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Best Bass Earbuds Buying Guide

Today earbuds have become one of the most important accessories that is used not just by professionals however even by a common man, for those who are on the move, or love to listen to music, having a good earphone is something that is a blessing. Here are the best 5 bass earbuds that have earned their place for the year 2016.



Tangle Free Earbuds, with Mic, ZEUS BASS Boosted, Best Earphones with Microphone and Volume Control for I Phone, Bass Boost

If you are a music lover, then you would definitely hunt for earphones that have not only good features but also offers a great deal within the budget. Zeus brings the exact one for you rated one of the best bass ear buds. The ear buds are completely knotting-free so that you don’t have to keep fidgeting with the wires. It has proper noise-canceling feature serving high definition clear sound and can pair up with any smartphone or device.

The best part of the device is, it is extremely easy to carry and weightless eliminating the unnecessary sounds from your background. Since the earbuds are fleecy and made of a boggy material, therefore you will be able to listen to music for an adequate time without any discomfort. The ear buds are available in four different sizes so that you can choose the best one for you.


Action Pie VJJB-V1S High-Resolution Heavy Bass In-ear Headphones with Mic for Smart Phones by Action Pie

In the list of best earbuds with bass, Action Pie brings the HD quality version of all earphones that allows you to listen to music at a higher level. It is so light and comfortable that you can use them while you are working out, traveling somewhere or when you want to just enjoy some good music. The headphones have silicon ear buds to ensure comfort to your ear. The device is also backed up with energetic driver structure that radiates the clear bass which enhances the quality and can provide it users with first-rate music time.

You can adjust the volume of the headphone and do not forget to check the impressive sensor that keeps the perfect equilibrium of the sound. It is compatible with all android mobiles, iPhone sets, and other respective smartphones. The device comes along with a handy pouch so that after use you can easily wrap it up in the box and the uniqueness of the design makes the product stands out from the rest in the list of best Bluetooth earbuds with bass.


Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass Earbud Headset (Black) by Sony

Sony MDRXB50AP is a well-featured gadget and one of the most popular for its high-quality sound and featuring extra bass earbud that becomes the cynosure of the whole device. The ear buds will also make sure that you only hear the music and not the horns and jostling annoying sounds of the outer world. The design is made in such a way that it traps the music without making it harmful for your ears. Check out earbuds for small ears for kids here.

You can also enable the playback option from your mobile phone or use the smart key application to link it with the ear buds for direct access to the tracks. The wires are engineered brilliantly so that you do not have to spend your majority time unwinding the knots. After the usage, you can safely put it in the pouch available with this pack.


Pioneer BASS HEAD! Sealed Earbuds White / Red SE-CL721-W (Japan Import) by Pioneer

If you are looking for something that will stick to your ears during workouts, jogging, walking and tours then you are definitely in the right place. Pioneer Bass Head will be the perfect one for you. It not only looks stylish but also offers a great service at a great price. This device is available in two colors, the attractive white and bold red. It has got good ratings and personally I believe this should be one of the gadgets when it comes to best bass earbuds.

You can make sure that you will not face any kind of connection problems or unnecessary knots in the wire. It is tangle free and will entertain you with the best quality music. Coming to the specifications, it has got the best bluetooth ear buds with bass and with noise cancellation feature. Now you can enjoy your favorite music anywhere anytime


V-Moda Crossfade M-100

The V Moda Crossfade M-100 has been rated the best bass earbuds for 2016 , these are a bit on the heavy side however provides a really clear, booming and deep bass and do not compromise in any way to ensure that the user gets the best sound. This is a earphone that is worn over the year and is also perfect for those who want a professional set of really good earbuds. The quality and the design of the phone is something that makes it worth investing in this one

V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Over-Ear

Specifications of the Crossfade M-100

The crossfade M 100 is an over ear circumural earbuds that has a 5-30 kHz frequency response. This earphone weighs 280gmsand has a [email protected] microphone sensitivity. When you buy this earbud, you will get a carry case that is really nice along with a ¼” adapter, 2 v-Vork and a share play audio cable.

V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Over-Ear

Performance of the  headphone

This headphone gives you a clear and deep bass and shuts any external noise giving you the benefit of enjoying you music just the way you like it. The high trembles and pumping bass is what defines the quality of the sound. The reason why this headphone is considered to be the best is because of the fact that even the deepest bass sound actually comes very clear without it hurting your ears in any way. The crossfading effect of the headphone gives the user a blissful experience.

V-Moda’s features are a blessing

The headphone is loaded with a variety of features, the first being the fact that it is compatible with any smartphone be it Android, Blackberry, Windows, apple etc. and allows you to not only pause, rewind or fast forward your music, but also lets you answer calls thanks to the inbuilt mic. The fully functional remote also lets you adjust the volume just the way you want it.


Classy look and design of the headphone

If we talk about the headphone’s design, then the first thing that attracts any person is the fact that it has a flexible headband and the ear cups are also flexible making them easy to store. While it comes in three classic colors, it also gives you the benefit to add your very own image, design or text which can be engraved easily. This means you can customize the look just the way you want it. When you want to store it away, this 10 OZ. headphone can fit into your bad easily without taking much space as the ear pads can be folded to fit right into the space of the headband.


Sennheiser momentum

If you want to pull an all-day with a pair of headphones that is comfortable to wear, stylish to look and produces a good bass, then Sennheiser momentum is just the right choice. Even though these headphones cannot be folded, they can really make any music session a class apart. The sound quality of these headphones is very clear and gives you that really good bass effect that you would like.

Features of the Sennheiser momentum

If you’re looking at a headphone that gives you a really good sound experience while enhancing the sound of your music, then your search for such a headphone will end right here. They way this headphone is designed, you can be sure that you will not miss a single sound. Another good feature of this headphone is the fact that it is compatible with any device including your smartphone. Another good feature of this headphone is the fact that it can be worn even during the rains and still be comfortable. This also comes in with an inbuilt mic making it compatible with any device.

Body deasing makes them look really classy

The headphone is designed in such a way that the user feels comfortable and can wear it for a longer time without feeling any kind of weight on them. These light weight heapdphones are design to fit any sized head thanks to its adjustable headband and even the ear cups are very comfortable.

The way it the ear cups are designed, it helps to block any kind of external noise thanks to its noise isolation feature Due to this, they make a perfect choice for people who are looking for a bass headphone which is not heavy. However, they are not foldable so storing them can occupy a little bit of space.  This headphones weighs around 6.7Oz and comes with its own case for storing.


Sony MDR-ma900

Sony’s one of the many names that is known to have products which are really good, sturdy and is perfect for daily use. These headphones have a headband that is not very big however the ear cups will fit any sized ear.  The sublet bass sound gives you a really good experience.


Features of the Sony MDR-MA900

This is a headphone that  is very light weight, thought it does not have a mike or a remote, however they make the perfect choice if you are looking for headphone that gives you a good music listening experience. The materials that are used for the headphones enhance the look of the entire piece and at the same time makes it perfect to wear for a long time.

The body design of the headphone

The Sony MDR-MA900 has an open design which means that the person who wears them will not end up having sweating ears as thanks to the air circulation. Thanks to the way it is designed, it allows you to get an authentic sound quality. With these headphones, the music device’s battery will not be drained thanks to the 12ohs impedance. With this you can ejoy music on iphone so consider this as best headphones for iphone.


Sound quality of the headphone

The MA 900’s sound quality is really good, the deep booming sound from the pass is prevented even though these headphones do not isolate the outside sound that much.  Considering that these headphones weigharound6.8 Oz, they still have a very powerful sound output making it the lightest yet very good bass headphones.


Specifications of the Sony MDR-MA 900 headphone

The MA 900 is a headphone that weighs 190gms and has a 16-22000Hz frequency response. The box comes with a carrying case, 6.33 mm plug, a smart remote that is attached to the cable along with a standard connection cable.  This headphone has a PET diaphragm and an adjustable and wide headband. It has a handling capacity of 700mW along with a Dynamic Open circum aural.



Yamaha Pro 500 bass headphones

These headphones are known to be really powerful and can give a clean performance and sound quality. This is one of the premium headphone to best buy. Though they are expensive however the bass richness and power can be felt by the user. With a design that looks very grand and classy,


Features of the Pro 500 headphones

These headphones have a single sided cord which helps to preventing kind of inconvenience that can be caused. The 50mm drivers of the headphones gives the user a deep and strong bass reproduction and thanks to its frequency you will never miss a single beat. These headphones are so powerful that even the person next to you can actually hear the sound if it is being heard on loud volume.

Design of the Yamaha Pro 500

When you talk about the Yamaha Pro 500’sdesign, well this has a classic look which is very rich. The headband is nice and broad yet flexible to fit the user’s head. Even the ear cups look and feel very comfortable. They are sleek, stylish, elegant and very nice to look at.  Just like the company’s motorcycle line, these headphones are sturdy, a bit heavy, smoking hot and something that can reflect your personality in a lot of ways.


Not just headphones

The Proof 500 is not just a headphone that you can use to listen to music, however they also come with a mic which makes them a good to answer calls even while you are listening to music. The microphone and inline remote is fully functional and does not need any battery to work.  The cushions on the headphone are very comfortable and gives you a very soft feel when worn. Here are some best earbuds under 25 for you to choose from.

Specification of the headphone

This headphone has a really good cable length and has 1/8” output/input port on each side of the ear cup. The kit comes along with a cleaning cloth, ¼” adapter that is gold plated, this over the ear, ridged aluminum, closed back alloy ear cup has a neodymium magnet which is really dynamic. You can say this is best bass headphones for android.


Easy to carry

This headphone is so portable that even at a weight of 13 OZ. they can be stored anywhere along with the case that they come with as they are foldable and do not take much space. These glossy yet solid headphones are a must-have for music lovers who are looking out for a really good pair of headphones at a decent price on the higher end.


Best Bass amplifying headphones are known for their sound quality and the ability to give a good experience to the user, while there are different varieties that are available in the market, the best of the range are the ones that offer you everything under one roof. Be it the style of the headphone, to the features and even the quality of the sound each small thing plays a vital role. The ones that are mentioned to be the best for the year 2016 have gained their place in the top 5 due to the way they have exceed the expectations in their own ways without too much of compromise.

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