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Best Baby Bottles for Gas Buying Guide (Dec 2016) Reviews

Does your baby suffer from colic pain, gas problems and burping issues? It might be because of taking in excess air when your baby drinks milk. When you buy a baby bottle for your baby there are vital points that needs to be checked. For example, the age of the baby, the versatility of the bottle, the nipple material, the size and the capacity of the bottle etc. But among all these points you have to check whether it treats colic pain and gas problems or not. This will eventually help your baby to overcome these issues. Let’s take a glance at the list of the best baby bottles for gas and spit up.

Colic pains and spit ups are major issues that are faced by every baby now and then. The most of the air is gulped in when a baby is fed. There are several ways where you as parents can solve these common issues faced by a baby.

  1. “Feed on demand”. Do not wait for your baby to cry aloud for food. It’s better if you keep feeding your baby at certain intervals.
  2. Do not shake the bottle; this eventually creates bubbles which is painful for your baby. Mix it well. Let it reside completely and then feed your baby.

There are so many bottles in the market, it is difficult to analyse which one is better for your baby and the next question arises which one helps in treating spit ups and colic pain. To uncomplicated this fact, let’s check out what to look for to eliminate such problems. Before buying a feeding bottle for your baby you can determine the shape of the bottles. It has variety like there are standard bottles, angled, disposable, vented and wide neck. Do not forget to check whether the bottle has a vent technology or not, which helps in minimizing the air in the bottle and also the features of the nipple.

Dr. Browns Baby Bottles Boys 6 Pack – 3 (8 oz) Blue and 3 (8 oz) Clear Bottles with New Prints by Dr. Brown’s

This is a pack of 3 good baby bottles for gas by Dr. Brown which will show you another way how to feed a baby within a baby’s comfort reign. The pack of bottles has got vent system so that it creates an optimum pressure that allows smooth flow of fluid when a baby is fed. The bottle prevents oxidation and makes sure that the vital nutrients and important vitamins like C, A and E reaches to the baby. The bottles are safe for your baby since it is BPA, and lead free. Also, it helps to reduce colic pain, gas and burping problems that a new born baby goes through.


Playtex BPA Free VentAire Bottle Starter Gift Set by Playtex

This is an innovative designed baby bottles by Playtex for gas and colic which is considered off centered because of the vent system of the bottles. This set of bottles is carved in such a way that it can even prevent a baby from ear problems. The vent system of the baby bottles stops the air getting into the milk which further can lead to gas problems. The pack of VentAire bottles includes 5 bottles which is Playtex and BPA free, nipples, caps, and vent disks. Among them, 3 bottles can hold 6 ounces of liquid and 2 bottles can hold 9 ounces which is perfect for a new born baby and more.


Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles Girls 6 Pack – 3 (8 oz) Lavender and 3 (8 oz) Pink bottles with new print by Dr. Brown’s

This is a set of BPA free, phthalate and lead free bottles by Dr. Brown that has superb vent technology that can never let air come in contact with the milk in the bottle. This prevents oxidation and in return the nutrients and essential vitamins are retained. The bottles highly maintain the comfort needs of a new born baby and its hygiene health as well. Therefore high concentration is given to the material of the bottle and nipple of the bottle. The pink color of the bottle makes it suitable enough to feed a new baby girl or if you want to gift someone.


Philips Avent Anti-colic Baby Bottles Clear, 9oz 3 Piece by Philips AVENT

In the list of best baby bottles for gas, Philips Avent is no less than other products at this range. This is a BPA free set of baby bottles that eventually reduces the gas problems, colic pain, and helps in treating a baby’s tummy properly. The bottles have in-built valve that makes sure the pressure is maintained and the baby does not gulp in more of unnecessary air. The bottles are easy to use, can be washed properly and the body of the bottles makes it easy for a baby to hold. To get this set of feeding bottles for your baby, click on the link mentioned below.


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To make your decision easy, you can choose what’s fitting your criteria the best. The choices of the babies do differ in these matters. Few may not like the standard bottles or may like wide bottles. So, it’s better to try them out to your baby. Check beforehand whether they are safe for babies and are environment friendly or not and most importantly, do not forget to clean them every day and sterilizing the bottles in warm water is a must. Make sure you get the right bottle ordered for your baby now from the list of best baby bottles for gas and colic.

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