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Best Baby Bottles for Gas Buying Guide (Dec 2016) Reviews

Does your baby suffer from colic pain, gas problems and burping issues? It might be because of taking in excess air when your baby drinks milk. When you buy a baby bottle for your baby there are vital points that needs to be checked. For example, the age of the baby, the versatility of the bottle, the nipple material, the size and the capacity of the bottle etc. But among all these points you have to check whether it treats colic pain and gas problems or not. This will eventually help your baby to overcome these issues. Let’s take a glance at the list of the best baby bottles for gas and spit up.

Colic pains and spit ups are major issues that are faced by every baby now and then. The most of the air is gulped in when a baby is fed. There are several ways where you as parents can solve these common issues faced by a baby.

  1. “Feed on demand”. Do not wait for your baby to cry aloud for food. It’s better if you keep feeding your baby at certain intervals.
  2. Do not shake the bottle; this eventually creates bubbles which is painful for your baby. Mix it well. Let it reside completely and then feed your baby.

There are so many bottles in the market, it is difficult to analyse which one is better for your baby and the next question arises which one helps in treating spit ups and colic pain. To uncomplicated this fact, let’s check out what to look for to eliminate such problems. Before buying a feeding bottle for your baby you can determine the shape of the bottles. It has variety like there are standard bottles, angled, disposable, vented and wide neck. Do not forget to check whether the bottle has a vent technology or not, which helps in minimizing the air in the bottle and also the features of the nipple.

Dr. Browns Baby Bottles Boys 6 Pack – 3 (8 oz) Blue and 3 (8 oz) Clear Bottles with New Prints by Dr. Brown’s

This is a pack of 3 good baby bottles for gas by Dr. Brown which will show you another way how to feed a baby within a baby’s comfort reign. The pack of bottles has got vent system so that it creates an optimum pressure that allows smooth flow of fluid when a baby is fed. The bottle prevents oxidation and makes sure that the vital nutrients and important vitamins like C, A and E reaches to the baby. The bottles are safe for your baby since it is BPA, and lead free. Also, it helps to reduce colic pain, gas and burping problems that a new born baby goes through.


Playtex BPA Free VentAire Bottle Starter Gift Set by Playtex

This is an innovative designed baby bottles by Playtex for gas and colic which is considered off centered because of the vent system of the bottles. This set of bottles is carved in such a way that it can even prevent a baby from ear problems. The vent system of the baby bottles stops the air getting into the milk which further can lead to gas problems. The pack of VentAire bottles includes 5 bottles which is Playtex and BPA free, nipples, caps, and vent disks. Among them, 3 bottles can hold 6 ounces of liquid and 2 bottles can hold 9 ounces which is perfect for a new born baby and more.


Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles Girls 6 Pack – 3 (8 oz) Lavender and 3 (8 oz) Pink bottles with new print by Dr. Brown’s

This is a set of BPA free, phthalate and lead free bottles by Dr. Brown that has superb vent technology that can never let air come in contact with the milk in the bottle. This prevents oxidation and in return the nutrients and essential vitamins are retained. The bottles highly maintain the comfort needs of a new born baby and its hygiene health as well. Therefore high concentration is given to the material of the bottle and nipple of the bottle. The pink color of the bottle makes it suitable enough to feed a new baby girl or if you want to gift someone.


Philips Avent Anti-colic Baby Bottles Clear, 9oz 3 Piece by Philips AVENT

In the list of best baby bottles for gas, Philips Avent is no less than other products at this range. This is a BPA free set of baby bottles that eventually reduces the gas problems, colic pain, and helps in treating a baby’s tummy properly. The bottles have in-built valve that makes sure the pressure is maintained and the baby does not gulp in more of unnecessary air. The bottles are easy to use, can be washed properly and the body of the bottles makes it easy for a baby to hold. To get this set of feeding bottles for your baby, click on the link mentioned below.


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To make your decision easy, you can choose what’s fitting your criteria the best. The choices of the babies do differ in these matters. Few may not like the standard bottles or may like wide bottles. So, it’s better to try them out to your baby. Check beforehand whether they are safe for babies and are environment friendly or not and most importantly, do not forget to clean them every day and sterilizing the bottles in warm water is a must. Make sure you get the right bottle ordered for your baby now from the list of best baby bottles for gas and colic.

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Best Baby Bottle Warmer (Buying Guide) Reviews

Don’t you feel irritated when you have to run over the whole house to warm the bottle for your baby? Trust me, it gets messed up. It’s better if you get it done beforehand and it’s even better if someone does the heating part for you. Definitely, now you can tell someone to heat up the bottle slightly when your baby demands for food. A baby bottle warmer completely takes care of the feeding bottle, heating up at the right temperature at the right time. Check this list of best baby bottle warmer for breast milk and choose the perfect one for your baby.

This is a most asked question that how to select the right baby bottle warmer.

Let’s check out the vital points before buying one the best baby bottle warmer for breast milk.

  1. Firstly it should heat up the baby bottle at the appropriate temperature which is ideal for a baby to drink.
  2. Secondly the bottle warmer should have easy set up controls and adjustable temperature buttons.
  3. The bottle warmer should have enough space to adjust any sized bottle.
  4. Lastly, it’s better if you get a bottle warmer that has an auto stop technology so that after mildly heating up, it automatically stops heating the bottle.

Baby Bottle Warmer with Stainless Steel Warming Chamber and Bonus Gifts, Portable Set, Handy by GOLOHO

The parents, who want everything to be the fastest and healthy as well, then can surely adopt one of the best baby bottle warmers, the GOLOHO baby bottle warmer which is undoubtedly packed with innumerable features to bring the perfect meal for your baby. This baby bottle warmer maintains the perfect temperature, heats up faster due to the stainless steel compartment and moreover it can retain the heat for a long time. You can definitely adjust the temperature of the bottle warmer with the help of the regulator and the pre embedded sensor scans whether the milk is perfect for your one month old baby or not.

Link –


The First Years Quick Serve Best Bottle Warmer,Colors May Vary by The First Years

Quick! Quick! Quick! The only word that runs through your mind when you have to make milk for your baby. Now, you just don’t have to run at the last moment. Get this pack of the first years quick serve baby bottle warmer that will help you to heat, and serve milk in seconds. The wide dynamic body of the warmer makes it suitable enough to adjust any kind of bottle. You will have to add just spoonful of water to heat it up. The notification light on the body makes it easier for you to determine when the milk is all ready to feed. Choose your bottle warmer color from the link down below.

Link –

Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer by Dr. Brown’s

This is an electric baby bottle warmer by Dr. Brown which efficiently helps parents to prepare last minute warm food for their baby. This is regarded as one of the best baby bottle warmers for its incredible features like the adjustable temperature, the notification panel, and the enough space to adjust any sized bottle. This baby bottle warmer triggers an alarm when the milk is warm enough to feed a new born baby. If you have this kind of baby bottle warmer at home, then you don’t have to worry about anything anymore. You can get this product from the link down below.

Link –

The First Years Night Cravings Bottle Warmer & Cooler, Blue/White by The First Years

This is a must needed product for all parents, a bottle warmer. You can never afford to compromise in this matter. Therefore in the list of best baby bottles warmer we have got another great product which is highly demanding due to its features. The First years Bottle warmer and cooler maintains the perfect temperature of the liquid that can be served to a one month old baby. Not only this, you can cool any liquid into the room temperature which can retain its heat or the cool temperature for continuous 8 hours. Isn’t that great? Get this baby bottle warmer and cooler at a great deal from the link down below.

Link –

Philips AVENT Bottle Warmer, Fast by Philips AVENT

Last on the list of best baby bottles warmer, Philips Avent is no less than other bottle warmers. This is well fashionable model that heats up milk in the bottle in seconds. It has got user friendly controls, easy to manage, easy to clean, very dependable, and the perfect defrost setting. You can easily set up any avent bottle due to its wide body. Now you don’t have to run into kitchen anymore to heat up the milk for your baby. Just wait for a minute and the milk is ready to serve. Buy this useful product from the link mentioned below.

Link –

Hope that you will be able to keep in mind the above mentioned points that why you should buy a baby bottle for your new born baby and the list of baby bottle warmer reviews and select the right one. Ultimately this is a great device that will your save your time, makes sure that it provides the exact temperature that a baby needs, the most easiest and safest way to heat up a baby feeding bottle  and moreover you don’t have to run anymore head over heels when your baby cries for food at night.

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Best Baby Bottles for Newborns (For Breastfeeding) Buying Guide

Do you have your new little member at your home and you are looking for the best products for them? If yes, then you are at the right page. Starting from the most difficult part of a baby, the feeding session, it is nearly a war between you and your new born baby. Every parent must have faced this situation but there is always a remedy to it and when it comes to babies, there is no place for compromise. Taking this topic into account, let me tell you some vital points that are usually recommended before buying best baby bottles for newborns.

For new parents, this question must have popped up “what to look for before buying best baby bottles?

Not so difficult to answer but this is based on how comfortable the baby is with the bottle. firstly before a buying a bottle for your kid, make sure you know what material it is made up of like glass, plastic or silicone. Secondly, make sure the nipple’s shape, size and the quality. There are even best baby bottles that make sure that the colic problems, gas and burping problems are treated well. To make it easier for you, we have selected some best baby bottles for breastfed babies. To know more, scroll below down the page.

Dr. Brown’s Original Bottle Newborn Feeding Set by Dr. Brown’s

Starting on the list, Dr. Brown’s Original Bottle New born feeding set has brought off-centered ideas on how to deal with a baby’s feeding techniques and styles. The purely BPA, lead and PVC free bottles comes with an internal vent system that eliminates the vacuum created when a baby is fed.

The bottles even reduce the problems of a new born child, which is usually the burps, colic pain, and gas. It helps in retaining the consequential minerals and vitamins in the fluid that a new born baby needs badly. Order this pack from the link down below for your child.


Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle, Green, 5 Ounces by Comotomo

When you are hunting for the best baby bottle for breastfed babies then, this product has to be there in the suggestion list. Comotomo baby bottles for new born baby are actually popular in the market because of its quirky design, lightweight for baby’s convenience and safe material.

The nipples of the bottle are made up of silicone which is ultimately very soft and perfect for newly one month old baby and above. Cleaning is never an issue if you have this kind of bottle for your baby. Besides this, the 5 oz bottle makes colic run away. This is rated one of the best bottles for breastfed baby, so you can definitely get this for your baby soon.


Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Fiesta Bottle, 9 Ounce, 6 Count by Tommee Tippee

This is a set of 6 BPA free bottles for new born babies by Tommee Tippee which is also one of the popular names in the list of best bottles for breastfeeding a baby. The bottles can easily hold 9 ounces of liquid with the super soft silicone nipple that is extremely easy for a baby to maintain the normal breast feeding process.

The bottle has a valve, so that the excess air is ejected and the baby can take in more liquid than air. The bottles are completely dished wash safe, can be sterilized, and microwave heat free. Get these safe friendly bottles from the link down below.


Comotomo Baby Bottle, Green, 8 Ounce, 2 Count by Comotomo

This is a pack of 2 baby bottles for newborns with the unusual design, made up of silicone soft nipples and playful, squeezable bottles for a baby’s comfort. Comotomo makes feeding time interesting for kids. This is designed for babies 1 month above so that the bottles are easy to hold and also that the babies can be colic free.

They are uncomplicated to use, the broad neck of the bottles makes it easy to clean and also makes sure that babies can have a leakage free feeding time. It is completely BPA safe, phthalate free, and can be sterilized as well. Get this set of 2 Comotomo baby bottles now from the link down below.


 Do you want to choose Right baby bottles for gas and colic (Spit up) problem solving for new born

Philips Avent Natural Glass Baby Bottles, 4 Ounce (3 Pack) by Philips AVENT

Last but not the least, on the chart of the best bottle to use for breastfed baby, The Philips Avent Natural Glass baby bottles are setting up a high benchmark for all when it comes to hygiene for babies. The 4 ounces bottles make it easy for parents as well their children to maintain the grip while feeding.

They are BPA free, easy to wash, and is the perfect tool for a new born baby. The valves are created in the bottles in such a way, so that it can maintain a free flow of liquid and helps fight with the colic problems. To get this pack of 3, click on the link down below.


Since time has evolved, there are rapid changes in technology and people are making it even better for themselves. But before buying a baby bottle for your baby, do check whether it is safe or not, the weight of the bottle and the details on the package. Make sure you follow the above guidelines and suggestions listed since these points will make a huge difference in making a choice and a blithesome feeding time of your child. Hope you will be able to hunt the best baby bottle for your new born baby.


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35 Perfect Guide To Choose A Perfect Bottle Warmer For Your Car

Are you seeking for the best travel companion for your small babies? The bottle warmer is a perfect choice for your important requirements. Access to hot milk is a requirement while you have small babies. In your house, you have a simple access to stoves, microwaves and other devices which enables you to easily warm up the bottle quickly. Though, if you are really away from your house, finding a mode to heat up the cold bottle for your kids can be really a challenge. Having the best bottle warmer is a right way to avoid these conveniences, so you can choose the right bottle warmer for car. There are different types of bottle warmers available in this present market, so people get confused while choosing the right one. The smart internet surf helps you to find out the most popular and leading brands which offer most durable and reliable baby bottle warmer for car.  This following guide not only provides you certain details about best bottle warmers, but also helps you to know its key features. These are the most significant details that will surely let you pick the right one without any confusion.

Car bottle warmer by Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle and Food Warmer

Want to buy quality food warmer? Then you can prefer this Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle and Food Warmer. This close to nature food warmer and travel bottle heats baby food and bottles while you are really about. These kinds of devices have some specialized features in order to heats everything that range from baby food, formula food to breast milk. Convenient and portable, this food warmer and travel bottle warmer stores the hot water for heating food jars or bottles on the go.

In order to use the use this travel bottle warmer for breastmilk, you need not to use any external heating source because this thermal flask keeps the water warm.  This specially designed heating device has many key features. It not only stores the hot water, but also holds the close to nature bottles. This food warmer does not require any electricity power. The convenient and portable device has exceptional features that make it perfect for travel. This specialized device is made with plastic and stainless steel to provide you durable results. Moreover, it is completely phthalate and BPA free, so you can utilize this travel bottle warmer for breastmilk without any hesitation.


Car Bottle Warmer- The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer

Are you searching for the most durable and branded portable bottle warmer for car? You can consider this The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer. This most effective and superior device can heat the bottles quickly that include wide-necked, angled, straight and disposables. While speaking about measuring vials, it aids you in anticipating a warming time and it features an automatic shut-off for additional protection. Along with this, it also used to heat a cup of food or disinfect up to 2 pacifiers in the integrated basket.

The multi-tasking features make this amazing bottle warmer a perfect option for parents who want to take a long travel.  This most effective and superior bottle warmer has some superior features to warm different sizes of bottles in order to bring people wonderful user experience. Moreover, this bottle warmer includes contemporary design and style that perfect fit in with your kitchen décor.


Car Bottle Warmer by Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer

Searching for the perfect warming device to heat up the milk? This Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer is an excellent choice for you because it helps you to warm both the milk and baby food easily. This warmer includes spacious interior, so you can easily place the big sized bottles and jars easily.

There is a simple-to-operate LCD panel available in this product that lights up during nights. Along with this, it also allows you to sets off alarm while the chosen temperature is successfully reached, so you can use this baby bottle warmer for the car without any uncertainty.  This device is efficient, easy and fits different sizes of jars and baby bottles. The major features of this device are heats milk, baby foods and fits major sizes of baby bottles and baby jars.


Philips AVENT Bottle Warmer, Fast for car

What is the necessity of using  a safe way for making baby food?  There are several ways available to prepare food for your babies, but few of them do not suit your needs during travel. In order to avoid this inconvenient situation, you can look for the best and amazing food warmer, which is popularly known as Philips AVENT Bottle Warmer.

This is an easy and safe way to make the mealtime more convenient for your small babies. If you switch on this warmer, it will gently heat your baby food and bottles within three minutes. Additionally, this bottle warmer heats foods and bottles evenly and safely unlike microwaves, never create hotspots. If you want to get these benefits, you can utilize this excellent bottle warmer for travel.


Car Bottle Warmer by Munchkin Travel Car Baby Bottle Warmer, Grey

Are you on-the-go? You can take this most effective and travel baby bottle warmer device from Munchkin.  This device plugs into the car adapter as well as warms your baby food without any hotspots. There is a digital display in this device which indicates the temperature and remaining warming duration.

This most effective device is designed to perfectly fit different sizes of baby bottles as well as vehicle cup holders. These kinds of awesome features make this bottle warmer convenient and ideal for quick outings and road trips.  This Munchkin Travel Car Baby Bottle Warmer is made of plastic and polyester in order to provide quick warming results, so you can utilize this bottle warmer for the car.


With kids, everything takes double the time as well as needs planning on the part. If you are travelling across any tourist place, a perfect travel bottle warmer let you to easily leave the home and feed your kids anywhere.  The above bottle warmer reviews helps you to choose the highly appropriate and perfect bottle and food warmer without any confusion.


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Buy Bottle Brush cleaning set at an economical price from the list framed for you.

Do you face problems while cleaning the delicate containers and mostly your child’s bottle? The little ones need special care and so does their products. You cannot clean the bottles with normal cleaning brushes since they are hard and can scratch the surface of the water and milk containers which can cause leakage. There is a list of bottle brush set down below selected for parents so that they can take care of their baby better than before.


This set of two bottle brush by Dr. Browns is a compilation of intense cleaning which will not only clean the bottles but will also maintain its hygiene so that you can use the containers for consumable products, and fights away all the germs that were stuck on the surface of the bottle. The bristles are very durable so that it can withstand cleaning.

It will keep the base of the nipples scratch free because the bottle brushes have sponge fixed at its mouth so that it can remove the germs lightly. Dr. Brown bottle brush set is BPA free and does not require any batteries to work. The pack weighs around 5.9 ounces which are easy to carry anywhere if you are traveling or gifting it to your friend. The brushes maintain a strong grip so that it does not slip away while cleaning and is also accompanied with a clip so that after use you can hang it in your kitchen at one corner.


If you want to eliminate germs and unhygienic microorganisms from the baby bottles for your child then this can be one of the best products for you which are deemed perfect to clean all the baby bottles. Chicco bottle brush set is perfect to clean all sized bottles from bottles having the wide mouth to narrow necked containers.

It also has a nipple brush that removes the dirt and stuck liquid food from nook and corner of the nipple. You can hang it easily after use since it is provided with a loop at the end of the grip. The grip of the bottle brush set is steady and the handle of the bottle allows keeping the brush dry after cleaning.

It won’t even allow a single scratch at the surface of the container and the nipple too making it safe for the baby. Get this at an affordable price from the link mentioned above.


This is one of the best bottle brush set you will get to see anywhere because this worthy pack will assist you in the toughest job in your life that is, cleaning. They are versatile, durable, strong, and smooth that will help you to clean all the places where you can never reach.

The brushes are electrified in such a way that they will never react to oxygen and maintain the same grip to its holders without deteriorating its actions. They are simply worth the money and it’s sure that this pack of 9 brushes will be one of the best bottle brush cleaning sets.


This set of bottle brush cleaning set is much different than the other products in the list of bottle brush set since it has all kinds of brushes for different containers. You can clean your favorite vases, hard water bottles, dispensers, and much more with the brushes. There is nine total brush made up of durable nylon material which will tolerate all the hard cleaning and moves flexible so that it can reach every corner around the container.

The handles ensure strong grip so that you can hold them properly, made up of steel which will not react with oxygen to form rust. You can use the large sized brush for huge containers and similarly you can choose which brush will be the perfect one according to the size of the bottle. The small one can be used for delicate and soft containers. After use, you can hang the brushes with the help of loophole provided at the handle.


Get best deals on wine bottle cleaning brush set by reading our reviews here

Oxo bottle brush set composes of three brushes mainly one long tapered bottle brush for wide bottles, second the straw brush for the standard size bottles and the third, the short brush which is mend for small containers. Once you get this pack of three, you can simply clean heavy containers to delicate containers like a vase made up of glass or fine material. It will get simpler for you because of this bottle brush cleaning set.

The bristles of the brush are made up of good quality nylon fiber which is suitable to clean bottles that won’t let any graze on the surface of the bottle. Similarly, the handles are made non-slippery so that you can have a strong grip and to maintain the comfort level. Now after you get this bottle brush set there will be no chances of germs and unnecessary smell in the bottle.


Looking for only water bottle cleaning brush then check detail information on this

This bottle brush set by Lab Rat Supplies serves 10 brushes in one single pack arranged in descending order from the thickest to the thinnest. Each one of them has different uses and serves different sized bottles but all over the brushes have 8 inches of length.

They are made up of stainless steel having nylon whiskers by which you can fight with any strong stains and unhygienic substances. They are all dishwasher safe, so even if you clean them regularly the bristles will not fall off. This bottle brush set comes along with a key ring so that you can keep all them safe together or hang them at one place with the help of the hole at the end of its handle.