell charger. Particularly with blue tooth, the most frequent are car kits.

Specific or Universal? There are holders planned for definite brands or particular models. One of the most significant differences is whether you own cell phone or even a PDA. It is equally important as the size–is the only difference that actually matters when searching for a universal holder. Universal holders are costly and have suction or paste mount for any cars.

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Best Shoe cell phone holder Buying Guide (2017)

Shoe cell phone holder is a type of device that secures a cell phone and staple in affixed location. Shoe phone holder mounts are normally inserted in places where one needs to use hands-free. These are  shaped like a high-heeled shoe.  On display cell phone holder consider great, trendy stylish look. It is decorated  with myriad of shiny large handset ideal for table, dresser, and desktop bedside stand.

mobile phone shoe holder

It is both an attractive plus practical accessory. Mobile phone shoe holder assists to speak and hear clearly without touching the cell phone. Balancing cell phone carelessly between the necks will make it fall any moment. Mounted Cell phone holder can be obviously exploited or the give voice command. High heel cell phone holder is specially designed for customarily take calls while engaged. Cell phone holder is a significant way to pass the time. These holders can be rotated to landscape mode for a preferable video occurrence.


The shoe cell phone holders are decoratively designed as high heel shoe. Graceful style of cell phone holder is attractive for girl’s party or fashion business. Fabricate with pearl and crystals covered for whole high heel phone stand. The sole of the shoe covered in the bottom part secure it from scratching. It has the advantage to grasp small accessories like credit cards, business card etc.

shoe cell phone holder

The resin material is used to generate a pearl crystal shoe cell phone holder. This cell phone stand has a variety of designs and Attractive colors like pink, blue, white. IPhone or another handheld device like note, tab on desk plenary comfortably in a high heel cell phone stand. The device can able to see the incoming texts by hands-free. This designed is more attractive for the teenagers. Zebra Billy’s cell phone stand have three colors. Shoe cell phone stand does not occupy charge device. It’s only for decorative use only.



The holders designed a with a pretty pair of pumps props up the device. So can pay proper consciousness. High heel phone holders look better in dark colors like blue, pink. Shoe cell phone holder is made of 100% pure silicone. And no worries about breaking or falling off from the desk. It has a Fred design and good quality.

shoe phone holder

Creative silicon high heels cell phone holder is multifunctional.  Silicon high heels desk cell phone holder have six pretty colors.Silicon cellphone stand holder for the smartphones like iPhone 5s, Galaxy note 4, HTC one, moto x, Galaxy s5, nexus5, and LG G4.



This shoe cell phone holder has a contemporary and unique style. It is appropriate for home or office. The holders fit most cell phone such as iPhone, Samsung, HTC etc. Felt covered shoe bottom was destined to protect desks and side table tops. It was an outline and decorated with a collection of large sparkling handset crystals.

 high heel cell phone holder



 The cell phone holder is beautifully classic designed and fits all most smartphones. Shoe cell phone holders from Seaich are made of resins of good quality. And outlined with velvet on top and bottom. It has a six different styles that suits your exclusive personality.

shoe mobile phone holder

The holder can be used for multifunctional programs. Like listening to music, use as to set up alarm clock, watch internet videos, and call on speakerphone. Zebra Seaich shoe cell phone holder has five dashing colors.


This shoe holder is designed to hold a cell phone in an elegant way. It has an additional aspect cut out in the bottom for the devices charger cord.

high heel shoe cell phone holder

Polka dot stiletto shoe cell phone holder is made out of painted poly-stone resin. Shoe cell phone holders are generally ultra small, light weight and portable. The cellphone holders are easy to use and convenient to carry.


Benefits of using shoe cell phone holder:

Cell phones boast enormous capabilities, making these tiny devices an essential part of modern life. The shoe phone holder prevents distractions by enabling you to place in front of the phone holder.

  • Phone holders have charging ability. The phone can be charged placed it in a phone holder. The holders disallow the device getting damaged and convenient to replace. During the course of a day, the smartphones are revealing too many dangers. A scratch on the screen, liquid spills, and airborne dust can irritate and make it difficult to use the device.
  • The shoe phone holders protect the devices from unfortunate moments. The phone holder is a stylish bracket stand which is used for all smartphones. The shoe foot shape holders are dust proof and can be connected to USB charger and a plug stand mostly for I Phone 5.

Read More: On dedicated post on innovative spider phone holders they can be part of your life soon.

  • Cell phone lounge comfortably in the center of the insole to secure the smartphones. Even some of the cartoon candy color shoes are attractive to the buyers. It holds the cell phone with back port and antitrust plug with stopper cap. These advantages of holders are available for iPhone 5C, 5S.
  • Some of the cell phone stands is mini-heeled shoes with shape bracket holder. The shoe cell phone holder is nice and simple to use and customize by using easily swap in and out on a regular basis.
  • The shoe cell phone holder helps to hear the speaker clearly and conveniently when placed on it.


High heel cell phone stand is tremendous way to easily access a smartphone. High heel phone case is necessary for potential buyers. Cell phones have been existing and very necessary for communicating.  Cell phones cannot hang always in hands we could be hands-free to converse. It is important to choose a right shoe cell phone holder for the smartphones.  Shimmering shoe cell phone holder can match with mood or with the outfit. It was specially designed for young generation girls. Ultra modern cell phone holders can assist off and place in a home, office or even in business commodities. Probably it seems at home or restaurant or outdoors at a picnic texting are being engaged in the conversation phone holders are useful. Designated a phone area for the counter to grip the cell phone holders.

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 Review the most trending bottle opener favors from the list down below

Do you feel that your bottle opener is getting outmoded and it needs a severe replacement? If you think so, then check out this groovy bottle opener favors gravitating nowadays. Grab them as soon as possible and take the fun of your favorite drink or liquor at your place.


In the list of popular bottle opener favors, Oster is one of the top rated wine bottle opener favors in the market. It is only because it possesses wonderful features that serve its users pretty well and saves in time much more than before. It is a wireless device that detaches the cap from the bottle in less than a second. It is rechargeable and can remove lids almost more than 30 at a time.

Just click the button and the electric bottle opener will remove the lid. The bottle opener maintains the strong grip and is user-friendly, even a novice can perform like a professional. It looks fashionable, weighs extremely less, and all over it is the perfect device you can use when the party is at your house.

The best part of everything is that you don’t have to use any effort to pull and open the cap of the bottles. Just make sure you cut the seal with the cutter and then remove the lid.  The device once connected with the plug will be notified with the help of the indicator at the bottom of the electric bottle opener. It takes very less space to stand and you can station it any one corner of the room. It also makes a great surprise as a bottle opener for wedding favors if you want to gift it to your friend or relative.


Wine bottle opener wedding favors are the best that one can get for a party and if it’s a wedding party then this bottle opener favor has to be there. This is a pack where you can get 36 pieces of the same kind wine bottle opener favor which are very facile to use.

Place the bottle opener favor on top of a sealed bottle and give a slight pull. This teeny-weeny can actually work something bigger than you expect. This versatile product is made up of stainless steel which weighs around 2.9 pounds, crack proof so that you can try this on tough bottles but you will never be disappointed with this product.

It is extremely eye-catching, based on a beach theme which will retain its demand for years. So, do not forget to carry this bottle opener party favor along with you at the beachside party or a wedding occasion next time.


For more flip flip bottle opener please visit our another post

If you are looking for something different for the party tonight, then you can check out this cool wine bottle opener favors in this list that will add more spice to the special evening. No, wait! It’s not a key, it is an opener shaped in the form of a key. The color of the key bottle opener favor is very sophisticated, symbolizes classical era due to the bronze plating and packed in a yellow colored wrapper.

It so light that you can easily carry it anywhere, and moreover the product is so classy that you can even gift this to your relative or friend as a key bottle opener wedding favors. You can decorate stuff with this like your environment transforming and giving a vintage look to it.

It can easily attract people and enhances the party mood with a toss. Coming to the durability of the product, it is tenacious, strong and it won’t break away easily. Just use it at the right moment and use it as a bombshell on your fellow guests. It comes at an affordable price, just click on the link aforementioned.


Check out top Customized Bottle Opener available now.


Do you want to make your engagement party look the best? It can only be best when there are good food and good decorations. Tune into this product, one of the best bottle opener for wedding favors that you can get easily from the link mentioned.

You will receive a bottle opener favor in the shape of a ring with a diamond placed on it. Isn’t that great and looks stunning? It will purely reflect the background of the occasion. You can never have something better than this at the moment. The circumference of the ring will serve as a bottle opener which can easily eliminate the caps from the head of the bottles. You can even gift this classy product to your loved ones.