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Buy Best Baby Bottle Sterilizer ( Top Reviews) Guide

Tired of sterilizing bottles every now and then? Do you wish if heating and cleaning up the bottles would have been that easy? Now you can. You don’t need to use any more harmful chemicals to clean the bottles. Just place the bottles in a baby bottle sterilizer and wait for it to clean all of them. Some sterilizers come along with automatic turn off system and few don’t have this technology. Baby bottle sterilizer and dryer is a far better way to protect their immune system than cleaning them normally. Check this list of best baby bottles sterilizer selected for new born babies and above.

Since babies need more care than adults, it is mandatory to make everything, from toys to feeding bottles safe and hygiene for them. If the necessary precautions are not taken then the new born babies can be prone to illness and can make them seriously unwell. Therefore, it is better if baby’s accessories are properly cleaned and sterilized. Getting a baby bottle sterilizer and dryer can be a helping hand in nursing your baby. They are very useful, manageable and can clean many bottles at the same time. Scroll down to check what to see before buying a baby bottle sterilizer.

What to look before buying baby bottle sterilizer and dryer

Before getting a baby bottle sterilizer and dryer for your new born baby, it is obligatory to check vital points and features. There are majorly three types of baby bottle sterilizers in market, the ones that runs on electricity, the microwave heating sterilizers, and the cold water sterilizers. Secondly, do check the size of the sterilizer you need. They can take up from 2 bottles to 8 bottles at the same time. It varies largely. You can also check whether the device has an auto shut technology or not. Then it doesn’t become compulsory to check many times whether it is properly sterilized or not.

Here are the best baby bottles sterilizer for new born

The First Years Power of Steam Electric Steam Sterilizer by The First Years

This electric best baby bottles sterilizer by The First Years is very efficient when it comes to sterilizing baby bottles. It can easily wash away minute bacteria and germs from the bottles and makes it safe for babies. You can not only clean bottles, but also toys and small baby accessories. It is user-friendly and it is even easier to clean after its work is done. The innovative part of the baby bottle sterilizer dryer is it can directly pump in steam so that it is deeply cleaned. Get this device now for your new born baby from the link below.

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Philips AVENT 4-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer by Philips AVENT

In the list of best baby bottle sterilizer and dryer, Philips Avent is an all in one steam sterilizer that runs on electricity. It can guarantee you with total germ free bottles and safe small sized toys for your 1 month old baby and above. It can easily clean bottles of all shapes and sizes. Just place it in, wait for few minutes and it will automatically turn off the heating system. There is a basket stationed in the baby bottle sterilizer and dryer that can keep a number of bottles and baby’s necessary tools. As a whole, the sterilizer is quite huge and spacious.


Philips AVENT Microwave Steam Sterilizer by Philips AVENT

This is a sturdy steam sterilizer made up of plastic that requires seconds to wash away germs from bottles. It cleans up baby bottles more minutely since it needs more temperature than usual sterilizers. It is durable, easy to carry, and also a perfect device to gift someone. It can take up 4 standard bottles and small sized bottles for sterilizing. The whole device is BPA free with easy system controls and extra safety grips makes it suitable enough to sterilize breast milk and sensitive things like this. Also comes with an inbuilt rack that is spacious enough to keep your new born baby’s stuffs.


Munchkin Steam Guard Microwave Sterilizer by Munchkin

In the list of best baby bottles sterilizer, Munchkin Steam guard Microwave has got something ingenious for us. It can wash away adhesive and minute germs within couple of minutes. It has got enough space to hold 4 bottles at the same time, not only this it has also got 2 shields for breast pump. Now, the breast milk you got for your new born baby is even much safer than before. The sterilizer can fit in any sized microwave and can also take up any shape and sized bottles. Grab this pack of safe Munchkin Steam baby bottle sterilizer dryer from the link down below.


Tommee Tippee Electric Steam Sterilizer by Tommee Tippee

Are you looking for a durable best baby bottles sterilizer that can easily eliminate and wash away germs in seconds? Then you are at the right list. This is a plastic based Steam sterilizer by Tommee Tippee which works on electricity and can serve you with the safe hygiene bacteria free bottles in one click of a button. It can sterilize up to 6 bottles in few minutes. The complete pack is BPA free which takes in account of the baby’s health. This sterilizer ensures that you don’t have use any more harmful chemicals and can obtain clean safe bottles. Get this product from the link down below.


Nowadays, it has become a must have device in every house those who have new born babies. In this page we have discussed about the demanding sterilizers in the market. Some parents might think that sterilizing bottles is not mandatory but it is completely a choice. Doctors recommend that at least for 1 year, the babies should be kept under critical care. They are at a developing stage and are very delicate. Hope the above mentioned points and the reviews of the popular sterilizers in the market could help you immensely in selecting the best baby bottles sterilizer.

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